Fortune Teller

     Henna on her way to meet a friend was walking down the boardwalk when she saw a flickering sign. In neon lights it read Miss Tina’s Tarot cards. Never one to walk past a fortune teller, Henna made her way inside after paying the cashier. The room was modest, with loosely draped materials hanging along the walls and a light scented incense floating through the air. Miss Tina sat at a card table with a folding chair on each side, and on the table along with her cards were several flickering candles. There was just enough decor to give the illusion of psychic sensitivities without going overboard.

      Miss Tina gestured for Henna to sit opposite to where she was seated. Taking a moment, she studies Henna before speaking. “My dear, I see you have many concerns. Is there a specific area you would like me to focus my reading on today?”

      Henna believed strongly in psychic and clairvoyant powers, so when she answered, the words were true to her heart. “Oh, my love life. Am I ever going to find the one? You know, that takes care of all my needs?” A slight blush crept over Henna, her experience was limited, but her fantasies were not. Although she dated and had casual relationships, she never felt comfortable enough with anyone to truly open up. Even now, she wanted to ask Miss Tina, but she couldn’t say it out loud.

     Miss Tina smiled, people wanted to know many things, but this question was top of the list. Shuffling the cards, Miss Tina sent a silent plea into the ether, hoping to aid the girl. Miss Tina shuffled the cards then began placing them one by one on the table. By the end, she was confident Henna would meet someone. It would be very soon and this person would be able to take care of her needs. Miss Tina advised there would be some confusing maybe turbulent times ahead, she would need to give it time and have patience.

     Henna left Miss Tina feeling lighter than she could ever remember feeling. Back on the boardwalk, Henna stepped up her pace, the reading took longer than she expected, and now she was going to be late. As she walked, she took out her cell phone and sent a quick text to her friend Gloria. Gloria wasn’t happy waiting; she brought one of her single friends, hoping there would be a spark. But now, she was a little embarrassed with Henna’s tardiness.

     Arriving at Pete’s grill, Gloria waved Henna over to the table as soon as she saw her enter. “Henna this is my friend Rita. I was just telling her how you’re usually so punctual.” Gloria’s comment was a part tease and part scolding.

     Knowing her friend so well, Henna quickly apologized, “Oh Gloria, I’m so sorry. I was early so I stopped to get a reading. As it turns out it was very hopeful but it took longer then I thought it would.” Then remembered Gloria’s friend and directed her focus there. “It’s nice to meet you. Rita, right? Sorry to keep you waiting.”

     “Yes, not a good first impression.” Henna was slightly taken aback by the comment but decided to change the subject. This lady was Gloria’s friend, and Gloria would be very displeased if she were rude. The menu seemed like a safe topic, but when she mentioned getting a big juicy cheeseburger and a side of fries, Rita decided to offer her advice. “That sounds very unhealthy, you should think about getting a salad.”

     Henna rolled her eyes before answering, “Nope, I’m good. I’ll even share my fries.” The fact that this lady, someone she’d never even met before, assumed she ate like this all the time annoyed her to no end.

     Gloria sent a warning glance toward Henna; she caught the snippy tone Henna used and wanted it to stop. Henna saw the look from Gloria and gave her a slight shrug; luckily, the waitress arrived, saving her a little embarrassment. Gloria could be very stern and wouldn’t think twice of marching her to the lady’s room and planting a few swats on her backside. Once they placed their orders, the conversation lightened up. Rita even had Henna laughing a time or two, and after their meals arrived, she snuck a few fries.

     They had a pleasant visit until Gloria noticed the time and had to rush off. Henna, a bit startled by her sudden departure, figured she’d check the bus schedule before going outside. “What are you looking at?” Rita asked.

     “I was checking to see when the next bus leaves. I’d rather not wait outside if I don’t have too.” Henna said, not looking up from what she was doing.

     “No need to check, I’ll give you a ride.” Rita said matter of factly.

     “That’s not necessary, the bus is fine.”

     Rita, not a fan of the word no or being turned down, said. “Nonsense, I’m taking you home.” Annoyed once again by the matter-of-fact way this woman spoke, she tried one more time to decline but found herself getting into Rita’s car. On the way to her apartment, Henna was surprised when Rita asked. “I have an extra ticket for the Chihuly exhibit at Botanical gardens. It’s for tomorrow if you’d like to join me?”

     The question hung in the air for a moment; although Henna wanted to see the exhibit, she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend the entire day with this woman. In the end, she agreed, Really how bad could it be? Later that night, Henna was going to call Gloria, she needed more information. She also had a sneaky feeling of being set up, but she wanted to confirm. Scratching her head, she couldn’t imagine why Gloria would think she had anything in common with this woman.

     On the phone, Gloria’s response had Henna’s head spinning. “Yes, I do think you two would be great together. And if you think about what your fortune teller said only this morning, someone new, and unsettling? Just keep an open mind, ok? Oh, and by the way she is also a spanko, you may want to behave, or maybe not?” That last comment was said with a wicked laugh.

     Of course, she’s on time, just like Henna thought she’d be; she couldn’t imagine Rita’s arrival being anything but punctual. So when the doorbell rang, Henna made sure to have herself ready, which got a smile of approval from Rita. Strangely Rita’s smile annoyed Henna; then, when they were driving, Henna was quiet. Henna was trying to figure out what she was troubled at when Rita reached over, covering Henna’s hand with hers, causing Henna to startle.

