Explain your behavior

Moana couldn’t believe her luck. After hitting redial for about the millionth time, she finally got through. The concert sold out months ago, so when Moana heard about this contest, she had to try. Unfortunately, Ms. Carroll, Moana’s boss, called right as she was about to give the operator her information. She stared at the screen, watching it light up as the phone rang, until she finally came to her senses and picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

       “Miss Walsh, please, may I see you in my office?” Asked Ms. Carroll, her tone sharp.

       Butterflies immediately started fluttering in Moana’s belly, and although her mouth had gone dry, she managed to say, “yes, Ms. Carroll.” Then stuttering, she added, “I’ll be right there, Ms. Carroll.” It was never good to get a call from the boss’s office, and it wasn’t good if Ms. Carroll called personally. Something Moana knew all too well, as she had a similar call last month. Moana began the long walk to Ms. Carroll’s office, leaving the light flashing on her desk phone. The excitement she felt only minutes ago turned to dread.

       Standing at the closed door, Moana stared at the bold letters of Ms. Carroll’s name placard. She wanted to turn and run in the other direction. Instead, she took a deep breath and knocked twice on the door. “Come” slowly, Moana turned the knob. Once inside, Moana made her way to Ms. Carroll’s desk, then stood nervously waiting to be acknowledged. The room was quiet except for the sounds of shuffling paper, making the wait seem to go on forever.

       Just when Moana was about to speak, Ms. Carroll said. “Ms. Walsh, it has come to my attention that instead of working, you have been on the phone all morning. Trying to win a contest? Is that true?” Unable to speak, Moana sadly bobbed her head up and down. Without saying a word, Ms. Carroll handed Moana a letter from the pile of papers on her desk.

        Moana’s hand shook as she read the first few lines, ‘Moana Walsh is suspended for the following three days without pay. Upon returning to, duty will remain on probation for sixty days. Any occurrences within said time termination of employment will follow.’ The words began to blur; she couldn’t believe what she was reading. That was until she looked up and found Ms. Carroll’s hard face with pinched lips and stern eyes looking back.

        The next thing she knew, she grabbed her belongings from her cubicle and walked out the door. In the parking lot, Moana couldn’t remember anything else Ms. Carroll said or signing the paper she now held so tightly in her hand. Then in her car, she sat in disbelief, looking at the now crinkled suspension letter. Disbelief quickly turns to panic as Kalie’s name pops in her head. The crinkled letter felt like hot coals as she thought about her wife and how she’s ever going to explain getting suspended. It has only been a month since their last work behavior talk, which had her sitting carefully for several days.

       Moana took the most extended route home, hoping to delay the inevitable. Unfortunately, even that didn’t give her enough time to develop a plausible story. In the driveway, Moana pulled her car to the right behind Kalie’s, turned off the engine, and sat for several minutes. She was in a daze when she glanced up and spotted Kalie looking out the screen door. As much as she wanted to stall, the look of worry on Kalie’s face convinced her to move.

        Kalie’s questions began immediately, “Moana, What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Touching the back of her hand to Moana’s head, she continued. “You don’t feel warm. Is it your stomach?”

        Moana pulled away slightly before answering, “Kalie, stop, I’m not sick. I, well;..” the words seemed to stick in her throat, so she reached for the letter of suspension and, without a word, handed it to Kalie. Moana stood still, watching Kalie’s expression hardened as she read the letter. It took Kalie a few minutes to speak, her tone cold as ice. “Moana Renee, this had better be a joke!” The hand holding the letter waved wildly, “Suspended! Please tell me this is not real.”

        Moana’s answer was barely audible. “it’s real.” The need to be sick was overwhelming; She raced from the room, making it to the bathroom just in time to lose the contents of her stomach. In the bathroom, Kalie found the girl sitting on the floor next to the toilet. The day’s stress had worn her out, and she sat in tears with her head in her hands.

       Kalie wet the cloth and carefully wiped the girl’s face. As furious as Kalie felt, she set that feeling aside to care for the wife she adored. “Come here, baby,” opening her arms.

       Needing comfort Moana scrambled over and fell into the embrace she craved. She snuggled in, trying to get as close as possible. Kalie held the girl in a tight embrace, willing to stay put until Moana felt safe enough to talk. When ready, Moana began by whispering, “I’m sorry. Kalie, I screwed up.”

