Walking along the beach, Maren glanced over at Stevie. Her girlfriend was walking with her head down, ignoring their rambunctious German shepherd. The dog was desperate for her attention. All morning Maren tried to get her girl to open up, only to receive a shrug or silence, and when she suggested a walk on the beach, Stevie tried to refuse. Luckily Stevie caught the look of stern determination; it was the same expression Maren always got right before spanking.

“Stevie, let’s sit here.” they sat in the sand facing the surf. “I believe there’s something on your mind?”

The girl sat quietly for several minutes, rubbed her hands together and over her face, then, just when Maren was about to push, Stevie spoke. Her voice was soft and a little unsure. “You’re right. I do need to tell you something.” glancing up, Stevie saw the look of concern. Unable to hold eye contact, Stevie looked away. She let the words spill out, “I went to check out the sunrise this morning, so I rode up to Pleasant Cove.” “Igotpulledoverforspeedingandnohelmet.” The silence for several minutes was deafening.

Maren was speechless as she tried to comprehend Stevie’s words. They both agreed to use a helmet and leather when riding. Maren was adamant about using protection; even though they were cautious bikers, she knew other drivers didn’t always see the bikes. Her voice was shaky as she began, “Stevie, you did what?” as fear turned to rage, Maren’s tone sharpened. “Look at me and explain yourself.” When the girl didn’t look up fast enough, Maren snapped. “NOW!”

Scout whined, unsure what was happening.

Stevie’s eyes filled with tears as she tried to plead her case. “Maren, it was early, and there were no cars out.” steel eyes bore back as she continued, “I’m sorry, I screwed up. I wanted to feel the wind and let loose.” Stevie was towing a fine line, trying to say enough and still be vague.

“Hmm, let me see. I believe the speed limit on Ocean Ave is 35. How fast were you going?” The question sounded innocent enough to anyone but Stevie. Stevie recognized the underlying tone.

Taking a deep breath, Stevie said, “48mph, but Maren, there were no other cars.” after seeing the storm build in her girlfriend’s eyes, Stevie shut her mouth and wiped a stray tear.

“Stevie, I’m going to need time to cool off. While I do that, go home and gather your keys, leathers, and helmet; you won’t need them for a while.”

Mouth agape, Stevie sat amazed and dumbfounded, “Maren, no. You can’t.”

Maren reached over with two fingers and grabbed a firm hold of Stevie’s chin before saying. “This is not the time to defy me.” Stevie shivered, “We can take care of your spanking right now, or you can start listening.”

“S-spanking?” Stevie looked around; she saw several people casually walking. “Please, Maren, not that.” when her girlfriend’s demeanor remained stern, she gave in. “Ok, I’ll get going.”

Maren rose first, then reached out a hand. After a quick hug, Maren sent Stevie off but not before landing a sharp swat. She shook her head as she watched Stevie walk away, rubbing. “Come on, Scout. Let’s run.”

Maren knew her role as a disciplinarian was a serious one. So she took her time cooling off; whenever Maren thought she was calm, she’d picture Stevie riding without her helmet, and her blood pressure would rise. Finally, after an hour, Maren felt calm enough and decided to return home. At the kitchen table is where she found her naughty girlfriend. Stevie sat quietly, motorcycle gear directly in front of her, nervously waiting.

Maren sat, moved the pile of gear aside then began speaking. “You’ll get these back when I feel you’re ready.” Stevie didn’t argue, “Please show me the ticket.” Stevie handed it over, then cringed as she watched Maren read. “I can’t get my head around you not wearing a helmet. And then top that off with speeding. What were you thinking?” Before Stevie could answer, Maren answered, “Well, you weren’t thinking. That’s for sure.”

“I’m sorry, Maren; please don’t hate me.” covering her eyes, Stevie began crying.

Although tough on the outside, Maren knew this girl was very sensitive. “Stevie, sweetheart, I could never hate you. You are my world, and I love you. That’s why your reckless behavior has upset me so much.” tears now flowed, leaving them both sobbing. Maren added. “What would I do if you got hurt or worse?”

Stevie moved over and sat on Maren’s lap, her arms around her neck. “I’m sorry. Please, Maren, I’m ok. I’m not hurt.”   “Please don’t cry. You can take my bike; you can spank me, but please don’t cry.”

Reaching across the table for a napkin, Maren dried her eyes and then reassured the girl. “Oh, my naughty girl, you are getting a spanking, and I promise you won’t want to sit on a bike seat for a long time.”

“Ok, Maren, I’m ready,” Stevie said as she untangled herself. She stood nervously at Maren’s side, eyes down and waiting.

Maren squeezed the girl’s hand before giving instructions. “Go wait in our room; use the bathroom if you need to.” “I’ll put Scout out back with a bone and be right in.” Stevie hurried off; although she didn’t need to use the bathroom, she’d love to get rid of the butterflies fluttering in her belly. On the bed she sat, legs crossed, waiting.

