South Africa

    “Oooooh! Wanda, that is a great idea! We have to go! OMG! I can’t wait to tell Leana.” Sarah’s high pitch squeal was almost deafening.

     Wanda, just as excited, agreed. “I know, when Jerry suggested South Africa, I was so thrilled. I couldn’t wait to tell you guys,” Wanda said, smiling wide as she was looking at each of her girlfriends.

     ”Well, I’m in, and I’m sure Samantha will be too.” Sarah’s best friend Darla also agreed while practically jumping out of her seat.

     “Oh, It sounds great, but I’m going to have to check with Bob first. I’m not sure how much vacation time he has left. And It also sounds costly. I hope we can, but I’m not promising. I’m going to ask him as soon as he gets home.” Candace, always the worrier, declared as she looked pointedly back at her friends.

      Wanda rambled on as if everyone agreed. ”Jerry found a Safari, and it’s not too expensive, well for a safari anyway. He said it’s luxury camping, I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds fun. So that’s in Sabi Sands near Kruger Park, a big game reserve or something like that. Anyway, I’m not sure about that either. He also wants to go to Cape Town. It’s a city at the bottom of South Africa, I looked it up, and it’s beautiful.”

      As soon as she stopped for a breath, Darla chimed in. ”I’ve always dreamt of going on a safari and seeing the big five. I’m not sure which animals those are, but I’m sure I want to see them all.”

      Sarah added whimsically, “I know elephants and giraffes are on the list, and I’m sure lions are too, imagine, seeing them up close. I’m going to Google it. I want to look up Cape Town too. Oh man, a safari has always been on my bucket list.”

     “Me too. I hope we can go to. Okay, that’s it. I’m going to the grocery store and pick up Bob’s favorites. I’ll get a bottle of wine too. Maybe if I get him tipsy, he’ll say yes.” Candace blushed while thinking of ways to convince Bob.

     Smiling, Sarah agreed, ”You know Candace, that’s a good idea. I’m sure Leana will want to go, but we can discuss the details over a nice dinner and some good wine.”

     After lunch with the girls, Sarah headed straight for the grocery store. She was so excited about the trip and wanted to celebrate tonight. She’d make lasagna, one of Leana’s favorite dishes, and pick up a nice bottle of wine. “Wait until I tell Leana. She’s going to flip out.”…..”Maybe I should stop by the bookstore. Get a travel book. We can read it together after dinner.”

     Setting the final plate on the Table, Sarah now had everything ready. Smiling when she heard Leana’s car as it pulled into the driveway. She quickly filled two glasses with the red wine bought, especially for tonight, and scurried over to greet Leana. Stepping through the door, Sarah proceeded to kiss her passionately before catching her breath and placing a glass of wine in her hand. Curious about what was going on, Leana began asking only to have Sarah cut her to the quick. “What is..”

     Bouncing up and down, Sarah began, “Leana, you’re not going to believe me when I tell you what’s happening.”

     Leana’s eyebrows lifted curiously at her younger girlfriend. “Hmmm, Well, you’re too happy you couldn’t possibly be in trouble. And look at you, all jittery. So, please tell me, What has gotten you this excited?”

     Enthusiastically, Sarah went through the day’s events, “Well, you know I had lunch with the girls, Right? Jerry, that’s Wanda’s husband, well he’s planning this fantastic trip.” Talking nonstop for a good ten minutes before coming up for air. Though once she caught a glimpse of Leana’s troubled face, she hesitated. “What’s up, Leana? Aren’t you excited?” not sure why Leana wasn’t thrilled like her. “Come on, Leana? A Safari can you imagine?” still no excitement from Leana, she waited.

     Taking a breath before speaking, “Babe, that sounds great, but I can’t go. We’re busy at work. I don’t think now is a good time.”

     ”Leana, we’re not going this week. We still have to plan it. Besides, you always say no when I suggest going away. I think maybe, you don’t want to travel with me!” Sarah spat back a little whiny. Her foot stomped while her body radiated with frustration. Feeling crushed and dismissed, this was not the response she was expecting. ’How could Leana say no without even talking about it?’

     “I know you want to go, but the timing’s not right,” Leana stated clearly, not understanding how much Sarah wanted.

     ”You always say that! Just admit it, you don’t want to take a vacation with me.” Sarah pouted. She couldn’t help but feel hurt. 

      Leana tried to soothe, but she just didn’t get it. “Sarah, baby, please don’t act like that. I want to be with you, but right now, going away isn’t going to happen.” Leana declared as she felt her frustration building.

     “Fine, Whatever, I need to get out of here. I’m going for a walk.” stomping out the kitchen door, not slamming it but coming pretty close. Sarah struggled to control her feelings, which seemed to be all over the place. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to scream or cry. Sarah couldn’t believe Leana had just dismissed her. “How could she ignore my feelings. Not even listen to me or give me a chance to explain.” she wanted to start traveling again, and it hurt that Leana wouldn’t even talk it over.

