This is my attempt to write a story with a topic I offered another.

    As I finally sit at the computer and try to write, I realize my mind is blank, ”Where do I begin. I need to finish writing this article. Ugh, I don’t feel like it.” my procrastination continues. I put the article I am supposed to write on the back burner. Maybe if I do something different, I’ll get inspired. I set it aside for a few minutes and check for updates on Facebook. Scrolling, I see nothing all that new. Posts of food and whining about the quarantine. At this pace, I’m not going to finish before the deadline, so I’ve decided to get back to work.

    I’m just about to log off Facebook when I see my girl friend’s name pop up in the messenger box at the bottom of the screen. Instantly bringing a smile to my lips, then I remember my promise as I read the first line she writes.

     ”Hi babe, I’m glad you were able to get your article done so quickly. How did it turn out? Did you already hand it in?” well, of course, Tiffany would ask that. I’m on Facebook, a forbidden site unless all of my work has been finished and turned in. I must be taking too long to answer because she pops in again.

      ”Maxi? Are you there?” oh well, there’s no choice now. If I ignore her or pretend I don’t see it, she will be furious. Taking a deep breath, I acknowledge then quickly try to come up with a decent excuse. Although I know from experience, she sees through anyone I try to use.

       ”Hi Tiff, I’m here. I was just taking a quick break. I needed to clear my mind. How are you? Are you still going to be able to come home this weekend?” hurrying to tap out the words, I hold my breath. Oh, boy, please don’t be too mad.

       ”Maxine! Stop right there. Are you telling me you are playing on Facebook and who knows what else when you haven’t finished your article? Is that what you’re saying, young lady?” well, she is mad, that’s for sure. Once again, I begin typing, although now my hands start to shake.

        ”Um, well, Yes ma’am, I just took a quick break, I swear. I’ll get back to work right now. I promise.” oh boy, I’m in so much trouble. I’ve been looking forward to her visit this weekend, but now I feel I may be dreading it too.

        ”yes, you will, young lady. Tonight when I get off work, we will have a little video chat. I had better see some significant progress by then. This weekend we will discuss the rules again” I gulp loudly after reading her response. Being lectured over video chat will be a first for me. I feel the butterflies flying around my stomach.

        “yes ma’am, Okay, ma’am, I’ll see you later.” I type and sign out—no need to push my luck. If I keep typing, I’m likely to get myself in deeper. Before I even have a chance to come to terms with my fate, a text comes through.

        ”Check your email… I sent a Zoom invite for 5:30. I expect you to be on time.” I wish I could feign ignorance. That would not work with my girlfriend, Tiffany. She would see right through any attempt at lying to get out of trouble, and if she caught me lying again. I would not be sitting for the foreseeable future. Shuttering off the dread, I open the word document and begin typing. I don’t know why the words are flowing, but thankfully, they are.

         Two hours later, my article is done and off to the editor. I give a satisfied smile until I realize I only have thirty minutes until my doom. The clock on the computer is like a beacon counting down the minutes until I chat with my girlfriend. Or I should say until Tiffany chat’s with me because I don’t imagine that I will have many opportunities to speak. I take a quick look around the room; it’s a mess, and I’m a mess.

        In record time, I put the trash in the bin, dishes in the dishwasher, run the vacuum; finally, I jump into the shower. Once dressed, I make it back to the computer with three minutes to spare. My heart is racing, and I take a couple of deep breaths. I need to calm myself before Tiffany bombards me with questions. She doesn’t like it when I let my chores build-up.

      Ok, I have thirty seconds. My hand hovers over the button. I can’t be late, but I’m afraid to connect. Tiffany was so mad earlier, and my stomach is flip-flopping, just thinking about her stern expression. One last breath and I hit to connect with audio. It takes a moment to see her, and I want to hide, maybe disconnect. Blame the internet connection. Fortunately, I don’t take that route. Adding a lie would not be smart right now.

        Upon seeing my beautiful but furious girlfriend, I can’t help myself. Smiling words meekly spill out. ”um, Tiff, I’m sorry, please don’t be too mad. I finished the article, and I sent it in. I swear I was only on Facebook for a few minutes.” I can tell right away it’s too late and she is mad.

        ”Please tell me, What rule you broke and why we have that rule in the first place?” when she finishes her statement, I can see her arms folded in a don’t mess with me attitude. Her expression is harder than chiseled stone. I can’t help myself as a small whimper escapes.

       ”well, I’m only allowed on the internet for research when I’m working. I’m not supposed to be on social media if I have work pending.” I must be taking too long because she raises an eyebrow for me to continue. ”Because I missed several deadlines and almost lost my job.”

