Beach time

   Sitting in the restaurant, the four girls began plotting this year’s trip. Sarah said, ”Well, this time we have to stay closer to home. That was the deal I made with Leana last year.”

    Candace agreed, ”Yeah, the last two trips were terrific but expensive. Oh, the shopping was excellent. So where are we going this year? And for the record, I don’t go camping.”

    Darla chimed in, ”It all depends. Are we going to do a city trip or a beach trip? Or the mountains?” she stopped only long enough to take a sip of her drink before adding. ”I would love a relaxing beach retreat. Although I loved the last two trips this year, I’d love to kick back and relax.”

    Sighing at the thought, Sarah smiled, “Oh Darla, I’m with you on that; what about you guys? Should we make this year’s trip to a beach party?” in unison, everyone agreed. “Okay, so now what beach. East coast west coast. The Gulf of Mexico?”

     ”Well, not the west coast; Jerry’s parents live in California, and if we are anywhere near them, they will insist we visit.” Wanda cringed at the prospect.

     Laughing, Sarah agreed. ”I don’t blame you. I love Leana’s parents, but I wouldn’t want to share our vacation with them.” Looking pointedly back to her friends, she added. ”You all better not tell her I said that.”

      Holding her hands up in self-defense, Wanda replied. “Oh no, believe me, as long as you don’t tell Jerry, I won’t say anything to Leana. You have my word.” “Speaking of Jerry, he’s good at finding deals. I’m going to ask him to look into it. Is that okay with everyone?”

       Unanimously, everyone approved. Candace added, ”Remember that beautiful house he found for us in South Africa. Yeah, ask him; I bet he can find a cottage right on the beach. Oh, this is going to be so much fun.”

      Sarah jumped in. ”I’m going to talk to Leana tonight. I hope she agrees, but I’m not promising. Last year she wasn’t too keen on all the spending.” she said sadly, trying not to get too excited yet.

      Seeing her friend worry, Darla tried to comfort her. ”Sarah, if Leana says no to the beach, we will figure something else out. How about we come up with a plan? Let’s find ways to save money.”

      “ Yeah, we should do more things like cooking at home instead of eating out.” Wanda said.

      Cheering up, Sarah smiled as she added. ”Maybe we can take turns cooking. Like each couple takes a turn or two. Then on the extra days, we can barbecue or go out to eat. That should save a ton of money.” hmm, ”The most expensive part of this trip might be the airline ticket, but we have miles now. I’ll have to see if we have enough.” Sarah had a list of pluses to bring to Leana, so now she could counter any of her misgivings.

      Later that night, after clearing dinner away, and it was just the two of them on the couch relaxing, Sarah grabbed the remote and muted the tv. ”Leana, can we talk for a minute. There’s something important I want to ask you.”

       Becoming alert, Leana gave her full attention to Sarah. ”Sure babe, What’s up?”

       Looking down at her lap Sarah became apprehensive. ”Well, um, Before you say no, can you just listen to everything.”

       Worried now, ”Sarah, please explain. I don’t even know what this is about yet. How can I say yes or no?” lifting the little girl’s chin and looking directly into beautiful worried eyes, she silently encouraged.

       “Okay, So, You know I went to lunch with the girls today, Right?” receiving a nod, she continued. “We were talking about our vacation this year. Well, Wanda suggested a beach trip. And it really wouldn’t be too expensive. We could share a house, each couple could take a turn cooking, and I think we might have enough miles for the plane ride.” not getting a response, she continued. “Oh, Leana, please don’t say no before you think about it. Please.”

       Taking a moment to absorb everything Sarah was saying, Leana sat quietly. The way she sat still and quiet had Sarah almost convinced she would say no, but she learned that with Leana, sometimes it was best not to push. So she waited and waited until finally, Leana spoke. ”That might work.”

       Stunned, Sarah wasn’t sure she heard right. ”Leana, is that a yes?” holding a breath.

       ”It’s not a yes or a no. Not until we have some details, and we agree to a few rules.” groaning,  Sarah could only imagine what those rules would be, and she was sure she would not like them. ”It does sound fun. Now let’s check our account and see how many miles we have. I think you’re right; we might have enough.” reaching out for Sarah’s hand, she added. ”Babe, you know if it’s reasonable, we will go.”

       Squealing, Sarah jumped up, “Let’s sign-on. Do you remember our passwords?”  ” I bet we have enough miles, especially after flying to China last year and South Africa the year before. Oh, Leana, this is going to be so much fun.” After checking both accounts, they did indeed have the miles needed.

       The following weekend Candace and Bob hosted everyone for a barbecue. As they ate, they went over a few options Jerry had found. Each one sounded better than the last. They all agreed on Florida as there were more flying options, and Airbnb was right on the beach. Jerry suggested they all take the weekend to process, and spouses confer with each other.

       Walking to the car, Sarah excitedly asked, ”We’re going, right? I mean, it’s not too expensive, so we should be able to swing it.”

       Leana waited for them to be seated before reminding her. “before we confirm anything, we need to go over the rules. We can do that once we get home.”