     ”Just because Leana doesn’t want to go anywhere doesn’t mean I can’t go. It’s simply unfair that she wouldn’t even discuss it.” As she was walking and arguing with herself, she came to the only conclusion to made sense to her. ”Well, if Leana doesn’t want to go, let her stay home. I’m going!” The idea of going by herself held no appeal, but still, she also didn’t want to miss this opportunity. The decision made, she decided to head back home and let Leana know her plans.

      Entering the house, she was surprised to see her partner at the kitchen table nervously waiting. Sarah went to her with trepidation, but Leana spoke before Sarah had a chance to say anything. “I’m sorry, I was unfair to you. I can see this is something that makes you passionate. I should’ve talked it over and not immediately shut you down.” Looking up at Sarah, the uncertainty she felt was clear from the haunted look in her eyes. “Sarah, if you want to go, we can make it work.”

     Sarah, unsure, on the one hand, she didn’t want Leana unhappy, but on the other, she wanted to travel with her. Finally, she gave Leana an out. “Leana, I realize you hate to travel, and I don’t want you to be miserable. I’ve decided to go on this trip. It’s ok if you want to stay home. But I’m still going.”

     Leana realizing how bad she messed up, was momentarily at a loss. Finally getting up and tightly wrapping her arms around Sarah. As tears threatened to escape, she tried to put her feelings into words “Sarah, I’m so sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I’ve simply never traveled before, well except for work, but I’d love to go with you. Um, Well, That is I mean if you still want me to?”

     Sarah pulled away slightly, trying to read Leana’s expression. She saw no sign of insincerity, only love in Leana’s beautiful brown eyes. With her heart filled with hope, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Leana, are you sure? Don’t get me wrong, I want to travel with you, but I don’t want to pressure you. And I don’t want to feel guilty either. Your happiness is important to me.”

     Leana knew she deserved that, but at the same time, it made her sad that Sarah would doubt her sincerity. Realizing her reluctance even to discuss this put Sarah on the defensive. Leana let out a slow breath before she began. “Sarah, I get what you’re saying, and no, you’re not dragging me into anything. I want to travel with you. I just..well, um, it’s hard to wrap my mind around. Please be patient, and I want to go. I just never considered it before.”

     Once Sarah realized what Leana was saying, excitement overwhelmed her. Very quickly, she flung her arms tightly around Leana, practically squeezing the breath from her lungs. Then with the biggest smile on her face, she proclaimed. ”Leana, I love you so much. Trust me. You will have so much fun. Please keep an open mind. I can’t wait for us to see the world together.” Sarah, lightly touching her lips to Leana’s lips, began deepening the kiss allowing her frustrations to melt away.


     “Ok, Sarah, we have a long day tomorrow. We need to be in bed early tonight.” Leana may not have traveled before, but she had skills and used those skills to prepare for this trip. Everything they needed was piled together by the front door. Even the clothes for traveling set out. Leaving them to wake up, shower, dress, and get out the door. The final detail was the airport shuttle, and that she reserved for a six a.m pick up.

     Sarah wasn’t sure she’d be able to sleep but didn’t mention anything to Leana. She had been excited and jittery all week, and she hadn’t traveled since meeting Leana. This trip would be their first big vacation together. Sarah knew a lot of her anxiety stemmed from Leana’s initial reaction, which had been anything but promising.

     When Sarah’s group of friends we’re putting this trip together, Sarah was beyond excited. She couldn’t wait to tell Leana about it. Expecting Leana to be as enthusiastic as her, but when Leana wasn’t, she was confused. Assuming everyone wanted to travel when, in reality, they didn’t.

     Imagine going on a camping Safari and in a luxury tent. What could be better? Sarah couldn’t fathom why Leana had been so reluctant. She loved animals, she loved the outdoors, and she usually loved adventure. This trip would have all of those things.

     What an eye-opener, realizing that Leana had never gone anywhere before and was content with her daily routine. There was nothing wrong with that, Sarah, though, always loved to travel. Her parents traveled for work growing up, often taking her along, giving her exciting and beautiful memories. Unlike Sarah, Leana’s family never ventured further than the neighboring towns, so she never felt the need to go anywhere.


      It had been twenty minutes since the alarm sounded. “Sarah, Wake up! Now!” Leana was beside herself. Sarah was still sleeping. They had to get moving. ”Sarah, Get Up Now!”

     Sarah groaned. She’d been so psyched about the trip, as she had expected, last night she couldn’t make her brain turn off. Thoughts of Leana’s happiness had her worried, and falling asleep had become impossible. A quiet plea escaped. “Leana, just a few more minutes, please.”

     “No, Sarah up now! No more lallygagging. Get out of bed!” With the early hour, Leana was in no mood to argue.

      “Leana, please!!!! I’m sleepy.” groggily, Sarah whined as she ducked her head under the covers.

     Tugging the comforter back and immediately landing a sharp slap to Sarah’s pajama covered bottom. “Sarah, Get up. Now!”

     Jumping up, Sarah reached back, covering her bottom with both hands. ”Hey! that’s not fair!”