        “That’s right, now let’s begin. First, I would like you to gather a few things for me. Please bring me Hairbrush, paddle, and my leather strap.” stunned, I sat staring at the computer until a whiplike voice brought me back. “Maxine, Move now! You have 30 seconds.”

          I run without a word, first stop the dresser for Hairbrush, second nightstand drawer for the paddle; the last stop was for the most dreaded of the three. Hanging on a hook in the closet is the leather strap. I pause slightly, remembering the last time she used it and the welts I had for days after. Shuttering from memory, I grabbed it and flew back to Tiffany. Or, more accurately, a video of her. Not saying a word, I presented the trio of pain. What was she going to do? How would she use them over the internet?

       ”Very good, now turn around and tell me if there is anything on the coffee table.” turning cautiously because I still didn’t know what she had in mind. I informed her it was empty. ”ok, place all three items on the table evenly spaced. Ok. They will stay precisely where they are until I return home in two days. Next, turn the computer screen toward the corner, then I want your pants and panties down and your nose directly in the corner.”

         ”what? Over the internet? Please, Tiff.” I couldn’t help whining; this was so embarrassing.

         ”Young lady, you had better do as I say right this minute. You know better than to argue during a punishment. Keep it up, and we will do this tomorrow evening, too.” That was all the warning I needed. She did not make idle threats. She would have me stand there all night if I didn’t listen. I unfastened my pants and, in one motion, had them and my panties around my ankles. I only wished I was closer to the corner because now I had to hobble the ten feet trying not to fall.

         Corner time was dreadful, 30 minutes standing as still as possible, not daring to move. Every once in a while, the embarrassment I felt caused me to shiver. I didn’t like not wearing pants over the internet. Once my time was up, Tiffany called me over. ”ok young lady, please come here so we can talk and leave your pants where they are.” I turned slowly, and with my cheeks burning, I made my way over, barely able to look up. ”Sit, please.”

        Shyly, “yes, ma’am.” I still couldn’t lookup. I’ve spent plenty of time in the corner, yet this was the worse, most challenging time so far. When Tiffany is home and I’m in the corner, I feel more connected. Having her watch me over zoom makes me feel a little off somehow. I’m not sure if it just worries about how much trouble I’m in. I sit looking down at my hands; so far, I’ve been unable to make eye contact. I know she’s disappointed that I broke the rules again.

       Of course, she wasn’t going to let me get away without looking up. ”Eyes up, young lady.” As soon as I make eye contact, I see her disappointment, and I start to cry. ”Maxi, baby, talk to me. Corner time doesn’t usually make you fall apart this bad. Do you think I’m too hard on you?” I still can’t answer, so she adds. ”Ok, baby, calm down, grab a tissue, blow your nose, then talk to me.”

         I do what she says and tell her how I feel. How much more vulnerable I felt standing in the corner without her being home. It’s hard to explain because I don’t entirely understand it myself. I know she’s listening, taking stock of what I’m saying, and she is still considerate of my feelings. At the end of my explanation, I add. ”Tiffany, I’m sorry.” I can’t get anything else out before I break down again.

         ”Shhh, it’s ok baby, I understand, I know this is new to us both, and it will take some time. Unfortunately, I still have months on this project, which means if you’re going to misbehave, this will become a tool we may have to use. You may want to think real hard before you break our rules again.” her smile is stern but reassuring. I wipe away more tears as I try to compose myself.

       Once I’ve calmed down some, Tiffany’s questions start. It’s obvious she knows me well and maybe better than I know myself.

  She asks, “I have a few questions, and I want honesty from you. Now, Have you been keeping up on the housework?”

  Me, ”I cleaned,”  I say, a little rushed.

  She asks, ”Did you clean before or after we spoke?” I cringe.

  Me, ”um, after.” I was defensive a moment ago. Now I hear myself getting meeker.

  She asks, ”Have you been showering daily?”

  Me, ”um, no ma’am. Not every day.” my palms are getting sweaty as my nerves tingle. How does she always know?

  She asks, ”Have you been eating correctly or just binging on junk food?”

  Me, “no, ma’am.” I’m in trouble now, and I feel heat flooding my cheeks. We have an agreement about eating properly. I hope she doesn’t ask about bedtimes. Please don’t ask please.

  She asks, ”Ok, I probably already know the answer, but have you been going to bed on time?”

  Me, ”no, ma’am, I’ve been watching movies.” Why did I ever open Facebook today? Now I’m in so much trouble. I look at the screen, and I see fury building in my girlfriend’s beautiful green eyes. My stomach flip flops several times, and I’m starting to feel as though I may be ill. I can’t believe she’s not even in the same room, and I want to hide.

