Overwhelmed by circumstances

     Destiny grumbled under her breath as she made her way back to the desk, “seriously, this isn’t fair.” Shelly, her boss, had been piling on extra jobs all week, and she was already overloaded. All because two people quit and Charlie, her best friend, called out with the flu. “Shelly should just do it herself!” “Argh, I’m gonna have to stay late again.” Still grumbling, Destiny picked up the following folder. Sighing, she took out the contents and got to work.

     Thirty minutes later, her phone buzzed; it was Adele. “Hi babe, are you working late again?”

     “Sorry, hun, I forgot to call. I feel like just leaving and never coming back. I’m so frustrated.” Adele shook her head, listening quietly as her wife complained about her situation. But before she could respond, Destiny snapped, “Adele, Are you even listening?”

      Adele shot back, “Destiny of course I am and sweetheart you may want to stop with the attitude.” The warning didn’t go unnoticed by Destiny.

      “Sorry Adele, I’m just tired I guess.” Then she softly added, “um, Adele, am I in trouble?”

      “No, sweetheart, you are not in trouble but do me a favor a watch your tone.” After Destiny agreed, Adele continued, “How about I make you a nice dinner tonight? Then we can discuss you looking for a new job.”

      “Okay, Adele.” Destiny liked her job, but right now, the workload was overwhelming. “Hopefully, I can get out of here in an hour, maybe two. Ugh, I want to come home.” After only a few minutes of talking with her wife, Destiny had a burst of energy. An hour later, she walked to her car, thankful to be leaving work. Adele had a large bowl of spaghetti warming in the oven at home, ready to pamper Destiny with her favorite meal and some extra attention.

     Destiny smiled when Adele opened the door and held her arms wide, extending an invitation she couldn’t refuse. Snuggling as close as she could get, Destiny relished the feeling of being wrapped in Adele’s warm embrace. Stomach growling, Destiny broke their embrace and smiled once the aroma of spaghetti and warm bread reached her nose. Taking a deep breath, she said. “Mmm, something smells wonderful. Let’s eat Adele. I’m starved.”

     “Alright, sweetheart, go wash up while I bring everything to the table,” Adele said as she swatted Destiny out the kitchen door. Then added with mock sternness, “don’t be dawdling.” Destiny skipped out of the way of another swat and then ran down the hall, leaving Adele shaking her head.

      After changing into sweats and a t-shirt, Destiny made her way back to the kitchen. The aroma had her stomach growling, so as she sat, she picked up a roll and shoved half of it in her mouth. “Destiny, that’s gross,” Adele said with mild disdain. With a full mouth, Destiny smiled while Adele just shook her head once again. Filling both plates with spaghetti Adele then sat across from Destiny. She watched in amazement as her wife expertly twirled the noodles around her fork and began eating.

      Destiny, now full, sat back in her chair and took a turn to watch Adele as she ate. She was finding it to be quite a turn-on watching as a noodle missed the fork and would hang down until Adele slowly slurped it up between her lips. It wasn’t until Adele heard Destiny groan that she realized her effect on her girl. “Don’t get any ideas, young lady. Before we do anything, we need to talk.”

     Now alert, Destiny took a moment to think over her day. She remembered it being a crazy day and being in a bad mood, but she couldn’t remember getting into any trouble, so she quietly asked. “Adele, um, Did I do something wrong?” Destiny wiped away a few stray tears as they escaped and ran down her cheeks.

      Right away, Adele swooped the girl into her arms, holding her tight, she said. “No, baby, you are not in any trouble.” Then taking Destiny’s hand, Adele led the girl to the sofa. She sat first then pulled Destiny onto her lap. “Sweetheart, you seem so unhappy lately.” Before continuing, Adele lifted the girl’s chin up until their eyes met. “Is there anything I can do to help? Do you want to change jobs? Do you need some time off?”

      Destiny sat with her mouth open as she listened to her wife. “What?” She couldn’t wrap her head around what she was hearing. “Adele, I like my job.” Seeing Adele’s confusion, Destiny tried explaining. “It’s just, well, you know Shelly, my boss, well she’s been a real bear lately. She made two people so mad they up and quit. So then everyone else had to pick up their workload. Which was bad, but it was okay because Charlie and I made it kind of a game. Well then Charlie called in sick; I think she has the flu.” Pausing to take a deep breath, Destiny looked up at Adele. “sorry.”

     Squeezing Destiny, Adele thought for a moment then asked. “So you’re okay?” When she received a nod, Adele continued. “Do you have any idea why Shelly is being such a bear?”