       ”What rules, Leana?” once she asked, her shock registered. ”Wait, you don’t mean. Leana Noooo! That’s not fair!”

       ”Sweetheart, we can discuss this at home, not while I’m driving.” sulking in the passenger seat. Sarah sat with arms crossed until they pulled into the driveway. As soon as the car was at a complete stop, she jumped out, slamming the door then rummaging for her house keys. Leana sat amazed, merely watching, thinking now of how the topic of their discussion just shifted.

       Once Sarah had a grip on her keys, she opened the door leaving her keys hanging in the lock, and ran inside, heading straight for her bedroom. She dramatically threw herself on the bed before the tears she held began to line her cheeks. ’It was such a good night; why did Leana have to ruin it with her stupid rules? Why couldn’t she just say yes to the trip instead of discussing everything?’

       Sarah cringed as she felt the bed shift with Leana’s weight; she tried to scoot away when Leana began rubbing her back. ”Shh, Sweetheart, Come here, please. Let’s talk.”

       To upset, Sarah wasn’t ready to talk; she just wanted to be alone. “No, Leana, I don’t want to. Can’t you just leave me be?” wiping tears away, Sarah buried her face deeper into the pillow. Right now, she was not in the mood for a lecture.

       ”Alright, when you’re ready to have a conversation, come find me.” with no alternative, she left her to sulk alone.

        Laying on the bed, Sarah wished she could fall asleep. That would at least delay the inevitable. After slamming the door and throwing a massive hissy fit, she knew she was in trouble. Not only would she be getting a spanking tonight, now they probably were not going to the beach with everyone either. Finally, deciding it was time, she slowly got herself up and went to look for Leana.

        In her office, Leana glanced up when she sensed Sarah’s presence. ”Come here.” opening arms to welcome her naughty little girl. That gesture had Sarah rushing over.

        ”Leana, I’m sorry.” comforting arms wrapped tightly and securely around the little girl. A wave of love washed through her. Then slowly, with watery eyes, she meekly looked meeting stern but loving brown eyes, Sarah asking aloud. ”How mad are you?”

         Leana was answering while lifting an eyebrow, giving a look that caused Sarah to shiver slightly. ”What do you think. Little girl? You yelled instead of talking, slammed both the car and the house doors. Hmm. And that was while you were storming off in a huff.”  ”Let’s go into the other room and sit on the sofa. You can explain yourself and your feelings, and we can go from there.” Carefully pulling Sarah up as she stood herself, Leana led her by hand into the other room.

         They sat in silence for several minutes, Leana watching as Sarah proceeded to look everywhere but up. Finally, reaching over with a familiar gesture of gently placing a finger under Sarah’s chin, Leana gave a soft but firm tap encouraging her to look up. Once the naughty girl’s watery green eyes meet the stern brown eyes of her lover, more tears slid steadily down her cheeks. ”L-Leana, I’m sorry. I just wanted to go so much, and now I’ve ruined everything.” Saying this out loud brought on a waterfall along with sobs and had Leana’s heartbreaking. ”I got mad when you mentioned rules. Ugh, I didn’t want a spanking. I should have just agreed at least then we’d still be going on vacation.”

         Holding Sarah’s chin, Leana corrected. ”Sweetheart, I never said no to the beach trip. I said we need to go over the rules. I’m aware you want to go, and you would rather not have rules in place. But telling me by you throwing a fit is not the way to say it. After breakfast, we can discuss, and I will listen to what you have to say. Now, as for this evening, I’m sure you would agree a spanking is in order.” Sarah, while giving a slight, almost imperceptible nod, sadly submitted.

        ”Why don’t you find your corner? I want you to think about what we could have done differently. I’ll come to retrieve you in a bit.” lifting an eyebrow when Sarah didn’t budge, making it clear being a brat right now would not be tolerated had Sarah scurrying quickly.

        Sarah, hating time in the corner, did her best to stare straight ahead and be still. Corner time gave her too much time to think, allowing guilt to creep in, along with the dread of the upcoming punishment. Although it’s hard, she manages to be still well enough, but the guilt brings tears that she can’t stop from falling.

        Noticing her little girl’s shoulders start to shake, Leana steels herself before retrieving her miscreant. Approaching quietly but not silently as to not startle Sarah, Leana lightly taps on her shoulder. Turning, Sarah slowly looks up into her girlfriend’s eyes, pleading without words. It’s the forgiveness she seeks. The feel of Leana’s arms tightly wrapped around her is what she longs for,  but that won’t happen right away. Leana will get there. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until Leana is satisfied, doling out a punishment.

        “Okay, come with me; let’s take care of this business so we can start fresh.” With a smoothness of an experienced top, Leana sat on the couch with Sarah directly in front of her. “Tell me, please. Why are we here? And how could we have avoided this trouble?”

        The response spoken was shaky and soft; Leana almost had to strain to hear. “Well, I got mad because of the rules, then I slammed the doors and wouldn’t talk to you. Leana, I’m sorry.”

