Would you care to explain?

   Jenny roamed around the city looking for something, anything to catch her eye; she had nowhere to be, no job, no family. The streets had been her home for two years now, ever since leaving her good-for-nothing husband. Living on the street, where she had to beg, borrow and steal, was easier than living with that psychopath. He was powerful, wealthy but would never stoop so low to look for her amongst the homeless.

     Jenny decided to try out some tricks one of the younger kids taught her since she was low on cash. So far, she has had made six attempts and only captured two wallets. As this skill was more complex than the kids made it seem, Jenny left the street for a nearby alleyway. Once far away from prying eyes, Jenny examined her catch; although she hated stealing, she needed money.

     In the first wallet, she hit the jackpot of three hundred and seventy-two dollars. Her heart pounded as guilt washed over her; she checked the address and right away decided to return the wallet, of course without the cash. Jenny shoved the money deep into her left sock then took out the second wallet. This wallet had very little money, but something even more intriguing. A business card in rich maroon lettering, reading Mistress Maryam on the side along with the phone number, was a silhouette of a woman holding a crop.

     Jenny let her finger glide over the name and then the image as her mind fantasized calling. Quickly recovering, Jenny put the card along with the little bit of money back in the wallet. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever fantasized about a dominatrix, especially when she fought so hard to leave a man who tried to dominate her every move. Confused, Jenny shoved the wallet deep into her satchel, took out the first wallet, and set out to return it., maybe drop it in the guy’s mailbox.

     Later that night, after a pretty decent meal, Jenny returned to her camp for the night. She had set up a tent by the river along with a few people she met along the way. As it turns out, some people Jenny met here on the street had more integrity than her husband’s family. Once she settled for the night, Jenny took out her flashlight, opened the wallet, and retrieved Mistress Maryam’s card. This ritual became her routine for the next two weeks.

     Jenny let her curiosity rule her judgment. It was gradually first, walking by the address she found on the license. Then she began sitting across the street trying to match the face in the picture to passers-by. At one point, Jenny followed Mistress Maryam to the local market. She couldn’t stop herself or her stalker behavior. Then one day, her heart almost stopped when Mistress Maryam came outside marched across the street, making a beeline for just where she was sitting.

      The voice was like a dream, stern and forceful. “Explain yourself.”

      Jenny was tongue-tied; she had no explanation; Jenny didn’t know why she was stalking this lady, so how did Jenny explain what she didn’t understand herself. “I, um, ugh,” in a desperate move, she held her hand out with the wallet.

     Stunned, Mistress Maryam took the wallet. “Well, that explains why you know my address. Why stalk me?” when Jenny sat there saying nothing, trying to avoid eye contact, Mistress Maryam added. “I think we need to talk. Come with me.” when the girl didn’t follow immediately, Mistress Maryam snapped. “NOW!”

      Jumping up, Jenny almost tripped over her bag to follow. Once inside, Mistress Maryam looked the girl over before declaring, “First, you need a shower.” then directing the girl to the bathroom. “I’ll get you something to wear, strip out of those filthy things.” After returning a finding the girl still standing fully dressed next to the sink, Mistress Maryam was not pleased. “Did you not hear me? Strip out of those clothes and get into the shower.” the girl didn’t move.

       Mistress Maryam stood with hands-on-hips; that was a direct order; people jumped when she spoke. Shaking her head, she decided to change course. “Alright, young lady, I’ll leave you alone, but you need a shower, and you need clean clothes.” Mistress Maryam left the room, closing the door on her way out. A few minutes later, she heard the water running and sighed.

      Sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of tea, Mistress Maryam fingered the contents of her wallet. Everything was there, although upon losing her wallet, most of the items she replaced. She was still holding the billfold when the bathroom door opened; the girl looked so young standing there holding a pile of dirty clothes. “Ok, let’s put those in the washer, then we can talk. At least when you leave here, you’ll be clean.” Jenny was rather annoyed being spoken down to by this lady, but it did feel good to be clean.

