Was I Dreaming?

Laying in bed, I look over toward my wife. The regular snores that I’m so familiar with are quiet. In their place, the peaceful, steady rhythm of her breathing. I wonder if that’s what woke me? Hmm, Does her snoring allow me to sleep better? Before I can mull over that thought, bright lights fill the yard and come shining through the open window.
I bound out of bed, half expecting Kalie to stir. My shock registers immediately as the scene unfolds. Hovering over the lawn with lights brighter than anything I could imagine appears a strange sort of vehicle. ”A spacecraft? No, not possible. I must be dreaming.” I reach out with two fingers and pinch my bare arm. ”Ouch!” ”Well, I’m not dreaming.” I call out to Kalie. ”Wakeup, Kalie! You’ve got to see this!” not even a flinch. ”Strange?” She’s usually a light sleeper.
Looking back out the window, I gasped. The craft is leaving; Kalie will never believe me now. She’ll say I’m making up stories again. Pouting now, ”I didn’t even get a picture.” With eyes solely on the flying saucer, I almost miss the figure moving about on the lawn. I quickly grab my robe and slippers and run down the hall. Then, taking two steps at a time, I fly to the back door. Slowly I flip the lock and nervously open the door.
My heart is beating so loud I feel it will scare off whatever is out there; I step onto the back porch, eyes finally focusing in the dark—unfortunately, the back door slams before I catch it. ”Not smart, Moana,” I chastise myself. I don’t see anyone now that I’m outside, and I’m locked out. I hate to think of what Kalie will say when she sees me out here. ”ugh, she is going to be so mad.”
Not long after we were married, I was having trouble sleeping, so I went walking around the neighborhood at two in the morning. When Kalie found out, she was furious and let my bottom know the full extent of her displeasure. Between the lecture I received and the second spanking for leaving myself vulnerable, I could barely sit for a week. And now I’ll have to explain why I’m outside in the middle of the night again. A story I’m sure is not believable, and right now, I’m not sure I believe it either.
While I was debating with myself, how to best wake Kalie, the porch light flickered, and the back door swung open. Even with bed head, my wife is an attractive force and takes my breath away. ”Moana, What are you doing out here? And why are you slamming doors?” I’m guessing now was not the time to tell her it was only one door. I find myself standing here dumbly looking back at her, not saying a word. And that isn’t good, either. Finally, she snaps, ”Get inside, Now!”
I try to hurry past while she holds the door open; unfortunately, I’m not fast enough. Her paddle-like hand makes contact with my bottom, and I screech, reaching back to cover myself. In the kitchen, I stand with the wall at my back, desperately racking my brain for an acceptable answer. Oh well, I might as well tell the truth. I’m in enough trouble without piling on a lie.
After closing and locking the back door, Kalie grabs a glass filling it with water; she slowly drinks the entire thing. I stand there now frozen; usually, when Kalie stalls, it means she is pretty mad and needs to calm down. Kalie places the glass in the dishwasher before turning to me and asking. ”Little girl, you had better have a good reason for being locked outside at three in the morning.”
Well, here goes nothing, ”I, Um, Kalie, you aren’t even going to believe what I saw tonight.”
”Moana Renee, enough, answer my question.” Kalie’s tone makes me shiver. I begin the story, and as I speak, Kalie’s face becomes sterner, her lips press tightly together. My voice is almost at a whisper by the time I get to the end. She runs her hand through her hair, shakes her head then speaks. ”Little girl, You are right. I don’t believe that story. But if you’re telling me you saw someone in our yard, she takes a deep breath before continuing, And you choose to go out there in your pajamas, to investigate without waking me, without your phone. She stops, shakes her head again then points. ”Get upstairs right now and find a corner; I need to cool off before I deal with you.”
I quickly run up the steps; when Kalie is this mad, I know to get out of her way. Not that she would hurt me, but experience tells me I can sit a lot sooner if I listen. In the corner, my heart is pounding, and it’s hard to be still. At least ten minutes pass before I hear slipper feet climbing up the stairs, and I stiffen. I know Kalie’s fury is my fault. She’s warned me many times about putting myself in danger. I sense her in the room even though she hasn’t spoken yet.
I want to turn and plead my case, but I stay put. How do you even explain a flying saucer? I must have been dreaming; it was so real, though. I don’t hear the command the first time as my thoughts are swirling; the second time, Kalie’s voice alone has me jumping. ”Moana Renee, I said come here. It’s three in the morning and too late for you to be messing around!”
