Just a quick text

    Singing along with the radio, Sarah was driving home after having an animated lunch with her best friend, Darla. Unable to stop smiling as she was thinking about their lunch and how much fun it was. When suddenly it dawned on her, the concert was next weekend, and they forgot to talk about it. Absentmindedly her hand moved to the button on the radio. Quickly turning down the volume, she reached across the seat for her purse. Rummaging through the bag, she found her phone and stilled, but only for a moment. A flash of her partner Leana saying, don’t text and drive went through her mind. As quickly as the thought came, it left.

    Without dwelling, she decided to do it anyway and be quick about it, no harm, no foul. Sending the text to Darla, ‘that was easy,’ she thought. Then she read the reply, and just like that, Sarah quickly became absorbed in a back and forth conversation. Once again, Leana’s strict no texting policy flew from her mind along with any common sense.

     Continuing to drive, she began glancing down to read and then back up at the road. The conversation kept going as she was glancing down again to type. Her thoughts would drift to something else she had forgotten to tell Darla, and she excitedly started typing, quickly becoming absorbed in the conversation and oblivious to her surroundings. Approaching an intersection, Sarah didn’t notice the yellow light, nor did she see the light change to red. She had become too obsessed with what she was typing. When she finally glanced up, it was too late, the light had already changed, and any control she thought she had was gone instantly, as fear filled her mind and she realized what was about to happen.

     Heart racing, her foot came stomping down on the brake pedal with full force, but unfortunately, it made little difference, the momentum of the car was too much, and it kept going forward, slightly skidding as it slid into the intersection. As if in slow motion, the front of her car slammed into the rear passenger side of the silver Acura that was crossing her path, causing a spine chilling sound. That of metal crunching into the metal, the horrifying sound was echoing throughout the car. At that same moment, her airbag exploded, knocking the air from her lungs, her phone flew across the seat, and the seatbelt snapped tightly around her, restricting movement.

     Then an eerie silence followed, the feeling intensified by the thundering beat of her heart. She sat stunned for a few moments, trying to get a grip on what she had just done. Adrenaline pumping through her blood, causing her heart race even faster as the panic set in.

     A sharp rap sounded on her window, startling her out of a momentary shock as luck would have it, well maybe not luck—a police car parked on the side of the road. The officers inside came over after witnessing the accident. Quickly rolling the window down, she slowly lifted her eyes only to see her terrified reflection mirrored back in the officer’s aviator sunglasses.

     She asked, “Ma’am, are you ok? Do you need medical attention?”

     Her senses slowly returning, she replied, “No, um, I um, I don’t think so. Oh my god, How are the people in the other car? Please tell me they’re not hurt?” She was becoming increasingly more frantic, desperate to find out if they were ok. Looking up, she could see another Officer checking on the couple in the silver car.

     She couldn’t believe she would be so careless and possibly hurt someone else with her thoughtless texting.

     The officer advised her, “Ma’am, My partner is checking on them. I don’t believe they need medical attention, but he will let me know.” Then she said the dreaded phrase, “License and Registration, Please!”

     Frantically she searched the glove box, scattering the contents on the floor. With hands shaking, she passed over her documents to Officer O’Malley. Who immediately returned to her police car, presumably to write a ticket. As Sarah sat waiting, she thought of Leana and imagined her reaction. Leaning her head on the steering wheel, she groaned. “Leana is going to kill me. How am I ever going to explain this?”

      It wasn’t long before Officer O’Malley returned and handed over not one but two tickets, one for running a red light and another for texting while driving. But before walking away, she made sure to leave her with a stern warning and lecture on the dangers of texting while operating a moving vehicle. Blinking away tears that were now flooding her eyes, listened intently, knowingly deserved both the tickets and the lecture. Having no excuse for driving like that, she knew better and was thankful no one was injured.

     A few minutes later, standing in a daze, she watched as the mechanic hooked her car to the tow truck. Sadly it was no longer drivable with a crunched front end, and the airbag deployed. “oh man, I hit that car hard.” She mused quietly, then instructed him to bring her now badly banged up mustang to the only garage she knew. And that was because Darla had a friend that worked there. Watching the tow truck pull away, she finally began to think about how to get herself home.

     Ironically her phone came through without a scratch, so she ordered an Uber to take her home. Calling Leana was out of the question; she needed time to come to terms with the situation. Leana would drop everything and go to her, but she would be so angry once she knew the details. Texting while driving was something Leana would not tolerate and had made that point many times.