   She asks, ”That’s some list we have. I honestly have to say I’m surprised, you have managed to break just about every rule we have in place. This behavior is going to stop right now. I haven’t even been gone for two weeks yet. So tell me, are you testing me? Do you think that if I’m not around you can do as you please?

    Me, ”no ma’am, of course not, I um” my vision was getting blurry with unshed tears. I had no excuse, and I couldn’t add lying to my already long list. ”well, I don’t know, ma’am. I guess I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry, Tiffany, I mean, ma’am.” As I glanced up into my girlfriend’s beautiful green eyes, I can see her disappointment right before tears began to pour down my cheeks.

     Tiffany let me cry for a minute or two; once I had settled some, her words were firm but loving. ”Ok, sweetheart, we are going to have a very long chat when I get home and want those three instruments to remain precisely where they are until I get back. For now, I would like you to make yourself something healthy for dinner. Once you’ve eaten, you are to get ready for bed. Then as soon as you are in bed, I want you to call me. I’ll give you one hour.”

     I sat there slightly stunned; it wasn’t even six o’clock yet. The tone of Tiffany’s stern voice snapped from my confusion.”Young lady, you had better get a move on it. I’m not going to put up with any games tonight.” That did it. I hit the leave meeting button and practically ran to the kitchen. I was not hungry at all, but that didn’t matter now. My instructions were clear, and I was determined to follow them.

     The healthiest thing I could find was a can of soup and an apple. I did my best to choke that down before brushing my teeth and quickly wiping down the bathroom. I grabbed up the laundry I had piled up from the corner, tossing some into the machine. Checking my phone, I still had five minutes, so I made my way to bed. I made myself comfortable, and my hands shook as dialed Tiffany’s number.

     She answered immediately, “I see you’ve decided to follow the rules. So are you lying in bed?” I confirmed. “What did you eat for dinner?” I explained, “Have you been shopping since I left?” I didn’t want to answer that because I hadn’t gone, and I didn’t want to add anything else to the list she already had. Luckily when I explain that I hadn’t gone, she wasn’t mad.

     Next came my instructions for tomorrow. “I will see you the day after tomorrow, and we will see to your punishment.” Thankfully I managed to moan silently. “However, tonight, you will go to sleep once we hang up. Right after you get done in the bathroom, you sit on the sofa in front of the three instruments tomorrow morning. You are to sit there for thirty minutes, thinking about how you got yourself into this mess. I want you to eat all three healthy meals, clean the house, and go to the grocery store. Are my instructions clear?”

     ”yes, ma’am, crystal clear.” I didn’t know what else to say. I was still trying to wrap my mind around my instruction. Finally, her stern expression softened, and I was able to breathe a little easier.

      When she spoke, her tone was soft. “Okay, now that we have a plan, why don’t you tell me about the article? What did you decide to write about, and how did it turn out.” I was so happy for the reprieve we chatted nonstop for twenty minutes. Inevitably Tiffany concluded that our time was up, and it was time for me to sleep. Reluctantly I hung up the phone but only after promising to follow her instructions for tomorrow. 

     When Tiffany said to sit on the sofa and think for thirty minutes, I thought it was silly to do, but sitting there had me wriggling in my seat. I tried to ignore the three implements and focus on anything else in the room. My eyes and mind had entirely other plans, and by the end of the thirty minutes, my palms were sweaty, and I felt nauseous. My butt was tingling as I imagined the pain each item would be inflicting. If the past was any indicator, I was in for a world of hurt.

     No sense dwelling any longer; I had a house to straighten up and a list of chores to finish. If I had any hope of leniency, it was to follow everything to a tee. Right away, I had the apartment spic and span. At the market, I stayed mainly on the edges, avoiding any hint of an unhealthy temptation. After putting everything away, I sat down at the computer and began my article for next week. This last bit was a hopeful attempt at getting into Tiffany’s good graces.

     While I was typing, I noticed a new email alert pop up, and my phone dinged with a text from Tiffany. It read, “I sent you a zoom invite for 6:30 tonight.” Usually, I’d be thrilled to hear from my girlfriend; today, I was a little apprehensive. What if she made me stand in the corner again. Ugh, well, I’d better answer; I don’t want to be in any more trouble. I confirmed I received the email and verified I’d be on time.

     Hmm, I wasn’t going to get any writing done with that call hanging over my head. So I decided to make a healthy dinner. This time I’d be ready when the questions came. While preparing dinner, I was mentally going over my day; I didn’t plan on missing anything. I already had a long talking to coming tomorrow, and I had no plans on adding anything to it. At 6:25, I sat down in front of my computer, waking it up by nudging the mouse; then, I went directly to the email.