     “Oh my, Henna, are you ok? You’re very quiet.”

     Attempting to pull her hand back, and the “I’m ok” response only strengthened Rita’s worry. Instead of getting out of the car once they arrived, Rita parked then turned toward the girl, her worry evident. “Please talk to me. Is something wrong? Would you rather we did something else today?” Henna didn’t understand her feelings and couldn’t find words. But when Rita added. “I seem to make you uncomfortable, maybe I should just take you home?”

     Henna’s reaction even surprised her. “No, no, I want to go.” Turning in her seat, Henna faced Rita and decided to come clean. Even though she hardly understood her feelings, she needed Rita to know. “Sorry, I don’t normally act this way, I, well, you, ugh, I don’t know.” Henna’s right hand came up, covering her eyes. She couldn’t find words to describe how she felt without sounding lame.

     Luckily Rita took over, “Ok, let’s go see the exhibit.” Henna agreed, she liked Rita, but at the same time, she rubbed her the wrong way. If she could get through today without trouble, Henna was going to call Gloria again. This time she’d grill her for details, like why she thought they’d get along. The exhibit was unique, and Henna was impressed with the elaborate glass sculptures, each one more impressive than the next. Rita seemed to be an expert on Dale Chihuly and his art, explaining each piece as they walked through the botanical gardens.

     Back in the car, Henna suddenly realized she didn’t want the date to end. The misgivings from earlier were gone, but when Rita said she was taking her home, Henna’s mood changed once again. “Oh, Henna, you may want to stop pouting or I may put you over my knee before I leave.”

    Henna’s head shot up, “Wait, What? You wouldn’t dare?” Of course, Henna knew better; Gloria told her as much. Rita’s eyebrows lifting had Henna shyly looking down at her hands. “I’m sorry. You can just drop me off.” Henna, now embarrassed, just wanted to be on the other side of her apartment door.

     “Little girl, I’ll be dropping you off alright, but before I leave we are going to have a conversation.” Rita held out her hand, signaling for Henna to hold. Henna’s stomach fluttered; she just wasn’t sure if it was from nerves or anticipation.

     The keys dropped twice before Rita grabbed them out of Henna’s shaky hands. Once the door was open, Rita ushered Henna inside, spotting the couch. She then led the girl by the hand. After they were seated side by side, Rita glanced at the girl making her squirm before she spoke, “Henna, I had a very nice time today and I believe you did too.” Henna nodded, “I’d like to take you out again. Would that be ok?” Again, a nod. “Ok, I’ll call you tonight and we can arrange something.” Rita paused for a brief moment, then added. “Before I leave, I’m going to put you over my knee, and show what I think of your pouting.”

     Henna had a feeling this was coming; Gloria said she was a spanko. She didn’t expect it to be on their first date. She tried apologizing, “Rita, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

     Rita had an amused smile when she said. “Little girl, I’m sure you’ll try to be good, for a day or two.” Rita reached over to help the girl stand. “Up, let’s go.” Resigned Henna got up without a struggle but flinched when Rita reached for the button on her slacks. Divesting the girl of both pants and panties then guided the nervous girl over her lap. Rita wasted no time warming up the girl’s bottom, her swats stung, but they were deceivingly light.

      As the swats landed, the warm feeling was not only in her bottom but in more intimate areas. But before she could do anything to embarrass herself, Rita landed a flurry of very intense swats. As soon as the pain registered, her hand flew back. Luckily Rita quickly grabbed hold then, with her other hand, landed an array of punishing swats to the backs of Henna’s thighs. Henna, now beside herself, howled, it had been a long time since her last spanking, but she didn’t remember it hurting this bad.

     Rita returned to her original target for a swatting finale, then let the girl calm as she rubs circles on her back and lightly on her bottom. Once the tears seemed to dry, and the worse of the sniffling calmed, Rita helped Henna up and onto her lap. Rocking the girl, Rita wrapped her arms tightly around, securing the girl in her embrace. “I’ve got you.” Rita whispered.

     Henna enjoyed being held and would love to have stayed wrapped in Rita’s arms. Unfortunately, Rita broke the spell. “Little girl, I need to get going. I’ll call you tonight, ok?”  Reluctantly, Henna got up, maybe even pouted. “You are not pouting, are you?”

     Henna quickly reached back, covering her bottom before denying. “Nooo, not me. Nope.”

After walking Rita to the door and watching her drive away, Henna called Gloria. “Help! I’m so confused, one minute I’m annoyed the next I’m turned on. I can’t stand her, then I don’t want her to leave. Gloria, what’s going on?” Gloria chuckled; she had a feeling these two would complement each other. Yes, they were different, but they wanted the same things.

     “Oh, Henna. I’m so happy.” Gloria’s enthusiasm confused Henna even further. “Sweetheart, you need to relax, go on a few dates. Leave yourself open to possibilities. Pretty soon you’ll be over her knee getting the spankings you desire.” When the line went quiet, Gloria was chuckling when she asked. “Henna, what did you do? Hmm, you don’t have to tell me but I bet you’re rubbing your bottom right now.” Gloria knew Henna well enough to know this silence spoke louder than words.

     “Oh Gloria, what am I gonna do?” Although she asked, Henna didn’t expect any answers.

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