    She thought back to when she just had to have the latest smartphone and clearly remembered Leana advising her about safety. Leana knew how much she loved to text and play games on her phone. When she brought it home, making a point to sit her down and explain. “Sarah, you know the rules. No phone in the car!” Sarah cringed at the memory of her promised reply.

     Once Sarah got home, she went straight to her bedroom, fell stiffly on her bed, and cried. She was upset at herself for being so stupid. Texting while driving, what was she thinking. As time passed, she was getting worried and more and more worked up over Leana’s reaction. Sarah knew she was in deep trouble.

     The longer she lay there, the more overwrought she was becoming, leaving her to worry if she had finally crossed the line from bad to unforgivable. Would Leana leave her? They had been together for almost three years. She often got in trouble, but she had never done anything this serious.

      As the afternoon continued, so did her worry and her hysteria. Finally making up her mind, Leana would never forgive her. She would be fed up with her, always getting into trouble. Deciding Leana would be so sick of her immaturity that she would leave her.

    Leana pulling in the driveway was surprised not to see Sarah’s car. It was unusual for her not to be home by now. Maybe she had an errand to run? Stepping through the unlocked front door, she noticed Sarah’s purse was on the kitchen table. She was curious and a little nervous, feeling something was off. Leana went searching for Sarah, startled to find her hysterically crying in the bedroom.

    She ran over to her, “Sarah, what’s going on? Are you ok? Where’s your car?”

    Sarah just cried louder. Leana was getting nervous. What could’ve happened? Sarah could be dramatic, but this was worrisome. After trying again and still no answers, she asked her a third time, adding a Dominant tone to her voice. “Sarah, Stop this crying right now! and tell me what’s happening?” That seemed to snap Sarah out of it for a moment.

   “Leana, please don’t be too mad. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me.” Sarah pleaded.

   “Little girl, you had better start talking, Right this minute!” Leana’s patience was running out.

   Sarah looked up into Leana’s worried brown eyes, “I was in an accident,” with that she started to cry again.

    “Oh my, baby, are you ok? Did you get hurt? Let me look at you. Why didn’t you call me?” Leana was worried and confused.

    “I’m not hurt, just sore and bruised. I think the car is totaled.” She said between hiccups and sobs.

    Exasperated, Leana said matter of factly, “I don’t care about the car. Tell me what happened?”

    She told Leana the entire story. “Well, um, I didn’t see the red light, I hit the brakes, and I couldn’t stop. I tried, but I just couldn’t stop. I was, um, kind of, um, looking down.” Having trouble getting that last bit out.

     Leana had an idea what was coming, “Sarah, What were you doing? Why were you looking down?”

      Sarah now shaking, even more, said in one breath, “textingDarlaLeanaim sosorryiknowsitwaswrong.” After that said, she buried her face in a pillow. She cried harder, not wanting to face Leana’s reaction.

     Leana was fuming. She couldn’t believe her little girl would text and drive. Well, they would deal with that later. Right now, she needed to make sure her naughty little girl was ok. That was her focus at the moment.

    She was pulling the pillow away. “Ok, Sarah, I’m not happy at all about you texting while driving. We will talk about that at a later time you can be sure of that. But for now, Are you sure you’re not injured? Let’s get those clothes off. I want to examine you.” 

   Sarah was sniffling as she struggled to get up off the bed. The impact along with the airbag left her stiff, sore, and bruised. She stood shakily in front of Leana as Leana proceeded to strip clothes off her and scrutinize the bruises. Even Leana’s soft-touch hurt, but worse was the look of concern and love on Leana’s face. The worry reflected in Leana’s eyes had her breaking down again.

    Leana looked up and noticed that Sarah’s emotions were out of control and only too raw. She carefully pulled Sarah onto her lap and held her as tight as her bruised body would allow. Being wrapped in Leana’s arms, Sarah was able to relax and settle down finally. Wiped out from all the adrenaline and high emotions, Sarah drifted off to sleep. Leana held her for a few minutes, then pulled the covers back before carefully tucking her in under the comforter. 

   Once she was sure Sarah was sleeping peacefully, she changed out of her work clothes. Surveying the room as she took a few deep breaths, attempting to get control of her own emotions. The scene presented to her when walking in the room had given her a pretty good scare, especially after the shock of finding Sarah so hysterical. Leana decided to let Sarah sleep while she prepared dinner.

   On the way to the kitchen, she glanced at the table and noticed the two tickets. Her irritation rose as she read them. Shaking her head, she couldn’t believe this could happen. Sarah had promised her that she would never text while driving. They had many conversations about this very subject. “Well, they will be having a few more conversations, and they will be memorable,” Leana thought.