     Smiling evilly, ”Well, it got you up, didn’t it?”

     Sticking out her tongue, Sarah ran into the bathroom, keeping her butt a safe distance from Leana. There was no reason to tempt her girlfriend this early. Last night after lying in bed for the longest time listening to Leana’s even breathing, Sarah finally gave up on sleep. Folding the covers back and as quiet as possible, crept out of bed. Making a beeline for her computer and logging on to her favorite sites. One link led to another, and so on. Remembering reading in the travel brochure that there’d be no internet at the camp, she thought might as well catch up now.

     Unfortunately, surfing the internet wasn’t the best way of falling asleep. A few hours flew by before she carefully crawled back into bed. A glance at the clock had her whispering, ”Oh no, it’s almost morning.” Luckily, Leana wasn’t aware of her computer activities. If she’d known, she would not have been pleased.

     While Sarah was in the shower, Leana continued getting ready. Looking around the bedroom, she decided to make one final check around the house, making sure everything was turned off and locked. As she walked past Sarah’s computer, she saw that it was on. “Hmm, strange, I saw her turn it off last night.” 

     Then it dawned on her. “That little brat, no wonder she didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.” This day would be very long as it was, now add an overtired Sarah to the mix. Leana groaned just thinking about it.

     Entering the bedroom right as Sarah came out of the bathroom, Leana inquired. ”Sarah, Why was your computer on?”

     Going with a laid-back attitude. ”Oh, did I forget to turn it off?”

     That casual response only fueled Leana’s irritation. She snapped. ”Sarah, Did you get out of bed last night? You knew I wanted you to stay in bed and sleep.”

     Anxiously, catching a quick glimpse of her very irritated girlfriend, Sarah replied while hurrying to dress. “Leana I couldn’t relax, my mind wouldn’t shut off. I was laying there forever. I promise I will sleep on the plane. Come on, please don’t be mad. I was just too excited to sleep.”

     Leana gave in. She knew how true this was. “Ok, Sarah, But I’m warning you. I don’t want any cranky behavior from you. Vacation or not, I will spank that behind of yours if you misbehave.”

     Sarah smiled, happy to have skirted trouble. Then she nervously asked. “Ah, Leana, umm, “Can you please not spank me in front of my friends? Leana, please? I would be so embarrassed.”

     Leana agreed, but only after adding, “Ok but, Don’t think you can misbehave, just because we’re away. If I need to, I’ll still find a way to warm that bottom with friends around or not.” looking over at the clock, she added. “Are you almost finished? The car will be here in fifteen minutes.”

     Sarah answered as she felt a familiar fluttering in her tummy between the declaration from Leana’s toppy side and her overwhelming traveling jitters. “Yes, omg, yes, Oh Leana, I’m so excited. I can’t believe we’re going on a safari. It’s like a dream come true.


     Screams of excitement are what greeted them at the airport. Darla, Sarah’s best friend, and her partner Samantha had already checked in. When the robust redhead Darla spotted Sarah, she ran up squealing. Samantha being more reserved, hung back and let the girls do their thing. It took several minutes and had both Leana and Samantha shaking their heads, smiling as they waited.

     Sarah quickly shot off a list of questions.”Darla, Did you check-in? Have you seen the others? How long have you been here? Aren’t you excited? I couldn’t sleep last night, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this pumped.”

    ”Hey, slow down Sarah, I can’t keep up. Yes, I’m excited; I’m thrilled. No, I didn’t sleep either. And I am starving, so hurry up and check-in so we can eat.” Darla said as she pushed Sarah toward Leana.

    Leana laughed, leading Sarah to the Delta counter. The ticket agent quickly checked them in and returned their passports and boarding pass, one to Atlanta and then from there to Johannesburg. As soon as the boarding passes were in hand, they were off to security. Luckily, the lines were short, giving them plenty of time for food and the much-needed coffee. While eating, Darla sent a quick text to the other two couples. They were in line at security and would meet up at the gate.

     On the leg to Atlanta, Sarah and Darla sat together. They talked nonstop the entire flight. Leana glancing over periodically and was concerned; she’d hoped they would rest. Once the lack of sleep caught up with Sarah, Leana feared she’d become irritable. That would make the three-hour connection very unpleasant. The next flight being fifteen-hours Leana would insist.

     After deplaning, it only took one look to determine Sarah’s state. ”I was hoping you would’ve slept on that flight. You’re looking a little raggedy.”

     As to prove Leana’s point, Sarah’s reply was snarky. ”Leana, What? I’m fine, gosh! It was just one night.”

     Deciding to let that go, for now, hoping Sarah’s mood wouldn’t decline further. Mentally preparing herself to step in and stop any tantrums. ”Ok, babe, let’s make our way to the next gate.”

     As a group, they proceeded to their gate in the international terminal via the underground train. Once they were all gathered at their gate, Sarah informed Leana. ”Darla and I are going to pick up some snacks for the next flight.”