         Sadly smiling up at her naughty girl, Leana replied. “Thank you for the apology, little one,” then proceeded, pulling yoga pants along with the skimpy thongs. Crossing her mind was how this night could have ended. Once both pieces of clothing were at knee level, she swiftly tugged Sarah’s arm encouraging her body to fall over her knees. “Okay, now let’s see if we can express upon you the importance of communication. It’s been a while, so I think we will make this time count.

Sarah knew right away tonight was going to be tough. The swats started with way more sting than a usual warmup, in quick bursts, which felt like lightning striking down during a furious storm. Staying still was near impossible, and before she knew it, Leana’s leg came over hers, intent on locking her in place. If Sarah could think straight, she would be worried, but luckily her brain was misfiring, and her only thinking was of escape.

        “Leana, please stop! Pleeeease! It hurts, I can’t, oh Leana pleeease nooo.” along with the pleas for mercy, Sarah’s hand flew back, quickly to be grabbed and pinned to the small of her back. “Stop, please, I’ll be good. I promise. Pleeeease no more.” This much intensity from Leana was rare. Fortunately for Sarah only occurred when she needed to make a point and didn’t want to waste time.

         Slowing the onslaught, Leana looked down at the bright red bottom across her lap. Deciding her point was made, Leana began to rub and swat, rub and swat until rubbing took over. Slowly allowing Sarah to calm, Leana cooed reassurances. “My Sarah baby, it’s okay, and everything’s okay now little one. I love you and forgive you. We’re going to be just fine.” It didn’t take long for Sarah to lift herself.

        Feeling the movement, Leana joined in to help, pulling her lover up and placing her gently on her lap. Upon hearing a hiss escape from Sarah’s lips was no surprise as Leana felt the heat radiating from the punished bottom. Sarah snuggled in as close as she could get, “Leana, I’m sorry.”

        Softly placing a kiss on Sarah’s lips, Leana declared. “I know, baby, and we dealt with it. I think we could both use a good night’s sleep. In the morning, when we are fresh, we can discuss the trip. What do you think?”

        Hugging Leana tight, Sarah agreed, “okay, Leana.” Before lifting and reaching to take her hand together, they turned off the lights before proceeding down the hall.

        Two months later and the day had finally come. They were getting ready to head to the airport, and Sarah was still pouting as she was rubbing her sore bottom. Last night Leana delivered a preemptive spanking, a reminder to behave while traveling. Sarah hated this rule, but Leana was insistent. After their first group vacation to South Africa and Sarah’s poor behavior from all of the excitement and the exhaustion, Leana thought it saved a lot of misery.

        “Come on, Sarah, stop pouting, and let’s get the bags downstairs.” Receiving an eye roll, Leana put her bag down and, with purpose, walked over to her girlfriend. Standing directly in front of her asked. “Sarah, Do you think it’s a good idea to give me an attitude right now? Did I not impress that upon you enough last night? Do we need a little reminder this morning?”

        Staring straight down at her shoes, Sarah gulped before whispering. “No, Leana, please, I don’t need a reminder. I promise I’ll behave.”

        Placing her long fingers under the naughty girl’s chin, Leana lifted Sarah’s face until their eyes met. “Okay young lady, no more attitude, right?” Getting a nod, “The flight is not very long, but I would like to be able to enjoy it.”

       “I’m sorry, Leana, no more attitude, I promise.” Sighing when Leana gave in, Sarah reached out, wrapping arms tightly around her girlfriend. And as quickly as that, Sarah’s mood changed. “Oh, Leana, I’m so excited, sitting on the beach for ten whole days. Grabbing her bag, she added, let’s hurry; maybe we can catch the others and get some breakfast before our flight.” Leana just shook her head and smiled.

        Once they checked in, Sarah received a text from her best friend Darla advising them on a meetup point. They had made it through security and were just sitting down for coffee. “Leana, we have to hurry; Darla’s on the concourse already.” She became annoyed when Leana chuckled. Not seeing the irony her little attitude caused.

        “Okay, Sweetheart, Let’s go. I could use a cup of coffee.” Leana said while grabbing her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder. She was taking a moment for Sarah to follow suit then off to security. The flight was surprisingly uneventful, as was the car rental, where Jerry and Leana had cars waiting. As soon as they piled the luggage in, the group began the thirty-minute drive to the Airbnb Jerry found.

        Arriving practically simultaneously, the four girls ran inside, each wanting to choose the best room. Leaving Samantha, Jerry, Leana, and Bob to retrieve the luggage, not that they expected anything different. What they didn’t expect was to hear shouting coming from inside. Darla and Sarah were eyeing in the same room.

        Both Tops immediately went into action, each grabbing their girl’s ear, bringing the dispute to an end. Samantha was the first to speak up. “That is enough, young ladies, unless you each want a turn with my paddle? Now since you can’t agree on a room, I will ask Jerry or Bob if they will take it. I’m not going to have any more fighting.” Then looking directly at the two girls, she added, “Is that clear?” When neither one answered, she repeated but more sternly. “I asked a question and expected a verbal answer. Is that clear?”

        In unison and blushing from the reprimand, they answered, “Yes, ma’am.”