    About an hour later, Leana went in to wake Sarah, not wanting her to sleep too long and be awake all night. Leana sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing Sarah’s back. ”Wake up, honey. Dinner’s ready. It’s time to get up, sweetheart.”

   Sarah slowly opened her eyes and timidly spoke. “Hi, Leana,” trying to determine how mad Leana was.

   “Hi sweetheart, come on, up you go, dinner’s ready. Get done in the bathroom, put on a pair your soft sweats than come to the kitchen. I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.”

      “ok, Leana,” Sarah stiffly got up from the bed and groggily did as directed.

      A few minutes later, Sarah arrived in the kitchen. Standing in the doorway, she was nervous as she stood watching Leana drain the spaghetti noodles. Sensing Sarah, Leana glanced up and met her eyes over the steaming pot. Putting it down, she immediately opened her arms to Sarah. Sarah rushed into them as fast as her stiff body could move. “Leana, I’m so sorry, please forgive me. Please don’t leave me.” She began crying.

     Leana was shocked by that last statement, ‘Please don’t leave me,’ What?’ that never crossed her mind. “Sarah, baby, I’m not going anywhere. Whatever gave you that idea?” 

    “I screwed up this time. I don’t blame you if you don’t want me anymore. If you want me to leave.” Tears were pouring down her face.

    Leana grabbed for a tissue, “Oh Sarah, Listen to me. I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you!” She said soothingly as she wiped the tears away. “Yes, you screwed up, and we’ll be dealing with that. But it can wait until your bruises heal. And that, my dear, you can bank on. For now, let’s try to relax and have some dinner. Ok?” Leana stayed hugging Sarah until she was calm enough to sit and eat.

     After dinner, Leana led Sarah to the bathroom, directing her to sit on the toilet seat while she filled the tub. Adding some lavender bath salts to help calm and soothe Sarah’s sore body. Leana helped Sarah undress and proceeded to bathe her. She was taking extra care where the seatbelt and airbag left bruises. Once she finished washing Sarah, Leana ever so carefully dried her off while providing much-needed comfort to her sore brat.

  That evening while sitting on the couch, Sarah snuggled into Leana as they watched a light-hearted comedy on tv. Leana tried to reassure Sarah of her love and that she wasn’t going anywhere. They were both tired from the stress of the day’s events, so they went to bed early.


   It was ten days later when Leana decided the time had come. Sarah seemed to be moving fine. Her bruises had pretty much healed, and the shock of the accident had mostly worn off. Plus, Leana noticed Sarah starting to get jumpy; the anticipation of the impending punishment was making her nervous. Wanting to deal with this before Sarah got herself overly worked up.

   “Ok, Sarah, I think it’s about time to discuss your punishment. Your bruises seem to have healed.” Sarah knew this day was coming, but knowing it didn’t make it any easier. “Sarah, please come here, let’s sit on the couch and talk.”     

   Sarah, fighting to keep her nervousness under control, followed Leana but was unable to speak.

   “Sarah, I’m not going to ask for any excuses. We both know there is no acceptable excuse for this behavior. Do you agree?”

    Sarah shook her head in agreement. Still unable to find her voice.

    “Sarah, baby, I would like verbal answers, please.” Leana continued soberly.

    Shakily sputtering, “Y-yes ma’am, I agree.”

    With unwavering resolve, Leana listed the upcoming events. “Ok, This is what’s going to happen. You are going to be grounded in the house for one month. That means no tv, and you can only use the computer for work. Since you have no car, you can use public transportation for the days you have to go into the office. You’ve also lost your phone privileges until you can prove to me that you can be responsible.”

    Leana continued knowing this was a lot of punishment, but this was a dire situation. “Last but certainly not least, once a week for the next month, you will be getting a very sound spanking with the hairbrush.”

   Sarah’s jaw dropped, knowing the punishment would be harsh, but underestimating as to the degree. She was struck dumb. Sarah thought, “Leana cannot be serious, the hairbrush, my butt will be chop-meat. How could she be so harsh?”

   Finding her voice, she began pleading. “Oh no, no, p-please Leana, I’m so sorry, I know I screwed up, but don’t you think that’s too much. Please, Leana, Spank me every week but please not with the hairbrush. Oh no! Pleeease Leana, please not the hairbrush.”

     A very stern response came from Leana, “No little girl, I do not think it is too much. I think you are getting off pretty easy. You could’ve ended up in the hospital or the morgue. You could’ve hurt or killed yourself or someone else. So, no, I do not think it’s too much at all.” 