      An exasperated sigh escaped, “I wish I did. But whatever it was started about three or four weeks ago.”

      Adele sat quietly for a few minutes, then asked, “Destiny would you mind if I talked with Shelly?” Confused, Destiny looked up at Adele. “It sounds to me like she may need to speak with another Top.” A panic look crossed Destiny’s face, “sweetheart, I promise I won’t even bring up your name.”

      “Adele, are you going to spank her?” The look of panic quickly turned to shock.

      “Well, I’d like to talk to her, but yes, if necessary, I would spank her, as long as you say it’s okay?” Adele patiently waited while Destiny thought over the question. After a few minutes, she said, “Destiny, if it makes you too uncomfortable, please tell me.”

        “No, It doesn’t. I guess I was just thinking about how much she really deserves a spanking.” Destiny smiled slyly.

        “Little girl, I never said I wanted to spank your boss.” “but her behavior sounds out of character.” “Now that that’s settled, how about you climb over my lap and let me warm you up?” Adele offered, unable to hide the smile at Destiny’s expression.

       “Adele?” Destiny half whined, “why?”

       “I think you could use a little release, and I miss having you over my lap.” Once again, Adele smiled at her wife. She would rather deliver Destiny a good girl spanking than wait for the inevitable trouble that stress was bound to bring.

      Destiny must have agreed because she got up off Adele’s lap and draped herself over without saying a word. Adele smiled down at her girl and admired the strength in her submission. “Good girl, but I think these pants need to come down,” Adele said as she was reaching for the girls’ waistband. Destiny lifted herself enough to allow Adele to lower both pants and panties quickly, then settled herself in anticipation for the first swat.

        Adele didn’t make the girl wait long, each swat landing on a new spot until they covered Destiny’s entire bottom. But unlike the usual punishment spanking, Destiny relished the building heat and began lifting her bottom to meet each swat. Destiny was on fire in other places besides her bottom but lay limp over her wife’s lap by the time the final firestorm landed. Once she could move again, Destiny lifted herself and reached for Adele’s hand. Intent on quickly making it to their bedroom, Destiny kicked her pants off, forming a clothing puddle on the living room floor before dragging Adele wantonly behind.

      Destiny shifted uncomfortably in her chair the following morning at work, staring at the computer screen. Adele failed to include her as to her plans. All she knew was that she would speak with Shelly at some point today. In all honesty, the sooner, the better; Shelly had been storming about the office ever since she arrived, making it almost impossible to get anything done. Destiny carefully watched as Shelly began a tirade at her secretary, trying not to seem noisy.

       The door to the office opened right as Shelly was getting wand up, and Destiny gasped. Destiny stared as the scene unfolded, she heard her wife’s voice turn cold, and a chill ran up her spine. “Shelly, Enough! Your office now!” Adele, fully expecting Shelly to follow her instructions, turned and headed to the office.

      Stunned into silence by a woman she barely knew, Shelly fell into step. But in the office, instead of being in charge of the situation, she was directed to sit. “You have thirty seconds to tell me why you’re berating your secretary.” Adele stood over Shelly with arms folded, piercing Shelly with a look that would have had Destiny in tears.

     “What business is….” Before Shelly could finish, she was grabbed by the ear and marched to the far corner. Not used to being treated this way, Shelly began to turn away from the corner.

      Adele was not playing. She turned the woman back toward the corner and landed a flurry of very hard swats to Shelly’s bottom. “Young lady, unless you want the entire office to hear you getting spanked, I suggest you stay put.” Adele knew the moment Shelly accepted her fate. While standing staring at the corner, Shelly finally realized how horrible she’d been acting. She remembered treating her staff so poorly that two of her workers quit right there on the spot. Adele sat behind Shelly’s desk and made herself comfortable. Reprimanding the woman several times for fidgeting before finally calling her over. “Come here, please.”

       Shelly made her way to Adele; submission was not in her nature, so the walk was excruciating. Her cheeks were warm with embarrassment, and her eyes stayed glued to the floor. She silently fought with herself to either listen or take back control. Lately, control wasn’t working, so she decided maybe Adele could help. Shelly waited nervously for Adele to speak.

       As Shelly stood in front of the desk, Adele let a few minutes pass, allowing the situation to sink in. “Now that you’ve had time to calm down and think, explain yourself.”

