Destiny froze as soon as she heard Adele’s voice, Destiny knew the chance she was taking when attempting to sneak by, but she couldn’t help herself. 

     “Hand it over, and then go get me the hairbrush!”

     Feet glued to the spot; Destiny was unable to move. She closed her eyes, wishing she could disappear. Not more than thirty seconds passed before Adele’s warning snapped her back. “Little girl, Do not push me! Move now!” Not daring to speak, Destiny held the phone out to her wife before making a beeline down the hall to retrieve the hairbrush.

     Destiny could have kicked herself for taking such a chance. Being grounded from all electronics seemed a bit too much; her phone was her lifeline. She wasn’t addicted exactly. She was just curious. Was there a text? An email? What’s happening on Facebook? Destiny’s butt cheeks clenched as she stood there in front of the dresser and held the handle of the hairbrush. It had only been three days since it last connected with her bottom, and the soreness still lingered.

     “DESTINY!” Adele called sharply from the living room.

     Hearing her name, Destiny jumped; oh no, how long was she standing there. Brush firmly in hand, she hurried back, stopping short at her wife’s side; Destiny held the implement out for Adele to take. Slowly Adele looked her wife up and down, trying to figure out what exactly was going on with the girl. “Little one, if you are trying to test me, I would recommend you readjust your thinking.”

     “Yes, ma’am, I mean no ma’am. I swear I was just, well, I was bored and wanted to check for messages. I wasn’t trying to test you.” The look in Adele’s eyes made her tremble, and the hand holding the hairbrush began to shake. “I’m sorry Adele really I am.”

     “Little one, you are about to be very sorry.” Adele reached out and grabbed the hairbrush. “So, You were bored? Okay, after I’ve finished warming your bottom, I’ll make sure to keep you busy. I wouldn’t want you getting bored again.” Adele proceeded to lower Destiny’s leggings and shook her head at her wife’s lack of panties before asking. “Since I caught you sneaking your phone, Am I right to assume you haven’t forgotten electronics are off-limits?”

     Destiny’s throat was too dry to speak, but when a slap landed on her bare thigh, she managed a squeak out a few words. “Adele I’m sorry. I was wrong.” there was nothing more to say; she was being sneaky and got caught.

     “Hmm, yes I agree it was wrong. Destiny, you are not a child. You are an adult and my wife; I will not have you sneaking behind my back. Is that understood.”

     “Yes, ma’am.” Adele nodded, then took hold of Destiny’s hand, tugging her until she fell over her lap. She took a moment to watch the ivory bottom as it quivered, seeing the cheeks clench and unclench before settling. As soon as the motion in her cheeks settled is when Adele lifted her right hand and brought it back down hard, letting her annoyance show. She began by swatting the left then right cheek several times before focusing a flurry of swats on each cheek separately, building heat to an almost unbearable degree.

     Destiny’s voice cracked as she pleaded, “A-dele, please. I’ll be good; please stop.” She was frantic when the pain came on quickly; she hadn’t fully recovered from her previous spanking.

     Adele continued with her hand until a dark pink, almost scarlet, spread across both cheeks. She stopped only long enough to allow Destiny to catch her breath before picking up the hairbrush. As soon as Destiny realized Adele’s intent, panic set in. She began to struggle, trying to wiggle off of her lap, further annoying Adele. Regret was instant as Adele brought the brush down, whacking the back of her thighs several times. “Be still! Little one, you know better.”

     “I can’t. It hurts too much. Please stop.” Destiny cried out.

     Adele was not in the mood for shenanigans and brought her leg over the back of Destiny’s, securing her in place. “Of course it hurts. You’re lucky I don’t give you a spanking every night this week for your childish behavior.” Destiny whimpered as the words registered. Then screamed as the swats resumed. Swat swat swat, the brush reigned down, the once ivory skin became darker as each one landed. Once Adele was satisfied with Destiny’s lesson, she landed a flurry of swats before she ended her assault. It took several minutes and a little help from Adele for Destiny to realize it was over.

     Adele helped Destiny up and onto her lap before announcing. “Lets cuddle for a few minutes then you can sit at the table and practice your lines.”

     Destiny’s head shot up, “Adele?” Did she hear correctly? Adele had never made her write lines before.

     “Yes, little one, I want to be sure you are no longer bored,” Adele said with an evil smile.

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