       Kalie looked into the girl’s worried eyes, and although she would rather stay cuddled together, she said. “Yes, baby girl, I believe you are right.”   “How about you brush your teeth and then meet me in the other room?” Kalie kissed Moana on the forehead before helping her off the floor and leaving the bathroom.

        Moana’s shoulders slumped as she silently made her way to the other room. Once there, she found a corner and allowed her submissive side to take over. Moana removed her dress and panties before standing nose to the wall in only stocking feet and a bra. The gravity of her screwup weighed heavy, and although she was bare, she began to sweat.

         Kalie let the girl stew in the corner for ten minutes before entering the room. Stepping into the room, Kalie stilled; she took a moment to look the girl up and down. A sad smile crossed Kalie’s lips while taking in the sight, her girl in only a bra and socks standing there with her cute bare bottom quivering nervously. Kalie shook her head because punishing her wife was the last thing she wanted to do today.

         Moving to the couch, Kalie sat and then called the girl over. “Moana, we need to talk; come here, please.” Slowly, Moana shuffled over in her stocking feet. She stood shyly in front of Kalie, using both hands to cover herself. “I think it’s time you explained your behavior.”

        Explaining her mess-ups is the part Moana hated the most. She knew no matter how she tried to explain herself, and no excuse would be good enough. “Well, they were giving tickets away all through the morning.” She swallowed hard but continued. “I finally got through.” Moana couldn’t help letting show a hint of excitement. “But then Ms. Carroll called, and you saw the letter.” The memory of her boss calling gave her a shiver.

         Although Moana knew she was in trouble, she wasn’t sure to what extent. That was until Kalie’s following words, “Moana Renee, Did we not discuss this type of behavior just last month? That discussion was not clear enough?” Anything Moana said at this point would only infuriate Kalie more, so she said nothing. “Well, hopefully, three days of punishment will clarify the rules.” Moana gulped as she thought about the next three days. “Over.”

          Moana carefully leaned her body, wiggling slightly to adjust to the proper position. Once she stilled, a hand came to rest on her right cheek, the hand felt comforting, but Moana knew that feeling wouldn’t last. Kalie sat thinking quietly before explaining Moana’s itinerary for the next three days.

       “Moana, you were suspended as a punishment, so a punishment it will be. Electronics are off-limits, that includes watching tv. You will bring me your phone and tablet when we finish here. Starting tomorrow morning, I will provide you with a list of chores to keep you busy throughout the day. Your bedtime will start tonight at eight o’clock, and you will receive a spanking each night before bed.” Moana lay there in shock, and although she wanted to argue, she knew better. “Let’s start with this one.” Moana yelped as a sharp swat landed.

          Although Kalie usually started a spanking with a few warmup swats, she went straight to the stingers this time. Moana cried as the heat rapidly built; she cried out and begged with each new swat. With every inch of  Moana’s bottom covered, Kalie stopped, leaving Moana to sigh relief. Then to Moana’s dismay, Kalie opened the cabinet next to her and retrieved the leather paddle. Panic had Moana pleading,  “nooo, pleeeease! I’ll b-be good!” And kicking her feet.

         “Enough! Moana Renee! Stop kicking.” the paddle landed several times on the backs of Moana’s thighs.

          It took all her willpower to settle her moving legs, “sorrry.” The paddle then moved from cheek to cheek and onto sit spots. The earlier heat was nothing compared to the inferno ignited in her cheeks. “Pleeease nooo more!” Please ignore, as Kalie swung the paddle like she was trying to make the devil itself leave Moana’s body. After an excruciating set of swats, Kalie set the paddle down; it took several minutes for her heartbeat to calm.

         Moana lay there crying miserably, convinced she’d never be able to sit again. Her bottom was on fire, burned, and throbbed. It took a good ten minutes before even trying to raise; her first attempt proved too tricky, so Kalie reached down to help. Once the girl was standing, Kalie reached over for a tissue. After wiping her eyes and blowing her nose, Kalie pulled the girl onto her lap. This action elicited a pitiful cry and a hiss when the bare, raw cheeks met the scratchy denim material.

