Lost Luggage 1

Part one

Although Jo was craving Carly’s touch, she shivered at the thought of sitting on one of those awful airplane seats. She wasn’t even sure how long the flight was – eight, nine hours? All she remembered was the flight from the UK to America felt like an eternity, and that was before numerous implements were unleashed on her naughty bottom. After the scavenger hunt, Carly reluctantly agreed to let her stay another week. As long as she behaved and didn’t whine too much when she had to leave.

After swimming in the pool one afternoon, Jo, Destiny, Charlie, and Henna were all laying in the sun, soaking up the rays. And, of course, in true brat fashion, plotting their next adventure. Jo mused, “I sure am going to miss getting in trouble with you lot.” She said to the entire group, “It’s too bad I can’t pack you away in my suitcase.”

 “Yeah, this has been a great week. Can you imagine the four of us on the same plane?”  Destiny said drowsily.

 “Yeah right, I bet Leslie would say go ahead Charlie, see you when you get back. Have fun,” Charlie said with sarcasm dripping off every word. “Even though it’s super slow at work right now, they’re practically begging us to take time off.”

 Henna softly chimed in, “I’d love to be going somewhere. Rita and I were supposed to go camping but her sister showed up unexpectedly. Now I have time off but nothing to do.”

“What?” Destiny sat up. “Are you saying, you’re off already?” A sly smile crossed her face, “Jo you might need a bigger suitcase.” 


“So are you really sure that’s okay with you? Alright then, Carly, I’ll call you back with more details shortly.”

Adele ended the phone call and turned to the four brats.

“Right then,” she said, addressing Charlie and Henna first.  “Leslie and Rita both seem happy enough for the two of you to go…”

She took in Destiny’s nervous smile.

“And yes, my love, I know how much you would love a good long visit with Jo.”

It could indeed be a recipe for disaster, but the affection these four had developed for each other was quite adorable.

“Just let me make one thing clear,” she said, summoning all the sternness she could muster. “If you make me regret this, I swear, when the three of you get back Stateside, I will personally make sure you’ll all be sitting on eggshells for a month!”

Four pairs of brat hands flew to their bottoms at the tone of Adele’s voice.

“So, it looks like you three better start getting yourselves sorted,” she smiled.  “You’re going to Tide Haven with Jo.”

The overjoyed brats descended on her in a messy group hug, though Jo was still finding it hard to shake away her horror at the thought of several hours in an airplane seat.

The night before the flight Sandi and Gloria insisted on having the entire gang over for a proper send-off. Sandi and Gayle managed to set aside a few minutes to give Jo a private goodbye. Along with hugs and well wishes, Sandi presented Jo with the long thin gift box. “Baby girl, this is a reminder to call if you need us.” 

 Although Jo appreciated the sentiment, she wanted nothing to do with the wispy bamboo torture device. “Thanks, I guess.” Reluctantly she reached for the box, all the while trying to figure a way to dump it in a bin and not get caught. “But seriously something a little less ouchie might be a better reminder.”

 Both women laughed, but a stern Sandi added, “No I think this is best.” Then she added, knowingly, “this better not accidentally find its way into a trash bin.” 

Internally Jo groaned, ‘how do they always know?’

 At the airport the following morning, Leslie and Adele insisted on helping the girls check in and walking them to security. Each of the girls felt special with the extra attention, that was until they were all gathered together for a final lecture and of course, the ‘you will never sit comfortably again’ warning. Then with teary eyes, the brats were each given a final swat and sent to security.

The giggling girls scurried off, leaving their partners momentarily at a loss. Leslie was the first to snap out of her funk and suggest they go for drinks. Immediately the melancholia mood changed to a celebratory one.

Destiny, Charlie, and Henna enjoyed the in-flight movie and the meal, not to mention all the jokes they shared together.

Jo tried the best she could to enjoy meeting with her friends, but she found it very difficult to keep her mind focused on anything other than her aching backside.

When the flight finally finished, she wasn’t at all sure she could get up until Henna and Destiny helped her.

“Well, at least we’re nearly home,” she winced.

It was only when they went to the baggage carousel that they realised how much worse things were.

“It’s about time one of our cases turned up, isn’t it?” asked Destiny.

The brats looked at each other.

“My favourite two pairs of shorts,” sighed Jo.

Carly had been delayed getting to the girls because of various bits of chaos around the airport. Clearly, a few things were not going to plan that day. When she did find them, standing disconsolately by the baggage carousel, she decided the best thing was to go to the help desk.

“I’m really sorry,” they were told, “we’re not actually sure where they are yet. As soon as we locate them, we’ll get them back to you.”

