Delivery, Again?

      Gayle had enough and said as much when Kinsley opened the door to the fourth food delivery in two weeks. “Kinsley, please tell me you did not spend money on delivery? again?” Gayle was stunned, and a bit annoyed. This habit of Kinsley’s was becoming very expensive, and quite frankly, she was tired of delivery. “Kins, This,” pointing to the bag Gayle continued. “has to stop.”

      Kinsley sighed as she brought the bag of Chinese food to the table. Then after opening each container, she placed them on the table and said. “Gayle, it’s not that bad; we’ll have enough food for lunch tomorrow too.” Unfazed, Kinsley sat and proceeded to scoop fried rice then a little of each entree onto her plate.

      Gayle sat, but as she did, she delivered a clear warning. “Kinsley, This is the last time. Do not order delivery unless we both agree in advance.” When Kinsley continued shoveling food into her mouth, Gayle demanded in a sharper than usual tone, “Kinsley! Are you listening?”

      Although she was paying more attention to her food than Gayles words, she answered. “Yes,” umm, “try this chicken dish, yummy, it’s soo good.”

      Shaking her head in defeat, Gayle began filling her plate but added. “I’m not playing Kins, no more food delivery!” When no argument followed, Gayle assumed Kinsley understood and agreed.


       Several weeks passed since that conversation, and Kinsley thought nothing more of it. Last night Gayle grilled chicken and served it with a nice healthy salad. Both women enjoyed the meal, but all day today, Kinsley had been craving fast food, Taco Bell to be specific. Ordinarily, she’d stop on her way home, but there was a long line at the drive-through, and she didn’t want to wait. In her driveway, Kinsley pulled out her phone and proceeded to order.

     She smiled as her mouth watered, thinking about biting into some cheesy nachos. Of course, she knew what Gayle would say but ignored the mental warning. Once inside, she set the table, preparing for when the food arrived. Then went to change into comfy clothes.

     While in her bedroom, Kinsley heard Gayle calling her name. She quickly grabbed a t-shirt. Then as Kinsley made her way down the hall, Kinsley slipped the shirt over her head. Kinsley stopped dead in her tracks when the first thing she saw after popping her head through the shirt’s opening was Gayle holding a massive bag of Taco Bell, looking peeved.

      Although Kinsley knew Gayle didn’t like door~dash, seeing how mad she was, she was surprised. Pulling the hem of the t-shirt, Kinsley adjusted it while thinking of a way to calm the storm she saw building behind her girlfriend’s eyes. Kinsley quickly mimicked the 1990s. Commercial, hoping a bit of humor would calm the situation. “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.” Either Gayle didn’t remember the talking chihuahua, or she didn’t care.

       Gayle’s expression remained unreadable, making Kinsley more nervous than if she had yelled. “Oh, come on, Gayle. Lighten up; I was craving nachos.” her words missed their mark and sounded like she was smarting off.

       “Excuse me?” Gayle questioned. Then before Kinsley could answer, she continued. “Keep up that smart mouth and see how much you enjoy eating nachos while sitting on a roasted bottom.” Kinsley snapped her lips together, trying hard not to say anything, and as the room became silent,  her eyes lowered until Gayle finally said. “Ok little one, Let’s go eat. And while we’re eating, can you explain why you ordered food delivery? Especially when we agreed not to, no more than two weeks ago, and seriously Kinsley, we can’t possibly eat all of this.”

      As Gayle turned toward the kitchen table, Kinsley followed close behind, the thought of cheesy nachos less appealing. But before, Kinsley had a chance to try even one chip. “I think a little game is in order.” Kinsley groaned as she had a feeling she wasn’t going to like this game. “I’ll grab a pen. Then I think we should list the penalty for each leftover item.”

       Knowing the answer but having to ask, Kinsley nervously said, “Wait, what are you saying?”

       The look Gayle had made Kinsley cringe, “Well, you must have known when you ordered that it came with a spanking.”  “And you know how much I hate wasting food.” Gayle ripped a piece of the bag, flattened it, and then wrote. “Hmm, let’s see, for every leftover taco, we will add ten swats with the hairbrush,”  Gayle waved her hand. “Burritos, that’s five each with the paddle.” Pulling several quesadillas out of the bag, Gayle shook her head. “These here, well, since neither one of us are a fan. I’d say five each with my leather belt.”