When Maren entered, she immediately retrieved the wooden hairbrush from their dresser. Sitting on the bed, Maren instructed Stevie to get up. Once standing, she continued, “Stevie, please, remove your clothing, fold them nicely and place them on the chair.” pointing to the straight-back chair in the corner.

Shakily Stevie asked, “All of them?” “can’t I leave my bra and boxers?”

“Everything!”  “Now move it!” Maren snapped. The girl had tattoos covering eighty percent of her body, so how naked could she be? Stevie quickly undressed and piled the folded clothes on the chair before returning. Her hands desperately tried to cover her lady parts. “Hands down, please.” Maren spoke, determined for this lesson to stick. “Ok, my naughty girl, I’d like you to tell me why we are here and what is about to happen.”

Stevie whined but began speaking after a sharp whack to her thigh. “I took my bike out with no helmet and was speeding.” shuffling from foot to foot; she couldn’t believe she was standing naked in front of her girlfriend about to be spanked. She continued in nearly a whisper. “Now you are going to spank me.” “I am so sorry, Maren.”

“I bet you’ll be much sorrier when we finish.” pointing to her lap Maren indicated for Stevie to climb over. “Stevie, what you’ve done was very dangerous, and you could have caused some serious injury; I’m going to give you a spanking to remember.”  “I don’t want ever to have to spank you this hard again.” Maren brought her hand down with that.

Stevie cried out as Maren moved between cheeks, leaving one handprint after another until there were no outlines, only solid red bottom. As the heat built, Stevie begged and pleaded; she kicked until Maren targeted her thighs. Finally, it stopped. She felt Maren’s hand softly rubbing her back, then panicked when Maren’s exchanged her soft hand for the stiff wooden brush. “Nooo, Maren, p-please, no, no. Not the brush!”

As she felt the wooden brush scorch her sore bottom, Stevie feared she wouldn’t survive this encounter. She screamed each time the hardwood landed, leaving a painful burn. “It hurts. Please stop.” she pleaded, but it kept landing. Over and over, from one cheek to the next, then back and forth between sit spots. When Maren finally stopped, Stevie was panting, and her body felt like jelly.

Rubbing Stevie’s back, Maren cooed, “you’re ok, baby girl.” She let her fingers trace along each tattoo on the girl’s back. When Maren added, “We’re almost done, Stevie’s breathing was almost normal.”

Stevie practically fell off Maren’s lap, kneeling she looked up, stunned. “What? Maren, you’re joking; I couldn’t possibly take any more.”

Maren held two fingers under the girl’s chin and looked her into pleading eyes. “Oh, no, dear, I’m not joking. You will remember this spanking for a very long time.” Maren wiped the girl’s tears before continuing, “I think you need a short break before we finish.” She then helped Stevie to stand and led her to the corner. “You stand here and relax. I’ll come to get you when I’m ready.”

Confused, Stevie let her forehead touch the wall. She stood there with no clothes on and her butt on fire. The room was silent; she was tempted to turn around but afraid to risk it. Her entire body was exhausted, and she wanted to crawl into bed. She jumped in Maren’s arms when her girlfriend called, unable to finish her last thought.

“Stevie, it’s time. Come here, baby. Let’s finish.”

She turned and spotted several pillows stacked at the end of the mattress. Not sure what was happening, she looked up at Maren, her stomach clenched. In Maren’s right hand was a thick leather belt. Her eyes darted between Maren and the door. Could she make it, or would Maren catch her?

Before she had the chance, Maren spoke. “No more stalling over the pillows, please.” Stevie just stood shaking her head. “One for every mile over the speed limit, then we are done.” Maren walked over, gently took Stevie’s hand, and led her to the pillows. Once the girl conceded, she doubled the belt and placed her left hand on Stevie’s back for security. “Now stay in place and do not reach back.”

Stevie clenched and unclenched her cheeks, unable or unwilling to hide her nerves. Maren rubbed the leather over the sore cheeks willing them to relax. Then, without warning, the leather belt came down sharply. As soon as the pain registered, the second lick landed, then the third. Maren continued without pause until she administered all thirteen. Only then did she let the belt fall from her hands.

Stevie let Maren pull her up, and as soon as she stood, she buried her face in Maren’s shirt. Maren placed her arm around the girl as she cried. Repeating a muffled “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“I know, baby, relax. Everything is going to be ok.” Maren slipped a nightshirt over the girl’s head. “How about a nap? I think we are both exhausted.” Stevie nodded and allowed Maren to help her climb onto the bed. Of course, she lay on her tummy, and when Maren tried to cover her with a sheet, she whimpered. Soon Maren was in bed, and Stevie snuggled as close as she could.

Hours later, Stevie moaned; her bottom burned but felt cool. It didn’t take long to realize Maren was rubbing her sore cheeks with arnica cream. “How can it hurt so bad but feel good at the same time?” She turned to see what Maren was doing, but every movement caused pain. “Maren, I’m never going to be able to sit again.”

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Great story im not sure I’ve seen this couple in your stories before but I’m going to search and see if I can find them. I love all of your stories though I know I’ve already told you that lol. 😂😎

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