     Sarah, had tears running down her face, responded. “You’re right Leana, I’m sorry. I deserve whatever punishment you say. I’m sorry.” 

    “Ok, little girl, let’s get on with this first spanking. Please go to my dresser and bring me the hairbrush.” Sarah lowers her head very solemnly, went to retrieve the dreaded hairbrush. Knowing the pain that was coming, her feet became leaden, and her body wanted to revolt. Approaching the dresser caused her stomach to clench as she spotted the brush.

      She returned, clutching the hardwood, head still lowered. Sarah’s hands were shaking as she handed the dreaded hairbrush over to her girlfriend. Taking the implement, Leana tilted Sarah’s face up. Looking into her sad green eyes, she said. “Do we need to discuss why you are about to get this spanking?” 

    Sarah answered meekly, “no ma’am.” 

    Leana reached over to pull down Sarah’s yoga pants and panties. She was carefully guiding Sarah to lay over her lap. Leana was calm but stern as she was adjusting her to the perfect angle for this discussion. Once satisfied, Leana used her hand and began to warm up the little bottom on her lap. She wanted Sarah’s bottom warmed up good, so she could handle what was yet to come.

     She was determined for this lesson to sink in, with smack after painful Swat, right cheek, Swat left cheek smack. The swats were getting harder as Leana thought about why they were there, spanking longer than usual. The little cheeks on her lap were getting pinker with each Swat. The naughty girl was squirming and yelping as Swat after Swat rained down. 

     Sarah couldn’t hold back her struggle, her long legs were kicking, and she was crying loudly, “Leana, I’m sorry, please no more, ow ow pleeease no more. It hurts Leana! Please!” 

    Leana just kept up the pace until it was time for the hairbrush. Rubbing Sarah’s cheeks, she picked up the hairbrush, resting the brush’s cool side on Sarah’s warm bottom. She knew this part would be much more painful, so she put her leg over Sarah’s to keep her in place. She rested the hairbrush on Sarah’s sore cheeks.

    Realizing what was coming next, Sarah cried harder. “No, Leana, please, it hurts too much, please no more. I can’t take it anymore! I’ll never do it again!”

   “Yes, baby, we will finish this…Do I need to hold your hand in mine? I don’t want you reaching back.” The pain was already intense; Sarah reached her hand back for Leana to hold. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stop trying to cover her bottom. Left hand holding Sarah’s tightly, with her right, Leana lifted the hairbrush above her head and brought it down with a sharp swat.

   Sarah screamed, unfortunately,  in vain for Leana to stop. Begging didn’t stop Leana’s momentum. She just kept up the pace; right Swat left smack, one then the next, then back again.

   Sarah continued crying as Leana was lighting a fire on her backside. Unfortunately for Sarah, her backside wasn’t the only target. Bringing the brush down repeatedly, Leana made sure to get the tops of her legs and paid particular attention to her sit spots, with Swat after painful Swat. Sarah couldn’t believe the pain, feeling as if a hot iron was licking her. It was turning out to be the worse spanking Leana had ever given her.

   She cried and pleaded for her to stop. But Leana kept going until Sarah’s entire bottom and her legs’ tops were a bright red and so very hot. Unfortunately, there would be bruising, but Leana was severe and wanted this to be a lesson learned. With the last flurry of swats, Leana thought, “There will be no more texting while driving, ever again! This baby girl will learn her lesson.”

    Finally satisfied, Leana put the brush down. She was rubbing Sarah’s back with one hand and her bottom gently with the other. Sarah just lay limp over Leana’s lap while she continued to cry her heart out. She hadn’t realized the spanking had ended, not until she felt her body lifting. Whimpering and crying,  carefully repositioned to sit on Leana’s lap instead of over it. Involuntarily she hissed sharply as her bottom made contact with Leana’s jeans. 

    Leana put her arms around her baby girl, rocking and reassuring her as she cried. “It’s over, baby, and you’re ok. I love you, sweetie. Everything is going to be ok, baby. I have you.”

     The next morning Sarah cuddled up to Leana in bed as they woke up. “Leana, I know I deserve this punishment. But I don’t know if I can take three more harsh spankings like yesterday. Do you have to use the hairbrush every week? I promise I’ll be good. Please, Leana, can you use your hand, please?”  

    Leana looked into Sarah’s hopeful green eyes and said, “Ok, baby, we’ll forgo the hairbrush as long as you behave. You will still be getting a tough hand spanking for the next three weeks.”