        “Now you two go get the rest of the suitcases from the car while we figure out the room situation.” They both stood looking a little shocked until Samantha added. “You two had better get a moving. I’ve about come to the end of my rope.” And off they ran. Samantha asked Leana. “I hope I didn’t overstep, but I can’t handle bickering on my vacation.”

        Smiling, Leana assured her, “I couldn’t have handled it better. You may want to leave the paddle out; I think we will need it sooner rather than later.” Samantha groaned but agreed. Then they went to speak to the others. Once everyone had suitcases unpacked, the group took a quick walk on the beach before going to the market.

        At the market, each couple set off to compile ingredients for their turn at cooking. Jerry had a list of breakfast, lunch, and snack items that everyone had previously agreed. Fortunately, everyone wanted to get back to the house, so shopping was quick and efficient.

Tallying the groceries together, they planned to split all the expenses at the end of the trip. Two couples brought the groceries home to begin putting things away while the others stopped at the liquor store.

        Today being the first night and a long travel day, the menu consisted of frozen pizza and wine. The house Jerry found was another treasure, on the beach, with a hot tub and fire pit. Of course, the four girls all had suits on and were hot tub bound. The others relaxed around the fire, chatting and listening to the waves break in the distance. Bob and Candace were the first to say good night, followed by Darla and Samantha. Sarah curled up in the double chair next to Leana, chatting with Wanda. Leana and Jerry were talking about the local area and sights they may want to visit.

        In the bedroom, Sam brought up the quarrel Darla had earlier with Sarah. “Sweetheart, come over here; we need to talk about earlier.”

        Pouting, Darla said. “Come on, Sam, it was just a small disagreement. It’s no big deal.”

        Not willing to be dismissed, Sam ordered. “Now, young lady, or we will do more than talk.”

        “Oh, Sam.” Darla pouted again before joining her girlfriend on the bed. “I don’t know why we have to talk about it. We aren’t fighting now.”

        “Let me explain it to you then. First, Sarah is your best friend, and you shouldn’t be fighting with her. Second, we are all on vacation, and I will not tolerate that behavior from you. When you act like that, it affects all of us, so you need to behave. If you need a spanking, you can ask instead of bratting your way into one. So do you need a spanking?”

        “No, no, I’m good. I don’t need one, Sam, I’m okay now.” Nervously wanting to change the subject to something a little more enjoyable, she added, “I can think of other activities we could do together.” Looking up through hooded eyes, she continued. “Are you up for a bit of aerobic activity?”

        Wasting no time, Sam pulled Darla to stand in front of her, and it only took two words to have Darla’s belly quivering. “Strip! slowly.” Darla let out a groan from deep down and began a very slow and seductive striptease.

        As the hour passed, Leana noticed Sarah yawning and decided to call it a night. “Okay, Sarah, I think it’s time. Say goodnight.” Surprised when there was no argument, Leana smiled.

        “Yeah, I’m tired. Goodnight, you guys. See you in the morning; I can’t wait to swim in the ocean.” After rising from the chair, she grabbed Leana’s hand, pulling her up and helping her stand. Today was a good day, and now her bed was calling.

        Jerry and Wanda decided to finish their drink and maybe have another before calling it a night. They were both night owls and liked to finish the bottle of wine once it was open. Rarely did they find a reason to re-cork a bottle, and tonight was no different. Wanda called out, “See you tomorrow but probably not too early. We are planning to sleep in.”

        Once in the room, Leana directed Sarah, “Let’s get ready, then I’d like for you and I to have a little chat.”

       That stopped Sarah cold, making her stomach drop and palms grow moist. “Um, What do you mean a chat?” The urge to cover her bottom was natural.

       “Just what I said, sweetheart, we need to talk about earlier, so let’s get cleaned up first.”

       Not at all appeased, Sarah’s words stumbled out, “oh! Am I in trouble?”

       “No, but we are going to talk about your behavior from earlier before it becomes a problem.” Leana handed over a pair of PJ’s and pushed Sarah out the door toward the bathroom. “Come on, I’m tired, and I want to get some sleep.”

       Sarah left but was feeling uneasy. Were they going just to talk? “Oh, boy.” Once she got back to the room, Leana went off to get ready. Sarah sat at the end of the bed. As each minute passed, she became more nervous. When Leana finally came back into the room, Sarah was practically in tears.

       Noticing the state of her girlfriend’s nerves, Leana pulled her up into a tight hug. ”Baby girl, you are not in trouble. I just thought we should talk about you fighting with Darla. I want to be sure it’s over, and we aren’t going to have a problem.”

       Taking in a deep, relieved breathe, Sarah promised. “It’s just that I wanted that room, and I was there first, and she said she was there first and, oh Leana, I’m sorry. No, it’s okay now. I mean, I did want that room, but I’m fine now really, I am.”

       Leana wasn’t as convinced as she would like to be, but she decided to let it go. It’s just a warning. “Let me be clear, any more fighting on this trip, and you and I will have a different kind of chat. Okay?”

       Swallowing back a snarky comment, she said. “Got it, no fighting.” Then stifling a yawn, she added. “Can we go to bed now?”

