The Heist

It was dark; the only glimmer of light came from the street lamp, and it wasn’t very bright. Luckily, the second-floor window was slightly open, and the large oak tree had made for easy access. When Carly stepped through, she had to acclimate her eyes to the darkness before her search. Becoming a burglar wasn’t her first choice, but right now, it was her only way to make money. She had been unable to find work to support herself and her two younger sisters, Betty, nine, and Kimberly, twelve, so a friend she met along the way taught her the art of burglary.

   The profession came easy to Carly because she was agile and could sneak about unseen. She had been scrounging to provide food and clothes for herself and the girls from an early age. She was only seventeen when her parents ran off, leaving her with the full responsibility of caring for her sisters. Creeping silently down the hallway, she located the main bedroom.

    Without turning on any lights, she walked over to the dresser where the jewelry box sat. Carefully opening it and shining the tiny flashlight over the collection, she chose several pieces that she thought would yield the most profit. Benny, her fence was pretty fair; even though she was young and in desperate need of money, he always treated her good and offered a reasonable price.

    Zipping up her bag, she headed back down the hall toward the same window she came in through. She suddenly stopped when she noticed the window had been closed. Then jumped when the light flicked on, and a stern voice spoke. “Did you find everything, Alright? Maybe next time you should put alight on?”

    Carly stood frozen for a moment; having never been caught before, she wasn’t sure what to do. Once her mind cleared, her thoughts turned to flight, and she tried to run. Unfortunately, Vivian was faster and more robust than she first appeared. Just as Carly took her first step, Vivian was up and out of her chair, grabbing hold of her upper arm. She held tightly and marched the younger girl into the kitchen, pulling out a chair she ordered. ”Sit”

   Carly realized the lady had her trapped, she quickly sat as directed, then nervously asked. ”W-what are you going to do with me? Please don’t call the cops.” Going to jail would leave the girls alone, and she couldn’t let that happen.

    Vivian was also not a fan of the police after encountering them herself, but she wasn’t going to let this little miscreant know that. ”Hand over the bag. I want to see what you would chance going to jail over.”..” And, why wouldn’t I call the police? You broke into my house while I was sleeping in the chair and stole from me?” taking the bag from the girl, she poured the contents onto the table. ”Hmm, at least you have good taste.”

    Vivian sat down next to the girl, clearly blocking her from fleeing. Thinking for a few minutes, she decided to get the girl’s story and determine why someone so young would choose this as a career. ”before I call the cops, I want to know about you.”

     Carly became instantly suspicious; what could this lady possibly want to know about her? She was wary of strangers, that began soon after her parents abandoned them, but that was three years ago, and she was a lot smarter now. ”Like what?” From necessity, she had walls built all-around her and this lady wasn’t getting anything she didn’t want to tell.

      With an eyebrow lifted, Vivian acknowledged the attitude. “First of all, enough with the attitude, you broke into my house, That means I decide what happens next. Do you understand?” when she received no answer, she said firmly, ” You will answer me when I ask a question. Is that clear?”

     Taken aback, no one ever spoke to her that way, and looking more closely, she realized this lady was only a few years older than her; she said, ”Yeah, sure, whatever.”

     “Oh, little girl, you answer yes ma’am or no ma’am when asked a question. Is that clear? Vivian made this declaration with such authority that just her tone sent a quiver through Carly. She had been the one in charge for so long that having that tone directed toward her was a bit scary. It had her responding with “yes ma’am” before she realized the words came from her mouth.

”That’s better, now how old are you?”

”almost twenty-one.” Well, she would be in six months.

”Ok, I’ll need an ID to verify, but we’ll let that go for now.”….”Is someone forcing you to break into people’s houses? I mean, this can’t be your first time since you seem pretty experienced.” Carly shook her head no, and Vivian continued. ”So no one is forcing you that’s a good thing. Are you on drugs?” that received an eye roll and a sneer? ”I didn’t think so, but I had to ask.”

     Vivian sat for a few more minutes, pondering; she didn’t have to work tomorrow, so she could take her time, all night if necessary, to get to the bottom of this situation. This kid seemed decent; well, she was robbing people. She was clean, and other than the slight attitude, she didn’t seem dangerous.

     Carly waited, trying hard not to let her nerves take over. If she went to jail now, the girls would be all alone. There was no way she could let that happen, not after Everything they’ve gone through to stay together. Plus, at nine and twelve, they were just too young to be living on the street. Lost in thoughts, Carly startled when the lady spoke again. “Alright, no one is forcing you, and you’re not on drugs, so tell me, why burglary?”