      Kinsley whined, “Gayle, that’s not fair.” Thoroughly regret skipping the drive-thru line.

      “I’m assuming you’re going to eat those nachos? Or should I add a few swipes of that new cane in the closet?” Gayle teased before taking a bite out of one of eight tacos from the bag.

       Quickly Kinsley grabbed the nacho tray. “No, no, I think your game has enough implements. Too many, if I’m being honest.”  Kinsley decided to eat first. Hopefully, while she ate a good story would formulate and change Gayles’ mind, Kinsley picked up the gooiest chip and shoved it in her mouth.

       Gayle watched as Kinsley tried and failed to eat a third taco. “Hmm, I was wondering if we were going to add a stomach ache to this evening’s agenda.”

       Kinsley groaned but then suggested, “Gayle, let’s go for a walk.” but she was disappointed when instructions followed.

      “oh you’ll be walking alright. You can start by walking into our bedroom, then once you’re there, locate these three implements.” Gayle pointed to where she had written on the torn paper bag. “Then continue your walk until you arrive in the den. Put the three items on the coffee table then finish your walk by making your way to the corner.”

       Kinsley’s voice rose as she whined, “Gayle, that’s not fair. I won’t be able to sit for a month if you go by that chart.” As Gayle stood firm with hands-on-hips, Kinsley sighed dramatically as she turned to begin her walk of doom. Once she was sure of Kinsley’s obedience, Gayle started cleaning the kitchen. She took her time wrapping up the leftovers and wiping down the table.

       After a good twenty minutes, Gayle went to check on her miscreant. Gayle stood watching the younger girl in the corner in the living room, slightly fidgeting before settling herself on the sofa. Placing the torn piece of paper on the table, Gayle lined up the hairbrush, paddle, and leather belt within easy reach, then once satisfied, she called the girl over. “Come here, little one.”

        In the corner, Kinsley mentally retreated as she scolded herself for wanting gooey nachos in the first place. So the sound of Gayles stern command startled her back to the present. Slowly Kinsley turned glanced up briefly, making eye contact, but embarrassment had her quickly looking down at the floor. Then placing one foot in front of the other, Kinsley inched her way closer until she was smack dab in front of Gayle. Although she had been in this exact spot many times, she never got used to being here. Her reaction was always the same. Her palms became sweaty, and butterflies danced in her belly until she was sure she’d be sick.

       Gayle reached for the girl’s shaky damp hands held them for a moment before asking. “Hmm, where to begin. Let’s start with your ordering delivery. Was our agreement not clear? Or were you set on defying me?”

      Kinsley glanced up at Gayle for a full minute before she could speak, and even then, she stuttered. “N-o, n-o, it wasn’t like that. G-Ayle. I just wanted nachos, and there was a huge line.”

      Shaking her head slightly, Gayle asked, “ok although I understand that’s still no excuse. But please tell me, why so much food? You purchased more than twice as much a we can eat?”

       Shrugging shoulders in defeat, Kinsley said, “you see, um, well I um, got the special, but I  guess I was super hungry, and I didn’t realize how much I ordered.” Kinsley, now even more embarrassed, looked down. Even to her ears, the excuse sounded lame. She stared at the hands holding hers. She knew they would soon be turning her bottom a crimson red. A lump formed in her throat as she squeezed out an apology. “I’m sorry.”

       Releasing Kinsley’s hand, Gayle lectured as she lowered the girl’s pants. “Kinsley, I accept your apology, but sweetheart, not wanting to wait in line is no excuse.” Then Gayle gripped the waistband and lowered Kinsley’s panties. Letting them both puddle around the girl’s ankles. She watched Kinsley as an involuntary shiver shook the girl’s body. The next instruction needed no words, just an encouraging smile, and a nod.

       Kinsley lay across Gayles’ lap. Although she had repeated this action so many times, it never got easier. The need to relieve herself was overwhelming, and Kinsley knew this, along with her churning stomach, was a symptom of nerves. So instead of saying anything, she focused on the softness of Gayles’s hand, which was casually rubbing and squeezing her cheeks.