      Jenny followed Mistress Maryam without saying a word and watched as she emptied all of her clothing into the washer. Holding her satchel tightly, Jenny again followed Mistress Maryam back to the kitchen. Noticing the grip, Mistress Maryam said, “you can relax; I don’t want your bag. Join me in a cup of tea?” then motioned for Jenny to take a seat.

       As Mistress Maryam placed the cup on the table in front of Jenny, she noticed that the girl was older than she first appeared. She then picked up her wallet and asked. “Would you care to explain? Hmm, let’s see, why do you happen to have my billfold? And maybe explain why you’ve been stalking me?” once again, Jenny said nothing, and once again, Mistress Maryam snapped. “When I ask a question, I expect an answer.”

     The tone of Mistress Maryam’s voice startled Jenny as she tried to find the words. “Well, I, um, I took it. I mean, I stole it from your bag. I’m sorry.” Jenny didn’t know how to explain the stalking; any explanation sounded creepy. She looked down, but Mistress Maryam was too quiet; Jenny slowly lifted her eyes only to see a very stern woman looking back. Immediately words began to spill from her lips. “I was curious; I read your card, and well, I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to see what a dom-dominatrix looks like. Oh man, I’m sorry, that sounds creepy.”

     A slight chuckle escaped Mistress Maryam, “At least you’re an honest thief.” Jenny bristled at being referred to as a thief. “So, now what? Now that you’ve seen me, what happens?”

     Jenny didn’t know what, “I never.” embarrassed started to rise. “I should get my things and go.”

     “SIT!” Jenny sat back down and nervously waited. Mistress Maryam took her time, sipped her tea, watched the girl, sipped her tea again, then spoke. “You’re living on the streets?” receiving a nod, she continued, “You seem young but over twenty-one? Maybe twenty-five?” another nod. “The question is why? Why live on the streets?” no answer. “Drugs?” Another nod but this time more emphatically. “I have an idea; let’s make some dinner, then maybe you’ll be able to use your words.”

     Mistress Maryam put a pot of water on the stove and set it to boil. Then in a second pot, poured a jar of sauce, added some spices, and turned on the burner. “Why don’t you set the table?” Pointing, she continued, “Dishes are in that cabinet, silverware over there. Oh, and we’ll need napkins.” opening the refrigerator, She took out the iced tea and Parmesan cheese, then set them both on the table. Retrieved two glasses from the cupboard, filled them with ice and put them on the table.

      Jenny couldn’t remember the last time she had a home-cooked meal. She didn’t go near the kitchen when she was married; their cook was a man, and her husband was extremely jealous. It must have been a high school before her parent passed away. Even then, her parents weren’t much into cooking. As Mistress Maryam cooked, Jenny nervously stood off to the side; she wasn’t sure what to do.

      Mistress Maryam glanced toward the table, assuming that’s where the girl was sitting. Finally spotting her shyly standing, she began to direct but stopped. “Relax, take a seat.”  “I think it would be easier if I had a name to call you.”

      Softly she said. “Jenny,” then louder she said. “my name is Jenny.”

      “Ok then, Jenny, take a seat, and maybe fill those glasses with tea?” Thankful for something to do, Jenny obliged.

      Over dinner, Mistress Maryam didn’t talk much, just enjoyed the meal; she would pry for answers later. They ate in relatively comfortable silence. After dinner, they shared the cleanup duty. They transferred wet clothes to the dryer, and the two women brought their tea into the living room. The time now was for answers, “Alright, tell me about yourself and then why you returned my billfold?”

     Telling people about herself was not something she did, so she tried for the bare minimum. “Let’s see; I am twenty-five and living on the street. I’ve been homeless for about two years. I don’t do drugs and never have. I’ve been trying to do jobs under the table, but lately nothing, so some kids showed me how to nab wallets.” embarrassed, “yours was only my second one. I took two that day; the first one had a bunch of cash. I took that, then returned the wallet.”

     “Why stalk me?”   “As you can see, I’m not rich.” Mistress Maryam glanced around her home. “Was it really because of my card?”