       The next few days were beautiful, lying in the sun, swimming laughing with friends. Candace and Bob wanted to sightsee around the area, which all but Wanda, Darla, and Sarah wanted to join in. They were content to sunbathe and be lazy all day. Jerry was okay with that, but Leana and Samantha had their misgivings. Each of the women took their perspective girlfriends aside for a reminder of the rules. As brats, they knew it was coming and promised angel-like behavior.

       No sooner had the group left when Wanda broke out the champagne, then the orange juice,  and of course, glasses. “Okay, ladies, I think it’s time for mimosas.” They all giggled as the drinks were bubbling. “Cheers! Here’s to us and this wonderful beach house.” Well into the second bottle of champagne, rumbles and hungry growls came from Wanda’s belly. “I need to eat. How about we make some sandwiches and open a bag of chips? We can eat out here.”

       Nobody thought to throw away the empty bottles or clean up the chips that landed on the counter or that got crushed on the floor. The sandwich fixings were scattered over the kitchen table, while sleeves of meat and cheese lay unfolded and Mustard and mayo jars left open. On the way outside, Wanda grabbed a third bottle of bubbly from the ice chest, which she waved up in the air as she went through the door. Sarah saw the bottle, “oh no, I can’t drink anymore.”

        Sarah had reached her limit, she knew drinking anymore would be a mistake, but her friends would not take no for an answer. Darla decided to tease Sarah until she gave in, which left her feeling slightly irritated. ”Come on, Don’t be a lightweight.”

        Sarah responded with a knee-jerk retort. ”Shut up, Darla, you’re such a jerk.” at that point, the girl began a back and forth of snippy comments. While this was escalating, Wanda was struggling with the cork. The banter was getting louder when the group returned from sightseeing. Just as Samantha stepped through the screen door, the cork on the bottle popped, and champagne sprayed everywhere, leaving her stunned.

        Leana watched in horror as the scene before her eyes unfolded. She had passed through the kitchen and was surprised by the mess, then hearing Sarah and Darla going at each other; she was worried. Now realizing they had been drinking and by the looks of it, they had quite a bit. “okay, ladies, no more champagne. I think you’ve all had enough to drink.”

        Darla knew better than to argue, watching her girlfriend dripping with champagne. There was going to be a price to pay, she was sure. Bob came outside with a towel for Samantha while Candace began cleaning the kitchen. Jerry chuckled but tried to tamp it down once he saw the lady’s irrigation. Walking over to his wife, he relieved her of the bottle and kissed her hello. ”Mmm, you taste sweet. I think maybe we should clean up here, then take a walk on the beach.”

         Bob jumped in. ”I got this, you two go-ahead.” Jerry looked up gratefully. He saw the storm brewing between the others and wanted to get away before it blew.

         Jerry thanked Bob and dragged his wife down to the beach. Samantha seemed to be finding her voice again. ”Darla, please explain. Why were you and Sarah fighting?” embarrassed to be called out, she just shrugged. ”Sarah, Can you explain?” She was becoming annoyed when she received the same response. ”Fine, maybe you need to be separated. Please, go to your rooms until we come to get you.” Sarah looked over at Leana to get confirmation; her nod had her moving.

         After the girls were gone, Leana began cleaning the mess they left behind and bringing dirty dishes to the kitchen. Both areas were now clean, and it was time to deal with the miscreants. Candace didn’t want to be around and asked Bob. ”Hey honey, let’s get our suits on and go swimming.” he was also happy to escape the tension floating around the house.

         Both Samantha and Leana left to take care of business; Sam was surprised to see Darla sleeping when entering their room. She decided that it was for the best before leaving, placing a glass of water and two aspirin on the nightstand. Setting up the scene further, she put the paddle along with Darla’s phone, turning the volume off but sending a text from her phone. Sam grabbed her book and went to read on the patio.

        When Leana entered her room, Sarah was a nervous wreck, sitting on the edge of the bed, wringing her hands. Hearing the door, Sarah glanced up slowly, not sure of what she would see. Fury was expected, especially since her previous warning, but was surprised to see the concern. Leana walked over and sat on the bed next to Sarah, reaching out; she took hold of her hand.

         Leana took a moment before speaking, “okay, are you ready to explain yourself?”

         Nodding slightly, Sarah began speaking softly. ”Leana, I know I promised no more fighting. I’m sorry I am. She just made me so mad; I didn’t want any more champagne, and she started calling me a lightweight. I don’t know. I got so angry; it was dumb, I know. I’m sorry.”

         Leana understood how this kind of teasing would trigger Sarah’s temper, but she was sad that she hadn’t controlled herself better. ”Well, I’m glad you stopped drinking when you did. That said, fighting is not okay, and we already talked about it. So I think you, me, and the hairbrush will be having a long discussion before bed tonight.” Sarah cringed as Leana went on. ”for now, I think a nap would be a good idea. Maybe an hour, hopefully, will help sober you some, then if you are up for it, we can take a dip in the ocean.”

         Sarah, still holding Leana’s hand, squeezed it for reassurance. “okay, Leana, I’m sorry about fighting with Darla. I shouldn’t have let her get to me.”