    Carly, not used to answering to anyone but herself, and the girls, snapped. ”None of your business.”

   Once again, Vivian scolded. ”Little girl, It became my business the moment you entered my home uninvited. And I’ll remind you one last time to adjust your attitude.”

     Quizzically, and maybe with a slight challenge, Carly asked, ”adjust my attitude or what?”

     No problem, Vivian thought, challenge accepted. ”If you don’t change that attitude, I will put you over my knee and help you. Now answer me please; why burglary?”

     She could not have heard that right, did this lady just threaten to spank her? No, that couldn’t be right. A quiver ran up her spine when she remembered the lady’s grip after being marched into the kitchen and her sternness now. That thought alone had her answering more meekly than she intended. ”We needed the money, and I can’t find a job. It’s a necessary evil.”

      ”Thank you for answering; who are we? Parents, a child?” no one ever asked her questions this personal. How much was too much information? She needed to stay out of jail, but she also needed to protect them. Might as well give something and get a little sympathy. It’s not like this lady knew where they lived.

    ”Our parents ditched my sisters and me three years ago. Not that they were truly ever there. Nobody wanted to hire me, so I did what I knew, and I’m not sorry. I take care of us, and that’s more than my parents ever did.” Shocked and a little mad at herself, Carly sat stunned by the amount of information she just volunteered. She knew she needed to tell her story but saying it aloud messed up her thinking.

     Vivian was expecting to hear a crazy story, but she didn’t expect to hear something she’d believe. Now she needed time to process this new information. ”Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? It’s instant.” Carly wasn’t a big coffee drinker, but she hated tea, so she said yes to the instant coffee. Placing the kettle on the stove, Vivian set the mugs, cream, and sugar on the table.

    Holding the coffee mug with both hands, Carly enjoyed the warmth before asking. ”So, um, are you going to, um, call the cops?” She didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until she spoke.

  ”No, I don’t think so, that is, as long as you agree to my terms.”

   Letting her breath out, Carly asked, ”Alright, I’ll bite; what are your terms?”

   ”First of all, I own the flower shop downstairs. I’d like you to come work for me.” watching the shocked expression spread across the girls face, Vivian continued, ”Second and maybe more challenging for you to accept, but it’s non-negotiable whether you take the job or not. That is, I will be giving you a spanking tonight before you go home.”

   Carly sat dumbstruck. Was this lady crazy? ”Whoa, What just a minute. You can’t; I won’t let you. No way, lady, thanks, but no thanks.” standing up, preparing to escape Carly now scrambling to find a way out. The only problem was this lady was blocking her path.

   ”Ok, then we can have the police settle the matter, although I was hoping to avoid that. I’ll just give a call.” Vivian put her hands on the tabletop to emphasize her attempt to get up.

    ”Wait, no, don’t do that, come on. Please, I’ve got to get home to the girls. I can’t get arrested.”

Carly reached out, grabbing Vivian’s hand, then realizing her mistake, pulled back shyly. ”sorry.”

    ”Alright, what’s it going to be? Do you learn your lesson with a spanking or by me calling the police? If you chose not to take the job after we finish, that’s up to you. I won’t force it upon you.”

    Carly was having a hard time coming to grips with the options; she just knew she couldn’t go to jail and leave the girls alone. ”Ok fine, Ugh, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, Umm, I, I mean you, You can spank me.”

     Vivian was happy Carly chose not to involve the police but still accept the consequences of her actions. It wasn’t like Vivian went around spanking random young ladies, although she did hand out a few correction swats here and there when warranted. ”Ok, when I’m doling out punishment, we start with a bit of corner time. Go on into the living room and put your nose in a corner. In case you don’t know, your to lower your pants and keep those arms at your side. And when you are in the corner, there is no fidgeting. Go on now; it’s getting late.”

      In the living room, Carly found an empty corner but lost her nerve at lowering her pants. That was until a stern voice snapped behind her. ”Drop them now; you have twenty minutes, and I want you thinking about the people you’ve hurt by stealing from them. Remember to stand still, or you’ll earn extra time.” as soon as Carly lowered her pants, Vivian glanced at her watch and noted the time.

     Thinking she managed to do. She knew stealing wasn’t right, and Carly made sure to teach her sisters that too, but what was the alternative? Without the money stealing brought in, she would be living on the street with two little girls? No way, there would never be a scenario where that would be ok. Carly knew she had no real regrets because her first and only priority is the girls; she also knew she needed an acceptable answer for this lady if she asked.