“There’s clearly not much we can do here,” sighed Carly. “Let’s get you home and fed.” 

“But what about my clothes?” whined Charlie, stamping her foot.

“Well, what about your sore bottom?” sighed Carly.

“But I don’t have a sore bottom,” Charlie replied.

“You will if you don’t start marching to my car,” Carly growled back. “Now MOVE!”

Charlie walked sullenly behind the others; the trip wasn’t starting out the way she’d planned. She was tired, the airline had lost her bag, and she wasn’t here more than an hour, and her butt was already in jeopardy.

On the walk to the car, Jo stuck close to Carly, chatting excitedly. At the same time, Henna and Destiny took turns trying to cheer Charlie, but once they got to the car they decided it was best to leave her alone.

Without bags, they should be buckled in, and on the road in a matter of minutes, Carly thought to herself. 

“I’m not sitting in the middle!” Charlie whined.

Henna noticed the stern look cross Carly’s face and intervened, “Oh, I got it.” She said as she shimmied on the seat. Then, at last, they exited the parking lot.

Destiny randomly asked, “How far are we from Tide haven?”

“Oh, it’s not too far. Maybe thirty or forty minutes,” Jo said excitedly. “I can’t wait to feel the ocean breeze on my face.”

Charlie snarled rudely, but before she could say anything, she saw Carly’s eyes glaring at her in the rearview mirror.

“How’d you girls like some food?” asked Carly. “The pub here does really nice meals.”

This received a rapturous reaction, especially as all the girls had heard Jo’s stories of the poetry performances she did there. In fact, Destiny couldn’t help leaning over the front seat to ask her something.

“But seriously Jo… you don’t do your… y’know… spanko poems in the pub, do you?”

Jo smiled at that.

“That would be telling,” she said.

As they pulled into the pub car park, Charlie felt a little better about things, thanks to the prospect of a good feed and maybe some beer.

She was a grown woman so there was no issue legally with her drinking, but Leslie had given a few warning signs where Charlie was concerned, and Carly was already wary after the little mini tantrum at the airport (understandable though it may have been).

“If you three girls would like to grab us a table, I’d just like a moment with Jo, if that’s okay.”

Henna and Destiny giggled a little at this but made no comment. 

“Are you sure you’re alright?” 

Jo could feel herself melting at the touch of Carly’s fingers on her cheek. 

“You have no idea how good it is to see you again,” she said. “I’ve been such a royal pain in the backside just lately, and I have a lot of making up to do.”

Carly kissed Jo’s forehead and rested her head there for a moment.

“You wouldn’t be you without your wildness,” she replied. “Besides, I believe you have a pretty royal pain in your own backside now.”

“You wouldn’t believe the marks Sandi’s cane left,” sighed Jo, giving herself a good post-flight, post-drive rub. “I was hoping you might put me over your knee for a good cream-rubbing when we get home.”

“I was hoping you’d ask,” smiled Carly. “Now let’s get inside before Charlie’s temper gets the better of her again.”

The mood at the table was light when they joined the girls. When they each ordered a pint Carly insisted they order food right away too. After the long flight and then a beer or two, Carly had no doubt these four sleepy girls wouldn’t make it long without a nap. 

While waiting for the bill, Jo looked over at Carly and, after receiving an approving nod, jumped up and was out the door. She needed to feel the spray along her skin, smell the sea, and watch the waves as they came rolling to shore. All of a sudden, she’d been away too long. She walked faster than jogged, and pretty soon, she was running as fast as her legs would allow. 

Momentarily stunned, they all watched Jo get up and rush out the door. “Carly, what’s going on? Is she ok?” Destiny worried.

Carly glanced around the table, the look of worry duplicated on each face. “It’s ok ladies. There are times Jo needs breathing room. We’ll give her a head start then we can join her at the beach.” Carly promised.

It felt good being back, Jo thought, as her lungs filled with fresh salt air, and the sight of the beach almost made her cry. Reaching the shoreline, she fell to her knees as the first light spray hit her skin. 

“I’ve missed you,” she said dreamily.

As they poured out towards the beach, Destiny ran straight for where Jo was sitting on the rocks, swishing her feet in the tide. Seeing how relaxed her friend looked, she felt a lump forming in her throat. There was a peace about her that Destiny had never seen before.

Henna held back a bit, choosing instead to wander up and down the shore, watching the tide shifting small shells and pebbles.

Charlie, however, was feeling at a loose end again. Suddenly all the anger at her lost luggage flooded back into her. She started throwing pebbles into the tide, harder and harder, as her rage grew.