    Concerned, but having no real argument, Leana agreed. ”Ok Sarah, Samantha and I are going to the money exchange. I don’t want the two of you gone long. Meet us back here in thirty minutes. Ok?”

     Rolling her eyes very dismissively, she said. “Fine, Leana, Whatever!”

     Leana took a step closer, with a look that quickly had Sarah quivering and a low menacing voice. “Little girl, Is that really how you want to answer me?”

     Sarah sputtered back, glancing down at the floor and then back up, meeting very determined hard brown eyes. “Um…no Leana, I’m sorry. We’ll be back.”

     Giving Sarah a quick hug, releasing her hold just far enough to deliver a firm swat to her backside. Sarah hurried away, blushing a beet red and now more than eager to escape her girlfriend’s reach. Leana turning to Samantha asked. “Are you ready? I think the money exchange is right over there.”

     Samantha smiled knowingly, ”She’s testing you, huh? So is mine. I’m sure they will regret it soon enough.” she continued, ”I’ve got a feeling, those two won’t be sitting so comfortably once we arrive, if not before.”

     Leana was surprised when she realized what Samantha was saying. ”Ah, You spank Darla?” Samantha nodded, ”And Sarah has no idea?”

     Leana chuckled when she thought of Sarah’s question earlier.

     ”I guess not, and I’d assumed they told each other everything. Those two are always together or on the phone.” Samantha mused.

     ”I would’ve thought so too, but Sarah asked me not to spank her in front of anyone. I’m sure this week they’ll get to know a lot more about each other.” Leana replied with a flicker of amusement.

     They both exchanged their currency and were sitting at the gate. The other two couples were there, but their girls were not. Leana started worrying at the hour mark, then another thirty minutes passed. Finally, the two giggling girls casually sauntered to the gate. They were happy to see their friends, but one look at their girlfriends had them both squirming.

     As if on cue, they stumbled over each other explaining. While shopping for snacks, they spotted the duty-free store and deciding to explore; they lost track of time. When they were finally ready to check out, they couldn’t because they didn’t have their passports.

     “Leana, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad. There was just too much to see. We couldn’t decide.” Sarah said, hoping to get out of this, but by the storm building in Leana’s eyes, she didn’t hold much hope.

     Nervously looking up into the annoyed and unyielding eyes of her girlfriend, Darla quickly added, ”Sam, I’m sorry too.”

     Deciding to wait and see before taking action, she said. ”Sarah, We are going to have a chat once we arrive. How long that chat is, will depend on your behavior going forward. Consider yourself on notice.”

     Samantha chimed in. ”That goes for you too, young lady. Don’t forget. I brought the paddle.”

     Both girls were blushing at the reprimand, but also managed a quick bashful look at each other. Now they had a lot to talk over. That would have to wait as the gate agent just announced boarding. Gathering up their belongings, they got in line. Sarah shyly smiled up at Leana, searching for forgiveness, and was happy receiving a genuine smile in return.


    Finding their seats and settling in for the long journey. Sarah took out her tablet and was just about to start a movie when Leana whispered. ”You can watch one movie. Then I want you to sleep. This flight is fifteen hours. I want you to sleep at least seven of them.”

     Lip jutting out, Sarah pouted. “Leana, I can’t sleep on an airplane, plus I downloaded a ton of movies.”

    “Sweetheart, I’m not going to tell you again.” sternly while placing a firm hand on her knee, Leana stated. “You will sleep at least seven hours. If you want to keep arguing, you and I can take a quick trip to the ladies’ room. Do you understand?”

    Sullenly Sarah whispered. “yes, ma’am.” She put her earbuds in and hit play on the movie.

    The flight was long, but Sarah did sleep the prescribed time. They landed in Johannesburg, passed through customs, retrieved their luggage, and made it to the hotel with no hitches. Tired and grimy from all that flying but also happy to have made it this far. The group decided to freshen up, and everyone meets at the restaurant in an hour. 

    Tomorrow a shuttle would pick them up for the four-hour drive to Sabi Sands in Kruger Park. During dinner, the conversation was electric, as they were all excited about the safari. Asking each other, “What animals would you like to see?” “Do you think we’ll see a hunt?” or “babies?” “What do you think the tents will be like?” None of them knew what to expect with luxury camping, would it be as comfortable as the brochure said?

     Returning to the room after dinner, Sarah asked. “Leana, did you hear Samantha threaten Darla with a paddle when we were in Atlanta? Darla never told me she gets spanked.”

     Leana shook her head. ”Yes, Sarah, I heard. I guess you two have more in common than you realized. Did you ever tell her about being spanked?”

     Sarah blushed, “No way, Leana, it’s too embarrassing. I never told anyone.”

     Leana smiled. ”That’s your choice, baby, and it’s personal. Although I don’t think you should be embarrassed.”

     Sarah snickered. “Yeah, right, you wouldn’t say that if you were getting your butt blistered.”

     Leana chuckled in agreement. ”You’re probably right.”……”Ok, Bring me the hairbrush and let’s get on with this spanking sweetheart so that we can get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day too. I don’t want either of us cranky.”