”Oooh! I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. Honest Kalie.” As I’m hurrying over, it seems my apologies are falling on deaf ears, so I stop talking altogether. Now, Standing in front of her, my eyes fall to the floor, and I wait.
As Kalie begins to lecture, her hands start pulling down my pajama pants along with my panties. ”Little girl, you know better than to put yourself in an unsafe situation. You, going outside to investigate some unknown person in our yard, is something I never want to see again! Do you hear me?” My head is bobbing up and down. ”Don’t just shake your head. Use your words!”
”yes, ma’am, I mean no ma’am. Ugh, Kalie, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I promise.” I don’t know what to say; the adrenaline I felt just a short while ago had left me, And the look of disappointment I see in her eyes has me looking away again.
Her hand comes up, and I feel her finger under my chin, lifting my head until our eyes meet. I try once again to look away, but she tightens her grip. ”Look at me, please.” ”Right now, I am going to spank your bottom a bright red. Tomorrow we will be discussing our rules one more time. Ok?”
”yes, ma’am.” Well, what else could I say? There is no way I could convince her I saw a flying saucer. Which I know I did; I even pinched myself, so I know I wasn’t sleeping.
All too quickly find myself upended and feel my wife’s muscular thighs as they meet my stomach. I grab hold of the chair leg to steady myself as she raises one leg lifting my butt even higher. The sound of the first swat hits my ears before pain registers. The difference is only temporary because once Kalie finds her rhythm, my bottom is on fire. The swats land one right after another, my sit spots get a barrage of whacks, and I screech.
Without realizing my legs go flying, right away, she scolds me. “Little girl, you had better control those legs. You know better than that.”
My apologies are whimpers as I try to hold still. “Sorry I’m sorry. No more, please.” when I don’t think I can take another swat, I feel Katie’s hand begin to massage my swollen cheeks. It hurts but feels good, and then I panic when I see her reaching for the wooden spoon. I didn’t even know she brought it up with her. “No, no, no, please, no more.” in my frantic state, my hand flys back.
She quickly grabs hold of my hand, intertwines our fingers, and holds both at the small of my back. “Oh yes, dear, your safety is a hard limit, and you will not put it in jeopardy.” “Now, let’s finish up here so we can go back to bed.” The spoon comes down with an unrelenting determination, and I’m sure it’s leaving red splotches in its wake because the pain is eliciting cries from me loud enough to hurt my own ears. After what feels like an eternity, Kalie stops again but luckily for good this time.
I lay there sobbing and trying to catch my breath for several minutes listening to the far-away sound of my wife’s voice. All I can make out are murmurs, but it’s her; I know she’s easing me back. I feel safe with the touch of her hand rubbing circles on my back and hearing the sing-song tone of her voice. When I’m ready, I start to rise, and she helps lift my tired body. Her strength guides me up and on to her lap. I’m sniffling and hiccuping as I snuggle into her embrace. She wraps her arms tightly around me.
Kalie’s giving me the time I need, and when I’m ready, we prepare for bed. She tucks me in, then climbs under the covers on her side but reaches over and holds me as I drift off. Several hours later, I wake to the aroma of coffee brewing and bacon frying. Although that makes me smile, I frown when I’m getting out of bed, and my butt makes contact with the mattress. It’s sore enough to make me think I’ll be sitting carefully for days. After my shower, I squeeze a generous amount of arnica lotion into my hands and work it into my throbbing backside before heading downstairs.
Entering the kitchen, I pause when I see Kalie’s face. She is sitting at the table staring at the screen on her laptop. The look on her face reminds me of the look she gave me last night when she was furious with me, and I shiver at the thought. Easing up behind her, I see the screen and freeze.
Early Saturday morning, the police apprehended an armed and presumed
dangerous man. After receiving a 911 call reporting, robbery at the corner store.
The suspect fled the scene on foot; The police used a search and rescue
helicopter to locate the suspect in his attempt to evade capture. It appears
the suspect was hiding in the backyard of a former marine, Jerry Gold.
The suspect in custody will be…

The article goes on, but I can’t read anymore; my mouth is dry, and I know after reading this article and realizing Mr Gold lives just one block over, Kalie is mad. Seeing my reaction, she says, “Little girl, you better hope that spaceship comes back to get you before we have our discussion this afternoon.” Although I don’t voice it, I wish it would too.

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