What the hell was she doing here anyway? This was Destiny and Henna’s adventure, not hers.

She was just the brat who gets into trouble.

“Hey, Charlie…” She started at the touch of Carly’s fingers on her neck.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Is it your clothes again?”

“It’s everything,” she replied, looking over to the way Jo and Destiny were hugging.

“That’s more Destiny than it is Jo,” observed Carly. “As kind as Jo is when you get to know her, she struggles with intimacy as much as she craves it. In fact, she’s probably a lot more like you than you realise.”

“I know… I mean… there were a couple of moments, back in the States… But…”

She sighed, then kicked the sand savagely, over and over.

“This is their show, not mine.”

Again she felt Carly’s fingers on her neck, gently massaging into her.

“Would a spell across my knee help?”

When Charlie turned to look at her, there were tears forming in her eyes.

“I’d be happy to spank you if you’d like.”

“Here? You’re kidding, right?” By the look in Carly’s eyes, Charlie knew she was serious. She looked around at the beach, empty except for her friends, then back at Carly. 

“Come, little one.” It took only seconds for Charlie to accept the offered hand. In a daze, she let herself be led over to a nearby rock. Then before her mind cleared, she found herself upended.

 “Ugh,” she didn’t even feel herself being bared until the cool mist hit her naked bottom. “Caaaarly” 

“You’re ok, little one, just relax.” Before the words registered, an array of swats landed. “I’ve got you.” Between traveling, being bared in public, and the firestorm building in her backside, Charlie continued to fight.

The familiar swatting sound had the remaining brats’ attention. Three pairs of eyes zeroed in, located the bottom in question, and stared.

Destiny whispered, “we haven’t even been here a full day, how’d she manage that?” Clearly impressed and horrified at the same time.

“Carly always knows!” Jo said, in awe of her girlfriend.

Excitedly Henna made her way up the beach, determined to enjoy the scene with her friends. But seeing their faces, Henna realized she was the only one eager to trade places with Charlie.

“Now whose show is it, Charlie?” A sharp series of swats landed.

“I get it, that’s enough.” Charlie screeched. “Owie!”

Landing a staccato of scorching hot swats, Carly only stopped when the girl sagged over her lap. Then moaned at the feel of Carlys’ hand messaging the now many sore spots along her backside.

“How are you feeling now?” asked Carly softly.

“Can I… can I have a hug?” Charlie replied eventually.

“Of course you can.”

Carly scooped the girl into her arms, stroking her hair with one hand while massaging the back of her shoulders with the other. Charlie leaned into the hug, rubbing her aching bottom with both hands as she did so. 

“Thank you…”

Her whisper was barely audible, but she kept repeating it.

“Thank you, Carly… thank you.”

“Hush, girl… it’s okay.”

“Can I ask you something?” she asked. 

“Of course you can.”

“Can I have one of those pattings Jo talks about, please?” 

Carly looked over at Jo as though looking for permission.  Although she hadn’t heard what Charlie had asked, Jo was happy to nod her consent, and Carly eased a much more relaxed Charlie back over her lap.

“Lucky girl,” Henna said, as her own butt tingled for attention. “Argh, how am I to last an entire vacation without Rita’s special attention?” She groaned.

Giggling, Destiny swatted Henna’s butt, “ooh, I know you won’t be able to make it a week. Bahaha! Don’t kid yourself.” Then took off running.

Jo, egged on by fellow brats, joined the chase, but the long day was finally catching up. She gave in to her wobbly limbs and sank into the sand. Henna and Destiny almost fell on top of Jo as they fell down on each side. “If I close my eyes right now, I’ll fall asleep.” Jo sighed. 

“Let’s get those two and head home.” Jo pointed toward Carly and Charlie. 

“Charlie, Let’s get you up. It’s time to go.”

“Umm, ok, I’m sleepy.”

“By the looks of it, you’re not the only one.” Carly helped Charlie straighten her clothing before shooing all four toward the car.

The drive home was a very short and mercifully quiet one.

In an effort to find clothing suitable for these brats, Carly rummaged through her closets, piling odds and ends on the bed.

As Carly stepped back into the lounge, she found Henna and Destiny doing some channel surfing on the TV. 

“Ok, girls,” she said, “if you need a shower, I’ve put some clothes in the spare bedroom for you.”

She looked over at the couch, where Charlie and Jo had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Carefully, she lifted Charlie’s head enough to put a cushion under it. Jo’s head was resting nicely on Charlie’s chest, so Carly simply lifted her feet up before grabbing a winter shawl from the coat hanger and draping it over the sleeping brats.