     Sarah’s hope of Leana having memory loss dashed. With shoulders slumping, she whined, ”Leana, Do we have to? Come on. Please? I said I was sorry.”

     Notorious for following through with a spanking. Leana making no exceptions today inquired sternly. “Sarah, do you need some corner time? Or are you going to follow directions?”

  .  Sarah mumbled, ”no, Leana, I’ll get it.” She went silently to retrieve the hairbrush and hand it over to Leana.

     Sitting fully on the bed against the headboard, adjusting pillows behind her back, Leana looked up as Sarah returned with the brush. She took the hairbrush, placed it on the bed beside her, and then continued guiding Sarah over her lap. “Sarah, do we need to discuss why you are getting a spanking?” Leana lazily ran her hand over Sarah’s quivering, pajama-clad bottom straightening out wrinkles as she went.

     Sarah sadly mumbled. ”no, ma’am, I understand.”

     “Ok, baby girl,” No sooner had the words left Leana’s mouth when her hand lifted and quickly began peppering Sarah’s bottom with swift, sharp swats. Leana was relentless in her determination not to have a repeat of this behavior for the next week. Living in a tent, they would have no privacy. However, she did warn Sarah that would not stop her from delivering a correction if needed. Leana stopped for a moment tapping Sarah’s bottom, indicating for her to lift as her pants and panties tugged down.

     Sarah felt the hardwood of the hairbrush rest on her sore cheeks, causing a shiver to ripple through her entire body. She knew what was coming; still, she hated the hairbrush. Well, she hated any implement. With false hope and momentary panic, she pleaded. “Oh, nooo. Please don’t use the hairbrush. Leana, please, I’ll be good.” Leana’s hand was hard enough, but the hairbrush became unbearable very quickly. Knowing it was inevitable, she sighed as she felt Leana start to rub it over her tender cheeks.

     “Relax baby, yes, the hairbrush. You should have thought before you disobeyed me today.” Leana continued to rub Sarah’s warm cheeks in a steady circular motion. Leana’s reassuring touch was just enough to give her a sense of security. Feeling the soft cheeks relax, Leana raised her arm, bringing the brush down in one swift motion, and eliciting a shocked gasp of pain from Sarah. Once again, catching her off guard. 

      Leana was continuing the assault on Sarah’s bottom with swat after painful swat. Much to Sarah’s dismay, she left no area untouched, left cheek, right cheek, middle, sit spots, and repeat. “owww.. It hurts. Please stop. I get it. I’ll listen.” swat, swat, swat. “Please, please, please stop. I’ll do anything. Owie, ow.” Leana’s steady pace continued for a few more minutes. Only satisfied when the little girl across her lap gave in and went limp, and her quivering globes were a deep red and very warm to the touch.

     The four-hour drive in the morning was going to daunting for her little girl. She imagined Sarah wouldn’t be the only one having trouble. The way Samantha spoke, she would be surprised if she didn’t see Darla squirming tomorrow too. Maybe the two could sit together and commiserate. That should keep them busy and hopefully out of trouble.

     Putting the hairbrush down, Leana pulled Sarah up onto her lap, eliciting whimpers. Sarah’s poor bottom was very tender. But still, she continued cuddling into Leana, trying to get as close as possible. Rubbing the stinging bottom, Leana cooed and rocked Sarah, but before she could drift off, said, “okay, baby, let’s get ready for bed. Here put your PJs back on. We can leave the panties off for tonight.” struggling to keep her eyes open, she followed as Leana led her to the bathroom.


     The alarm was buzzing loudly at five am. With the shuttle pick up scheduled for seven, there would only be time to shower, pack and meet everyone downstairs for breakfast. Upon seeing Darla, Sarah became shy, which was unusual. Sympathetically, Darla understood, sliding up to Sarah, she whispered, ”Don’t sweat it, kid. I’m sore too. Sam and that damn paddle are a nasty combination.”

     Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise, ”Really, I never knew. Why didn’t you tell me?”

     Darla responded with an amused, ”Probably the same reason you didn’t tell me. It’s not something I advertise. After this trip, we will have to compare notes.” Sarah nodded in agreement while grabbing a plate, then happy again; they both headed for the breakfast buffet.

     Coffee cups emptied and stomachs full, everyone checked out of the hotel. The driver had perfect timing pulling up as they returned the last key. Like clockwork, bags loaded in the back, the four couples in the front. Being a private shuttle allowed the group plenty of room to stretch out and ride comfortably. A perk for which Sarah and Darla were thankful. Once they were all loaded, off, they went. A little over four hours, and they would be at Kruger Park.

      Together everyone was chatting and gossiping, making the drive seem shorter. In no time, the shuttle was approaching the park gate. They all watched in awe as the guards proceeded to inspect the luggage and were sternly looking them over. Once the guards finished the inspection, and they were on their way again.  Their driver began explaining the need for so much security. “They are here to protect the animals and are on the lookout for poaching. It is an unfortunate situation we all take very seriously.” 

