Into the woods

     The snap of a twig had her spinning around, “Who’s there?” Selina meekly called out, attempting and failing to sound brave. She froze and held her breath, but when no answer came, she shrugged it off to the wind. The sun was lowering, and as it did, the trees gave off an eerie vibe. That, along with the howling sounds in the distance, was scaring her. Selina was right to be frightened; the forest was a dangerous place for a fairy to be alone. Her iridescent wings shined brighter as she thought about all the different forest creatures lurking around her. Selina needed to relax; if not, the light might call them to her like a beacon. She regretted storming off after fighting with her girlfriend, Tiana.

     Finally forcing herself to calm down, Selina realized she didn’t know where she was or how to find her way home. Nothing looked familiar; the trees all seemed to look alike, and each sound terrified her more than the next. Trying to protect herself, Selina walked as close to the tree trunks as she could get. Selina knew if she stayed out in the open, a bird or other creature would swoop in and snatch her tiny body up. Crunch, there’s that sound again. Selina had listened in awe to many scary stories told by fairies in her village. Many had experienced life and death encounters with the forest creatures.

     Maybe if she climbed one of these trees and got high enough, she would be able to find her way home. Selina just wanted to be in Tiana’s arms or over her lap. Either way, she was scared and longed to feel the safety she felt in her girlfriend’s presence. Selina looked around again, then up at the closest tree. The lowest branch wasn’t too high, and although she didn’t want her wings to attract critters, she decided flight was her only option.

      Between her wings, which only brought her a few feet and climbing, she managed to get herself halfway up the old pine tree. She needed to be quick because the sun was getting lower; she took a moment and searched as far as she could see. Unfortunately, she wasn’t high enough to see above the trees; she would have to climb higher. Before she took her next leap, the leaves on the forest floor began rustling. Selina froze in place, staring at the ground, wondering if she should stay hidden or keep going.

     Suddenly, she heard her name, and she almost fell out of the tree with relief. The rustle of leaves was Tiana and a search party. “Up here. Tiana, I’m here in the tree.”

     Tiana halted the searchers, hands-on-hips she called up. “Young lady, Get down from that tree right this minute!”

     Selina almost cried when she heard the sound of her girlfriend’s voice; even a furious Tia was a welcome sight. “Yes, ma’am, I’ll be right down,” she hurried down, losing her footing a few times along the way.

     Selina practically fell into Tiana’s arms from the last branch. Tears rolled down her cheek as soon as she was wrapped securely in tight embrace. Once Tiana was assured of Selina’s safety, she put her down before turning her sideways and landing a flurry of swats on the younger fairies’ bottom. “Don’t you ever run off like that again, young lady! Do you hear me?” the search party looked on, knowing Selina deserved every one of these swats and more.

     “Owie, ow, ow ow, Yes, I promise.” Selena arched her back, trying to avoid Tia’s stingy swats. Her free hand attempted to cover her bottom, only to receive a severe warning.

     “Move that hand!”  “Consider this a warmup.” Tiana landed several more swats before declaring. “We can finish this up at home. Right now we need to get moving and be out of the forest before full dark.” As one, the group formed a line to return home, the guards on full alert.

     Selina attempted to rub her sore cheeks as they walked, but Tiana refused her that comfort. “No rubbing.” The steel in Tiana’s voice brought tears to Selina’s eyes. Although she knew another spanking was imminent, Tiana’s harsh tone was more worrying.

     They walked quickly, turning left and right through the trees on their route back to the village; Selina was amazed they had even found her. The group was silent, and she didn’t dare ask how they did; right now, her primary focus was trying to keep up with the fast pace. Being in the forest after dark was a dangerous place, especially for fairies. There had been several wolves spotted in the areas and a fairy who stood at only five inches was easy prey. Luckily, Tiana could deter them from the village with a spell, but her powers weren’t strong enough out here to protect them all. Getting back quickly, at least within the perimeter, was crucial.

     Selina sighed with relief when the surrounding area became familiar, Tiana still very upset instructed. “Young lady, As soon as we return, you are to go directly home and put that nose of yours in the corner properly. Do you understand?”

     Oh, she understood what that meant, so she softly answered. “yes, ma’am.” Selina knew she messed up, and she knew the consequences but wished Tiana wouldn’t act so sternly toward her.

     Tiana’s demeanor seemed to change once the group was safely within the boundaries of the village. Although she welcomed the joy her people felt and expressed gratitude for the guards by her side Tiana kept her rigid stance toward Selina.

