Destiny’s Drama II

Part two

It was well after midnight when Leslie and Charlie said goodnight to their final guest. The party was a great success, but now they were both exhausted. Charlie yawned as she asked, ”Leslie, can we leave this mess and clean it up tomorrow?” She leaned on her girlfriend because she could barely keep her eyes open.
”I think that’s a good idea. I might enjoy watching your newly spanked bottom on display as you clean.”
Charlie’s eyes popped open, ”Leslie, you wouldn’t? Oh no, you would,” groaning; she decided to worry about that tomorrow; tonight, she was just too tired.
Meanwhile, Destiny was pleading with Adele as they entered the bedroom, ”Come on, Babe, please don’t. It’s not fair; Charlie was the one teasing me. I shouldn’t be in trouble.” Once inside the room, she looked up at her wife through the saddest looking eyes she could muster.
”Nice try, little girl, she was wrong to tease you, but she didn’t force you to throw a fit. If you think back to earlier, you’ll see the error of your ways.” The way Adele stood with hands on her hips and a stern expression across her face had Destiny sighing with resignation. ”Okay, let’s get ready for bed, then we can take care of business.”
Ten minutes later, Adele was sitting up in bed, waiting for Destiny. Stalling was not allowed before a punishment, so she didn’t have to wait long. Destiny entered the room with little enthusiasm but sped up when Adele prompted, ”No dawdling. Come here, please.” soon, she was at the bedside, lowering her pants before climbing up and over her wife’s lap.
Adele helped by adjusting the little girl into the proper position. With one hand rubbing Destiny’s back and the other resting on her derriere, Adele began questioning. ”Alright, little one, Why am I about to roast this bottom of yours?” When there was no reply, the hand that was resting lifted into action. Two hard swats prompted a response.
“Ugh, okay, okay, I threw a fit earlier and told you to go away.” almost forgetting, she quickly added. “I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.”
Although Adele knew her wife was sincere, she also knew it was a promise she couldn’t keep, no matter how hard she tried. ”okay, little one, thank you for the apology. Let’s finish up here so we can get some sleep.” At the end of that sentence, Adele began with an onslaught of swats that had Destiny gasping.
Adele wasn’t a fan of a warmup; in her mind, if you earned yourself a spanking, it began and ended the same. It only took a few stingers for Destiny’s begging to start. ”please stop, Adele; I’ll be good.” unfortunately, no amount of pleading ever worked. Adele made sure to land swats in every possible area. She was swatting five times steady on one cheek, then the same on the next. Moving to Destiny’s sit spots for some special attention, then onto her upper thighs and receiving high-pitched squeals before repeating the same pattern.
Just as there was no warning to start, the ending was the same. After Destiny was sure her butt would combust from the ongoing pain and fire, Adele stopped. ”Hmm, that should do.” she let her little one settle down, and the crying ease to a whimper before pulling her up and onto her lap.
Wrapping arms snuggly around the little body, Adele rocked and cooed. “Oh, baby, you’re going to be okay. Everything going to is okay, baby.” and on she went until she heard even breathing and held a limp body. With a gentle touch, she laid the girl on the bed and tucked the covers around her.
Adele walked around to her side of the bed, turning the light out as she pulled the covers back and climbed in. Although asleep, Destiny sensed her wife’s body and gravitated toward her, curling up at her side almost immediately. Who luckily, knowing this would happen, she left room on her side of the bed.
After her morning routine, Leslie nudged Charlie to wake. “Good Morning, it’s time to get up.” Usually, After a late night, she would be allowed to sleep in, but that all changed when she misbehaved. Leslie, determined to end the mean spirited aspect of Charlie’s brattiness, decided to make count today.
Unwilling to give in to the morning, Charlie grumbled. ”No, I’m sleepy.” then she attempted to duck deep into the warmth of the blankets. Leslie quickly snatched the covers up and off the bed, which had Charlie opening an eye to see her very stern girlfriend standing above. ”What? Leslie, what are you doing? Give them back.”
”Little girl, we have a big day ahead, so get up now.” There was no give in Leslie this morning. Charlie attempted ignorance but was startled when Leslie added. ”You have a significant punishment coming already. Do you want to tack on extra.”
”Oh, Leslie, please don’t. I’m still sore from last night. I won’t do it again, I promise.” the pouty lip she wore wasn’t resonating with her girlfriend, who was less than pleased with her little girl right now.