“I bet their bottoms are really sore,” sighed Henna wistfully.

“Oh dear, it’s hard being so desperate for a spanking all the time, isn’t it?” laughed Carly, hauling Henna over to the nearest straight-backed chair so she could turn the brat over her knee.

“Lovely skirt,” she complimented, flipping the garment up to reveal Henna’s orange, lace-trim pants. 

“Ooh, and lovely underwear, too,” she added, delivering a flurry of swats to the pretty orange seat.

She carried on until she could feel a lovely warmth building up under the thin orange material. Then she finished off with a couple of resounding whacks from her big wooden clothes brush. Destiny couldn’t help laughing at the way Henna yelped before being swept up for a kiss and a cuddle.

Carly’s outstretched hand beckoned her to join the hug, and she didn’t need to be told twice. 

“I don’t suppose you need a spanking too, do you?” asked Carly.

“I’m happy with the cuddle, thanks,” giggled Destiny, though she didn’t complain at the playful swat Carly gave her.

Staying awake for the girls was a losing battle, so Carly helped them settle under the covers in the guest room. Shaking her head, “I should have insisted they change.” Carly dreaded the inevitable clothing drama if their bag weren’t delivered soon.

Carly decided two hours would be plenty of time for the girls to nap. She didn’t want four wide-awake brats causing mischief in the wee hours of the morning. Plus, if the bags hadn’t arrived by then, there would be plenty of time for a trip to the second-hand store. In the meantime, a call to the States.

Adele picked up the first ring, “Hey Carly, How’s it going? Are the girls running you ragged? I hope Destiny’s not too cranky; I’m sure she didn’t sleep on the flight like I asked her to.” The questions came tumbling out faster than Carly could answer.

“Whoa, slow down!” Laughed Carly. “I’m having them nap for a few hours. So it’s all quiet here and Destiny has been the best behaved so far.” Carly explained about the lost luggage, then each trip over her lap, which had them both smiling.

Adele knew she could be overprotective when it came to Destiny. So much so she was tempted to have her stay home; luckily, her better senses kicked in. Now she’d have to trust her wife to be safe and hope she had fun without causing too much trouble.

Carly was woken from her nap by Jo’s arms around her. 

“Hey gorgeous,” she smiled. “It’s good to feel those arms again.”

“Good to feel yours, too,” replied Jo, as Carly enthusiastically returned the hug.  “Though maybe best I don’t test that spanking arm of yours for a while yet.”

Carly took this as a signal to examine her naughty girl’s bottom. Easing Jo across her lap, she teased down her shorts to reveal the aftermath of all those spankings and canings she’d been told about.

“Omigosh…” She reached for the cream she’d put on the bedside cabinet. “If this is what happens when I let you out of my sight…”

“I know… I’ve been a very naughty girl… uh… I  mean… Well, you know how I get sometimes…”

“Want to talk about it?” Carly coaxed as she applied a generous dollop of cream.

“Well, l… oooh, that stings! What the – Oooooww!!”

Jo leapt off Carly’s lap, both hands clutching her burning rear, and ran for the bathroom.

It took one quick look at the tube for Carly to realise this wasn’t the soothing cream she had intended to use. It was the stingy one, as Jo called it – a harsh antiseptic cream for cleaning wounds – and it was definitely not what Carly had brought into her bedroom with her when she first came in for her nap.

“Why that horrid little…” Her mind raced to the obvious culprit.

{Earlier… She watched Carly rummage through the side table for the lotion when an idea clicked. The prank was innocent enough, she thought as she searched the bathroom’s medicine cabinet. She was looking for capsaicin lotion, but she didn’t recognize the label. Then bingo, right up front, the antiseptic cream.

She cautiously lingered in the hall until the room was quiet before sneaking in and switching the tubes. Laughter almost gave her away as she ran from the room with the cooling cream.}

“Car-ly,” Jo cried as the shower spray landed on her burning cheeks. “Make it stop!” Water alone wasn’t helping. 

“Hold on, babe,” Carly quickly stripped, washcloth in hand. She grabbed the bottle of body wash and gently wiped the lotion away.

Turning off the shower, Carly wrapped Jo and then herself in their soft cuddly robes. “You lay down, and I’ll track down our little prankster.” shaking her head, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of your bum before I warm hers.”

Jo lay face down on the bed, rubbing the last lingering burn out of her bottom.

“That looks sore,” said Destiny, who had crept into the room unheard.

“It’s not so bad now,” sighed Jo. She figured she’d been through enough with Destiny not to be worried about covering herself up.