     Following her girlfriend’s direction, Selina excused herself after thanking the guards and made her way home. Entering the house, she ran to the bathroom, then immediately upon finishing, she found her corner. She followed proper corner-time protocol by lowering her pants and panties to her knees before planting her nose in the corner. Selina pulled her top up so her tiny fairy bottom appeared fully on display.

     After taking care of village business and again reassuring her people, Tiana returned home to find her girlfriend in the corner as directed. She gave a sad smile as she saw the nervous fluttering of Selina’s wings. The girl was right to be nervous; she earned a very severe punishment, and the spanking was only a tiny piece of what was to come. In no hurry, Tiana chose to take care of a few things first.

     Selina heard Tiana and was surprised when she left her standing there. If she guessed right, an hour or maybe more had already passed. This delay certainly wasn’t helping her nerves; leaving camp was a hard rule. Tiana would be sure to make Selina’s life miserable for such terrible judgment; the real question was how much damage did she do to their relationship. Could Tiana forgive her? Tears began again, but this time they flowed from uncertainty. She loved Tiana. Losing her would be unbearable.

     By the time Tiana returned to retrieve her naughty girlfriend, Selina was a mess. Her body shook with emotion, surprised Tiana stood frozen. It only took a moment for the shock to pass, and once it did, Tiana carefully approached the young fairy. Turning her slightly, she softly inquired, “Baby girl, What’s with the hysteria?”  Selina buried her face in Tiana’s shirt and cried harder. “Talk to me please, tell what’s going on.”

     The words Tiana heard next almost broke her heart. Through hiccuping sobs, Selina pleaded, as her face was still half-buried in the material. “Tia I’m so sorry.” sniffle, “Please don’t hate me.”

     Tiana pulled Selina’s tear-stained face away from her now dampened shirt. And although this little girl still deserves a severe correction, right now, she needed reassurance, so Tiana scooped the small frame into her arms and brought her to the sofa, where she held her tight. Once the tears dried and she felt Selina’s body begin to relax into her embrace, Tiana began to speak softly. “Baby girl, I love you and nothing you do will change that. Do you understand?” receiving a nod, she continued, “Now because I love you, when you mess up I will be here to set you straight. That my dear doesn’t mean I love you any less it means I care so much more.”

     Selina took a moment to let Tiana’s words sink in then opened up about being afraid all day. “Tia I was so scared. I got turned around. I didn’t think you’d find me than when you did I thought you were so mad you didn’t want me anymore. I screwed up so bad. I’m sorry Tia.” This time instead of burying her face again, Selina met Tiana’s eyes pleadingly.

     “You were right to be scared. I was scared too. I didn’t know if we would find you before the wolves did. I almost fainted when you came tumbling out of that tree. I was so happy to see you and so mad I wanted to take a switch to your backside.” Selina winced at the suggestion.

     “I promise, I mean I swear I will never run off like that again.” Selina was sincere, and she wanted Tia to believe her. Her hopeful eyes met the once again stern eyes of her girlfriend; right then, her heart sank, and she felt fluttering in her belly.

     “That is correct, you will never run off like that again, period! I appreciate the apology but baby girl your next couple of weeks are going to be tough.” Selina winced as Tiana explained. “You are grounded for two weeks, no leaving the house, no friends over. If I ask you to do something you do it no questions, no arguments. Understood?”

     “yes, ma’am.” she felt queasy and thought she might throw up, even though she hadn’t eaten since breakfast and had nothing to her stomach.

     “As for tonight, you will be over my knee for a paddling then you’ll feel the leather of my belt. If you fuss to much we will start this lesson all over again tomorrow. Once I’m done with your punishment you will never dream of running off again. That I can promise. Now do you need the restroom before we start?”

     Eyes already watering, Selina whispered. “no ma’am.” The fluttering in her belly seemed to intensify.

     “Ok, then you might as well take off those pants. You’re not going to be needing them or your panties tonight.” Silently Selina complied, although she couldn’t help pouting. Then when directed lowered herself over her girlfriend’s knees. “Give me your hand and control your wings, sweetie.” Selina reached back reluctantly. She knew if Tia asked for her hand from the start, she planned to deliver a harsh lesson. With her girl’s hand now clasped securely, Tia began a warmup by swatting every bit of the fairies’ tiny bottom, then working her way down one thigh and up the other.

     The swats stung, and Selina felt the heat building, but so far, she could tolerate them. Unfortunately, once Tia stopped and picked up the paddle, Selina’s wings began to flutter as she panicked, earning her a verbal warning. “Keep it up and we will do this all over again tomorrow night.” Tiana was not in the mood for games. Leaving the perimeter was too serious, and Selina was going to learn even if she had to spank her every night during her two-week grounding.