         Leana got up from the bed and pulled the covers back, allowing Sarah to climb in. As she was leaving the room, Leana advised. ”put your suit on when you wake up, and we’ll go swimming..” Leana stopped in the kitchen, making a sandwich, before joining Samantha on the patio. ”How did it go with Darla?”

        Shrugging, Samantha said, ”Actually, she was asleep when I got there. I put her phone next to the paddle on her night table with a particular text from me. We’ll see if she can follow instructions. How was Sarah?”

        Leana sighed, ”I let her know we have plans with the hairbrush before bed. She said she got mad because of Darla’s teasing, which I told her was no excuse. Hopefully, the alcohol will wear off after her nap.” Leana took a bite from her lunch. ”We are going swimming when she wakes if she is sober.”

       Samantha agreed, ”I’m not waiting for bedtime; I’ll be dealing with Darla as soon as she texts me back. And we’ll discuss her teasing people lately; it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully, we can meet you all in the water when our discussion is over.” they were both quiet for a while, lost in their owns thoughts.

      About thirty minutes later, Samantha’s phone buzzed with an incoming text; after confirming it was from Darla, she got up. ”Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lesson to teach.” Closing the door behind her, Sam entered the bedroom and noticed Darla standing in the far corner with her hands at her side. Sitting on the bed, she made herself comfortable before calling out. ”Come here, little one.”

       Slowly Darla turned, her head down, not wanting to look into her girlfriend’s eyes. She made her way slowly across the room and stood at the side of the bed, waiting for instructions. ”Eyes up.” lifting her eyes, Darla couldn’t hold contact and glanced back down. ”Young lady, I said, Eyes up. Now look at me and explain yourself. I want to understand your reasons for teasing and fighting.”

       ”Um, I um, I don’t know.” Darla was now more nervous because they already had a ’talk’ about teasing. ”Oh Sam, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to; it just happens. I wasn’t thinking, I guess.”

       ”Well, that excuse is not good enough. Sarah is your best friend, and we do not treat our best friends that way. Right now, you are going to get a hard spanking; then, later, you will apologize to everyone, especially Sarah. And if you can’t make things right with her, you will be getting a spanking every day until you do.”

        A tear slid down Darla’s cheek when she spoke. ”Sam, I’m sorry. I will; I promise I will apologize.” Sam handed over a tissue advising her to blow her nose, then guided her over her lap. ”I am sorry, Sam.”

        Rubbing the panty-clad cheeks, Sam said. “I know you’ll do the right thing. Okay, now lift; let’s get these off.” tugging the panties down to just below the little orbs. “This is our second discussion about teasing, and it had better be our last. Prepare yourself, Sweetheart; this is going to be tough.”

       “okay, Sam, I’m ready.” no sooner had that been said than when Sam’s hand came down in a firestorm of swats. Immediately, Darla knew she was in trouble as there was no warmup. “oh, nooo! Owie. I’m not ready. Owie,” “please, Sam, I’m sorry.”

       ”Hush, we are just getting started, and we have a long way to go.” steady and firm swats continued to reign down, warming every inch on Darla’s bottom. Adding to the pain, Sam made sure to include the tops of her thighs. The intensity was so strong that she reached back with her right hand, trying to block the assault; luckily, Sam was able to grab hold. ”Darla, You know better than to reach back.”

       Barely hearing the reprimand, Darla cried out an apology. ”Sorry, Sam, stop, please.” the only thing that the plea did accomplish was to wake up Sarah in the next room. It did nothing to stop Sam’s momentum. Once Darla’s orbs had a bright red hue, Sam stopped and began to caress, feeling the heat emanating. Trying to calm her ragged breathing, Darla was shocked to feel the hardwood of the paddle being rubbed over her cheeks. ”nooo more, please noooo. I can’t take it anymore. It hurts too much.”

      “oh honey, you earned this spanking. Hopefully, you will remember this before you feel the need to tease your friends again.”  “And remember, if we have another fight this week, you won’t be able to sit for the rest of our vacation.” lifting the paddle, Sam brought it down with a determined message. Thirty swats later, Darla was beyond sorry, and Sam felt her message was now clearly delivered. Sam was allowing Darla to settle before lifting and cuddling her.

       Alone in her room, Sarah shook, knowing what her best friend was going through. She quickly put her suit on and rushed out to find Leana. Even though she had a spanking coming her way, later on, that night, she needed the contact now. Leana saw her coming and opened her arms to her. When Sarah began snuggling deep into her girlfriend’s arms, trying to get as close as possible, Leana asked. “Hey baby, are you okay? What’s going on?”

       Sarah whispered, ”Darla’s um, well, you know.”

       Leana rubbing her back and giggled slightly, ”oh, I see. It’s okay, baby.”  ”How about we go down to the water. We can watch the waves until you’re ready to go swimming.” Sarah agreed she was happy to be away from this house and the noises coming from Darla’s room.

        On the beach, they spotted Jerry and Wanda splashing in the waves. They set up their chairs next to where Bob and Candace were sitting, laughing at their friends’ antics in the water. Bob asked, ”Are you guys going in? We just came out; the water is refreshing.”