    Sarah, the little imp, brightened up, “Leana, I will be an angel, I promise. Thank you, Thank you,” Sarah hugged her dominant girlfriend, “I Love You, Leana,” She cuddled in closer to kiss her. They enjoyed a lazy morning pleasuring each other in bed.


      Leana administered a very sound spanking the following week. Sarah continued to be amazed at the strength in Leana’s hand. She didn’t need a hairbrush to get her point across. Leana was strong, and she worked out religiously during the week. Her arms were toned and muscular. At times, to Sarah, Leana’s hands felt like wood.

      As intense as the spankings were, the grounding was just the opposite. Sarah was now suffering from an overwhelming sense of boredom. Sarah was going stir crazy with nothing to do but read or clean. The house was spotless, and her reading list was up to date.

      By the third week, she was pacing from the living room to the kitchen and back again. “Uhh, I’m going crazy in this house.” Back in the kitchen, her eyes went once again to her phone. “It’s still right there sitting on the kitchen counter plugged into the charger, exactly where Leana put it. Hmm, I wonder if anyone called. Well, Thank goodness Leana let me call Darla. She’d kill me if I didn’t return her calls.”

     With Darla being her best friend, she was allowed a quick call to her before the phone was off-limits. Leana didn’t want her to worry when Sarah stopped returning calls. Sarah had confided in Darla, only a little about her relationship. She knew Leana was usually the one in charge, but that was the extent of her knowledge. Sarah wasn’t comfortable confiding with anyone other than Leana that she sometimes got a spanking because of her behavior.

      “Maybe if I just turned the phone on, I could see who tried to call. I won’t do anything else. I’ll just look.” Justifying the act of defiance to herself. She walked over and picked up the phone. Telling herself, “I’m just looking. I’m not using it.”

      As the phone came to life, messages came flooding in, ping after ping—alerts of voicemails and emails. Unable to stop herself, she scrolled through missed calls and texts. She quickly became absorbed by her phone, once again ignoring her surroundings.

      Leana, tired from a long week, was pulling into the driveway, anxious to see Sarah. “Maybe we can lighten up on her grounding this weekend and go to a movie or something.” She turned off the engine, then grabbed her briefcase and headed up the walk. Keys in hand, she opened the door to find her naughty girl sitting at the kitchen table playing on the forbidden phone. Shocked at what she was seeing, she stood and watched for a minute, fuming as time seemed to stand still.

      Leana, astonished by what she saw, finally snapped out of her shock. Sharp as a whip she directed. “Sarah, put that phone down now! And march yourself to the corner!”

      Caught off guard by Leana’s presence, she jumped, “Leana um….” was all she was able to get out before Leana retorted.

      “Not one word, Young Lady! Phone down now and go to your corner!” Leana was fuming and barely able to get the words out.

     Sarah dropped the phone quickly and practically ran to the corner. Shaking uncontrollably, she put her nose in the corner. In her mind, she repeated, “Stupid, Stupid, oh no, how stupid. Oh no, this is bad.”

      Leana was so furious, deciding to let Sarah stew for a while seemed like the best option. This time the usual 20 minutes in the corner wouldn’t be nearly long enough. Dealing with her before she cooled off would not be suitable for either of them. Shaking her head, Leana left the room. “I’m going to need some time before I deal with that naughty brat. Maybe a nice cool shower will calm my nerves? If I don’t calm down, Sarah will never be able to sit again.”

      After exiting the shower, most of her anger abated. She dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and was feeling better now that her temper was under control. The last thing she wanted was to punish Sarah in anger. She would never abuse her, but she was going to teach her one heck of a lesson. That little girl had gone too far this time. Leaving the bedroom, Leana picked up her thick leather belt.

      Upon entering the living room, she saw that Sarah was standing as still as possible in the kitchen corner. Sarah knew she screwed up big time and was nervous, especially after promising to be an angel and then seeing Leana’s face when she got caught. She never saw Leana so furious or been made to stand in the corner for so long. Sarah was scared of what was coming.

      Leana stood and watched Sarah for a while before she called her to the living room couch.

Wanting to be sure her temper was truly under control. “Sarah, come here, please.”

      Sarah startled when she heard Leana’s stern voice, shyly turned around searching Leana’s face. Thankfully she seemed to have calmed down, and she lost that scary look. Slowly Sarah was dragging her feet over to where Leana was sitting on the couch. Once standing in front of her, she noticed the leather belt next to her. She looked up at Leana with questioning eyes.

