Poolside Two

Joey, while getting up from her chair. looked over at Tabitha and asked. “They’re starting the pool volleyball game. I’m going to play. Do you want to join me?”

Tabitha was not athletic and cringed at the offer; she was content to lay in the sun or put her feet in the sand. “No thanks, I think I’ll go for a walk on the beach while you play. And no, I won’t go too far.” that last comment came out a little snarkier than intended, and she was hoping Joey missed the tone.

Joey, with a raised eyebrow, responded. “Check the attitude, please. And Tabby, the red flag is out, so, no swimming.” the beach had a lifeguard posted, but Tabitha wasn’t a strong swimmer. Joey would rather be nearby in case she had trouble.

Tabby couldn’t help pouting at what she felt was a reprimand and was hurt, thinking she was dumb enough to go into the ocean alone. Mostly because the waves made her nervous, she only went into the sea when Joey was right beside her. “Come on, Joey, I’m just going for a walk. Besides, you know I don’t like the waves.”

Joey smiled, “ok, baby, I’ll see you when my game is over.” then leaned down to leave a kiss on her girlfriend’s lips before jumping into the pool to join the game.

Tabitha watched the game for a few minutes before making her way to the beach. Her feet burned when they made contact with the hot sand. She danced along closer to the water’s edge, where the surf cooled the sand. Walking along the shoreline, her hands were full of scallop and flat seashells along with a few pieces of colorful smooth sea glass. She explored for about thirty minutes before deciding to turn back.

Joey’s game ended just about the time Tabitha made her way to their stretch of the beach. As they spotted each other, Tabitha got cocky and was splashing in the surf as the water made its way up to catch her bare feet. Joey watched as her girlfriend became braver and was getting closer to the breaking waves. She waved in an attempt to stop Tabitha, but the little girl either didn’t see her or was ignoring the warning. Joey had a feeling this was not going to end well for Tabitha.

With a feeling of dread, Joey began racing down the path leading to the beach. She kept an eye on Tabitha as she made her way, but Joey was afraid she wouldn’t get to her fast enough. As soon as her feet hit the sand, she noticed Tabitha go down. Unfamiliar with the ocean, Tabitha didn’t see the sand dip about fifteen inches, just enough to throw her off balance and right before a series of waves came breaking over her. The waves knocked her feet out from under, and the undertow kept her down.

Luckily, the lifeguard and Joey both raced over to assist in pulling Tabitha up and out of harm’s way. Sputtering, Tabitha gasped, trying to catch her breath, then realizing it was Joey, she grabbed hold and burst into historical tears. Sitting in the soft sand, Joey rocked her girlfriend, reassuring her that she was safe. Joey waved to the retreating lifeguard, which Tabitha hadn’t even noticed was there. She was living a drama of her own making and couldn’t see much of anything.

“It’s ok, baby, you are safe now,” Joey cooed. Then asking, “didn’t you see me waving, trying to warn you?” Joey wiped away tears from her girlfriend’s face and was waiting for an answer.

Tabitha answered between hiccuping cries. “Yeah, but, “hiccup, “I was just, well,” sniffle; at that moment, she realized her mistake. “Oh Joey, I was just teasing; I didn’t know there was a ledge.” hiccup, “I didn’t know, oh Joey, I’m sorry, I should have listened.” A moment passed before Joey said, anything but when she did, Tabitha pouted.

“Well, I think before we have lunch, we need to take a trip back to our room where we can get cleaned up, and you can have that spanking you’ve so clearly earned.” Joey looked sternly at her girlfriend then nudged her to get up. The prospect of getting spanked had her stalling, which earned a sharp swat. On wet skin, that swat stung and had her jumping up. “That’s right. Move it, little girl, before I put you over my knee right here on the beach.”

Eyes wide in shock, Tabitha questioned. “You wouldn’t?” getting a raised eyebrow response, she whined, “Joey nooo!”

That whine in Tabitha’s voice told Joey all she needed; Tabby’s adrenaline was wearing off, which was usually a sign of more bratty behavior to come. She would rather be up in their room and deal with it than here on the beach. As she was wiping the sand off herself, she instructed. “Let’s go. We can leave our towels, but we will need our bag. I’ll grab it, and I’ll meet you inside.” head lowered, Tabitha made her way to the room, But before opening the door, Joey instructed further. “Rinse off quickly, then find a corner. Oh, and leave your bottom bare.”