          Later that afternoon, Moana shyly asked, “Kalie, tonight, are you,” nerves had her words jumbling, “are you going to s-spank me before bed?” Moana’s eyes pleaded.

          Although Kalie knew the girl was hurting, this lesson was too important. “Yes, dear.” Moana cried, “come here. Let’s cuddled on the couch while dinner’s in the oven.” Moana let herself be led to the sofa, unable to control the tears that flowed. Wrapped in her wife’s firm, comforting arms, Moana could finally begin to relax. The tears that felt so overwhelming now slowed to sniffles as she snuggled closer.

          After a while, Moana felt stronger. Moana wasn’t sure whether it was being in Kalie’s arms or breathing in her scent. What she also realized was that she owed her wife an apology. So she pulled back slightly to look up into Kalie’s eyes and then said, “I’m sorry for being such a screwup. I promise I’ll try harder.” Embarrassed Moana away, trying to fight the tears that threatened

           Kalie grabbed Moana’s chin and when the girl wouldn’t make eye contact said, “Look at me, please.” Reluctantly Moana did as told. “You, Moana Renee, are not a screwup! You did make one heck of a mistake today and I’m not happy about your behavior. I’m sure you will not be happy once you realize the consequences of that behavior. I also know you’ll be on your best behavior when you return to work.” Moana knew she was right, especially about the consequences.

        That night after showering, Moana stopped in her tracks and almost ran in the other direction at the sight of the leather strap in Kalie’s hand. Fortunately, her feet kept moving forward until she stood by Kalie’s side. She hadn’t even noticed the straight-back chair until Kalie asked her to bend over and grab the seat. Left with no choice, she followed her directions and then shivered when she felt her pajama bottoms lowered.

         Kalie warned, “stay in place, or I’ll start over.” before bringing the leather down across both cheeks. This action reignited the pain from earlier, and Moana wept but stayed in position. The leather landed twenty times before coming to a halt. “That should be enough for tonight. Tomorrow night I’ll be sure to do better.” Moana groaned.

         If Moana thought she would be allowed to sleep in, Kalie quickly squashed that idea with a seven am wake-up. “Moana, it’s time to get up.” A sleepy moan escaped from under the covers. “You have ten minutes to get your butt in the kitchen.” Another cry, “one swat with the cane for every minute you’re late!”  That had Moana throwing the covers back and jumping out of bed. Kalie shook her head as she headed down the stairs to start breakfast.

         A list of chores lay on the table next to Moana’s place setting, but instead of picking it up, she went straight to the coffee machine. Even though she was curious, she needed a jolt of caffeine to comprehend the words. Kalie watched the girl ignore the paper, but when she set their full plates on the table, she instructed, “come and sit or your eggs will get cold.”

         Moana was determined to ignore the list for as long as she could. Unfortunately, Kalie wasn’t having it and said, “Moana, I know you see that paper, so please pick it up and read it. I have meetings this morning, and I need to know you understand.” Moana reluctantly put her cup down and retrieved the paper. When her eyes grew twice their size, Kalie added. “oh, yes, windows, you are to clean each window starting upstairs. Now, you remember they fold in, so wash inside and out. Then be sure to wipe down each window sill.”

         Looking up in shock, Moana asked, “All the windows?”

         “Yes, all of the windows. I expect them to sparkle with no streaks.” Kalie said a matter of factly. She added sternly, “Moana Renee, I expect to see progress when I check on you.”

         Moana replied in the only safe way she could, “yes, ma’am.” Then she finished reading, mowing the lawn, and weeding the garden. “Kalie, do I have to finish all of this today?” She said in disbelief.

         “We’ll, I don’t see why not. And so we are clear, you check with me before you take any breaks. Ok?”

         “Yes, ma’am.” Moana wanted to kick herself for wanting to see that stupid band in the first place.

          After cleaning the breakfast dishes, Moana set about gathering the cleaning supplies she would need and then watched as Kalie retreated to her office. Three hours passed before Kalie could wrap up her meetings and check on the girls’ progress. She was happy to find her cleaning the windows on the first floor, having already completed the upper level.

           “Are you ready for a break?” Kalie asked as she entered the room and chuckled at Moana’s dramatic response.