      “Yes, Sarah, I will be using the belt tonight. You have earned yourself a couple of dozen lashes along with your spanking.” Leana said matter of factly.

      Sarah gulped as the words sank in. “Aaaa couple dozen? Leana, please noo nooooo! I know I screwed up, but please don’t use the belt. Leana, please!”

      “That is enough, Sarah, you knew the rules, yet you chose to ignore them. Now you will pay the price! That price is a spanking with the belt, and I don’t want to hear any more whining from you!” Leana then patted her lap, “Ok, pants down and over you go.”

      Sarah very slowly started to pull her yoga pants down. Leana snapped. “Enough stalling Sarah, let’s go, pants down Now!” Sarah quickly pulled her pants down and practically flew on to Leana’s lap.

      Positioning Sarah, Leana looked down at the quivering little white bottom on her lap and thought, “It won’t be white for much longer, little one.” Then began to reign down smack after punishing smack. The warm-up was shorter than the usual heating. Leana was determined for her point to come across quickly. All too soon, the spanks got harder and faster.

      Sarah was the sorriest she had ever been. Kicking her legs wildly, crying, and pleading for Leana to stop. The pain was unbearable, “please stop please, it hurts Leana, please, ow..ow..ow..” on an on she went until she was becoming hoarse from screaming.

     Once the spankings stopped, Leana immediately instructed, “Up you go! It’s time to finish, and I want you to lean over the end of the couch.” Leana wasted no time as she continued, “Let’s finish. Come on, up now!”

      Sarah was so sore she could barely move; she rose, grabbing hold of her red bottom. “Leana, you can’t, It’s too much. I can’t take it anymore.” She cried through hiccups and sniffles. “Please, Leana, not the belt, please!” Her pleas yielded no mercy. 

      “Sarah, if you don’t move right now, we will start over from the beginning. So what’s it going to be? Are we starting over, or are you going to follow directions?” Sarah was genuinely testing Leana’s patience tonight. 

      Sarah cried out softly and pitifully, “I’ll go, Leana,” as she shakily made her way over to the arm of the couch. Squeezing her eyes shut tight, she bent over the arm of the furniture and stuck her bottom up. It had to be the scariest thing she ever had to do. 

       Once Sarah was in the position, Leana instructed as she picked up the belt. “Ok, Sarah, you are getting two dozen swats with the belt. You are to stay in position and not reach back with your hands, Ok?”

      Sarah whimpered, “Ok, Leana.”

      Continuing, “I also want you to count after each one.”

      She again whimpered, “ok…” through sniffles.

      Leana had never used the belt before, so she did a test swat on the couch, making Sarah jump up. Leana immediately snapped, “Do not move! Get back in position and stay there!” Sarah just whimpered, but moved back and stayed glued to the couch. “That was just a test. Now I’m ready to begin. Don’t forget to count after each one.”

      Leana brought the belt down on Sarah’s already sore backside with a sharp splat. Sarah screamed, “ow-ow-ow-Ohhh, O-one!” Legs were kicking and stomping wildly. The second Swat landed, and Sarah screamed louder, yet she stayed in place, “t-w-o” Swat after painful Swat reigned down on her backside, leaving red welts. Once the last Swat came down, her voice was hoarse, and the previous number barely audible.

      Leana tossing the belt onto the coffee table, swore silently for having to use such a sharp implement. Allowing Sarah a few minutes to cry and absorb the pain. While waiting, Leana went to the kitchen, retrieving two bottles of water and bringing them back to the couch. Seeing that Sarah had calmed down some when she returned, Leana proceeded to help her rise from the sofa’s arm.

      Opening a bottle, she handed it to Sarah, encouraging her to drink. After crying so intensely, Leana wanted her to hydrate. Once Sarah drank, Leana put the bottle down on the coffee table and wrapped Sarah in her arms. Sarah was still softly crying, sniffling, and hiccuping. It was an emotional night for them both, and they were both exhausted.

      Sarah tried to apologize, but Leana shushed her. She didn’t have the energy or the heart to have the conversation they needed to have. “Sarah, baby, I love you, and we will have a long conversation tomorrow. But right now, we’re both too exhausted. I know it’s early, but why don’t we go to bed. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms.”

      Leana looked into Sarah’s watery eyes and saw only love staring back. “Yes, Leana, I’d like that.” She then took Sarah’s hand in hers and led her to the bed. After getting ready for bed, Sarah lay on her stomach and snuggled as close as she could to Leana. The warmth of Leana’s body and the quiet reassurances lolled her to sleep. Leana lay awake, just watching Sarah. She loved this girl and would do anything for her. Even discipline when warranted. Tonight was justified. With Sarah snuggled close, she too drifted off to sleep.