Finished rinsing off herself, Joey grabbed the hairbrush before leaving the bathroom. She took a minute to admire her girlfriend’s quivering bottom as she was standing nervously in the corner. There were so many things Joey would rather be doing with her right now. Shaking off the images, Joey continued to the bed, propping up a couple of pillows at the headboard, then sat with her back to them and called her naughty girl over. “Tabby, come here, please.”

Tabitha, as much as she hated the corner, didn’t want to leave it. Even though she didn’t want to go, she knew better than to stall for any length of time. Stalling would make matters worse, so Tabitha took a deep breath and forced her body to move. All too soon, she was standing alongside the bed, waiting for Joey’s instructions.

“Ok little one, please tell me why we are here and what is about to happen?” Tabitha’s face became flush with embarrassment now that she realized her teasing turned dangerous, her throat dried, and she stared down at her clasped fingers. “Tabitha, I’m waiting. Please explain yourself.”

Heat flooded Tabitha’s face as she glanced up and saw her girlfriend’s stern expression. She took a deep breath and began. “I’m sorry, Joey. I didn’t, well, I was playing with you and, well, I didn’t know. Joey, I was so scared. I’m sorry” Tabitha’s hands flew to her face in an attempt to cover her tears and embarrassment.

Joey reaching over, grabbed those hands, folding them into hers, then said. “I understand you were teasing, and it got away from you, and you got scared; sweetheart, I was scared too. But you ignored me out there today, which was wrong. You put yourself in danger and scared us both. That type of behavior will not be tolerated and will earn you a spanking every time. Are we clear little girl?” Joey squeezed Tabby’s hand slightly, partly to reassure and partly to encourage an answer.

Tabitha modded but then corrected herself. “Yes, ma’am, I understand.”

Releasing the hands she held, Joey reached over for a tissue before instructing, “wipe your tears, blow your nose, then over you go.”

Once over, Tabitha calmed slightly, although, in trouble, this very spot eased her soul. Knowing Joey was here to catch her when she screwed up filled the need deep inside. Now, that didn’t stop her body from tensing when Tabitha realized Joey’s hand lifted, and when she felt the first swat land, it had her squealing No, that hurt, and she said as much. “No, not so hard, Joey.”

“Shush, little girl, we are only getting started.” Swat, Swat, Swat, continued. “Maybe you will listen next time instead of trying to be cute.” Swat, Swat Swat. Joey’s hand began on the left side then over to the right side; she continued to reign down swats leaving pink splatters in their wake until finally, Tabitha’s entire bottom was nice and pink. The onslaught lasted maybe five minutes when Joey stopped, but the break was only long enough for her to pick up the hairbrush.

When Tabitha felt the cool wood gliding over her sore cheeks, she panicked. “Joey! NO! NOT THE HAIRBRUSH! Please, no, no, no.”

“If you ever decide to put your life in danger, you may want to remember this spanking, especially if you’re trying to be cute and not listen.” Right as the last symbol left her mouth, Joey commenced with her lesson. Tabitha’s legs flew up. “Young lady, settle those legs, or I’ll start on your thighs. Imagine the looks you’d get at the pool,” Tabitha groaned but quickly brought her legs under control.

Once Joey had the two cheeks over her lap painted a bright cherry red, she put the brush down. “We’re all done, sweetheart, and you can get up when you’re ready.” Tabitha only took a moment before she pulled herself up with a little help.

Tabitha’s hands flew back as she hopped up and down; her attempt to rub some of the sting out wasn’t working. She pouted, “Oh, Joey, it hurts.”

“Enough jumping around, come here and cuddle.” Tabitha relented and climbed onto the bed, then over to her girlfriend’s lap. Her face twisted in pain as her raw cheeks made contact with Joey’s bare legs. Right away, she was scooped into an embrace and cuddled. “That’s my good girl.” The spanking was now on the back burner, and Tabitha was precisely in the spot where she needed to be. The pair stayed intertwined in a cuddle until Tabitha’s stomach roared. “I think your stomach is trying to tell us something. Why don’t we get some lunch?”

Tabitha passed the room’s full-length mirror, and carefully, she touched her cheeks before pouting. “Ok, Joey, but I have to find a different suit. I can’t wear a bikini with these red cheeks.”

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