Following the Rules

   As the school year progressed, so did Diane’s confidence. Although she still required a tutor, she now realized learning was possible. Soon she was making friends and joining study groups; once in a while, they would all go out, sometimes for a drink, other times dinner, and a movie. Bernice and Imelda encouraged and wanted Diane to be around people her age.

    On one of those occasions, Diane arrived home relatively late and more than a little tipsy. Meeting Diane at the door, Imelda practically caught her as she stumbled through the doorway and into the house. She had been waiting up worrying, but after hearing Diane animatedly describe how she walked home cutting through the park, she became furious. ”Excuse me! Did you say you walked through the park after dark while drunk? Don’t you know how dangerous that is? I have half a mind to put you over my knee and spank some sense into you.” realizing now was not the time, she took a deep breath before adding. ”You need to go to bed. We will talk in the morning.”

    Nervous but too drunk to hold her tongue Diane said. “Imelda, come on, it’s not that bad. I’m fine. I just had a few drinks.” looking up at Imelda and seeing her hard expression; she backtracked immediately, no sense pushing her luck, and retreated. “ok, ok, I’m going. Good night Imelda.” quickly, she scurried to her room.

     Standing in astonishment, Imelda shook her head right as Bernice came into the room. ”Was that Diane? Is she home? Is everything alright?” Bernice knew just by looking at Imelda’s face that everything was not alright.

    Answering through clenched teeth, she explained. ”Yes, she is home. She is also drunk, and she walked home that way. She dared to brag about taking a shortcut through the park.” turning to Bernice, thinking she would see the same look of outrage. She was shocked by her lack of expression, then the realization hit. ”OMG, Bernice, I did the same thing; I’m so sorry. I must have driven you crazy.”

    Chuckling, Bernice reassured, ”Well, you are lucky Diane isn’t nearly as wild as you were. It’s scary when someone you love puts themselves in harm’s way. Although I’m not happy about her walking through the park, I believe you need to explain it to her, and then once you do, I’m sure she will understand the dangers.”

     A much calmer Imelda sighed, ”Well, I better get to bed. I have a feeling Daisy’s going to need a little distracting when she wakes up. By the looks of it, Diane’s going to have a pretty good hangover in the morning.” reaching over and embracing Bernice, she added. ”I don’t know what I would have ever done without you. Goodnight Bernice, I love you.”

     Returning the hug, Bernice smiled, thinking she couldn’t ask for a better daughter. “oh baby, and I love you too. Sleep well, and don’t be too hard on her; she is now finding her wings. There’s bound to be a few false starts before she gets it right.”

     Laughing, Imelda joked. ”Looks like you’re turning into a softie.”

     Raising her arm to swat, Bernice said. “I’ll show you what a softie I am.” Then, join in on the laughter when Imelda scurried out of reach. Shaking her head, she continued watching as Imelda disappeared down the hall.

     As Imelda expected, it was six o’clock when she felt Daisy climbing onto her bed. Her little head rested on the pillow while her small hand began rubbing Imelda’s face. Once she knew she had Imelda’s attention, she explained with worry etched on her face. ”Mommy has a headache. She said, go back to sleep, but I’m not sleepy, and I’m hungry. Can you make me some pancakes?” Daisy, without fail, was always hungry when she woke.

     Pulling the covers back and climbing out of bed, Imelda reached for her robe. ”Ok, Let’s go make them together. I think they taste better that way. What do you think?” then quickly stifling a yawn.

     Excitement now had the little messy-haired head bobbing up and down; Daisy’s smile lit up her face as she grabbed hold of Imelda’s hand and led the way to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Bernice was sleepily readying the coffee maker brightened at their arrival. ”Good Morning, you two. What’s going on? Why are you up so early?”

    ”We’re making pancakes cause they taste better if we make dem together. And Mommy is sleeping cause her head doesn’t feel good.”

  Smiling, ”ok, don’t let me get in the way. I’ll set the table while you girls cook.” she had no problem relinquishing cooking duty.

    As soon as breakfast was over, Daisy wanted to watch cartoons. Today being Saturday, Imelda agreed and set her up in the living room with pillows propped up on the floor, giving her front row to the tv. She was returning to the kitchen just as Bernice was finishing the dishes. ”I think I’ll check on Diane, maybe bring her some juice and a few aspirins.”