     Immediately, apologies came sputtering from the now desperate Selina. “Sorry, sooorry, please I’ll be good.” She then closed her eyes tight, trying hard to stay focused. As she felt the thwack of the paddle, her resolve wavered. Each time it landed, she cried out, she screamed, but she did not move. “I’ll be good.” Thwack, Thwack “Owie” Thwack, Thwack “s-top.” Tiana did not stop. She continued to bring the paddle down on the tiny bottom until an almost solid pattern of deep red marks appeared.

     Finally satisfied, Tiana placed the wooden paddle on the floor, carefully lifting her girl and setting her lightly on her lap. Selina, unaware of anything besides her burning backside, cried louder as it connected with Tia’s clothing. She buried her face in her girlfriend’s chest as if trying to fuse their bodies. Tiana held the young fairy, closely watching as tension began to leave her body and her wings lightly fluttered.

     When the announcement came, Selina wasn’t ready, but she wanted this nightmare to be over. “Ok, baby girl, Let’s finish. Up you go.” With a bit of help, Selina stood on shaky legs, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. “Hands on the chair seat, bottom up.”

     Selina had minimal fight left between the day’s emotions and her burning bottom. She was exhausted, so she quietly did as instructed. Exhaustion or not, the swoosh of the belt sent shivers up her spine. However, resigned she thought she was to this next step when the strap landed, Selina felt red hot pain shoot through her entire body, and she jumped up. Hopping up and down, Selina tried desperately to rub the sting from her bottom. That was until Tiana snapped. “Do you want to start this over again tomorrow?”

     “Nooo, Tia p-lease, it hurts too much.” Selina pleaded.

     “ONE!”  As soon as Tiana began to count, Selina scrambled to the chair. She grabbed a tight hold of the sides, squeezing her eyes shut, and wishing for it to be over. Little did Selina know that Tia also wished this punishment was over; Tia found no joy in delivering this harsh lesson. But she would take a belt to her bottom every day if it meant keeping her safe.

     Selina cried and wiggled as the belt landed. She even stayed in place when it hit the back of her thighs. In her distress, Selina lost track of how many times the strap came down or where the leather was landing. She only knew she couldn’t go through this again, so she held the chair seat tighter. After the ordeal was finally over, Tiana led Selina back to the corner, handing her a tissue. “Blow your nose and take a few minutes to settle. I’ll be right back.” Tiana needed to take a step back and get herself settled before she was able to offer comfort.

     As Selina stood sniffling in the corner, she felt her body begin to calm, so when Tiana returned to fetch her, she melted into her girlfriend’s embrace. “I’m sorry Tia.”

     Tia reassured Selina, “You’re forgiven, baby girl. Now, I have some soup heating on the stove. Let’s eat and then call it a night. I’m exhausted and I imagine you are too.” Selina wasn’t sure she could stay awake long enough to eat, but she followed Tia into the kitchen.

     The following morning when Selina entered the kitchen, she noticed a stack of paper and some pencils. She quizzically glanced at Tia and was shocked by the response. “I have your day’s activities planned out for while I’m at work.” Selina’s eyes opened wide as she was just about to protest, but Tiana beat her to it. “Before you say a word, remember you are grounded. Part of your grounding is to do as I ask without fuss. How about you sit and I’ll bring you some juice and eggs.”

     “Yes ma’am,” Selina knew she had no choice, so she carefully sat and waited to hear what Tia had planned for her day. Lines, lines, and more lines, every day plus chores, even though she couldn’t go anywhere, she would not lack for things to do. Tiana structured each day to keep her busy with strict instructions and included severe consequences if not completed. Selina was no fool, it took a week to sit without wincing, and she had no plan to earn another spanking, so she finished everything plus cooked dinner each night.

     Once the two weeks were over, Tia released her from any further punishment. After dinner that first night they were sitting together on the sofa when Selina questioned. “Tia, Um, I was wondering, the night I um, you know, the night I ran away, how did you know where to find me?”

     “Well, that’s easy, I had put a location spell on you. I wanted to be able to locate you if we ever became separated.”

     Selina didn’t know how to respond to that, “What? You’re kidding, right?” She was dumbfounded.

     “Of course I’m not kidding and you’re lucky I did. How else do you think I would have found you?” Then teasingly, she added, “I should add a spanking clause when I redo the new spell.”

     Selina panicked as she thought back to last year when a group of campers stumbled upon a spanking spell Tia had cast. The group ended up with very red bottoms before Tiana could lift the spell. It took Selina a minute to realize her girlfriend was joking, then rubbing her backside, she added. “Well, I’m glad you found me and I promise you won’t need to cast any new spells.”

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