     Fifteen minutes later, the van pulled up to their campsite. A generous compound with six tents moderately spaced. A swimming pool along with a Braai area for cooking out. The advertisement didn’t do it justice. Before being shown to their tent, the host instructed. “Ok, If you will all go to your tents and freshen up, then meet at the hall right over here in an hour.” pointing to the main gathering area. “We can go over this week’s itinerary, and I can answer any questions you may have.”

     As they were walking up to the tent, Sarah’s eyes widened. The tent was huge. Leana pointed out the front porch with a small table and two chairs while Sarah was unzipping the flap. She climbed through the zippered doorway, followed by Leana. They both were standing in amazement as they took in the spacious room with a large bed, dresser, coffee pot. Picking up the remote but not noticing a tv, Leana quickly realized it operated the air conditioner/heater. Sarah pointed to the second zipper; Leana shrugged and followed her through it. Once inside, they were both amazed upon seeing a full-size bathroom, shower, and all.

     ”Sarah, this is amazing. I never imagined this being so nice,” Leana said, smiling in wonderment.

     Sarah was so happy, and she couldn’t quit smiling, either. “I know, it’s crazy, right? I’m going to unpack. I want to be ready when we all meet. I’m curious about this week’s itinerary.”

     After unpacking and washing up, Leana reached for Sarah and pulled her into a great big hug. ”Sarah, Thank you. I’m so happy. This trip has already been an incredible adventure, and we haven’t seen any animals yet.”

     Sarah was thankful Leana was happy. “Oh, Leana, This trip that has always been my dream. I’m so glad we are here together.” reaching up and kissing Leana enthusiastically before meeting the others.

    The guide, gathering everyone in the main hall, introduced himself as Arno and began explaining, “This is where you will meet for meals. There are coffee table books for you to enjoy; we ask if you don’t take them out of this area. Cocktails are available, and if no one is here, mark it in the book. We are on the honor system here in camp.”

     He continued, ”Ok, This week there will be two game drives a day. You are welcome to join each one, but that’s up to you. Since we want to have the best chance to see the animals, we go early morning and early evening. It is too hot in the middle of the day, and the animals aren’t very active in the heat. When we are not on a drive, your time is your own. Feel free to make use of the pool, but please do not venture outside of the fence.”

     Leana glanced at Sarah in warning as Arno said that last bit, which got her an eye roll in return. She would be sure to let Sarah know; this was non-negotiable. There would be no venturing without a guide. Safety was something Leana took very seriously.

     After the briefing, the group decided to go for a swim. Back in the tent while changing, Leana made her feelings crystal clear. ”Sarah, I don’t want you outside the fence. Do you understand?”

     Sarah, tired from all the traveling, was quickly becoming annoyed and snapped back. “Leana, come on, give me a little credit. I’m m not stupid, you know.”

     Clarifying, Leana said, ”Honey, I know you are not stupid. I also know there are times when you do things without thinking. So, what I am telling you do not go past the fence.”

     ”Fine, whatever.” Sarah snapped back a nasty retort.

     Leana returned with a warning, Sarah could not misinterpret. ”Sarah, Enough with the attitude, unless you would rather spend your afternoon in the corner.”

      Backtracking, Sarah stuttered, ”N-no Leana, I get it, no fence. Can we please go swimming now? I want to enjoy my vacation.” Staying in now would be awful; she would miss an entire afternoon with her friends.

     Grabbing towels and the sunscreen, off to the pool they went. After spending two hours lying in the sun and swimming, they were back in the tent, preparing for their first evening game drive. The drive would last about two hours, depending on what they spotted. “Sarah, don’t forget your jacket; it will be cold once the sun sets.” 

     Sarah couldn’t imagine needing one and said so.”I don’t need one. I’ll be fine. Did you pack the camera?”

    ”Yes, I have the camera.” sternly, she added, ”Bring a jacket, Sarah.”

    ”Alright, Alright. I’ll bring a jacket. Jeez.”

    Sarah and Leana were the first to arrive at the Jeep, giving them a choice of seats. Sarah points to the top row, “Come on, Leana, Let’s sit up top.” so they climbed up. They were followed quickly by Samantha and Darla, who took the next row. Wanda and Jerry wanting to be close to the driver, chose the front seat, leaving the second row for Candace and Bob, as they were the last couple to arrive. 

     Once everyone settled, Arno went over a few instructions. “Ok, there are very few rules, but they are still relevant. First of all, Stay in the vehicle at all times. Please, do not stand up, as the animals may see that action as a threat. Just be advised this is the bush, so there may be many animals roaming around, or you might not see any. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, and you can’t predict the behavior of wild animals.” There weren’t many instructions, so they were soon on their way. Everyone was excited and on alert to any sign of movement.

     As the driver casually drove, he pointed out plenty of kudus, an African antelope, and Buffalo. Then they spotted two Giraffes drinking from a watering hole. As they all watched, a third giraffe came gliding over to join them, long legs and neck in a perfect stride. Sarah was squealing with excitement as was everyone, and cameras were out snapping shot after shot. They sat watching for some time before moving in search of the next amazing sight.

