Las Vegas

   Leana loved working for this company, although she had never seen morale this low even with her twenty years of service. Then, two years ago, her agency merged with their rival agency. It was a long and tedious process, getting all the details arranged, and now finally, the two are acting like one.

      During the merger, management used many tactics to raise morale, from cookouts to an amusement park to provide lunch once a month. But, as far as the upper management was concerned, the change wasn’t happening fast enough. Unlike many companies nowadays, their CEO believed happy employees meant a better company. So the CEO, along with the top management team, decided to leap of faith. They will be taking Leana’s entire office to Las Vegas for an intense moral and team-building indicative.

     The trip to Las Vegas was mandatory for every employee and designed to be unique. Each employee would be attending workshops, listening to motivational speakers, and participating in team-building exercises. Their goal is to have a healthier, more profitable company when all is said and done. In conjunction with the trip, they will be closing the office for the entire week; this in itself was a significant investment, which top management was hoping would yield an even more substantial return.

    A big part of the problem over the last few years was that not everyone was embracing the change. Maybe it was the pride of the brand or an inability to adapt to change that held people back; the answer was unclear. Hopefully, this opportunity will bring a renewed balance to the group and make the company better.


     Leana excitedly began telling Sarah. “Oh, Sarah I’m so excited this is such a wonderful opportunity. I sure hope this works; shoot, the morale has been so bad since the merger. Some days I dread going into the office. I can’t believe they are going to pay for everything.”

      Smiling with excitement, “That is great Leana, when is this happening?”

      Leana continued, “Well, Everyone leaves next month on the 4th, well actually that’s in just over two and a half weeks. So I’m not sure if management starts on the same day or if we have to be there early.”

       Sarah added, “The 4th, that should work. I may have to move a few things around, but that shouldn’t be a problem. How many days are we gone for?”

      Leana was surprised by Sarah’s assumption. ”Sarah, honey, You’re not going. This trip is for work, and no spouses are allowed.”

       Sarah wasn’t understanding, “Leana, of course, I won’t go to your meetings, but surely I can share the room, and we can go to a show. Oh man, we could check out the new blue man group.”

         Frustrated, Leana said again. ”Sarah, you are not listening. You can not come. Nobody is allowed to bring a spouse, that is a company directive. We are not even allowed to share a room. They don’t want any distractions from the primary goal, and that is to make our company stronger.”

         Sarah complained, ”Leana, Come on, please. I want to go. They won’t even know I’m there, I’ll stay out of the way and I won’t bother you. We can go to one show, that’s all. I can walk around Las Vegas, see the fountains at the Bellagio oh, and Caesars Palace. I always wanted to experience Las Vegas.”

       Sighing, Leana knew when Sarah got this excited, there would be a battle to calm her back down. “Sarah, I’m sorry, but you just can’t come. Not this time, anyway. I can’t break the same rules that I’m expecting my team to follow.”

   Sarah tried another tactic, ”What if I get a separate room, they can’t argue if we aren’t sharing a room and we can still see a show?”…”Or, maybe you can stay longer and I can meet you after the convention is over?”

     Smiling at her creativity, Leana shook her head and said. ”Nope, the answer is still no. Not this time. Sorry babe.”

     Sarah stomped her foot and pouted. ”You’re just not being fair. I wanna go.” then folding her arms in defiance.

     Leana had enough, ”Sarah, that is enough with the attitude. I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

     At the office the following day, Leana listened to several similar stories. “Leana please my wife is driving me crazy. She wants to go.”

       Many of Leana’s employees were struggling to appease their spouses after describing the details, but others were excited to leave them home. Leana would have loved to take Sarah, but she also understood the company’s position. Being the head of her workgroup, she was thrilled with the possibility of strengthening her team. Morale had been low for so long; she thought if this is what it took to inspire her team, she would be happy to try.

.  Even days after Leana explained she couldn’t go, Sarah was still very pouty. She refused to understand why she couldn’t just share the hotel room. Sarah’s way of thinking was Sarah and Leana could see the city at night, maybe go to a show, or gamble a little. Sarah continued to come up with ideas, suggesting every possible way she could make it work. Unfortunately for Sarah, Leana shot down every one of her ideas. Some plans made sense; others were too crazy even to give thought. This trip was for work, and the answer was always going to be no.

      It had been two and a half weeks since Leana broke the news that she was not allowed to come. Sarah chose to embrace her bratty side and demonstrate her disappointment at every opportunity. At least once a week, she would come up with another scenario. Although it was frustrating, there was a tiny part of Leana that was amused. Wondering what crazy idea Sarah would come up with next.

     The night before she was supposed to leave, Leana arrived home, hoping to pack her bag and have a nice quiet dinner with Sarah. She was going to miss her and wasn’t sure how often she’d be able to call home. Leana knew the days would be busy with meetings and lectures. She wasn’t sure what they had planned for the evenings. They would be given a packet at check-in that would include an itinerary.  