           “I think my arms gonna fall off.” Moana whined.

           Moana was still tired at the end of her break and almost whined. She resisted irritating Kalie any further and went on about finishing her list of chores, although at a much slower pace. She wasn’t so lucky after dinner when all she wanted to do was relax in front of the tv. Instead of picking up a book or magazine, she spat angrily, “I don’t want to read! I want to watch my shows! Ugh, you’re such a jerk!” She saw Kalie’s lips tighten before she realized what she had said. “Oh shoot, Kalie, I didn’t mean that; I’m tired.”

            “Upstairs now! Get ready for bed, and I better not hear one word.” Kalie said, her temper now on edge. However, Kalie expected Moana to be tired and cranky. She would not tolerate rudeness.

       Moana ran up the steps. Not sure how much time she had, she quickly took a shower, brushed her teeth, and dressed in pajamas. As she sat on the side of the bed waiting, tears overwhelmed her as she thought about how much she hurt Kalie.

           Downstairs, Kalie could hear the girl moving around. Then once it was quiet for a few minutes, she made her way to their bedroom. Kalie sat on the bed next to her crying wife, thinking how ironic it was that Kalie would need to comfort the girl before her spanking. Kalie’s arms encircled the girl as she pulled her into a comforting embrace.

           For a moment, Moana cried harder, then allowed herself to be comforted. In these strong arms, she once again felt secure. In a soft, shaky voice, Moana said, “Kalie, I’m sorry.” then she looked up, thankful for the forgiveness shown in Kalie’s eyes. Not sure she wanted to know, she added, “Am I in a lot of trouble?

            Raising an eyebrow, Kalie said. “Well, this time, just you’ve earned yourself an earlier bedtime. But if you throw a fit tomorrow?”

            Moana cut her off, “no, I promise. I’ll be good.”

            “Ok little one, let’s have you climb over so I can warm you up before I tuck you in?” Moana held in a groan as she positioned herself over Kalie’s lap.

           Although she was about to get her bottom roasted, Moana felt lucky to have such a supportive wife. But once that supportive wife’s hand landed several times, she no longer felt lucky. Moana’s bottom was still tender from yesterday, so it didn’t take long for her protests to begin. “Stop! Kalie, please.”

           Without missing a swat, Kalie said. “Oh, little one, we’ve got a long way to go.” Swat, swat, “and while we’re at it,” swat, swat, “remind me why am I spanking you?” Swat, swat.

           “Kalie, please.” Moana hated explaining while in this position, but when she paused, extra hard swats landed? “Ok, ok, cause I got suspended!”

           Kalie took a moment to rub the reddening cheeks, “That’s right. My naughty girl got herself suspended.” Picking up the leather strap, Kalie added, while rubbing the leather over sore cheeks, “but you’re going to be a good girl from now on, right?” A burning line of fire landed across both cheeks.

           “Owie, I’ll behave; I swear I’ll be an angel.”  cried Moana.

           “That’s my good girl. Now let’s finish.” For the next several minutes, Kalie let the strap do its magic. She knew she was being tough, but Moana required a firm hand. She needed there to be consequences, and hopefully, when all was said and done, she could let go of the guilt that plagued her when she messed up. Once both cheeks were red and hot, Kalie set the strap aside. She let Moana lay there until her cries turn to whimpers before helping the girl stand. Indicating the lowered panties, Kalie asked, “Do you want those up?”

          Moana grimaced while kicking the material around her feet and said, “off.” Kalie quickly hugged the girl, then tucked her tummy into bed. Sitting there rubbing the girl’s back, Kalie thought about the next two days. How ironic her wife would get in enough trouble to warrant the completion of their dreaded springtime chores.

4 replies on “Explain your behavior”

I found it easy to stay with.
I see what you mean, in that it’s clear where it’s going a way before it finishes… but that’s the thing, I don’t read these stories for a punchline, I read them because it’s cool spending time with the characters.

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Well, like I say, I enjoyed it… but as the “go back and reworker” to end all “go back and reworkers”, I totally get your wanting to do that.

(Or maybe someone’s just craving a bit of a scolding… or even a… heck, can’t fault you there, either 😉)

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