     Sarah said to no one and everyone, “OMG, this is amazing. I still can’t even believe we are here.” That sentiment echoed through the jeep. As this was said, they came upon a couple of Zebras, a collective sigh of oohs and ah.

     Riding along, Sarah couldn’t help smiling as she was pulling on her jacket. “Leana, I’m so glad you insisted I bring this jacket.” she received a knowing smile from Leana. With the sun setting and the jeep racing along looking for animals, it was cold. After sitting at the pool all day, she couldn’t believe the temperature would drop so fast. “I wish I had a blanket.” Leana was also chilly, so they were huddling together as their eyes stayed alert.

     After an exhilarating adventure and returning, it was time to go freshen up. Dinner will be in thirty minutes. Sarah was so excited she was practically bouncing off the tent walls. There were times when Leana would have to reign Sarah back in, but tonight was not one. The pure thrill of seeing these animals in their natural habitat had each of them in awe.

     Sarah was talking nonstop, asked Leana. “Please tell me you got pictures of, well, everything. That was amazing. I can’t believe we were that close to giraffes, zebras, and those Buffalo. Leana, they were incredible, not at all like the ones we see in the US. They were staring right at us. And the zebra, I thought they traveled in herds. Wow, just incredible.”

     Leana agreeing, ”WOW is right, Sarah. I can’t even believe how cool that was. I was snapping one picture right after the next. I’m so glad we bought those extra memory cards. It is only day one, and I might have filled one card already. Between the animals and that gorgeous sunset. I think I got a picture right when the giraffe walked in front of the sun as it was setting.”

     Sarah sighed as she cuddled up to her girlfriend, ”Leana, Thank you so much. I can’t believe we are here. I’m so happy.”

     Leana pulling Sarah into a tight hug, was still in awe that they were here. “You know, Sarah. I would never have even dreamt of this if it wasn’t for you. Thank you, baby girl.”

     Sarah’s stomach chose that moment to announce itself. Leana laughed, ”I guess that’s our cue to hurry up and meet everyone. I wonder what they are serving?”

     Everyone was already seated when they arrived, so they took the last two seats and were offered their choice of drinks. They filled their plates at the buffet with salad and fruit before being served Bobotie’s main course, an African meat dish. Jerry said, “Mmm, This is delicious. In the guide book, I read that Bobotie is minced meat with a light combination of spices and a layer of egg on the top. The book’s description does not do it justice.”

     The next morning seemed to arrive very quickly. The game drive was to start at six-thirty, which meant the alarm was buzzing at six. Sarah, not a morning person, was less than happy. ”Oh man, it can’t be morning already? The sun isn’t even up yet.” She was cursing all that was holy and not. Until remembering where she was, then she jumped up, ready to take on the world. Tired as she was, Leana laughed as she witnessed this transformation.

     Sarah, not getting the joke, was appalled she was still in bed. “Come on, Leana, we’ve got to go. Get up.”

     Leana said with amusement, ”Sarah, I have never seen you get up that fast. I might be in shock.”

     ”Hmm, very funny, now let’s go.”

     Leana was happy with Sarah’s initiative, but at the same time worried. Thinking, once the adrenaline waned, what Sarah’s mood would be. She said. ”Ok Sarah, We can go now, but I want us both to have a nap this afternoon. You can sit by the pool but only for an hour. Then back here for a rest before tonight’s game drive.”

     Sarah dumbly stared back at Leana.”No, Leana, that’s not fair. I’m on vacation. You can’t be serious. I don’t want to take a nap.”

     Sternly, Leana responded, ”Sarah, I’m not saying you can’t swim, but you will also have a nap. I’ll be right there in the bed beside you. We will be napping together. It’s either that or we skip the game drive, your choice?”

     She angrily replied, ready to argue. ”That’s not a choice Leana. You know I want to go. I think you’re unfair.” Sarah sat with arms folded in a full-blown pout.

     Hoping to avoid this very thing, Leana said, “Hmm, it seems you could use a nap sooner than I thought. Once we get back from the drive, you can go right back to bed. Don’t even think about arguing, or you will be very sore on the ride.”

     The brat had fully risen, jumping up. Sarah whined, “No, Leana, I’m not taking a nap. No way, you can’t make me. It’s just not happening.” 

     As Leana put her foot on the chair, it was the wrong thing to say, grabbed Sarah, simultaneously divesting her of pants while pulling her over her muscular thigh. Her hand immediately began landing on Sarah’s quickly bared bottom with enough force to get Sarah’s undivided attention. Once she had that, a lecture followed. “Sarah, you will not speak to me that way…You had better be changing that attitude very quickly, and you will be taking a nap.”

     Sarah was frantic. Leana kept up a steady pace with spank after spank. Trapped in an awkward position, she struggled but found herself unable to wiggle away. Sarah began pleading, ”Leana, please stop. I’m sorry. Please stop.”

