Kinsley lies by omission

.    “You are beautiful, no matter what they say; Words can’t bring me down.” Kinsley was in the other room folding clothes and singing along with Christina Aguilera on the radio. Hearing Kinsley sing is a rare treat, not something she does in front of anyone, even though Gayle has asked her many times. Gayle doesn’t push anymore, knowing it embarrasses her, but Kinsley has a lovely voice. Unfortunately, her last relationship was abusive and left Kinsley feeling insecure about many things, which Gayle is working to repair. She also understands she needs to remain patient because this will take time and some discipline to undo.

     So, Gayle enjoys listening in secret while she’s in the kitchen fixing dinner. Kinsley doesn’t even have to know Gayle can hear her, and that little secret brings a smile to her lips. Suddenly,  the singing turns into yelling, and Gayle’s heart drops as fear takes hold. Turning off the burner, Gayle grabs a dishtowel as she hurries out of the kitchen door. Once in the living room, Gayle sees Kinsley with her cell phone to her ear, her body shaking like a leaf. It only takes three steps, and she’s at her side, releasing Kinsley’s hold on the phone; although she can’t hear the conversation, she knows who is on the other end. There is only one person who can elicit this kind of reaction, Cindy, Kinsley’s ex.

     Into the receiver, Gayle’s voice is stern; “Listen to me, young lady; Kinsley is off-limits. No more calling, texting, or any contact whatsoever.” taking a deep breath, Gayle adds. “Is that clear?”

     The girl on the other end had the nerve to spit back in a way only a bully would dare, “And what are you going to do about it?”

     “Young lady, you may want to be careful. You can not bully everyone you meet. But if you want to find out, then, by all means, let’s meet.” Kinsley stood shaking her head nervously by Gayles’s side, panicking slightly at the thought of the two of them meeting. The line went quiet, and Gayle knew she had the girl thinking, so she pushed. “Young lady, Are you listening?”

     “Yeah, I’m here! You don’t scare me!” the voice was snippy, but Gayle heard a slight unease. She assumed this bully, like most bullies, when confronted was all bark, no bite.

     “Ok, let me be crystal clear; you are not to call this number again! You are not to try and contact Kinsley in any way! If you do, it’s me; you will be dealing with me, and I do not play!” waiting for a beat, Gayle sternly added. “Do you understand? Young lady.”

     “Whatever!” and the line went dead.

     Gayle placed Kinsley’s phone on the coffee table, then opened her arms to the timid little girl shaking next to her. “Baby, you’re ok; that naughty ex of yours is just a bully.” she rocked the girl in her arms until the shaking subsided. Then held her at arm’s length before asking. “Kinsley, when did this start? And Why didn’t you tell me she started calling again?” receiving a shrug, Gayle lifted the girl’s chin with her index finger. “Little one, you had better answer me.”

     Trying to pull away only to be thwarted by Gayle’s intense eyes, Kinsley whispered. “A couple of weeks, maybe?” a tear slipped out from the corner of Kinsley’s eye. She hated disappointing Gayle, and she hated needing her protection. Gayle was one of the few people who understood her needs and didn’t use them to manipulate. “Please tell me, what did we both agree would happen if you lied to me?”

      Shocked, Kinsley couldn’t believe her ears. Why would she be in trouble? Cindy called her, not the other way around, “What do you mean, Gayle? I haven’t lied.”

      “Well, I believe you need a little time to think, so how about you head over to that corner.” Gayle pointed to where the far walls met. “Maybe think about the definition of lying by omission?” seeing a spark of understanding, Gayle clapped her hands and added, “Move it, corner now! You know the drill, pants, and panties down.”

     Kinsley hurried to the corner, and soon her panties followed her pants to her knees. At first, Kinsley was annoyed, but then the more she thought about it, well, Gayle was right. When Cindy first called, Kinsley would hang up, then Cindy kept phoning and pushing Kinsley until Kinsley began to interact. Standing with nose practically touching the wall is when Kinsley started to regret not telling Gayle sooner; at the time, she didn’t think of it as lying, but now she understood it was. The longer it took Gayle to retrieve her from the corner, the worse she felt.

     It took fifteen long minutes of her worrying thoughts until Kinsley was allowed out of the corner. “Kinsley, Come here, please.” The sound of Gayle’s voice was startling, but soon,  embarrassment took over. Walking across the room with a naked butt and panties falling past her knees had nervous butterflies flying circles in her belly. Even though, as a couple, they agreed to specific rules and behaviors, Kinsley wasn’t sure which was harder admitting she was wrong or submitting to the punishment.