    Diane was softly moaning when Imelda entered. Walking over to the bed, she sat on the edge. Then setting the pills and glass on the side table, she inquired as she was moving hair away, trying to uncover Diane’s face. ”Hey there, baby girl, How are you feeling this morning? A little birdie said you had a headache.” receiving a pitiful grin, she instructed. ”Why don’t you sit up for a minute. I brought some aspirin. That and some more sleep should help you feel better.”

    Struggling to sit up, Diane shyly did as instructed, reaching for the glass she took to pills before asking in almost a whisper. ”Imelda, Are you still mad at me?”

    ”No sweetheart, I’m not mad, but you scared me last night. Later, when you’re feeling better, we will be discussing a few things. For now, why don’t you get a little more sleep and let those aspirin kick in?”

     Nervously Diane added. ”Am I in a lot of trouble?”  While slowly looking up into Imelda’s eyes.

     Softly Imelda reassured. “No honey, You’re not in trouble, and I’m not mad. But we are going to talk later.” That said, she tucked Diane in, kissed her forehead, and left the room. Entering the living room, she found Daisy right where she left her. “Daisy, How about we go do something fun. Just the two of us. It’s too cold for the zoo. How about the Museum and we can see what’s playing at the Imax?”

     Daisy loved spending time with Imelda, but today she was worried about her mom. ”ok, That would be fun, but what about mommy? What if she needs us?”

     Giving Daisy a reassuring hug, she said. ”Your Mommy’s going to be okay. She had a headache, but I gave her some medicine. Right now, she needs some sleep; then she will feel better when she wakes up. So, What do you say should we get out of here and let her sleep?” Daisy’s head once again was bobbing up and down with excitement. ”Ok, let’s go see if Bernice can help you get ready while I shower.” hand in hand, they went to search for Bernice.

    A few hours later, Diane entered the kitchen searching for coffee; Bernice was at the counter preparing lunch. ”Good Morning Bernice, please tell me there’s coffee.” she aimed right for the coffee pot and snagging the last cup, and popping it in the microwave to warm.

     In perfect timing, Diane had just finished the last sip of coffee when the door opened, and two of her favorite people walked in. Daisy ran up, flinging her arms tightly around her. ”Mommy, Mommy, you’re up. Yeah! We went to the Museum, and we saw a turtle movie. It was really fun. Can I get a turtle?”

     Squeezing tight, Diane giggled. “Oh no, We can visit them at the zoo, when it’s warmer, but we can’t keep one here. Let’s get you cleaned up. Bernice has lunch almost ready.”

     After lunch, Bernice and Daisy attended the kitchen cleanup, and Imelda took that opportunity to pull Diane aside. “Honey, come with me to my office. I think it’s time we had a chat.”

     Immediately, butterflies began to flutter in Diane’s tummy. “Um, ok, but, um, I thought I wasn’t in trouble.” She met Imelda’s eyes shyly, hoping to figure out what was happening.

      “You’re right. You’re not in trouble, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about last night. I think we may need a few rules in place, and that is what we will be discussing.” Reaching for Diane’s shaky hand, Imelda added. “Diane, there is no need to be nervous; everything is going to be fine. I have some concerns, and I would like to discuss them. Why don’t you go ahead and have a seat.” Imelda directed before going around her desk and taking her seat.

     Diane was not reassured; she felt like she was in the principals’ office, waiting for sentencing. As soon as Imelda cleared her throat, Diane practically jumped out of her skin. “Ok, so here’s the deal, I know you’re an adult, and most of the time, you make good choices. Unfortunately, last night you decided to make several bad ones. Now since we had no rules in place, there won’t be any consequences, but after our talk today, that will change.”

     Head down, Diane softly agreed. “Ok.”

     “First, If you are going out, you need to let Bernice or me know where you’ll be.” raising her hand to halt any protest, she continued. “Before you say anything, You don’t need our permission, but if something happens, we need to know where to find you. Ok?”

      “That sounds fair. I should have thought of that. What if Daisy needs me?”