        Leana answered for them, ”Yeah, we are, but I need a few minutes.”

        Right before Sarah and Leana were ready to go in the water, Samantha and Darla came strolling hand in hand down the beach. Reaching the group, Darla broke free and pulled Sarah aside. ”Sarah, I’m sorry for teasing you.” rubbing her bottom, she added. ”Sam explained the error in my ways.” ”Can you forgive me?”

        Flinging arms around her best friend, Sarah said. ”Of course, I’m sorry too. I think we need to cool your butt off. Let’s go swimming.” smiling, Darla agreed, each invited their partners. After the emotional afternoon, playing in the waves provided the perfect balm.

        Thankfully it was Bob and Candace’s turn to cook, and bbq chicken was on the menu. Bob had the chicken marinating in the refrigerator since this morning. The salads he had already prepared after he put the marinate together, so he went up early to light the grill. Candace went along to set the table. Before entering the house, they had gotten frisky in the outdoor shower. Candace’s usual shy demeanor not even crossing to a conscience thought.

       The mood was light and pleasant. Sarah had apologized to each couple, and there were no hard feelings. Leana decided to call an early end to their evening. ”Let’s go to bed, Sarah. I think we need a good night’s sleep.” Sarah groaned but didn’t argue. Wishing everyone a good night, she followed right behind Leana.

        ”Leana, do you have to spank me now? Everyone will hear. It’s embarrassing.” Sarah pleaded, knowing there was no way to win.

       ”What do you think, sweetheart?” While retrieving the hairbrush, Leana’s response was stern. Hairbrush in hand, she pulled the straight back chair away from the wall, then pointing to the spot in front of her.

        In defeat, Sarah said, ”Well, I had to ask.” as she made her way to the spot.

.       Sarah dreaded what Leana said next, “okay, tell me, why are we here?”

        ”um, well, because I was fighting again. But it’s kind of not fair because Darla was teasing me and trying to get me to drink more, and I didn’t want to.” Sarah knew she screwed up when she finished and looked up into Leana stormy brown eyes. ”ugh, I mean, I shouldn’t have been fighting at all.”

        “That’s right, You should not have been fighting at all, and if you didn’t want to drink anymore, then you don’t drink.”  “okay, pants and panties down and over you go.” Leana was annoyed that Sarah would let anyone try to goad her into drinking, and she planned to emphasize that point.

       Sarah lay across Leana’s lap and was a little shaky; she could feel Leana’s annoyance, which never ended well for her bottom. At the moment, the feel of Leana’s palm rubbing her cheeks felt calming, but she knew any second a change was coming. Once again, her mind gave in and let the pleasure distract her. So when Leana’s hand rose and fell, she was taken by surprise.

       Leana continued bringing her palm down, leaving one handprint to overlap another. Four swats on one check, then four to the other, then back again. It seemed like forever to Sarah, as the fire continued building, and Leana went back and forth four slaps to three slaps, then five on each cheek. Along with the swats, Leana decided to lecture. ”Sarah, you know better, you don’t fight, and you don’t allow someone to tell you to drink more. When you had enough alcohol, you stop drinking, Period.” finally, the onslaught ended, and again, Sarah felt Leana rubbing.

       Before Sarah could relax, she felt Leana reach over for the hairbrush. ”Leana, nooo, please, It hurts too much. No, no, no, I’ll be good. please.”

       ”That’s enough, little one, of course, it hurts, it a spanking it’s supposed to hurt.”   ”relax those cheeks for me, please.” Leana decided twenty swats would do. Raising the brush-up, she brought it down with focus. She wanted to be sure to add extra to Sarah’s sit spots and a few to her upper thighs. Which, of course, brought on more pleas from Sarah. The last two were extra hard, and Sarah practically howled from the pain.

       Leana put the brush down on the floor beside her and rubbed Sarah’s back. They stayed that way for a good five minutes before Sarah stirred and tried to rise. Seeing the struggle, Leana reached down to help, pulling her little girl up and guiding her to the bed where they snuggled wrapped in each other’s arms. But before Sarah could fall asleep, Leana urged her once again to change and get ready for bed. ”Leana, I’m sorry for fighting, but I didn’t let her push me onto another drink. I was mad because she tried.”

       Leana gave a small smile, “okay then, no fighting next time. And Sarah, I’m proud you didn’t let her push you.” Sarah smiled back happiness, filling her heart at hearing Leana’s words. “Don’t forget it’s our turn to cook tomorrow. I’m glad we chose to make shrimp scampi; I can’t imagine being by the ocean and not having seafood. Okay, how about we get some sleep now?”

       The following day, Jerry was making pancakes and bacon; he had the coffee ready to go. The aromas had Leana sighing as she felt her stomach begin to growl. “Sit, ladies. I’ll bring the pot over.” After they ate, Sarah grabbed a towel heading for the beach, and Leana went through the kitchen, making sure they have everything for tonight. Luckily they did, so Leana grabbed her towel and followed Sarah to the beach.

