Truth or Dare

      I watch Selina’s wings flutter with excitement as she and her friends race from one house to the next. Their energy mystifies me. Although my wife is only a few years my junior, I sometimes feel old. Today the group is playing like children, fluttering around and giggling. I can’t help but wonder what kind of trouble they will find for themselves.

      I have work to do, so there’s no point in worrying. Besides, if there’s trouble, I’ll find out soon enough. I shake my head as I remember Selina escorted back to me, kicking and screaming or trying to escape an ear pinching. Our fairy village is a very close-knit community and tends to treat each member as part of a big family. It’s not unusual to see one of the village elders scolding a naughty fairy before escorting them home.

      While Tiana got to work, Selina and her friends roamed the village. The parade of iridescent wings fluttering brought smiles and cautious waves from the older villagers. The young group consisted of four women and three men, all of whom had a penchant for trouble. Stevie, one of the young men, asked Selina, “Truth or Dare?” That’s when the game began.

       Selena, true to her brat side, chose a Dare. Answering an embarrassing question was usually more manageable, but the dare would be more fun. Stevie let loose a sly laugh, then said, “ok, I dare you to walk up and down the street singing as loud as you can.”

       “What?” Selina groaned, “ok fine, what song and how long.” She hated singing in front of people.

       Stevie laughed then answered, “Just go down to the corner and back, and it doesn’t matter what you sing.” Then unnecessarily, he added, “you mumble when you sing so nobody will understand the words, anyway.” Selina rolled her eyes as she moved away, fluttering her wings in disgust, and then began singing. Although she wanted to be mad at Stevie, she couldn’t because he was right. She did mumble.

       Selina returned to the group after her singing debut; it was her turn to pick. She chose Emery, and that was because Emery usually decided on the truth. “I chose Emery.” The girl’s face turned three shades of red before Selina could ask the question. “Truth or Dare?”

       Emery muttered, “Man, I hate this game.” Then she practically whispered, “truth.”

       A sly smile crossed Selina’s face as she tried to answer the most embarrassing question. “ok, let’s see,” rubbing her hands together. “Hmm, when was the last time you got in enough trouble? You got spanked?”

       “Err!” Emery felt the warmth flood her face, then almost laughed when she remembered, “Well, I think about two weeks ago. You know, the same day Tiana whipped your butt.” Now it was Selina’s turn to blush. Knowing she outsmarted, her friend Emery smiled, “It’s your turn, truth or dare?”

       Without skipping a beat, Selina said, “dare! Always a dare.”

       Emery would enjoy this, especially after Selina tried so hard to embarrass her. Emery looked around the village, trying to devise an arduous task. When it came to her, she said, “I dare you to retrieve these three things, a flower from Miss Tilly’s garden, knickers off Sully’s line, then one of Emma Rae’s pies.

       Tiana stared at Emery in disbelief; Selina would whip her butt good if she got caught. She shivered at the thought but said, “girl, you have got to be kidding?”

       Emery snickered, “Hmm, if you’re too scared…” she left the rest unsaid.

      Selina’s pride always overrode common sense. “Oh, I’ll do it, but you have to go with me. Cause if I get caught, we are both getting a spanking.” It was Emery’s turn to stare. So Tiana teased, “what’s the matter? You too scared?”

       “Fine! Let’s go.” Emery said as she silently kicked herself. She just knew she’d be sitting gingerly tonight. They fluttered sneakily over to Miss Tilly’s garden, too distracted to notice the older fairy sitting in the backyard. They plucked up a flower and beat back to the group to drop it off. Next stop, Sully’s clothesline; Selina unclipped the knickers and almost bumped into Emery trying to get away.

        The final stop was the most tricky; Emma Rae always had pies cooling on her back stoop. An idea popped into Selina’s head. She thought it over for a minute, then decided to try it. Instead of scooping up the pie, Selina knocked on the back door. When the door opened, she asked as innocently as possible, “Emma Rae, can we have one of your pies? They smell so yummy.”

         Emma Rae gushed at the compliment and insisted they take the biggest one. “Of course, dear, you kids enjoy. Bring me back the container, ok, dear.”

         With hands full and a huge smile, Selina returned to the group listening to Emery cry foul the entire time. Selina insisted there couldn’t be a foul because there was no rule against asking. Unfortunately, when they returned, this time, Emery’s mom and Selina’s wife were standing amongst the group. Both fairies were looking very stern with hands on their hips. Although she knew she was busted, Selina asked, “Tia, what are you doing here?” Emery stood by, not saying a single word.

          “Better question, why is my wife going into people’s yards and taking things?” Selina looked down at the pie and then looked into Tia’s eyes.

          “Wait, no, Emma Rae gave us this pie. We didn’t take it, I swear.” Tiana held the knickers in one hand and a flower in the other. “It was a dare. I was going to return the knickers. And Miss Tilly has so many flowers I didn’t think she’d mind.” Silence fell on the group as Selina’s eyes pleaded her case. Emery lowered her gaze, hoping the ground would swallow her up.

           Emery’s mom spoke up, “The truth is Miss Tilly probably would have given you a bouquet if you’d only asked. Sully, on the other hand, was embarrassed to have his knickers nabbed.” She added, “if I find out, you two nabbed that pie.”

           Both fairies repeated, “No, we didn’t”

           Then Emery added, “Selina knocked on the door and asked Emma Rae. that’s why we were arguing, and I thought she cheated.” Emery knew she said too much; a quick look at her mom was all the confirmation she needed.

           Tiana announced to the group, “you all go home; these two have some apologies to deliver.” Once the rest of the group dispersed, she added, “after you apologize, you’ll each get the spanking you deserve.” Both girls groaned.

           Not long after their apologies, Selina was face down over her wife’s lap. And although she knew a lecture was inevitable, she was unprepared to hear what Tia said. “I am proud of you.” Before Selina could ask, Tia continued. “Although late, you did try to do the right thing.” Tia squeezed her wife’s bottom. “Maybe next time we can avoid a spanking altogether.”

           Selina’s response fell on deaf ears, “I get it, Tia, you don’t have to spank me.” Swat, “owie no Tia, please.” Tia used the momentum of her hand to respond as she reddened the cheeks she was only moments ago, squeezing.

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