      Continuing, “That one is pretty easy. The other two things we need to discuss are your drinking and walking through the park at night. Well, let’s start with alcohol. I’m not crazy about you coming home drunk. But again, you are an adult, and as long as you don’t make it a habit, then ok, but anything more than that will not be tolerated.

     “I don’t usually drink, and last night we were celebrating the end of the semester. I guess I got carried away. I swear I didn’t drink that much, and I didn’t even realize it hit me that hard until we left. At that point, I thought the cold air would sober me up.”

    Imelda responded with an understanding nod before getting to her main grievance. “I do understand alcohol can sneak up on you sometimes. That leads us to my main problem from last night, the fact that you walked home. Not only did you walk home, but you were intoxicated walking alone at night.” Imelda’s tone was becoming harder. “You chose to take a short cut through the park. Alone, drunk walking through the park at night!”

     Blushing, Diane finally realized the problem. “Oh, I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry Imelda, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I promise I won’t do that again.”

     Imelda’s tone calmed slightly but still had an edge when she added. “It had better not ever happen. The park is off-limits at night. Drunk or sober, it is not safe. Do you understand? The park is nonnegotiable.”

     “Yes, of course, I promise.”

      Sighing, Imelda took a deep breath, one she didn’t even realize she’d been holding, and continued. “I think I would feel more comfortable if you had Marcos drive you or took an Uber home. I don’t like you walking home at night.”

      Unable to control her, annoyance Diane rolled her eyes. “Come on, Imelda, you have got to be kidding me. I like walking, and I don’t want to waste money.”

      Sharply Imelda said, “Young lady, enough with the attitude. You may be an adult, but I can still turn you over my knee. You may want to remember that.”

    Which got the response she expected. “Oh, ok, fine, I’ll take Uber at night.”

    Imelda got up and walked around the desk to Diane, offering her hand. She pulled her up and quickly enveloped her in an embrace before adding. “You also may want to thank Bernice. She stopped me from whipping your butt last night. After you bragged about walking through the park, I was ready to get my belt.” Diane shuttered at the image and decided she would thank Bernice.

    Almost three months after the infamous walk in the park, Diane inadvertently got herself in trouble. After class, her study group decided on the movies. Diane didn’t think anything of it. She knew Bernice would put Daisy to bed. So she shot off a quick text. “Hi Bernice, Be home late. Going to the movies with the study group. Love you, Diane.” Then she quickly turned her phone off. Unfortunately, she forgot to hit send, so the message was never delivered.

     Everyone was talking over each other on the way out of the theatre. The adrenaline from the car chases and shootouts on the screen was evident. Not wanting the night to end, they all decided to go for a drink. Entering the pub next door, Diane pulled her phone out and turned it on. Immediately the alerts came, missed texts and phone calls, voice mail, ten in all. Panic set in as she hit the voice mail button. Bernice’s voice was stern and clear from over an hour ago. “Young lady, where are you? You had better call as soon as you get this message!” then Imelda with a variation of the same message soon after. “Diane, you know you are supposed to let us know where you are. Call right away!”

      Hand now trembling, Diane called Imelda’s number. Immediately Imelda’s concerned voice came on the line. “Diane, is that you? Where are you? Why didn’t you call?”

      Once she had a break in questions, she asked. “What do you mean, I send Bernice a text. I said I would be home late, and I was going to the movies.” She was now getting annoyed. “Is everything alright? Daisy?”

      Imelda heard the annoyance in Diane’s voice, and it set her off. “Young lady, you are in enough trouble for one night. You may want to drop the attitude.” Imelda’s tone was harsh, and Diane realized she was in trouble; her stomach dropped. “Your daughter is fine. Now that I know you’re alright, I want you to order an Uber and get home. You and I have an appointment with the hairbrush.”

     Diane’s cheeks involuntarily clenched. “Oh, no. Imelda, I did try to text.”

     Sternly Imelda snapped. “Home Now!”

     Meekly. “Yes, ma’am,” after hanging up and with hands still shaking, Diane ordered the Uber and said her goodbyes. In the car, she checked her texts, groaning when she realized it was there but never sent. “oh man, I’m in so much trouble.” As the car pulled up into the driveway, Diane’s panic was skyrocketing. The idea to order another Uber and escape her fate flashed through her mind, but she couldn’t imagine recovering from that kind of trouble.