       Shelly was shaking her head, not in defiance but in hopes of clearing the fog. “Adele, I have no excuse. Sadly what you witnessed out there with my secretary is the horror I’ve become.” Bringing her hands up, Shelly used them both to cover her face as embarrassment flooded. Mumbling, Shelly tried to explain. “My behavior mortifies me. I swear I didn’t even realize what I was doing. Well, not until I was standing in the corner.” “Oh my god, Adele, how do I fix this?” “I don’t even think I can.”

        Adele got up from behind the desk and came around to stand by Shelly’s side. “I could use a cup of coffee and maybe some lunch. We can talk while we eat. I’ll drive; let your secretary know you’re leaving.” Adele watched as Shelly spoke to her secretary. Then, without giving her a chance to change her mind, she escorted the woman out. Immediately Shelly’s secretary let out a relieved sigh.

      Adele drove to the nearby diner; as much as she wanted to put this woman over her knee, she first needed to find out what was causing this behavior. Shelly sat with both hands around her coffee cup, a look of bewilderment on her face. Adele spoke, breaking the woman’s trance, “Shelly, I’m here to listen. If you’re not comfortable with me, we can contact a therapist.” When Shelly didn’t answer, Adele snapped. “Young lady, I need an answer, me or a therapist?”

      Shelly’s head snapped up; being on this end of that tone was a bit intimidating. “Sorry, Adele, I’ll talk.” Slowly Shelly explained after receiving some bad news from the doctor her partner of ten years couldn’t handle it and left. “I guess I lost it. I’ve been in a daze; oh my goodness, I’ve been horrible. Adele, what am I going to do?”

      Now that Adele knew what she was dealing with, she could help Shelly. “Thank you for giving me your trust. The first thing is we order some food, and I’m sure you haven’t eaten well either. Then we can take a look at the big stuff, and we’ll deal with what we can and find a therapist for the rest.” Shelly reluctantly agreed. Although she wasn’t the least bit hungry, she couldn’t say no to Adele. After a cup of soup and half a sandwich, Adele suggested going to Shelly’s place.

     “Adele, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. I’ve been, oh shoot.” Shelly tried to hide, covering her eyes with both hands, and her words became muffled. “I’m a mess.”

      Upon entering Shelly’s home, Adele glanced around at the clothes thrown about, take-out boxes on the table, dirty dishes piled in the sink. Adele wasn’t worried by what she saw; they could clean this in a matter of hours. What did give her pause was Shelly neglecting her health, so she decided to start there. “Shelly, let’s clear a spot at the table; I’d like to go over your doctors’ appointments.” Adele noticed a slight change in Shelly, but before Shelly could argue, she added. “Have you been ignoring your health?” Any argument turned to a nod of embarrassment.

    “Young lady, consider yourself lucky. Had Destiny acted this way; she would be standing for a month.” Shelly shivered, knowing as a top she would do the same thing. Adele spoke just as sternly when she directed .” Grab your phone, and a note pad then meet me at the table.” Then assuming Shelly would follow her orders, Adele walked over to the table and began clearing it of papers.

        For the next forty minutes, Shelly made appointments for various tests she’d been putting off. Although Adele recommended Shelly find a therapist, Shelly wasn’t ready for that just yet. Once the phone calls were out of the way, Adele said as she glanced around the room. “Very good; now that those are out of the way, I’ll help you clean the house.” All Shelly wanted to do was crawl under the covers and hide away. Unfortunately, Adele had other plans, and Shelly knew she had no choice but to follow.

         To most, Adele may have seemed intrusive, but not to Shelly. Right now, she needed to give up control. She spent the last month in a daze alienating everyone she came in to contact. So when Adele said, let’s clean, Shelly numbly followed along, but she was exhausted after two hours of cleaning bathrooms and washing clothes and sheets. Luckily Adele was watching and noticed Shelly became fatigued. “Alright, that’s enough for today.”

      Shelly dropped down onto the lazy boy chair, arms and legs limp. “I could sleep for a month. I’m so exhausted.” Shelly sighed.

      Adele shook her head, “you can go to bed just as soon as you’ve eaten dinner.”

      “I’m not hungry.” Shelly snapped back.

      “Young lady, watch the tone. It’s not too late for me to warm your bottom.” “You need to eat.” Reaching out a hand, Adele waited patiently for Shelly to grab hold. Together they entered the kitchen. Shelly watched as Adele rummaged the icebox then cabinets. “Here’s some soup, I know you just had soup for lunch; unfortunately it’ll have to be enough for tonight. The good news is you’ll be shopping tomorrow.” Shelly again groaned but seeing Adele’s raised eyebrow.

      “Yes, ma’am” Shelly took the can of soup, popped the lid then emptied the contents into a bowl. She placed a paper towel over the bowl and was ready to heat it in the microwave.