Besides which, checking out each other’s damage was kind of a brat buddy ritual, wasn’t it?

“Carly’s really ripping into Charlie.” There was more than a little amusement in Destiny’s tone. “I can’t believe she did such a mean thing.”

“But she didn’t, did she, Destiny?”

Both brats were shocked to hear Carly’s voice.

“Are we selling tickets now?” whined a red-raced Jo, seeing that both Charlie and Henna were clinging onto Carly at the far end of the bed.

Carly held up her messy fingers.

“This cream came from just inside the cushion on the armchair you had been nestling yourself into,” she said. 

“Henna found where you’d hidden the cream you took from the bathroom cabinet inside the zipper. Just as well we usually have a couple of tubs or tubes around the place. I mean…you ARE happy, aren’t you, that Jo isn’t still hurting because of your mean little prank?”

Destiny’s eyes were already filling up as she looked desperately between Jo and Carly.

“I didn’t mean to do it!” she sobbed.  “I just… well, Jo’s MY friend, isn’t she? And suddenly Charlie seems to be brat of the month here! I dunno what it is about those two! Even the way they get spanked has to be different! I mean, what gives?”

Charlie stepped back, shock visible. “What? …. Destiny?” Charlie turned and, with tears running down her cheek, fled. 

Henna glanced around at the remaining women before following. In the guest room, Henna found Charlie frantically trying but failing to connect with Leslie. 

“Charlie, who are you calling?”

“Leave me alone!” In her frustration, Charlie threw the phone. Luckily it landed on the bed. “I don’t even know why I even came.” 

Jo carefully rose from the bed and, with even more care, slipped on her red shorts. As Carly observed, Jo took Destiny’s hand. “You are such a brat. Of course, you’re MY friend, silly. You’re my best friend.” 

Rubbing her sore bottom, she added, “but that was a dirty trick.” A flush washed over Destiny.

Jo opened her arms wide. “Come here!” The girls held tightly together.

“I really am sorry.” After receiving a nod, she said, “Do you think Charlie will forgive me?” Destiny glanced nervously toward the door.

“We should go find her.” Destiny cried.

“Not so fast,” Carly said, and both girls froze. Then looking directly at Destiny, she directed. “Yes, go, apologize. Once you’ve fixed things with her, you young lady will come back here.” The gulp was visible. “Oh yes, me, you, and my paddle have a little business to take care of. Remember, I have some special cream here if you keep me waiting too long.”

“Yes, ma’am.” When Destiny seemed frozen, Jo grabbed her hand, pulling her out the door.

Charlie was curled up between the bed and the bedside cabinet when Jo and Destiny crept into the guest room. 

“I think I need to do this alone,” whispered Destiny, hearing Charlie’s sobs. Jo made no attempt to argue.

“Hey…” Destiny showed herself at the side of the bed. “I know I screwed up, Charlie. I’m really sorry.”

“Well, you screwed up because I’m here, didn’t you?” Charlie sobbed back. “I always end up making things worse.”

“That’s not true!”

“Yes, it is! It’s always my pranks, or the stupid comments I make… It’s always my ideas that really mess things up for you. I know you and Adele think I’m trouble. Leslie does, too…”

“Oh Charlie, that’s not true!”

“Yes, it is. I’ve always been more of a special project than a partner.”

“Charlie, this was my bad. This was my jealousy. This was…”

Charlie put out her hand to stop Destiny from talking.

“I saw how wild Jo could get. I saw what she was like below the surface. At least, I saw enough. I thought maybe she might understand… y’know, instead of judging.”

“Charlie! I never judge you!”

“Really? So you and Adele don’t sigh about how Charlie’s being the bad girl again? Causing trouble? Really?”

A fresh wave of sobs came up to the surface.

“But here… Even Carly seemed to understand… She seemed to get it, without my having to explain. I felt for a moment like… Oh, I don’t know what I felt!”

When she went back for her appointment with Carly,  Destiny’s cheeks were soaked with tears.

“I can’t get through to her,” she sobbed. “She’s so snarled-up inside…”

“Jo was too, once upon a time,” cooed Carly softly, stroking the back of Destiny’s neck. “Don’t you worry about Charlie. I have an idea or two. You just get you sorted, ok?”

Destiny nodded.

“I guess it’s time for my spanking,” she said. “I know I deserve it, for pulling such a mean trick on Jo.”

“Come on then.”  Carly eased Destiny gently across her knee. “Let’s get you settled.”

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Thank you for updating I really do love reading all of your stories. I ate my lunch while I was reading and noticed my food getting cold 😎😂but I still love the time I have to read an update from you.

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