        A series of sharp swats quickly followed the “Let’s get started.” warning. In between each group of stingers, a lecture. “Ordering door dash is a waste of money!” Swat, swat, swat, swat, “So we will not do it again!” Swat, swat, swat, “nor will we over order!” Swat, swat, swat, swat. The heat built as Gayle made sure to cover every inch of each cheek plus the backs of Kinsley’s thighs. Once Gayle was satisfied, she helped Kinsley to stand before saying. “Ok little one back to the corner.” Gayle’s following sentence had Kinsley stiffen. “Four tacos leftover at ten swats each.”

       The heat was only starting to ease when Gayle called. “Come here please.”

       Taking a deep breath, Kinsley quickly pleaded as she walked over. “Gayle please! No more games! I’ve learned my lesson.”

        “Kins,”  The sharp warning had her scrambling to climb back over solid thighs. Once the girl was in place, Gayle said while picking up the hairbrush, “very good, little one. Now, how about you tell me how many swats you’ve earned for leftover tacos?”

       A sniffle escaped, and through clenched teeth, Kinsley answered. “forty, ma’am.” Kinsley believed her bottom would not survive from the first swat of the wooden hairbrush. Then, she was frantic at the twentieth, and her body showed it as her legs began swinging. By thirty, Gayle snapped, “Settle down, little one!”  “Unless you want the last ten on your thighs?” Groaning, Kinsley forced her legs to move less, and Gayle continued. There was no cuddle after the fortieth swat, only more instructions as Gayle helped her up. “Back to the corner.” “Now, let’s see eight burritos at five swats each.”

       Standing with her nose almost touching the wall, Kinsley used all her willpower not to rub. Her bottom throbbed as she stood sniffling, dreading when Gayles’ voice would direct her back. The leather paddle, one of her most hated implements, was next. It landed with a thud, but the pain it brought went deep and lasted for days. Now that she had time to think and reflect and be honest with herself, When she ordered, she knew Gayle would be mad, plus for reasons Kinsley couldn’t explain, she ordered extra to push buttons. Regret flooded her, and she would take a hundred swats if only Gayle weren’t disappointed in her.

      Lost in thought, Kinsley jumped when Gayle came up behind and whispered. “Kinsley,” Gayle then added, “I didn’t want to startle you but I’ve been calling.” Kinsley gave a slight shrug and led herself back to the chair.

       Standing in front of Gayle, Kinsley burst into tears. Gayle stood and held the girl close, “I’m s-sorry. G-Ayle.” Waiting patiently, Gayle stood rubbing Kinsley’s back, letting tears fall until the girl could continue. “I, oh Gayle,” sniffle, “I knew you’d be mad.” Sniffle, Gayle reached for a tissue, handed it to the girl but continued listening. “I don’t know why. I’m so horrible.” Then the sad little girl looked up into forgiving eyes and pleaded. “Please forgive me!”

        Gayle grabbed the girl’s shoulders, separating them just enough to see the girls eyes and get her full attention, then said. “Kinsley, first of all, you are not horrible. Second, this was too obvious not to be intentional.” Gayle smiled at the look of shock that reflected in Kinsley’s eyes as she continued. “And little girl, of course, I forgive you.”  “But Kinsley, next time you need a spanking, try asking.” Gayle released the girl before picking up the paddle and sitting.

        Kinsley needed no reminder of what to do next. Taking a deep breath, she lowered herself. This time as she waited for the first of forty swats, she sighed, knowing Gayle forgave her naughty behavior. But when the thud came, it covered both cheeks and stung like a swarm of bees. She screamed, and her hand inched back but stopped and made its way into Gayles’ hand. She held tight as the next swat landed and then the next. The swats landed right after the other, giving the red over red splotches a purple tint.

       Kinsley’s voice was hoarse by the thirtieth swat and raw when the final swat landed. Face dampened by tears, Kinsley lay unmoving as Gayle rubbed tiny circles along the girl’s back. Several minutes passed when Gayle carefully guided the girl up and onto her lap. The only sounds were sniffles and hiccups, then hissing as the raw bottom made contact. Gayle held tight, rocking and cooing, trying to calm her naughty little girl

         They sat cuddled together for almost twenty minutes before Gayles’ reminder. “Hmm, let’s see. We took care of the tacos and the burritos. What are we missing?”

          Kinsley’s head shot up. “No, no, Gayle, please. No more!” she pouted.

          Not one to miss an opportunity, Gayle decided. “Oh yes, but since tomorrow is Saturday and we are both off, we can finish in the morning.” as Kinsley’s pout intensified, Gayle added. “You can sleep in as long as you bring me the belt by eleven am.”