       Walking in the door, she found Sarah sulking and moping around. Getting an answer to the simplest of questions was near impossible. Leana did her best to appease her, trying to soothe her little brat. Unfortunately, the more she tried, the worse the pouting became. Along with the pouting, a bit of attitude was also presenting itself.

      Finally, having had enough of this behavior, Leana put her foot down. “Sarah, I have had it with your attitude. This pouting is not helping. You know you can not come with me, and if you are trying to push my buttons, it’s working. I’m very close to putting a stop to it myself, and you won’t like that one bit, little girl!”

     Sarah just sat and didn’t say anything. She slumped into the cushion and let her posture do the talking. If Leana were going to have fun in Vegas and not take her, she would not make this easy for her. Leana couldn’t back down; this was work, not a vacation.

      Leana realized she needed time to settle down. Losing her temper would not do either of them any good. “Sarah, if you’re going to sit here and sulk, I’ll go pack. I expect you to have a change of attitude by the time I finish packing. And then we will talk.”  

      Leana’s palm began to itch as she thought of just how this talk was going to go. She hoped to be able to snap her out of the bad mood, Leana suggested. ”Maybe when I finish packing, you and I can go for a walk or a bike ride.”

      Sitting on the couch, Sarah could not be happy for Leana. She did understand why Leana wouldn’t let her go to Las Vegas, but she was just jealous. She felt that she was missing out on a great adventure. Leana, on the other hand, was getting madder by the minute with Sarah’s petulance. This trip is for work, not a vacation; why couldn’t Sarah accept that.

     Once Leana left the room, Sarah just sat and stewed. She was grumbling to herself about the unfairness of it all. When Leana returned, she noticed Sarah’s temper hadn’t changed, and if anything, it had gotten worse. From the doorway, Leana watched Sarah for a minute. This problem needed to be taken care of once and for all. Sarah had crossed way over the acceptable line.

     Leana snapped out an order, startling her little brat. “That’s enough, Sarah. We are going to take care of this right now. I want you to find your corner right this minute! While you’re there, you better be thinking about this little attitude of yours.”

     Sarah glared at Leana; unfortunately, for her, she didn’t catch Leana’s tone because if she had, Sarah wouldn’t have just stayed where she was. Leana was amazed at Sarah’s blatant disregard for her instructions. Never before had Sarah just flat out ignored her. Leana was not going to overlook this behavior.

     Using her most Toppy voice, Leana said, “Sarah, you had better do as I say right this minute. You will not ignore me. Go to your corner now!”

     Sarah got off the couch and stomped toward the corner with a serious pout. Although, before she could reach it, Leana came up behind her. Without any warning, she grabbed hold of her arm, spinning her around; she landed several stinging swats on her backside. Sarah tried to jump out of the way, but Leana didn’t have it. She kept swatting until Sarah ended up right where she had told her to go.

     It wasn’t until Sarah was standing in the corner, hands trying to rub the sting out of her sore bottom, that she finally realized her situation. She began to think back at her behavior and how she had been treating Leana this past month. ’How could she be so bratty?’ That’s when the tears started to leak and were soon running down her cheeks.

     Leana shook her head, watching Sarah fidget in the corner, and thought, “Oh little girl, you finally realize how you got here. Tonight we are going to end that bratty behavior!”  

     Leana let Sarah stand in the corner for a good twenty minutes before calling out to her. She wanted her to think about her attitude and how it landed her here. No way were they going to have a repeat of this behavior.

      Leana sat on the couch before speaking, “Sarah, please come here; it’s time we talked. We need to take care of the problem we seem to be having.”

     Sarah turned around slowly. After being in the corner thinking about her behavior, she realized how bad she was behaving. Leana didn’t deserve her attitude. She was just jealous because she couldn’t get her way. Sarah knew she deserved the spanking she was about to receive, but knowing she earned it, didn’t make what was coming easier.  

      Standing in front of Leana, Sarah’s lip trembled as she wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She began to apologize for being such a brat. “Leana I’m so sorry. I was wrong to have acted so mean. I was jealous. I know I can’t go, please don’t be too mad.” Then she just started to cry even harder.

      Leana pulled her to sit on her lap, “Sarah baby, it’s ok. I’m not mad. I was disappointed with your attitude, but this spanking you’re about to get will fix that.”

      Sarah cried more. She knew she earned a spanking but didn’t want one. Pleadingly she said, “Leana, I’m sorry, please don’t spank me. Please”

      Sarah sat on Leana’s lap, crying, while Leana soothingly rubbed her back. ”Hush, baby, you are getting a spanking. We are going to make sure we don’t have a repeat of the behavior we had today. You were acting up just because you didn’t get your way. Pouting and whining all month, no way. So I’m going to spank that bottom of yours until you never want to misbehave .”