     Kinsley was standing in front of her girlfriend all too soon, with her cheeks red and hot from embarrassment. Her fingers were fumbling, unable to be still as they worried the hem of her shirt while her eyes looked everywhere but at Gayle. Gayle watched the girl fidgeting before taking both of the girl’s hands in her own and forcing the girl to make eye contact. “Now that I have your attention, please explain why we are here?”

      This part Kinsley hated as if screwing up wasn’t bad enough now she had to confess everything too. “I lied to you, but Gayle, I didn’t think of it as lying. She called me!” The look Gayle pinned Kinsley with had her adjusting her story. “Oh, shoot, you’re right, I should have told you. I’m sorry, I promise if she calls again, I’ll tell you.” quietly she added,  “please don’t spank me.” Kinsley knew nothing would change her girlfriend’s mind, but she had to try.

     “Yes, you are getting a spanking, and I’m going to make it an impressive one, so you will think twice before hiding anything from me in the future. But, I want to be clear, so listen carefully; if your ex does try to contact you again, you are to inform me immediately. Understood?” after getting a nod from the girl, Gayle guided her over and adjusted the bare bottom. Kinsley squirmed slightly to keep from falling, although she didn’t think she’d get far with Gayle’s arm holding her in place.

     Kinsley shivered as Gayles’s hand lay on her butt. This move from her girlfriend indicated a pre spanking lecture; this didn’t happen with every spanking. Only when Gayle needed Kinsley to hear the message. “Kins, You are so strong and intelligent. I know Cindy has some of your feelings held hostage, but she is not good for you. I’m here for you, no matter how many times she calls. Now I’m going to spank you, not because she called but because you hid her calls from me. Ok, here we go.” with the lecture now over, the swats reigned down.

     Swat, swat, swat a firestorm of one stinger right after the other landed on Kinsley’s bare bottom. The pink handprints overlapped each other so many times, creating two very pink cheeks. To anyone daring to be watching, they would assume the onslaught was nearly over, but to Gayle, it was only beginning. Lying, whether intentional or not, was a big no-no. Plus, Kinsley needed to know she was here for the long haul and wasn’t going anywhere.

     Gayle was determined for her message to resonate and for her girl to comprehend her feelings, the swats landed harder. As the heat built, the girl grew frantic, at first to avoid pain, but soon, she wanted to get rid of the old hurts and absorb this new feeling of someone genuinely caring. “Gayle, I’m sorry, please.” Tears are now falling, making a small wet spot on the carpet; Kinsley felt her bottom getting hotter. Her legs began a kind of dance to get away, only to be thwarted by Gayle’s right leg pinning them.

     After watching Kinsley’s bottom turn a nice cherry red, Gayle paused, with a hand resting on the girls, hot cheeks, Gayle announced. “Maybe a few with my belt?”   “I think that will do nicely.”

      Kinsley trying to regain a little composure, couldn’t believe her ears. Her butt was on fire when she mistakenly said. “No! Gayle, you can’t!”

      Slapping her palm down on the tender cheeks, Gayle snapped. “Little girl, you don’t tell me no during a punishment!”   “You know better than that! Now up, and let’s get on with it before I start from the beginning.” Kinsley carefully rose from Gayles lap, but before moving, she let her eyes meet Gayles. The look was stern but not mad; then, receiving an encouraging nod, she stiffly made her way to the edge of the couch. Gayle instructed Kinsley to lean over the arm. “Let this be a reminder; we don’t lie to each other.”

     Gayle placed her left hand on Kinsley’s back, knowing she needed the contact. Then lifting the belt high brought it down rapidly ten times. Gayle stepped over and placed the belt on the coffee table, then immediately went back to Kinsley. She helped the crying girl ease to a standing position before wrapping her in strong arms. “Oh, little one, Let me hold you.”  Gayle cooed to the girl as she clung on tightly. “How about you go lay on the bed, and I’ll rub in some lotion?”

     Before Kinsley left Gayle’s side, she whispered through her sniffles. “I won’t lie again, Gayle. I promise.”

     Squeezing the girl tight, Gayle said. “I know you won’t, baby.” Then kissing her on the head sent her toward their bedroom.

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