      Early the following morning, Sarah awoke groaning as she felt the soreness that was her raw bottom, wiggling out from Leana’s arms. She stumbled out of bed. Her bladder was full. On the way back to bed, she cringed as she glanced at herself in the mirror. Her backside had pinkish red lines across from where the belt landed. No doubt, they would turn into bruises.

     She groaned again when she thought about sitting down with Leana later. There was sure to be a lecture and who knows what other punishment. “Why did I go near that damn phone anyway?” She quietly scolded herself. Might as well go back to sleep. Off she went.

       Several hours later, when Sarah woke again, Leana wasn’t in bed with her. Sarah went through her morning routine, then set off the find Leana. She was both anxious and yearning to see her. A little afraid of what might find but also needing her comfort. Leana could be stern, but she was so loving.

      Walking down the hall, Sarah eyed Leana sitting at her desk. Sarah didn’t knock. Instead, she rushed in and around the office. Hearing Sarah approach, Leana glanced up just in time to open her arms wide and catch her, folding her in a tight embrace. Pulling Sarah up into her lap, Leana squeezed her tight, needing the physical connection.

      Sarah looked up into Leana’s eyes and cried as she apologized, “Leana, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have touched my phone. I messed up again. Please forgive me.”

      Reassuringly, Leana said, “Sarah, baby, I do forgive you, and I love you. But that doesn’t mean your punishment is over.”

      Shyly Sarah whispered, “I know Leana, I am sorry.”

     Wiping away Sarah’s tears, Leana began. “Of course you are baby, we’ll have a long conversation later today. While you’re here, let me show you what I found. This App is for your phone, and It’s to disable use while the car is in motion. Best of all, It can’t be disabled without me getting a message.”

       Sarah didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t a little kid, “Leana, I’m not some teenager. I don’t need you watching over me every minute.”

      Leana’s response was fast and sharp, “Young Lady, need I remind you of how this all came about. Texting while driving, carelessly causing an accident, plus using your phone when strictly forbidden. You may not be a teenager, but those aren’t acts of a mature adult either!”

      “Ok, Leana, you’re right.” With nothing else to say, she buried her head in Leana’s chest and thought. “There’s just nothing I can say. Everything you said is right. Ugh, an App, I guess that’s just another price I have to pay. For one stupid mistake. Well, maybe a couple of stupid mistakes.”


      As the day progressed, Sarah was becoming more and more sullen. Dread was setting in as she wasn’t looking forward to whatever punishment Leana added, already really sore from last night’s spanking with the belt. Being cooped up in the house with nothing to do was making her insane. She had nothing to do all day but dwell on her screw-ups.

      Leana observing Sarah’s mood as it deteriorated as the day went on, decided that it wasn’t doing either of them any good wallowing around the house. They needed a distraction, “Sarah, why don’t we go out to dinner tonight? I think we could both use a break. What do you think?”

      Speechless, that is not what Sarah expected Leana to say, “Um?”

      “Yeah! I think it’ll do us both good.” Leana smiled.

      “Oh, Leana, please don’t be teasing. I need to get out of this house. Being grounded has been making me insane. Yes, let’s go to dinner and maybe a walk, oh anything, let’s just get out of this house. Please.” Sarah was getting more excited by the minute. 

      Leana chuckled at Sarah’s response before directing, “Go change, and we can go to that new Steak House. We haven’t been there yet. How does that sound?”

      Sarah exclaimed, “That sounds perfect, but anything would be better than staying home. I’ll hurry and change so we can leave right away.” On her way to change, she thought that it might be a good night after all.

      They both enjoyed the night out. The steakhouse was a bit pricey, but the food was excellent. The night they spent talking about everything but Sarah’s mistakes and punishment. It was just the break they both needed. Strolling around the downtown area, they continued holding hands as they were looking in shop windows. Sarah couldn’t stop smiling as she was enjoying a very romantic evening.

      Sarah’s felt her palms get clammy on the drive home, not sure what to expect when they arrived home. She knew she was still in trouble and didn’t want anything to spoil their evening. Leana noticed Sarah start fidgeting and reached for her hand. 

      Leana softly explained her plans. “Sarah, I think we need some ‘us’ time. So tonight, that’s what we will have. Tomorrow we will continue the conversation about the phone, ok?”

      Letting out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding, Sarah agreed, “Oh Leana, Yes. I do need time to be with you. I love that idea. Thank you.” She held on tight to Leana’s hand.