     Still hoping for leniency, Sarah pleaded. “I’m so sorry, Leana. I know I can’t go. I’m sorry I acted that way. Please, please, please, don’t spank me.”

     Leans decided the time had come and said, “Ok Sarah enough, up you go. Get those jeans and panties down. I want you over my lap so we can deal with this.” She helped Sarah go from sitting on her lap to laying over it. As much as Sarah didn’t want a spanking, being here over Leana’s lap just felt right.

      Sarah sighed once she was in position. Even knowing she didn’t want a spanking, being over Leana’s lap brought the calm she needed and hadn’t felt all month. After settling herself, Sarah felt Leana’s hand rest on her bottom. It was just a shame she didn’t realize what she needed before she landed herself in trouble.

    Leana began rubbing Sarah’s bottom as she spoke. “Sarah, do you understand why you’re about to get this spanking?”

     Softly Sarah whispered, in a barely audible and sorrowful tone. “yes ma’am.”   

     Leana understood Sarah’s sorrow, and she replied softly, “Ok, baby girl, Tell me please.”

     Sarah hated to explain her bad behavior; it mostly happened when she was in this position. The words were not easy to express. This time Sarah had no real excuse for her bratty behavior; even when she knew she was acting up, she couldn’t make herself stop.  

     Leana patted her bottom, hinting to Sarah to start to speak. Once in this position, Sarah had learned the hard way; if asked a question, you answered right away. By not doing so, you added very painfully to your punishment.  

     Not wanting to incur anything more than she already had to come, she began explaining. “Because I was mad about not going to Las Vegas with you. I was being a brat and gave you attitude.”

      Wanting to be sure Sarah understood, Leana said, “You do realize why you can’t go right?”  

      Sarah answered with a sniffle, “Yes ma’am I know, It’s for your job and not a vacation. I’m sorry, Leana.”

     Finally, Sarah accepted she couldn’t go. Leana wondered this acting up had anything to do with Las Vegas, or maybe Sarah needed a spanking from her as a form of reassurance. The answer should become clear in a few minutes. Whatever the reason, Sarah was getting spanked.

     Leana said as she stopped rubbing, “Ok then let’s get this over with” then, without delay, she lifted her hand and started to spank Sarah’s bottom. Swat after swat rained down on Sarah’s Little bottom. Leana was determined to provide either reassurance or correction or both to her little brat.

      Once she had a beautiful, even pink tone on the bottom in her lap, she picked up the paddle. Sarah hadn’t seen the paddle, and it was her most hated of the implements. But after this month of on again off again brattiness, Leana was not messing around. So Sarah was going to behave while she was away. The paddle was just the type of insurance policy she needed.

     The hardwood of the paddle made it a fierce implement, leaving the muscles sore for days. Leana only used it on rare occasions. Today being one because this lesson was one, Leana wanted her to feel for several days. Every time Sarah sat this week, the remainder would be there.

      Leana lifted the paddle, she brought it to Sarah’s bottom with a hard crack, momentarily leaving an imprint of the paddle. She screamed her displeasure, “Noooo ow! Leana, please, no, no, not the paddle!! Ow. owww I’m sorry, please no more,!!!” Each time the paddle landed, a red circle followed in its wake. This rhythm went on for several minutes. Starting on the right side, moving to the left side, the middle, and then back again.  

      Leana knew this would be painful but needed to finish what she started. “Shh baby, I know it hurts, but we’re just getting started. We are going to make sure we work all of this brattiness out.”

      Sarah kicked and wiggled to try to escape the burning swats. But, the swats kept coming, one right after the other Leana kept up the pace, as Sarah’s bottom was getting more and more red and blotchy. Finally, Sarah was crying and begging for it to end, barely able to stay on Leana’s lap without wiggling off.  

     Leana only stopped when she was reasonably sure there wouldn’t be a repeat of this behavior. As harsh as it was, this spanking was also essential to reassure Sarah that she was here for her. Leana put the paddle down and began to rub Sarah’s back and a little of the sting out of her backside.

      She murmured reassuring words to Sarah. “Ok, Baby, it’s over, we are all done,  everything’s going to be ok now. You’re going to be my good girl, right?”

     She kept whispering as she rubbed her back; Sarah finally calmed down enough to be pulled up to sit on Leana’s lap. Leana held her little girl and kissed her forehead, grabbing a tissue and wiping tears from her face.  

   She finally looked into Sarah’s eyes and said softly, “Are you ok, baby?”

    Sarah shook her head and flung her arms around Leana, and apologized once again. “Leana, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” she wiggled a little before adding, ”That hurt, my butt is on fire.”

     Leana giggled and hugged her back, “Oh baby, of course, I forgive you, I love you. We’re ok baby.”  Sarah melted into Leana, her heart restored. She was happy that her dominant girlfriend wasn’t mad anymore, wishing she could have figured that out before she earned such a harsh spanking. Sarah was going to miss her for the week, but she was ok with Leana going now.  

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