Henna’s perfect Birthday

      This morning I was startled awake, and before I could shake the cobwebs from my head, a staccato of slaps reigned down. I was sleeping soundly and didn’t know what was happening for almost a full minute. One swat right after the next landed on my derrière. I tried to scramble out of the way, finding myself held down while the steady pace continued. Then just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, it stopped. I felt a warm breath on my ear and heard a familiar husky voice whisper, “Happy Birthday, Babe.”

     Henna never imagined that a fantasy she told Rita months ago would come true. She assumed Rita had forgotten about it. So the unexpected barrage of swats to her backside this morning was startling. Then hearing Rita’s sexy voice, surprise quickly turned to euphoria, and Henna knew this would be the best birthday ever. An hour later, after enjoying Rita and her warm bottom, Henna climbed out of bed, ready to enjoy her special day.

       Today Rita planned to pamper and spank Henna all day, so she began by pulling the girl into the shower. Under the spray, Rita lathered her hands with flowery scented soap and made sure to wash every inch of Henna’s body. Then after toweling the girl dry, Rita sat on the toilet seat and grabbed the bath brush before directing Henna over. Henna slightly pouted, whining something about damp skin but did as told. The bath brush landed with enough swats to cover her age, then a doozy of swat for good luck.

      After they were both dressed, Rita had Henna sit at the kitchen table while she made them breakfast. Henna sat on her tender butt drinking coffee while watching her girlfriend cook breakfast. Rita took a moment to tease Henna by playing with the wooden spoon, then laughed when Henna’s eyes grew wide. “Rita, That’s not funny,” Henna whined despite enjoying all the attention. Then she asked, “Rita, what do you have planned for today? Well, besides warming my bottom.”

       Rita looked over slyly, “maybe that’s all I have planned. Maybe I’d like to have my girl over my knee all day.”

       “Very funny, Rita, but I doubt your hand or my butt could take that much spanking.” When Rita remained severe, Henna’s smile quickly changed to a concern and uncertainty. “Rita?” She questioned. “Come on. You can’t be serious?” This time a whine escaped.

       Enjoying the girl’s squirmy look, Rita let the question linger for a moment before answering. “The only thing I have planned is to give you a proper birthday spanking right before I take you to dinner. I look forward to you trying to sit still on a freshly spanked bottom.” Rita chuckled at Henna as her expression changed to one of indignation. “The rest of the day is for you to decide.”

       Rolling her eyes, Henna said, “well, I guess I should be thankful I have some say.”

       Rita placed a plate of eggs in front of Henna and added, “keep up the eye-rolling, and you’ll be wanting to stand through dinner.” Of course, Rita was teasing, but Henna quickly shoved a forkful of eggs in her mouth to be safe.

       “Mmm,” mouth full, “can we go to the zoo? I love seeing the monkeys? They’re so cute.” Henna stopped eating long enough to plead with Rita.

       “Yes of course, but only for a few hours. Don’t forget we have dinner plans.” Rita said as she dug into her breakfast plate.

       When they returned home from the zoo, Henna was giddy. She loved the monkeys, and today they were feisty. Henna would have stayed and played with the monkeys all day if Rita hadn’t swatted her bottom and then dragged her away. Of course, a few monkeys witnessed Rita’s encouragement and became even more playful. “Henna dear, we have two hours until dinner; let’s shower, then I’ll give your bottom a proper birthday spanking…I want to make sure it glows a nice ruby red.” Rita said teasingly.

       Henna’s protests were in vain. Today Rita was fulfilling all of her birthday fantasies, so after a mild denial, she began stripping. Clothes flew to the floor from the entryway to the bathroom. As she followed, Rita scooped the discarded clothing while keeping a tally of additional swats each piece would add. She was determined to create a birthday masterpiece on the girl’s bottom. Rita dropped the dirty clothes in the hamper before joining the birthday girl.

       After drying the girl, Rita took Henna’s fluffy robe and covered the girl before taking a comb to her hair. Then holding her right hand brought the girl into their bedroom. Rita sat on the bed’s edge, standing the girl in front of her before unfastening the robe’s belt. Rita smiled as a shiver rattled the girl’s body. She was sure it was anticipation that caused the reaction.

       “Alright, my birthday girl, Let’s get this robe off.” As Rita removed the robe, her hands skimmed over Henna’s body, leaving her skin tingling. Finally, Rita pushed the material off Henna’s shoulders, allowing it to pile on the floor before admiring the girl’s beauty. Then in a flash, Henna found herself draped over Rita’s lap.

       The naked girl squirmed as she tried to find her balance and then, once settled, held her breath in anticipation of the first swat. Henna never knew how hard the first swat would land because Rita tended to change it up. There were times she’d start intense, and yet other times, she used a lighter touch and slowly built up the intensity. Today Rita chose to continue using this morning’s method and sharp, stingy, and fast swats.

        As soon as Henna felt Rita’s paddle-like hand land several times, she knew she was in trouble. It didn’t take long for the heat to build as Rita lit a fire on each cheek and then down one leg, then the other, “Owwie! Rita!, Owe!” Henna attempted to reach a hand back to block the assault, only to have her hand locked at the base of her back in a vise grip. Although Henna felt hours had passed since the first swat landed, it had only been a few minutes. Then as quickly as it began, Rita stopped.

        Henna lay limp over Rita’s lap, and now that the spanking was over, she enjoyed the feel of Rita’s now tender hand. The hand that built a fire was now softly rubbing and squeezing her sore cheeks. Henna opened her legs slightly, hoping for a little more attention in areas she felt neglected, only to feel a slap instead. “Oh no, my dear, we’ve got dinner reservations.”

      Henna groaned as Rita helped her stand, then giggled when Rita pointed to the outfit she was to wear. “Rita, you can’t be serious. That skirt is way too short, and white panties? Come on!”

      Sternly Rita said, “maybe you need to go back over my knee, so I can show you how serious I am.”

      Henna became squirmy listening to Rita’s change in tone, but her cheeks were too tender to risk another round over Rita’s knee. Henna giggled as she sidestepped to get beyond Rita’s reach. “Ok, ok, I’ll wear the skimpy outfit.” Still laughing, Henna grabbed the clothes and rushed to the bathroom. After dressing, Henna stared in the mirror, shocked that Rita would choose an outfit that would show off her red cheeks to the world.

        When she heard the door open, Rita stood by the dresser, putting on her earrings. She looked up to see Henna nervously standing in the doorway. Rita opened her arms, and immediately Henna scurried into their security. “Oh, baby girl.” Rubbing the girl back, Rita said, “you look so cute, but if you’re too uncomfortable, you can change.”

       Henna searched Rita’s eyes and immediately, she knew she would wear anything Rita asked. Expecting a romantic dinner for two, Henna screamed with joy at seeing her good friends at the table. As she made her way to hug each one, the fact of her red cheeks and short skirt became the highlight of the conversation. Luckily with this group of friends, a red bottom glowed like a badge of honor, which Henna wore proudly.

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