Leslie’s voice rose slightly but enough that Charlie noticed to tone and scrambled to get up. ”Enough, get up now.” She watched her girl jump up before adding. ”Meet me in the kitchen when you finish, and sweetheart, I’ll be watching the time.” On the way down to start breakfast Leslie thought about what implement she would be using once breakfast was over.
Twenty minutes later, a freshly showered Charlie entered the kitchen and glanced around the room nervously. Everything appeared as expected. Leslie was sitting at the table, reading the paper while drinking her coffee. The smell of bacon was enticing, even though her nerves were unsettling her belly. She startled when Leslie spoke. ”Good morning, Sweetheart. Grab some coffee, and I’ll make you a plate. You are going to need your strength; we have a long day ahead of us.”
If she thought herself queasy before Leslie’s promise confirmed it. ”yes ma’am” The coffee pot shook as she poured the hot brown liquid, spilling a little in the process. Whether Leslie noticed or not, she said nothing. Instead, she continued preparing eggs and toast for her naughty girl.
Placing the finished plate in front of Charlie, she directed, ”As soon as you finish, I would like you to go into the living room and place yourself in a corner.”
Charlie was able to squeak out, ”yes ma’am,” while wondering how she could keep her breakfast down. Ten minutes passed, and she only managed to eat half the plate of food. Wordlessly Leslie signaled to leave the rest, and Charlie got up to start her corner time. Standing with her nose practically touching the spot, is when Charlie fully realized how wrong she had been in teasing. In doing so, her mind flashed back to every time Leslie was there to set her straight.
The memories came on with a vengeance, remembering past times and how she always promised to behave. And how every time she broke the rule, the punishment became a little more challenging. A shiver ran along her spine. And right at that moment, Leslie tapped her shoulder, making her almost jump out of her skin. ”Sweetheart, come with me, please.” Charlie turned with a reluctance and dared not look up into Leslie’s eyes. Unable to bear the disappointment she’d see starting back.
Leslie led the now bashful girl over to the couch; seating herself, she guided Charlie to stand facing her. She then took a moment to look the girl over, trying to gauge whether a lecture would make any difference this time. Leslie thought about how sweet her little girl was most of the time. She just knew it was only a matter of time and some strict guidance to tamp down the streak of meanness that came out occasionally.
“Okay, little one, since we have been over this topic many times and you are still under the impression that it’s okay to play mean-spirited pranks. You and I will spend today and more, if need be, trying to figure out why. But first, we will be dealing with the green dress incident. Can you explain to me why you would do that to Destiny?” Leslie was genuinely curious. To intentionally lie and make the other girl upset.
Charlie just stood frozen; she had no excuse. She knew that Leslie was getting madder by not saying anything, but her mind stopped working, so she stammered. “I, oh, um, Leslie, I don’t know. I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.”
Shaking her head, Leslie began tugging her pants down, tapping her thigh, signaling to step. That left Charlie standing in her panties and feeling vulnerable; unfortunately, it did not take long for Leslie to point directly toward her lap. Right away, Charlie laid herself across her partner’s muscular thighs, letting a whimper escape her lips. “That’s it, little girl; sounds like you’ve finally realized the mess you’ve created. Well, I have an entire day planned for you, so we might as well get started.”
Lifting her right hand, Leslie brought it back down on a behind that still wore faint bruising lines from a whipping the night before. Charlie gasped as the pain registered. “Owie, Leslie, please, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” No response came, but the swats continued, one right after the next.
Leslie, a formidable Top, took no pleasure in this punishment, but she had a determination. That was to teach Charlie a lesson and give her a clear reminder under no circumstances was meanness allowed. Leslie had no problem with jokes and pranks as long as they were in good faith. After the striped bottom over her lap was a crimson shade of red, she stopped swatting.
Helping her little girlfriend up, she guided her back to the corner, kissed her on the head, gave her a tissue, and quietly began tidying up the room. Ten minutes passed before Leslie returned, tapping Charlie lightly on the shoulder; the girl turned slowly, cheeks wet with tears. Without a word, Leslie wrapped her strong arm tightly around the girl, and Charlie cried harder.