       On the way to the water, Leana noticed a volleyball net; she couldn’t wait to find out if they could use it. Walking up to her group of friends, she saw that Bob was holding the ball. He was in the process of determining teams and trying to get everyone on board. “Come on, Candace. It doesn’t matter how good you are. We’re just playing for fun.”

       Quickly Leana jumped in. She loved playing and added to his remarks. “I’m in. Let’s everyone play. Winners buy the first round tonight.” Since they already had the alcohol, they all laughed, but they made their way to the net. Leana and Sarah separated since they played on a team for part of the year.

       They played several games as a group before other sunbathers joined in. Once the others joined in, Candace was able to bow out gracefully. Wanda held out a little longer but soon followed her to the loungers. The ball flew back and forth; Sarah and Darla on opposite sides decided to direct the ball toward each other. The intent became clear to Sam and Leana, who were both dumbfounded to see their girls still going after each other.

       This time Leana took control of the ball; she intended to end the game and deal with whatever was going on between the two girls. She was surprised to see the animosity between the two still. Scoring the last point, they exited the game. She directed Sarah while Samantha took hold of Darla’s arm and matched the two far enough away from the players’ dwindling group. Receiving a nod from Samantha, Leana once again took the lead.

       “I believe you were both warned about fighting. So let me make our position clear; this is your final opportunity to adjust your attitudes. The two of you will settle whatever disagreements you have and figure out how to get along. You have one hour to figure it out; I suggest you take advantage of this opportunity, go for a walk, step away, and talk it out. If you can’t make things right between you, Samantha’s paddle and my belt will. Do you understand?

         Mummers of ”yes ma’am” came as a reply.

         Samantha encouraged, ”Good, now move and be back here in one hour.” The girls took off half running in a need to escape the threat.

         Samantha laughed as she watched the two high tail away, then turning to Leana; she sighed, ”Great idea, I’m too tired to deal with them right now.”

         Leana agreed, ”Yeah, me too. I don’t know what’s going on with those two.” she glanced toward the direction of the girls before adding. ” Let’s takes a dip in the water. I need to cool off.”

         Darla’s pace slowed to a light jog, then a slow walk. ”Sarah, slow down; I’m all hot and sweaty.”

         Sarah stopped and began walking in circles until finally, they sat on the sand side by side. Darla, What’s going on? Why do you keep pushing me into a fight?”

         Darla was quick to deny, but then reality gave way. ”I am not. Well, oh, Sarah, maybe I am. That’s embarrassing.” Her hands came up and covered her face.

       When no answer came, Sarah, pushed, why are you embarrassed? Talk to me, please.”

       ”Oh, Sarah, I’m sorry, ugh, I’ve been such a jerk. It just, you’ve been, well, I feel like you’ve been ignoring me. That maybe you’d rather not hang out with me. See, I told you it was embarrassing.” Her hands flew back up to cover her now blushing face.

        Starting at her best friend, Sarah, had no idea. ”OMG, Darla, you’re my best friend. I would never do that, well, not on purpose. Is that why you’ve been teasing me so much?”

        The question hung in the air for a minute. ”Sarah, I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize I was teasing you the other day, not until we got in trouble. By then, it was too late. Oh man, I hope I didn’t land us back on the deep end.” Darla’s face twisted as she remembered. ”Leana mentioned a paddle and a belt; Sarah, I screwed up.”

        Sarah quickly added, ”No, she said if we can’t make things right between us then, they will.” In a hopeful tone, she asked. ”We can, can’t we?”

       “Of course, I’m sorry for being such a jerk. I swear I won’t tease anymore, I promise.” Darla said sincerely. “Can you ever forgive me, Sarah?”

       ”You know I do, Darla, but please just talk to me next time you feel that way. Then maybe, we can avoid some hot bums.” Sarah added as she was standing and wiping the sand off her derriere. ”Let’s go back. Hopefully, we can jump in the water; I’m hot and sticky.” when Darla got up, Sarah challenged. ”Last one is a rotten egg.” then she took off in a sprint with Darla quick on her heels.

        Seeing the two girls running, Samantha pointed them out to Leana. ”They appear to be happy; I guess we will know soon.” Leana rose along with Samantha to greet their partners.

        Sarah won the race, and in doing so, she practically knocked over Leana. ”Sorry, Leana. I won!” luckily, Leana saw the girl coming and braced herself. ” Let’s go in the water; I’m so sticky.”

        Leana inquired with a raised eyebrow. ”I take it the two of you talked everything out?”

        Samantha held a tough stance with hands-on-hips waiting for their response. She did not need to say a word to have the girls falling over each other, giving assurance that they made up. Darla stammered, “Sam really, we’re good. We talked, and we’re okay now.” then, with a slight pleading whine, she asked, “Sam, please can we just go to the water.? I feel so gross and hot.”

        Upon seeing that her girlfriend did appear to be overheating, she relented. ”Yes, but first, take a drink of water. You too, Sarah. Then we can all go swimming.”

       The last couple of days of vacation flew by, the girl’s friendship was back to normal. Leana was happy when Jerry heard about a local seafood restaurant; they made reservations to celebrate last night. Another wonderful bucket list trip.

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