      Within moments I was looking into my beautiful girlfriend’s sparkling green eyes, and as always, just looking at her makes me smile. Hesitantly because I’m still unsure where this call is going, I say hello and immediately find myself relaxing. The stern expression from yesterday is gone and replaced with the softer, more easy-going version of the woman I love. Even as it appears I may get by without a reminder of my misdeeds, she insists on a list of my accomplishments.

      She starts with, “Tell me about your day,” which we all know means you finish your list of chores or play around all day. “Have you eaten dinner yet?” I’m so happy I took the time to eat before our call, and a small giggle accompanies my smile.

      I blurt out. ”yes, ma’am; I did everything on my list. The house is spotless, I’ve done the laundry, and I have fresh veggies and fruits.”

    The sound of her clearing her throat has me glancing up. I swallow loudly, knowing I’m not going to like the next question. Before my eyes, her expression changes to stern, one eyebrow goes up, and she asks. ”Did you follow all of my instructions?” she pauses as I nod, watching intently face floods with mortification. Then she takes it a step further and asks. ”Tell me, What exactly did you learn from that?”

     She knows how much I hate it when she makes me describe how I feel, especially during a punishment. Softly I begin to speak at the same time tears threaten to escape. ”Well, I, Um sat just like you said. I thought about all the rules I broke.” glancing up to her. I catch her expression, which is still stern, so I continued. I knew I was in a world of trouble, and I didn’t want to make this any worse. ”I swear Tiffany, and I won’t do it again. I won’t stay up late or let the house get messy or do all the other things I did. I promise I won’t do them again.”

     This time when I look up, she smiles back. “I’m sure after tomorrow’s reminder and the fact that I’ll be watching more closely, you will behave.” She chuckled after saying that, which I thought was a little evil. 

     ”Oh Tiff, Do you have to, um, you know tomorrow, I promise I’ll be good. Can’t we just have a nice weekend together without, you know? I haven’t seen you in two weeks.” Right away, I know I screwed up. Whining about a punishment always makes her mad.

      Silence descends, and I hold my breath waiting. Her stare has me shaking slightly, I want to apologize, but I don’t dare. I know from experience that it’s too late, and if I do, things will be worse. ”Young Lady, You know better than that. Now, I will be home before lunch tomorrow, and I expect you to be ready when I arrive. I don’t leave until Monday night, so we will still have a lovely weekend as long as you behave yourself.” At noticing my look of surprise, Tiffany’s face softened.

     ”Really? You took Monday off. Please tell me you aren’t kidding. I don’t think I could take it if you’re messing with me.” punishment now on the back burner rattled on. ”Oh Tiff, This is excellent news. Why did you decide to take an extra day? What do you want to do? Of course, I may have a few ideas..”

   ”Slow down, Maxi; I thought it would be good to have some us time. You still have a spanking coming. Then after that, we need to discuss our expectations. With me gone most of the time, a lot more will fall on your shoulders. So we need to talk about what we each need. Should we lighten up on the rules or tighten them.”

     I don’t know if my face showed how stunned I felt, but you could have knocked me over with a feather. ”Tiffany, what are you saying? Are you saying I might have fewer rules?”

    “Well, that’s something we will discuss. I don’t think the rules will change too much, but maybe we can ease up slightly. I don’t want to dictate your every move, although you still need boundaries, and maybe I might pop in on a video chat periodically. Me being away is an adjustment for us both, so I want each of us to be happy.”….”How about you tell me about your day? Then I can tell you about me and my day.”

      Last night’s call turned out to be enjoyable, and I went to bed, smiling. Unfortunately, the morning came too quickly, along with my anxiety about Tiffany coming home. I know it will work out, and we will have a great weekend but will I be able to sit for the next few days. Pulling back the covers, I head straight for the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot. I slightly cringe as I pass the implements in plain view on the coffee table. Then for the next three hours, I nervously wait for my girlfriend’s arrival.

      Waiting is the hardest part of my morning; my stomach is queasy, and the closer I come to see her, the worse I feel. The implements on the coffee table draw my attention even as I try to ignore them. Just their presents have my hands shaking. They seem to hold an ominous power over me; I can’t stop glancing over to them. I’m in my mind so tightly that I don’t hear the keys jiggling as Tiffany opens the door, startling me back to the present.

     Even though I will soon be over her knee, I’m thrilled that she’s home. Before she can set her bag down, my arms are around her neck, and my lips have found hers. ”Woo, slow down. We have the whole weekend to catch up.”