      Jenny didn’t think her face could feel any hotter as embarrassment washed over. “I’m sorry,” right away, her hands came up and covered her eyes. “It’s all so pathetic.”

     “Well, I don’t think you’re pathetic, but you have also piqued my curiosity.” Mistress Maryam paused for a few moments before saying. “Well, I’m exhausted.” Jenny jumped up, intending to get her clothes and go when Mistress Maryam added. “You’re welcome to use the guest room for tonight. There’s an extra toothbrush under the sink. I usually have breakfast at nine. You’re welcome to join me.”

     Jenny stood gapping at Mistress Maryam as she spoke. Did she offer her real bed? “Jenny? What’s wrong?”

      “Are you sure about me staying tonight?” Jenny held her breath.

      “Yes, girl, of course, I’m sure. Now get ready for bed.”   “There are some magazines here if you want to read for a while.”    “Good night.” Mistress Maryam turned and left the room.

     Jenny brought a magazine into the guest room with her, but she had no interest in reading. The bed was huge, the sheets were clean, and there were several pillows. Jenny pulled the covers down and climbed in, trying to savor every moment. The blanket was warm and soft and so very cozy. Overwhelmed, Jenny drifted off as soon as her head hit the pillow.

      When the smell of bacon reached Jenny’s nose, she jolted up in bed. For a moment, she thought her husband had found her, and she was back home. Luckily after looking around the room, she remembered Mistress Maryam. She hurried to take care of her morning business, including locating a new toothbrush, then met with her host in the kitchen. “Good morning.”

     “Oh, Hello, and Good morning to you too. Help yourself to coffee. Did you sleep well?” Mistress Maryam said as she was flipping pancakes.

       “Hmm, It was beautiful. So warm and soft, cozy. How can I ever thank you?” Jenny sipped the coffee, and she sat at the table. “Hmm, this is good.” Mistress Maryam just smiled as the girl appreciated everything.

       After breakfast, Mistress Maryam retrieved her well-handled billfold and pulled out her business card. Then holding it up, she asked, “So what about this? Had you stalking me?”

     Jenny sat staring at the long fingers with bright red nail polish holding the business card, then slowly gazed up into curious eyes. She felt no judgment in the question; the inquiry was genuine. “In all honesty, I’m not sure. I seem to be attracted to the idea of dominance.” pausing, “That sounds weird, bare with me. Well, I married a very dominant man; unfortunately, his dominance is also abusive.” she let that sink in, “following you? Hmm, I saw the card, and I couldn’t stop myself. It was kind of exciting. Ugh, and creepy. I’m sorry.”

     Mistress Maryam had many more questions but only asked two more for now. “So, Are you hiding from this abusive husband? Is that why you’re homeless?”

    “Yes, he’s very influential, but the streets are the last place he’d look.” Jenny shivered just thinking about the man.

     “Well, that explains a lot. I have to work tonight. Since you’re so curious about my occupation, would you like to come along?” Jenny was confused, so Mistress Maryam continued. “Well, I work at a club on the lower east side, and I’m meeting a client this afternoon. You can tag along if you would like; of course, there are rules you’d need to follow.”

     Jenny looked down at her clothes; pink flooded her cheeks when she took in her ratty appearance. “Look at me; I couldn’t possibly go to a club. I look like the homeless person I am.”

     Mistress Maryam, now clearly annoyed, snapped. “Of course, you can not wear what you have on. I would dress you, and you will look lovely.”

      The rest of the morning, Mistress Maryam set about Jenny’s grooming. Her instructions were to shave everywhere in the shower, apply lotion and powder, polish nails, finally have hair teased. Right before they were to leave, Mistress Maryam had an outfit laid out for Jenny to wear. A very skimpy leather skirt with a leather bustier top, black stocking, and heels so high, Jenny wasn’t sure she’d be able to stay upright as she walked.