          Left with no choice, Kinsley nodded, then added. “Yes, ma’am,” before tucking herself back into Gayle’s chest. That evening, Kinsley clung to Gayle, seeming unable to get close enough. On the couch, as they watched tv then again in bed, she attached herself to Gayles side.

          In the morning, Gayle woke at eight like usual and carefully slipped out of bed as not to wake Kinsley. She quietly went about her morning ritual before retreating to the kitchen for coffee. After several cups of creamy brown liquid, Gayle decided to start breakfast. The smell of bacon drifted up to the bedroom, rousing the sleeping girl.

      Kinsley stretched, then turned over; she yelped as soon as her bottom contacted the mattress. Turning back over, Kinsley buried her face in the pillow and slowly reached back to rub the sore orbs; she cringed as yesterday’s spanking flashed in her mind. Then she groaned as she remembered the belt and her appointment today. Kinsley quickly glanced at the clock before tucking her head back into the pillow. She had a little over an hour to retrieve the belt and present it to Gayle.

          Kinsley didn’t lay there too long for fear of falling back to sleep, but she didn’t hurry to find Gayle either. Kinsley lingered in the shower with cool water aimed at her sit spots; then, after drying off, she applied a generous amount of arnica cream to each cheek. Finally, with fifteen minutes to spare, Kinsley retrieved the leather belt. She held the leather strap as if it were a snake; of course, a bite from either would cause a severe sting.

        Kinsley stood in the kitchen doorway for a full minute before she had enough nerve to enter. Gayle heard the girl and glanced at her watch, then up at the girl, but before taking the belt, she asked. “Good morning, sweetheart, Would you like a cup of coffee? I can make you some breakfast.”

        At this point, Kinsley knew her stomach would revolt at the first sign of food. She tried explaining. “no, I don’t think I could eat right now, Gayle.” Gayle watched as the girl’s grip tightened on the leather strap.

         Reaching over, Gayle released the girl’s white knuckles and took the belt before instructing. “Ok, you do realize you have fifteen comings, right?” Kinsley nodded, wanting to cry because her cheeks were already so sore. “I’m going to have you stand with your hands against that wall instead of being over the arm of the couch.” confusion looked back, but she went on as she rose from the chair. “Yes, that will be good,” Gayle prompted. “Arms up and hands on the wall, then bring your feet back a step or two.”

        Gayle watched the girl as she obeyed, “yes, oh that’s good, now push your bottom out.” Once Kinsley was as she wanted, Gayle doubled the belt and positioned herself to one side. Resting the leather strap on Kinsley’s cheeks, Gayle asked. “Before we start, tell me, when is it ok to order delivery?”

         Kinsley’s face flushed at the scolding and hesitated for a moment. The tap of the belt prompted an immediate answer. “When we both agree.”

         “Perfect little one, Now let’s reignite your backside and ensure this lesson sticks.”  Kinsley was sure she’d remember even without this reminder, but she didn’t dare give that a voice. Gayle took no time; she lifted the belt and landed sharply across both cheeks.”

         “Owe! Gayle!” before Kinsley could continue, another sharp swat landed. “Owie!” Swish, splat on the left cheek, swish splat to the right cheek. Kinsley wiggled and twitched, trying to avoid the belt while keeping her hands on the wall. At one point, her foot lifted, but a warning light tap to her calf had it back planted securely to the floor. Kinsley felt the burn reignite in her backside and whimpered each time leather met skin. The final five were harder and brought tears to her eyes.

         Kinsley fell to her knees after the final blow. She cried and rocked, careful to avoid letting anything touch her backside. Gayle gave the girl time to calm down before lifting her and walking her to the couch. Although the reason for Kinsley didn’t want to sit was evident, Gayle didn’t hesitate to pull her down and seat her directly on her lap. Kinsley cried out as she felt her bare bottom touch the denim material of Gayles jeans but quickly nestled in her Girlfriends embrace.

      . While comforting Kinsley, Gayle asked, “So tell me, my dear girl, have I made an impression, or do we need a bit more motivation?” Then chuckled when the girl curled up tighter on her lap and groaned while attempting to hide her face.

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Great story I like reading their updates and again thank you for sharing your amazing writing abilities. Looking forward to another great post from you. 😎

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