      Reluctantly I let go. ”Let me put this away and freshen up. While I’m doing that, why don’t you find us something for lunch? I’m starving.” I agree, and as she walks away, my eyes catch another glimpse of those darn implements. I can’t wait until they are back where they belong. Well, maybe I can wait a bit longer. With my impending spanking, I don’t know how I’m going to eat any lunch.

       Putting her napkin down, Tiffany looks up at me, and I know the time has come. “It looks like you are just picking at that sandwich. Are you finished eating? Should we take care of your punishment now?” slowly, my eyes meet hers, and I nod. I’m not sure I could do more than that. “Okay, go find your corner while I straighten up here?” 

      The walk to the corner this time is horrible. I tremble and almost trip. Once I’m there right away, I prepare myself. Pants and panties come down arms at my side; then, my eyes meet the spot the two walls connect. If my situation wasn’t bad enough, my mind decides to play an evil song on repeat silentlHairbrushrush, paddle, strap, oh my! Hairbrush paddle, strap..oh my!’ Alone with my mantra, the sharp sound when Tiffany summons my causes my body to jump, and in an instant, I’m on alert.

     ”Maxi, it’s time. Come here now.” Although I’m ready to be out of the corner, there is no way to prepare for what’s coming. I trust Tiffany with all my heart, but right now, my heart is racing, and I want to run. I want to get away and not face the consequences of my actions. At the same time, I know she will fix everything. She will make things right again, and once it’s over, forgiveness will be mine. I yearn to be in her arms, wrapped securely in a cocoon of her love.

      I make my feet move how I don’t know, but luckily they do. Right now is not a time to test Tiffany’s patience. Suddenly I’m standing at her side, and I feel her tilting me over. Relief, although fleeting, surrounds me. I breathe in her fragrance, and I immediately feel calm. She rests a hand on my bare cheek, slightly squeezing before asking, “Okay, little girl, explain to me why we are here.” When I’m slow to start, I feel a sharp swat land. As much as I hate this part, I comply. I’m explaining every misdeed that comes to mind, hoping for my butts’ sake that I don’t miss anything.

      When she is satisfied that I’ve finished, I feel her hand lift then quickly return with enough force to have me jump. I’m determined to stay calm, but the speed of her swats is igniting a fire. She covers every inch of my backside before attacking my thighs. So far, I’m hanging in there, that is until she reaches over for Hairbrushrush. A whimper escapes, and I grip the chair leg tighter. Tiffany rubs it over my sore cheeks before bringing it down sharply on one cheek then the other.

       At this point, I’m beside myself, and I feel my legs kicking, but I just can’t stop them. My cries seem to go unheard as the brush hits repeatedly. Several moments later, how many I just don’t know the swats stop, but this time Tiffany adjusts herself placing my legs under her right leg and switching to the paddle. I can’t keep quiet, and I beg. “Please no more, I can’t take any more. I’ll be good, I promise.”

      ”Hush little girl, we still have a long way to go. Behave yourself, and we will keep it at ten with the paddle and six with the strap. Fight me, and we can double it.”

       ”yes, ma’am,” I was going to try not to fight, but the pain was intense, and I didn’t know if I could stop myself.

       As the paddle touched down, misery was built along with the burning pain. Tiffany didn’t acknowledge my howls or my pleading. She landed each paddle strike with precision and determination. Pausing after ten, she allowed us both to catch our breath before directing me. ”Up you go, we are almost done. Six more with the strap, and it will be over. Standup now and lean over the arm of the couch.”

     I struggled to rise and, through blurry vision, hobbled to the couch. Resigned to my fate, I leaned myself over and tightly grabbed the cushion. I didn’t trust myself not to reach back. Not only would that hurt my hand, but she would also add more swats. Tiffany didn’t start right away, choosing, I guess, to prolong my agony. Suddenly, she was standing to the side, seeming to admire her work before lifting the strap than did so with a snap of her wrist, bringing it down.

     My back arched, and I almost rose before stopping myself and grabbing the cushion tighter. The next five came at a steady, deliberate pace. Hearing the strap hit the ground, I almost didn’t register that it was over. Tiffany gently rubbed my back until I could gain control, and then she helped me rise. I turned and fell into her embrace. We stood in that position, her holding me, whispering loving words until I calmed.

      As my breathing slowed to a controllable pace, interrupted only by random hiccups and sniffles, Tiffany suggested. “How about we both lay down and rest for a bit. I can rub some arnica cream on those red cheeks. I haven’t been able to hold my baby girl in two weeks.” looking up at her, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than for her to hold me.

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