Songs on repeat.

    Today started good, Destiny thought. Well, that was until her boss turned on them; she and Charlie were having fun, not hurting anyone. It began as a game between the women, sing the most annoying song, whoever got the song stuck in their head on repeat lost.

    Walking past Charlie, Destiny chose, ‘It’s a small world after all. It’s a small, small world.’ A Disney world icon of horrible songs.

    Then knowing Destiny’s inability to resist Herman Hermits, Charlie started with, ‘I’m Henry the Eighth I am, Henry the Eighth I am, I am. I got married to the widow next door; she’s been married seven times before,’ That round went to Charlie as Darla scowled to herself while repeating the same horrible lyrics.

    What neither of them noticed was Shelly, the head of their management team, walking toward them. Their little game was beginning to annoy several of their coworkers, of which they were also oblivious. When Shelly stopped, she stood directly in front of the two, clearing her throat abruptly ending Destiny’s version of ‘Who let the dogs out? Who, who? In mid-Who. “Ladies, I’m sure you have work to do!”

     Comprehension dawned surprisingly quickly on the two brats. Shelly was not in the mood for any shenanigans. Good friends with both of their partners, to Destiny, Shelly was more intimidating than either of their Tops. She was also aware that Shelly kept a cane in her office. That knowledge came from Charlie’s experience. So without skipping a beat, the two girls closed their mouths and nodded. Shelly, true to form, added, “Excuse me? Is that a proper way to answer?”

     Stumbling over each other to reply, Destiny “No ma’am. Sorry, ma’am.”

     While Charlie added, “back to work, right away, ma’am.”

     Turning on her heels, Shelly added, “Very good,” glancing over her shoulder; the look gave both girls a shiver, and they scrambled to get back to work. Work continued uninterrupted until it was time to break for lunch.

     They each brought lunch from home, so they went straight to the break room. Shortly before Destiny sat, Charlie offered her a bag of chips, but Charlie broke out in song when Destiny declined them. “Don’t tell my heart, my Achy breaky heart.” Rolling her eyes, Destiny groaned.

     “Charlie, stop it already; Shelly will hear you,” but then she couldn’t resist. “Cause I’ve got friends in low places, where the whisky drowns, and the beer chases my blues away.”

     Giggling, they both added. “And I’ll be okay.” just before the duo began the next line of the song, Shelly entered, coffee cup in hand. In unison, the girls were quiet, except for a giggle squeezing out here and there. Once Shelly had a full cup in her hands, she took a moment to enjoy a sip. Hearing the laughs, she turned and leaned back against the counter, trying to figure out what kind of mischief these two brats were plotting. The more they tried to appear innocent, the more suspicious Shelly was. After a minute, Shelly took her coffee and went back to her office.

     Breath held the girls counted to ten before they were bent over from laughter. Destiny was the first to recover, “Charlie we have to stop. Adele will be furious if I tell her I messing around instead of working again. And I’m still sore from last weekend.”

     That just piqued Charlie’s curiosity, “Last weekend? Do tell, I want to hear all about it.”

     Shaking her head, no, Destiny was still embarrassed from the kitchen Spurtle debacle. Who would have thought a utensil used to make porridge could leave such an impression? “No Charlie, I don’t want to talk about it. Drop it, okay.”    

     Charlie, not easily dissuaded, tried again. “Destiny, come on, you have to tell me. You know I’d tell you!” But when she only received a head shake in response, Charlie became annoyed and left the break room. Destiny knew Charlie hadn’t given up, and as soon as she got over herself, she’d have a list of questions, which Destiny had no intention of answering.

     Just as Charlie was about to speak, Destiny stopped her with befitting lyrics. “It’s too late to apologize [it’s too late]. I said it’s too late to apologize [it’s too late].

     Caught entirely off guard, Charlie said, “wait, what? One Republic, Seriously? You’ve got to do better than that.”  “Oh and don’t think I forgot. You owe me an explanation.”

     Destiny didn’t feel she needed to share if she didn’t want to and said as much. “Charlie some things are none of your business. I don’t owe you any explanation.” The girl’s banter was getting louder, and once again, Shelly was in front of them.

     “Ladies, do we have a problem?” Hands-on hips, Shelly’s demeanor alone spoke volumes. “It may be in your best interest to get back to work. This is your second warning, I don’t give a third.” Shelly stood watching for another moment before returning to her office.

     Letting out a breath, Destiny mumbled. “See Charlie, I told you. We have three hours left so just leave me alone.” Then sat at her desk, focusing her attention on the work in front of her.

     Charlie grumbled but also went about getting to work. Her attention, however, wasn’t entirely on the job in front of her. No, she was seething because she felt Destiny blamed their troubles on her. Not willing to wait until after work and talk to Destiny, she decided she might as well earn it. She’d been saving the most irritating song for just the right time, so she began singing softly. “This is the song that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was. And, they’ll continue singing it forever, just because. This is the song that never ends.