       Adele decided now was a good time to leave but not without instructions. “I’m going to go now. You eat all of that before you lay down. Since we left your car at the office I’ll pick you up in the morning. I’ll drive you to and from work for the rest of this week.” Before Shelly could argue, Adele stopped her. “Enough! You need help and that’s exactly what you’ll get.” wrapping the woman in a hug, Adele added, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay.” Then while opening the door, she said. “On the way home tomorrow, we can stop and pick up groceries.”

      “Okay Adele,” Shelly replied, now resigned to her fate. After watching Adele drive off, Shelly returned to the kitchen and went about eating as if on autopilot.

      Destiny worked late again, but tonight worry replaced frustration. Butterflies have been fluttering since Adele came by earlier and left with Shelly. Of course, she was tempted to call or even text Adele. She did neither. She wasn’t sure if Adele would give her details or if she even wanted to know. Nope, she’d wait for her wife to call or see her at home. Finally finished, Destiny signed off the computer and headed for home.

      Destiny smiled, happy her wife was home, parking her car next to Adele’s. Although she probably wouldn’t get details, she hoped Adele would give her the highlights. Inside Destiny’s focus was finding Adele. Fortunately, she found her right away in the kitchen preparing dinner. Hearing the girl enter, Adele wiped her hands on a nearby dish towel before turning to give her wife a proper welcome. After worrying all day, Destiny immediately relaxed in Adele’s embrace.

      Reaching down, Adele swatted Destiny’s butt several times, awaking the sting from last night’s spanking. In response, Destiny jumped back and covered the targeted area. “Hey! What was that for?” Destiny whined as her lower lip puffed out into a pout.

      Smiling, Adele teased, “I just missed my girl is all.” Before touching her lips to Destiny.

      After coming up for air, Destiny said, “you sure have an interesting way of expressing yourself today.” Although she meant to sound unfazed, a slight smile gave her away. The smile quickly faded as she remembered her boss, “Adele, How’d it go today? I’ve been a nervous wreck all afternoon.”

       Usually, Adele would think Destiny was exaggerating, but not this time. Destiny’s smile faded, and a look so full of concern appeared. Adele had to try to explain. “Alright, come, let’s sit at the table.” Adele led the way, then once seated, began. “I’ll tell you only what I think appropriate. Now anything we discuss stays between you and me.” Taking a moment to get her full attention, Adele continued. “No bringing it up at work even with Charlie.” Letting that sink in, Adele stared at Destiny and then asked. “Okay?”

       “Yes, Adele, I promise, I won’t say anything.” A promise even Destiny wasn’t sure she could keep, but she’d try. Then color flooded her cheeks as she asked, “Did you spank her?”

       “No Destiny I did not spank her.” Adele remembered the office, “well I did give her a few swats but that was just to get her attention.” She almost chuckled at the look of shock that crossed Destiny’s face. “Destiny Shelly has a lot going on right now. I think we can help.” Adele’s use of the word ‘we’ had Destiny intrigued.

      “How can I help?” Destiny asked.

      “At first by being supportive. You see Shelly is going to be dealing with some health issues and unfortunately her girlfriend decided this was a good time to break up.” Adele let Destiny absorb the shock. “I don’t actually have any details.” She continued, “I spent today helping Shelly make doctors appointments and then we cleaned her townhouse. I’ll be driving her to and from work this week. On the way home tomorrow we will stop and pick up groceries.” “Now, it depends on what the tests show, she may be needing rides or well I’m not sure just what yet. Destiny I know it’s been hard but please try to be patient a little longer.”

        Worried etched Destiny’s face, “Oh Adele, is she going to be okay? Of course, I’ll be patient.” A tear slid down her cheek, and she added. “I hope she tells Charlie. I know they are close, oh Adele. I’m worried.”

         Adele reached over and wrapped the girl in a tight embrace. “I’m worried too, but let’s hear what the doctors have to say before we panic.” Adele pulled the girl away far enough to see her eyes, then wiped away the tears she said. “Little one, she may not realize it yet, but you’ve already helped by telling me. Now we can be sure she gets the help she needs.” She let that sink in then said. “How about we eat? I don’t feel like cooking. We can order in or make sandwiches?”

          Releasing herself, Destiny headed for the refrigerator. “Sandwiches work for me. I’ll make them. You go freshen up.” smiling; Adele turned to do just that. As Destiny prepared their sandwiches, she couldn’t help smiling and wishing she’d been a fly on Shelly’s office wall.

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