Leslie gave the girl comfort she needed for a few more minutes before continuing with the day’s events. “Okay, sweetheart, we are far from finished. Before lunch, we need to clean this house. Then after lunch, you have some apology letters to write. Once you finish with your writing assignments, my belt and I are going to solidify this lesson.”
Charlie, with tears still running down her face, managed to reply. “yes, ma’am,” Although the thought of any other implement striking her butt made her want to plead for mercy. She knew by doing so, and she might make her punishment worse. And as Charlie feared, Leslie forbade her to cover her swollen bottom, not that Charlie wanted anything to touch it. So moving with a bit of difficulty, Charlie began the arduous cleaning process, all the while trying not to think of the throbbing in her backside.
It only took two hours of working together to have the house restored to pre-party conditions. Leslie volunteered, ”Sweetheart, If you want to start writing, I will make us some lunch. I would like to see an apology letter to Destiny along with an essay, let’s say a thousand words for me on teasing and whether or not it’s appropriate. You can sit at the kitchen table while I cook.” adding, ”And before you ask, no, you cannot use a cushion.”
Silently groaning, Charlie began gathering supplies. She wasn’t stalling, but she also wasn’t in a hurry to sit either. Once at the kitchen table, Charlie had no difficulty putting together an apology letter because, since breakfast, she was formulating the words in her mind. The essay, on the other hand, worried her. One thousand words, what could she possibly write, but as she put pen to paper, the words came. Leslie’s words seemed to have stuck in her brain. Too bad they didn’t come back to her sooner, like when she started this mess.
By the end of the last paragraph, her hand was almost as sore as her derriere. She set the pen down and wiggled her fingers before looking up and spotting Leslie glancing her way from the other side of the table. Charlie was so focused on composing the essay she didn’t notice Leslie was at the table reading the newspaper Sheepishly, she said, ”Oh, I’ve finished.” her hands trembling as she passed the papers toward her girlfriend.
Taking the letter and the essay, Leslie instructed, “Let’s have lunch first, then you can take a shower while I read these. After you showered, put your PJ’s on and place yourself in the corner; I’ll follow you once I’ve read these.” Leslie watched as Charlie’s nod was her only reply. Seeing her little girl’s sadness had her heartbreaking. In a reassuring but uncharacteristic gesture, Leslie said, “Come here.” as she held her arms open. Charlie rushed over and cried as Leslie enveloped the little girl. “Oh baby girl, everything going to be okay; I know it’s been a rough day.” They sat for several minutes, with Charlie clinging to the one person that always made everything better.
As Leslie read through the papers, she was impressed that Charlie put her heart into the essay. Charlie explained that she liked playing pranks but didn’t always realize when her humor turned mean. She felt terrible when she would hurt someone’s feelings and would try hard to do better. ”Well, I guess it’s time.” Leslie told herself as she put the papers down and got up to deal with her naughty little girl.
Upon entering the room, she was happy to see that Charlie had followed directions and was nose to the wall standing in the corner. She took a moment to compose herself, then went straight to their walk-in closet and retrieved the belt. Holding the strap in one hand, Leslie used the other to move the bed pillows down to the bottom, piling them on top of each other. Once she had it to her liking, Leslie called Charlie over.
Jumping at the sound of her name, Charlie turned as the butterflies in her belly fluttered uncomfortably. Glancing up into Leslie’s eyes, she slowly made her way over. All too soon, Charlie was standing there praying for tonight to be over while awaiting further instructions. When they came, Charlie got chills. The voice that spoke was stern and unrelenting. ”Let’s get this going; I want you bare and over these pillows.” Quickly she did as bid.
”I’m pretty sure by the essay and apology letter you have written that you understand why we are here. But if there is anything you don’t understand, please tell me now.” Leslie paused to give Charlie time.
”yes, ma’am, I do understand, and I am sorry.”
“I know you’re sorry, but sweetheart, that no longer works for this problem. You have to do better, and sweetheart, I know you can.” Charlie mumbled an agreement as Leslie positioned herself before declaring. “Okay, twelve with the belt should be a good reminder.” enough said; Leslie brought the belt down across two already very tender orbs.
Each lash of the belt seared a line not only across those tender orbs but as each landed; she cried. She promised, whether aloud or not, to be better, and as they came down one then another, Leslie knew her girl is getting the message. She won’t give up on her no matter how hard it is to see and feel the pain. No, her little girl will get there; she will learn this lesson even if she must teach it again, each time she is learning.

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