      It didn’t take long, maybe fifteen minutes, when Destiny began humming, and although Charlie was trying to be cool, a burst of laughter escaped. Once Destiny heard the laughter, she realized what had happened. “Shut up Charlie.” Unfortunately, their outburst disrupted the office again, and that got the attention of Shelly.

      Moments later, a message appeared on each of their screens. “My office one minute after clocking out. Text your partners and let them know you’ll be late and why.”

      Destiny thought she would pass out after reading the instructions. She looked up at Charlie only to receive the same look back. Then with shaky hands, she picked up her phone and began typing. “Adele, I will be late tonight. Charlie and I have a meeting with Shelly. Um well, we got in trouble. I’ll explain when I get home.” Before hitting the send, she looked up at Charlie again, and she was still typing. Taking a deep breath, she hit the button.

      The response was almost immediate. “Sounds like you were messing around instead of working again. I’ll be waiting for your explanation. Come home immediately after.”

      From the look on Charlie’s face, she received a similar response. Time seemed to slow down as worry built. Just a short while ago, the two women laughed and joked; now, they existed lost in their thoughts. Destiny sent another quick text to Adele. “I’m scared, Adele. You’re the only one whose ever, well you know.”

      Just like before, the response was immediate. “I know you’re scared but you’ll be okay. I know Shelly and she won’t hurt you. I love you and I’ll see you soon.” After reading the text, Destiny put the phone down and tried to get back to work.

      Although Focusing on work helped, as the time grew nearer, Destiny began to panic. There was no way she was going into Shelly’s office, and no way could she submit to her. Adele, her wife, was the one person in her life Destiny could submit. Heading to the lady’s room, Destiny picked up her phone, hands shaking, she typed. “Adele, I can’t do it. I just can’t. Please Adele.”

       Immediately the phone rang. “hello?”  “Okay, talk to me. What’s going on?” Adele asked in a stern but concerned voice.

       The emotion Destiny was struggling to hold inside bubbled up to the surface once she heard her wife’s voice, and in the bathroom stall, the tears fell. Adele allowed the tears to continue for a heartbeat than sternly. “Destiny, Enough, blow your nose, wipe your eyes then Speak.” Listening to Adele gave Destiny time.

       Sniffling into the phone, Destiny tried to explain. “Adele, I can’t, I just can’t submit to her.” More sniffles, “She’s not you. You’re the only one.”

       “Okay,  baby girl, I understand.” Adele added, “Before I discuss this with Shelly, understand if I spank you, you get whatever she was going to give plus a spanking from me. Are you sure that’s what you want?” Getting a confirmation, Adele instructed. “Clean up and get back to work, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I’ll speak to Shelly then drive you home.”

        Destiny was so relieved, even knowing Adele would keep her word about her punishment, that was okay. Submitting to anyone other than her felt wrong and scary. She trusted and felt safe with Adele. Returning to her desk, Charlie gave a questioning glance. Shrugging sadly, Destiny’s only reply was. “Adele’s coming.”

        In Shelly’s office, Adele explained the situation, “Well, I was only going to give them six with the cane. I understand if she’s not comfortable with me, Charlie and I have had an understanding for years. Long before she met Leslie. I’m glad she let you know.”   “You might as well take her home now. I doubt any work is being accomplished.”

        “That’s probably for the best. I’ll text her to meet me outside and I’ll make sure she apologizes tomorrow.” Adele made her way to her car before texting Destiny.

        Standing outside leaning against her car Adele waited. When the door opened, Destiny slowly made her way over to Adele. Her stomach tied in knots, unsure to the degree her wife was upset. Right now, if the asphalt could open up and swallow her whole, she wouldn’t complain. Reaching the spot directly in front of Adele, Destiny froze; she could not make eye contact. In a voice, barely audible, Destiny asked. “A-dele are you mad?”

        Adele understood the day’s situation was overwhelming, and Destiny needed her reassurance now more than ever. Adele’s arms wrapped tightly around Destiny as she answered. “Baby girl, I am not happy with your behavior but I am proud of you for calling me. I’m proud that you trust me enough to let me help.” Hearing those words brought new tears to Destiny’s already red eyes. But these were tears of relief; Adele was proud of her.

        The two women stayed huddled together until Adele noticed Destiny’s coworkers leaving the building. Not wanting her wife to go through any more embarrassment, she helped her get buckled into the passenger seat. Once she buckled in herself, she drove them home, holding hands along the way. Pulling into the drive, Adele instructed. “I think we need to calm down and eat before we talk, so I’ll start dinner. Why don’t you run a warm bath and soak for a while. Maybe add some eucalyptus bath salts.”

        Forty-five minutes later, Destiny came shuffling into the kitchen. Spotting Adele, she hurried over, trying to get as close as possible. Adele realizing her little one’s need for contact, once again wrapped her strong arms securely around the smaller frame. Destiny took a moment, letting her senses take control and allowing the feel and scent of her wife to wash over her. Although she knew this calm wasn’t going to last, right now, she was where she needed to be.