     Just as she was putting her key in the lock, the door flew open. Standing in the entryway was Bernice and Imelda looking as mad as she’d ever seen them. A shiver ran up her spine, then unexpectedly, Bernice pulled her into a hug. “You’ve scared us half to death. We were just about to start calling hospitals.” But before she could apologize, Bernice swung her around and landed a flurry of swats on her backside. Diane’s hand flew back, trying to cover herself. It was too late, so she decided instead to rub out the sting. “I’m going to let Imelda deal with you, but I expect answers in the morning.” Hugging her again, she whispered. “I glad you’re ok. Good night.”

      Once Bernice left, Diane’s apprehension skyrocketed as she was wiping her sweaty palms on her jeans. Finally, she dared a glance up and gasped as she saw Imelda‘s stern expression. Stumbling to find her words, she tried explaining, but Imelda cut her off. “Imelda, I’m sorry. I thought I sent the text. I forgot to hit send.”

    “Young lady, that is no excuse. By breaking the rules, you had us worried sick. Your responsibility is to make sure one of us is aware of your whereabouts, especially when you are late. Go get your hairbrush and meet me in my room.” Imelda then turned on her heels, briskly walking down the hall toward her room, leaving Diane standing to stare with her jaw-dropping.

    Diane gave herself a little shake as if trying to snap her mind back from the shock. She hurried to her room, aware she couldn’t stop the inevitable. But maybe by following instructions, that would earn some leniency. Unfortunately, by Imelda’s expression, she didn’t hold out much hope. As her hands began to tremble, the need to run away was strong, once again, she thought about an escape,  and once again, she vetoed the idea. She had no other choice. She picked up the hairbrush cringing at the hard, unforgiving wood, and began the not nearly long enough journey to Imelda’s room.

     Knocking softly on the open door jam, Diane flinched, seeing the chair already in place and Imelda sitting stiffly. “Come in and close the door.” Shutting the door and wincing as it clicked loudly, almost matching the sound of her beating heart, she turned to make her way over. Her sneakered feet and the hairbrush were getting heavier with each step. The short distance was covered all too soon, and she was standing directly in front of Imelda. She trusted Imelda, but right now, she was scared. Wishing more than anything, she could climb up onto her lap and cuddle instead of going over it.

     Reaching up, Imelda took the hairbrush and placed it on the table next to her before grabbing hold of both Diane’s shaky hands. This part was necessary, and she wanted her full attention. ”ok, baby girl, please tell me why we are here and how we could have avoided this.”

     She was standing vulnerable in front of one of the few people who mean the world to her. The realization that she disappointed her hit, and so came the tears. Stuttering to explain, she tried. “oh Imelda, I’m so sorry, I thought I pressed the send button. I swear. I didn’t know it didn’t go through.” then looking pleadingly into Imelda’s eyes, hoping to see forgiveness.

    Imelda quickly reached up, pulling her into a tight embrace while at the same time grabbing for a tissue. “hmm, well, it sounds like you made a mistake, and next time, you will be more careful. But let me tell you, Bernice and I were worried sick. We didn’t know if you were in an accident, or maybe you went through the park and had been attacked.” After wiping tears from both their eyes, she stood Diane in front of her. “Alright, let’s get to it. Pants and panties down and over you go.” 

      Using the back of her hand, Diane was wiping a stray tear from her eye when Imelda’s words sunk in. Looking up, she said. “I am sorry.” receiving a sad smile in return. Then quickly, she began lowering her jeans when she felt Imelda nudging her by tapping her thigh. The sting from earlier when Bernice delivered a few warning swats now became overshadowed by fear of the hairbrush. She had been on the receiving end of that dreadful thing, and she was scared. “Imelda, I know I was wrong. Please don’t use the hairbrush. I won’t do it again. I’ll always call.”