     Mistress Maryam wore her signature red leather ensemble, tight leather pants, and lacy bra top along with the highest heels Jenny could imagine. Jenny thought Mistress looked sexy as hell, not realizing that together they could stop traffic. Mistress Maryam covered herself with gorgeous red wrap then helped Jenny into a black wrap. They both applied a dab of lipstick right before the Uber arrived.

     Jenny had a list of rules that Mistress Maryam insisted she memorized as she got ready this afternoon. “You remember the rules?” “Tonight, you belong to me; you do not play with anyone unless I say. Correct?”

     “Yes, ma’am,” Jenny said meekly; although she vowed never to belong to anyone again, she felt safe with Mistress Maryam.

     “If you break any of our rules, what will happen?”

     “Oh, I won’t, I promise.” Jenny pleaded.

     “Answer, please!”

     Jenny looked into Mistress Maryam’s eyes. “I will be punished, ma’am.” then she quickly looked away.

     “Very good, now remember if you find any scene overwhelming, and I’m not there, you step away. You do not interrupt a scene. I will find you; then we will talk it over. Ok”

     “Yes, ma’am.” Mistress Maryam smiled at how quickly her charge was catching on.

      Inside, Jenny was signed in as a guest and read and signed the rules acknowledgment paperwork. Then Mistress gave her a tour, and then Jenny roamed the club while she met with her client. It wasn’t a busy afternoon, but Jenny witnessed a spanking scene, had been invited to play, then watched a scene through an open curtain window that was intense. She didn’t get to see Mistress Maryam and the client she had.

     After two hours roaming the club, Jenny was getting tired of just watching and being a voyeur. She either wanted to leave or be allowed to play. From a distance, Mistress Maryam watched as Jenny edged her way closer to a spanking scene. This move didn’t get missed by either Mistress or the spanker. After pausing the scene, the spanker offered for Jenny to switch spots, earning a scowl from the woman over her lap.

      Jenny quickly declined, then stepped away, but she bumped right into Mistress Maryam in doing so. “Did I permit you to interrupt someone’s scene?”

      Shaking slightly, “no, ma’am.”   “I’m sorry, ma’am.”

      “Oh, you will be.” Mistress Maryam’s fingers wrapped around Jenny’s upper arm as she guided the girl to an open play area with a spanking bench. “Skirt off and over you go.” when the girl only stood and stared, Mistress Maryam whispered in Jenny’s ear. “You had better move before I get my cane.” this had Jenny scrambling to comply.

     Since it was Mistress Maryam about to play, a small crowd gathered to watch. “Do I need to strap you in?”

     “I don’t think so, ma’am.” embarrassment tinged with excitement warred through Jenny. Jenny climbed onto the bench, bare bottom sticking out for all to see; her hands shook as she grabbed the armrests, willing them to stay put.

      Once in place, Mistress placed a hand on a bare cheek before raising it and fully bringing it down. The smack echoed in Jenny’s ear as pain radiated to her brain, but before it could fully register, swats reigned down. Her fingers held the armrest with a white knuckle force as she willed herself not to reach back. Soon the hand swatting began to caress and felt so good until the words registered, “Very good; now we move to the crop. This is going to sting.”

     In her mind, Jenny screamed, no, no, but out loud, she said. “Yes, ma’am.” then, as the crop landed, Jenny cried out loud. Across both cheeks, the crop seared as it landed, and it landed over and over again. Leaving line after line up and down on Jenny’s bare bottom then overlapping each other until finally, Jenny went limp. Mistress Maryam set the crop on the table before helping Jenny off the bench. She then helped the worn-out girl over to a soft sofa, where she sat cuddling the girl until she could dress before taking her home.

      Mistress Maryam helped Jenny into one of her pajama tops, leaving her bottom bare. Then in the guest room, she sat rubbing Jenny’s back until sleep took over. As she left the room, Mistress Maryam shook her head as she knew she wouldn’t be sending this girl back to the streets.

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Pretty good but I agree with you it’s also pretty tame. I would like to see what you could really write if you let your imagination go free in this type of environment. That’s why I like the domestic side because I have a dark side I have to keep inside or people would begin to worry about me. 😂😜😎

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