      Going over many scenarios in her mind, Carly decided to wing it. The lady might just be into some kind of spanking kink. If so, she probably wouldn’t even ask anything. She’d never been spanked and didn’t know of anyone who was either. Her final thoughts before being called out of the corner were of being caught and what went wrong.

       While the girl was doing her corner time, Vivian prepared herself. Being very dominant by nature, Vivian knew how and when to dole out a punishment. Placing her straight-backed chair in the center of the room, she retrieved the wooden hairbrush from on top of the dresser. She then took a few moments to center herself, clicking off a checklist in her mind. The goal was to be calm and be direct while administering a lesson that would stay with this naughty girl for some time to come.

      Lost in thought, Carly jumped when she heard the lady’s voice. ”Ok young lady, please come and stand at my side.”

      Carly thought she was ready for anything, but when she heard the lady call her over, she started to shake slightly. She wasn’t sure if it was the lady’s voice or the fact she was standing with her pants lowered to her knees about to get a spanking. The feeling was unfamiliar, but she imagined it would be similar to how butterflies fluttering in her belly would feel. Carly turned slowly and eyed the lady sitting in a straight back chair holding a hairbrush. This night was getting stranger by the minute, was the lady going to brush her hair?

    Inhaling a deep breath, she began the short walk to the lady; strangely, the closer she came,  the heavier her feet felt. Finally, arriving at the spot indicated, she stopped and looked up for further instructions. ”Alright, young lady, please tell me what you thought about when you were in the corner? And what you think this lesson is about?”

      Her voice was a little sharper than she intended when she replied, ”Look, lady, I know stealing is wrong, but I don’t have a choice right now. Without the money it brings in, we’d all be on the street.”

       Realizing the girl had no real remorse, Vivian wondered if a spanking would be useful. Oh well, she came this far; she had better follow through. She gave the girl a choice, and this was the consequence she chose. ”After tonight, you will have options. It will be up to you, the path you take. For right now, let’s get you over my lap and deal with you stealing from me.” Vivian took hold of Carly’s arm and gently guided her over her lap. ”I hope you realize a spanking from me is a serious matter. It will be painful, but I will not harm you, and if you need to pause for a minute, use the word yellow to slow down and red to stop. Do you understand?”

     ”Yes ma’am, yellow slow and red stop.” Carly surprised herself when she added ma’am to her answer.

       Satisfied, Vivian continued, “Let me explain what’s going to happen, so you know what to expect. First, I will start with a warmup over your panties, then the panties come down, and the spanking will begin in earnest with my hand. The final and probably the hardest part is the finale, where I set your bottom aflame with this hairbrush. Now before you ask, yes, your panties will be coming down. Please do not reach back. If you can’t help it, I will hold your hand in place. Ok, let’s begin.” 

     The spanking sounded like it was going to be worse than Carly thought it would be. Maybe she should have taken her chances with the police. Nope, the girls needed her; Carly could take whatever this lady dished out. Right as that last thought left, she felt the lady’s palm strike; yikes, that hurt, didn’t she mention a warmup. Dread and a bit of fear washed over her. But what escaped her lips was, “Ouch, That hurts!” as she wiggled to getaway.

     Smiling grimly down at the little girl, Vivian agreed, “yes, dear, that is the point. Now be a good girl and stop all that squirming. We are going to be here for a while.” Vivian slapped each cheek with enough force to sting but not too hard to hurt. Realizing this little girl may never have been spanked before, she wanted to ensure she gave her a decent warmup. So she continued one slap leaving a pink print on to another spot adding a similar mark, making sure to cover the entire area, and when the skin had an even pink tone, she paused to rub and check on the little girl.

      ”How are you holding up, little one? Now that we have this bottom warmed up.” she rubbed the cheeks as she spoke. ”We can continue if you’re ready.”

     ”Please no more, it hurts. I’m sorry for taking your things. No more, please.” Ready to promise almost anything, Carly struggled in an attempt to get up.

    A sharp voice accompanied a stinging slap, ”Young Lady, You had better settle yourself. I don’t want to add extra swats at the end for the misbehavior.” as soon as Carly settled down and gave a weak reply, Vivian began the spanking in earnest.