      Arriving home, Leana led Sarah to their bedroom, where she pampered and loved her girl. Leana grabbed the cocoa butter lotion from the nightstand before falling asleep, squirting a fair amount on Sarah’s bottom before massaging it. Sarah moaned softly. It both hurt and felt good at the same time. Once the lotion was all rubbed in, with bodies entwined, they fell into a peaceful sleep.


      Sarah woke with Leana’s lips on hers. She sleepily opened her eyes and smiled as she deepened the kiss. They stayed in bed for a bit longer, until their stomachs started growling so loud they couldn’t ignore it. Breaking apart, they decided to shower together first. Then make breakfast.

      Leana cooked the bacon and eggs, while Sarah put the coffee on and set the table. Sitting down for the meal is when Leana brought up the dreaded conversation. “Sarah, what do you think we should do about your breaking the rules?”

      Sarah, now looking down at her half-eaten breakfast, felt a tear slide down her cheek as she spoke, “Leana, I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t have turned the phone on, but I was so bored, and I kept walking past it. I don’t know, Leana. I’m sorry.” She started crying harder.

      Leana soothed, “Sarah, baby, please calm down. I know you’re sorry, and I was just wondering where we go from here. You were already grounded, you’ve had a spanking, and you have no phone. Do we add more grounding or another spanking?”

      Sarah’s head flew up at that last part, “Oh god, Leana, please, no more spanking. Please no more. I don’t think I could handle another one.” She continued as she cried, “Oh Leana, please, I promise I’ll be good. I am so sore…” she trailed off, crying even harder.

      Leana came around the kitchen table and pulled Sarah into her arms, “Sarah, it’s ok, no more spanking. I think you have had enough. Let’s calm down. It’s going to be ok.” She spoke in a soft voice as she rubbed Sarah’s back.

      After a few minutes, Sarah calmed down enough to finish her coffee. She left the rest of the food on her plate because her appetite had disappeared. They sat drinking coffee in silence for a while, both thinking of what was to come.

      Leana started again, “Well, I think we will finish up with your grounding. You still have one week left.” She added, “But we will add a half-hour a day walk in the fresh air. I think you’ve been to cooped up, and that isn’t good for you either.”

      Sarah just stared at Leana, not understanding fully, “Um, so I’m still grounded, but I have to go outside for a walk? Is that right?”

      Leana smiled, “Yes, that sounds about right. Oh, and we are still going to put that blocking App on your phone. That is when or if you get it back.”

    Sarah groaned at that, but it wasn’t worth arguing over. Not that she would chance an argument as sore as her backside was. She could live with an App that blocked texts on her phone. It would keep her out of trouble, at least. Not being in pain may be the only positive thing to come out of this nightmare.

      The following week went by a lot smoother. The time spent outside made the grounding bearable. She still got a little stir crazy from time to time, but it went well for the most part. A couple of nights, Leana went walking with her, which gave them time to talk and share their feelings.

      The last day of the grounding had finally arrived. The insurance company had totaled her mustang. Tomorrow she would start looking for a new vehicle. Being able to use the computer again would help in the search. She could visit some car lots, now that her restriction was over.

      Leana didn’t mention returning her phone yet. Sarah was not brave enough to ask about it. She lived without it this long and could wait a little longer. Sarah also knew a lecture would accompany its return; she was at her lecture limit for the month.

      Tonight Sarah made a nice dinner to celebrate the end of her grounding. Her mood was light, and she was looking forward to her life returning to normal. Celebrate with the one person that got her through and was her guide. So she made Leana’s favorites steak, potatoes, along with a bottle of red wine. 

      She was just setting the table when she heard Leana’s car. Looking around to make sure everything was ready, she went to meet Leana at the door. Sarah’s excitement was contagious, as once Leana spotted her, she too became excited, and when Sarah wrapped arms tightly around her, they almost forgot about dinner.

4 replies on “Just a quick text”

I love all of your stories and look forward to updates on all of your characters. I like stories that depict women not man and woman sometimes I see abuse in those type of relationships at least in my eyes. I know that can happen in any relationship but women relationships are to me on equal footing vs M/F discipline relationships.

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I don’t like reading about abusive relationships either. I do read various dynamics (girl-guy, girl-girl, guy-guy), but when it strays to abuse versus discipline, I have to back away. I don’t know if it’s equal footing, but I find it easier to write about women. Although I read a variety of dynamics, I am partial to the type I write. Oh, and I’ll be working on updates.💕

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