     Imelda was not one to back down; that was a lesson she learned while over Bernice’s knee. And a lesson she planned to pass down as often as needed. Just like her mentor did. ”Baby girl, I know you’re scared, but you broke the rule, and that, my dear, has consequences. Come now over you go.” placing a gentle hand on Diane’s bottom, she felt the tension. ”ok, try and relax your cheeks. I don’t want to bruise you.” Rubbing, she encouraged her little one to relax.

     Diane lay there with a false calm as Imelda took her time rubbing both cheeks. Then she draped a supporting arm around her waist while simultaneously lifting the soothing hand and bringing it down with full force. Diane caught off guard, cried out. ”No, please, no” Diane’s cries did not faze Imelda as she continued a firestorm of swats. Getting extra squeals as her palm brought down on tender sits spots and even more tender thighs.

     Then the dreaded moment came. Imelda stopped but only long enough to pick up the hairbrush and rest it on the sore cheeks. ”nooo, please, I can’t take it. It hurts too much.” Diane began struggling and trying to get away, wiggling and, in turn, aggravating Imelda.

      Slapping the already sore backside, Imelda sternly warned. ”Little girl, if you don’t settle down, we will start from the beginning.”

      “Oh nooo, Imelda, please don’t. I’ll be good. Don’t start again.” tears streaming.” Imelda, please give me a minute. I just need a minute. Please.” pausing, Imelda placed a hand on Diane’s back and rubbed soothingly, giving her time to catch her breath. Diane taking a couple deep breathes, felt calmer and softly said, “sorry, um, I’m ready. I’ll be still now.”

       Imelda’s heart is filled with love for this little girl. “Very good. I’m proud of you, little one. Thank you for communicating. We can finish up and start anew.” Diane’s glowed with the praise until she felt Imelda reaching for the hairbrush, then dread set in once again. Raising the hairbrush only to bring it down with a sharp thud, Imelda brought the spanking on full force. 

      Involuntary cries escape as the pain is increasing. Even amid Imelda’s grip, Diane is barely able to stay in place amid the onslaught. Although she is trying each time the hardwood lands, it strikes another sensitive target; the burn intensifies. “ow, ow, owie… Please no more, Imelda!” This time Imelda didn’t penalize. Instead, she landed a final barrage to Diane’s very red bottom, causing earsplitting yelps to escape.

        Placing the hairbrush down, Imelda glanced down at her handy work before gently rubbing. Listening to Diane’s cry was breaking her heart. Hopefully, they would not have to repeat this lesson anytime soon. “Okay, baby girl, it’s all over. You’re ok now.” After a few minutes of whispered reassurance, Imelda gently pulled Diane up and placing her still bare bottom onto her lap. Rocking and cooing until Diane was finally able to speak.

        ”Imelda, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to worry. I thought I sent that text should have been more careful. Can you forgive me?”

        ”Oh, baby girl, of course, you’re forgiven.” tapping the very tender bottom, she added. ”I’m sure you will be more careful from now on.” embarrassed Diane, snuggled deeper into Imelda’s embrace.

        ”yes, ma’am, I will.” than a worried thought emerged. ”Um, Imelda, Is Bernice, you know, um, is she going to spank me too?” Looking up shyly, Diane trembled at the thought. She remembered all too well what it felt like receiving a spanking from both older women in the same week.

        Quick to reassure, Imelda wrapped her arms tighter. ”No sweetheart, Shes not going to be spanking you, but you will need to apologize for having her worry.” Imelda smiled as she felt Diane’s body relax.

        “I’ll apologize first thing in the morning,” Diane said while stifling a yawn. She was so comfortable sitting here on Imelda’s lap. She didn’t want to move.

       Imelda snuggled her for a few more minutes before lifting her and adjusting panties and PJs. ”Ok, baby girl, I believe it’s time for bed. Go on and get ready, and I’ll come and say good night in a few minutes. Diane didn’t need anyone to tuck her in, but it made her feel loved, especially after a spanking.

        The following morning Diane found Bernice alone in the kitchen. After explaining the text and apologizing for causing worry. Bernice enveloped her in a tight embrace before releasing Diane with a smile and a swift swap. Diane scurried away, giggling.

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Hi Patti, I’ve finally managed to start reading the blogs again. I’ve just started with your latest one here. I love the setup and am looking forward to reading the rest! Hope all is well with you. Stay safe! 😁

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