        For twenty minutes, they stay wrapped in each other’s arms, finally breaking away. Adele said, “I prepared a light stir fry. Let’s eat.” Destiny agreed, unsure whether she’d be able to swallow a thing with the lump stuck in her throat and the butterflies dancing in her belly. But Adele was so lovely she had to try.

        Surprisingly Destiny finished an entire stir fry plate; it wasn’t until after the dishes were dried and put away did Adele give instructions. “Okay baby girl, I think it’s time we took care of business. Why don’t you go up and find a corner? I’ll be up in a few minutes.” Adele watched as Destiny turned to do as instructed, happy to see the calmness radiating rather than her earlier anxious demeanor. Even though her behavior earned a spanking, Adele was also there to guide and protect Destiny. So if she needed time to accept her circumstances, then that’s what Adele would provide.

        Adele felt a shorter corner time today was best. After five minutes, Adele called Destiny over to where she was seated. Once the younger woman was in front of her, Adele reached over, grasping Destiny’s hands in her own, and asked, “Let me start by repeating how proud I am of you. I’m proud you recognized you were uncomfortable with a situation and called me to help.” Adele gave Destiny a minute for that to sink in before continuing. “Now can you explain to me why you were in that situation in the first place?”

        Destiny tried to clear away the lump that kept returning and lodging in her throat, finding that impossible, she began. “Well, we, um, Charlie and me, we were just playing a silly game. We would try to get a song stuck in the other ones head. I guess we annoyed several people, especially Shelly. And well, I guess we didn’t listen when she told us to stop.” Then adding, “twice.”

        Destiny looked up into Adele’s eyes, shuttering at the sternness reflected. Then jumped when Adele spoke. “Thank you for explaining, since this is not your first time getting in trouble at work; you will be getting a spanking. Then you will receive six with the cane because that is the same as your partner, Charlie, got from Shelly. I think it would be best if you just take those bottoms off. I don’t feel like messing with them. Actually take the top off too.”

       Once naked, Adele assisted Destiny across her lap and then warmed up the younger woman’s bottom. Six strokes with the cane was a stricter punishment than usual, so Adele wanted to make sure to give her a good warmup. Taking her time, she volleyed from one cheek to the other until a light pink covered the entire surface. With both cheeks warm to the touch, Adele began to up the intensity. As the heat built, Destiny was sure she was on fire.

       “A-dele, P-lease, s-top. It hurts to much. P-lease!”

       “Yes, I’m sure it hurts, little one, but we still have a long way to go.” Adele’s pace didn’t so much as slow down as she spoke. Swat, Swat, one cheek then the other in their wake, red blotches appeared. In her attempt to avoid the swats, Destiny tried to wiggle and shimmy away, only to be thwarted by Adele’s firm grip. A warning to settle down came, followed by a particularly stinging couple of swats. Another few swats before Adele slowed the pace and began rubbing the sore ruby red cheeks.

       Adele laid one hand on the cheeks feeling the heat rising and began rubbing circles on the bared back with the other. Several minutes passed before Adele announced it was time to proceed. “Okay, up you go. Let’s finish here so we can relax before bed.” Destiny stiffly shifted in an attempt to rise, seeing the struggle Adele helped by lifting her and making sure she was balanced on both feet. “Six with the cane and were done. Grab the pillows and stack them on the edge of the bed, then lean over. I want that bottom raised.”

          Doing as instructed, Destiny quietly got into position. Although she wanted to plead with Adele, she didn’t dare. Instead, Destiny grabbed handfuls of the comforter and squeezed her eyes shut. Thinking the entire time how much she wished this ordeal was over. Behind her, she heard the swish of the cane while Adele practiced her swing. The second swish landed straight across both cheeks; a moment later, the pain registered. It took all her will not to jump up.

          The next stroke landed across her tender sit spot; although she didn’t jump up, she couldn’t help the scream that filled the room. The third strike landed on an angle crisscrossing the two last lines. This time the cries were mixed with apologies. Adele knew Destiny was sincere but continued bringing the cane down the final three in quick secession. Once it was over, Adele stood back, shaking her head and thinking of the bruises that were beginning to appear. Her little one wasn’t going to be messing around or sitting comfortably at work for a while.

          Adele let Destiny cry into the comforter while she put the cane away and retrieved Destiny’s pajamas. Lifting the tired, limp little girl, she then sat, carefully placing her on her lap. Adele rocked and cooed. They sat that way for ten or so minutes with Destiny holding on tight. She knew Destiny was coming around when she began to apologize. “Adele I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never screw up again.”

         Adele chuckled, knowing that was a promise that would never keep. “That’s okay baby, we all mess up. Let’s get some PJ’s on you. It’s time for your favorite TV show, ‘Name That Tune.’” Destiny rolled her eyes at the cheesy joke but was grateful for it. No matter how tough things got, she knew Adele would always be here to help.

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