     Carly screeched while her bottom was in the process of being lit on fire. ”Stop! Pleeease, nooo no, noooo.” The swats landed so hard it took the breath from her lungs, never had she experienced such an attack; she regretted ever-climbing through that open window. Carly intended this to be an easy heist; she figured having the window open would make the job a piece of cake. How wrong she had been, she thought.

     Vivian continued with a steady pace of sharp swats, which she landed sporadically. Once again, covering the entire surface of Carly’s bottom, a red shade began to appear, replacing the calm pink tone. Carly’s pleas for mercy became louder as the heat built until finally, Vivian stopped swatting, unfortunately only long enough to pick up the hairbrush. Panicking, Carly yelled, “RED, red, please yellow anything, just stop, please, I’m sorry.” 

    Immediately Vivian put the brush down, ”Alright, little one, I agreed that’s probably enough.” rubbing Carly’s back, she continued to speak softly. The punishment was over. Now she needed to reassure and comfort this little girl over her lap. This part was equally, if not more important, than the spanking itself. ”Everything is going to be ok when you’re ready to get up, let me know. We can go over to the couch and relax and talk for a bit until you’re ready to go home.”

     It only took a few minutes before Carly was ready to rise. Vivian instructed, ”How about I go get you a glass of water while you fix your clothing. I’ll be right back.” Carly was grateful to be alone for a minute; she quickly pulled up her panties, hissing as they touched her sore backside. More carefully, she reached for her jeans and cringed as she was wiggling into them. She would never look at skinny jeans the same again.

     Just as she fastened the button on her jeans, Vivian walked into the room, handing her a glass of water. Not realizing how thirsty she was, Carly downed half of it. Reaching for Carly’s hand, Vivian directed, ”Come, let’s sit on the couch; you and I need to talk and have a little cuddle.” Right now, Carly would agree to anything after getting the first spanking in her life and surviving; she wasn’t sure what she felt, and she didn’t even know the name of the lady that just spanked the daylights out of her.

    Looking down at the couch Carly became weary; there was a throbbing in her backside, and she didn’t think she could sit or even wanted to. Vivian decided the matter for her; she grabbed Carly’s hand and tugged until she was sitting right next to her, which elicited a shriek from Carly when her sore derriere contacted the cushion. ”Owie, that’s not fair.” said Carly as she was trying to get up only to be halted by Vivian, who quickly wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

      ”Sitting on a sore bum is part of the experience; now try and relax. We’ve both had a long night; put your head on my shoulder, and we can chat.” Not usually one to cuddle except when she was with her sisters, Carly melted into Vivian’s strength. ”That’s it. Let yourself go; I’ve got you. Everything is going to be ok.” Carly knew this lady couldn’t promise that, but it felt nice to hear someone say it to her for a change.

     They sat in comfortable silence with an occasional coo or encouraging word from Vivian for a little over an hour. Finally, Carly stirred from the most comfort she felt in longer than she could remember. ”I need to go home. The girls have been home alone this whole time, and I have to check on them.” Pulling herself off the couch, she waited for Vivian to rise. ”Um, I’m sorry about, um, you know, stealing from you and all. Thank you for not calling the cops even though you probably should have.”

    Vivian reached out and engulfed Carly in a warm embrace, ”Oh, sweetheart, so that you know; I forgive you.” pulling them apart but not breaking contact, Vivian added. ”That job I offered is still available, and I hope you take me up on it. By the way, what is your name?”

    Shocked that this lady would hire her even after she attempted to steal items from her house. She answered shyly, ”oh, my name is Carly. Are you serious about the job? I want it, really, but Um, I have to be home when the girls get home from school. I can work while they are at school or when they go to bed, but they need me.”

   ”It’s ok, Carly; we can work around your schedule, and if I need you after school, you can bring them. They can do homework in the back office. Here’s my card; you think about it and give me a call.”

    Carly glanced down at the card, reading the name Vivian’s Florist, ”Are you, Vivian?” receiving a nod, she continued. ”I don’t have to think about it. If you’re serious, my answer is yes. I would love to work for you.”

    ”ok, you can start the day after tomorrow; come to the shop right after you drop the girls off for school. We can talk more then. It’s pretty late. Do you need me to bring you home?”

    ”No, I don’t live too far. I’ll be fine. Vivian, Thank you.” Carly was walking with her head in the clouds and musing over the crazy night all the way home. She couldn’t believe how light she felt and couldn’t wait to celebrate her new job with the girls. Carly would never tell them the story of how the job fell into her lap or, better yet, over Vivian’s. Rubbing her bottom, nope, that information she would rather they not know.

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