     Wanting verification while keeping up a steady pace, Leana asked. ”Sarah, Are you going to argue about a nap? Are you going to keep fighting me?”

     Sarah becoming increasingly eager to get away from Leana’s assault on her backside, pleaded. “No, Leana, I won’t argue anymore. Please stop. It hurts, please no more.” 

     With a flurry of very hard swats, Leana ended the lesson vigorously before lifting Sarah and placing her back on her feet. Eagerly trying to rub the sting away, Sarah pouted. ”Ouch, Leana, that hurt; how am I supposed to sit in the jeep?”

     “Well, my dear, of course, it hurt, so we’re clear that we will both be taking a nap after the drive. I do not want any more arguments. As soon as we catch up on our rest, we can go to the pool again.” That said, Leana pulled Sarah in for a hug and gave her a soft kiss. “Baby, I just want us to enjoy our time here without being too cranky..”

     “ok, Leana, I’m sorry for arguing with you.” Sarah peered up at Leana, searching for and finding forgiveness.

     Grabbing her camera and both jackets, she pulled Sarah out of the tent and toward the jeep. The gang gathered by the vehicle, sleepy but excitedly awaiting their adventure. Climbing onto the Jeep, they took the same seats as yesterday. Once everyone settled, they were off into the bush. The sun was on the verge of rising, so the sky had a predawn light, and the air was still chilly, especially when the Jeep started moving.

     Within minutes there appeared several Kudu, along with a few Elephants. The jeep crept up very close to the elephants as they cautiously stared back. There were two massive adults and one adorable baby. One of the adult elephants was using its trunk to nudge the baby along. They had their heads down, casually eating grass and ignoring the jeep. Once again, the cameras came out, and clicking commenced.

     After sitting watching for a while, Arno received a call on the radio. There was a leopard in the area. It appeared that time was of the essence, so they raced along in the jeep to the reported location. Adrenaline and anticipation were on the rise as their vehicle bumped along dirt roads and the dusty terrain. Sarah’s heart was soaring from the thrill. ”Oh, Leana, a leopard, how cool is that?” Looking all around in an attempt to locate it, she had long since forgotten all about her sore backside.

     Finally, their jeep slowed as it came upon two other vehicles. Arno was speaking to one of the other guides in their African language. Everyone was listening intently even though no one on the jeep understood the conversation. Turning toward the group while pointing to a tree on a small hill, he explained. ”A leopard is sleeping under that tree,” Everyone’s eyes snapped up to look. ”We are going to make our way slowly, as close as we can. Just a reminder, please stay seated, please do not stand.”

     Inching the jeep along very slowly, he positioned them about fifteen feet from this fantastic creature. As they sat mesmerized, they watched for any movement. Periodically, the leopard would lift his head and sniff or move ever so slightly, which had everyone in the jeep enthralled, snapping pictures no matter how slight the action.

     Upon returning, breakfast was ready in the main hall. Quickly everyone ran to their tents to wash up, making it to the table in record time. It was a typical breakfast buffet, eggs, meat, and potatoes. The smell of freshly brewed coffee was inviting, and the fruit delightful.

     Darla asked, ”Sarah, are you going to the pool? I’m going to work on my tan.”

     Sarah pouted back, in a petulant tone. ”No, I can’t go.” then she whispered to Darla. ”Leana’s making me take a stupid nap.” which got a stern look from Leana.

     Darla saw the look too and hurried with, ”ok, maybe later then.”

     Sarah said, ”Yeah, maybe.”

     Back at the tent, Leana commented, ”Sarah enough with the pouting, and it’s only a nap, not the end of the world.”

     In response, Sarah told her. ”Well, what do you expect? I feel like a little kid. With you making me take a nap and all.”

     Leana worried, ”What do you mean and all?” 

     “Oh, you know, everything, not being allowed to swim, having to nap, being spanked.”

     Patting the bed next to where she was sitting, Leana said. ”Ok, Come here. Have a seat, and let’s talk. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Sarah sat down, and Leana draped an arm around her shoulder.

     Sarah using the back of her hand, wiped away a stray tear from her cheek. “I’m sorry, Leana, maybe I am tired. I just don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m in control, I guess.”

     Leana listened and thought maybe she was too controlling. Maybe being in constant contact was too much. They usually had separate activities. Between packing and traveling, four full days of them were at each other’s side. Maybe Sarah needed space.

     Wiping away more of Sarah’s tears, “Hmm, I guess we’re generally not at each other’s side this much.” continuing, “I imagine I’ve been a little overbearing.”

     ”It hasn’t been that bad, Leana. I love being with you. I’m just used to thinking for myself.” Sarah smiled as she said that.

     ”Ok, I’ll back off some, but I still think we both could use a nap. What do you say?”

      Cuddling close, Sarah yawned and agreed softly. ”ok, Leana.” then her eyes fluttered, and she quickly drifted off to sleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

      Leana snuggled Sarah close, and sleep soon followed.


      While giving Sarah the space she needed, Leana was visiting with the other spouses. She was leaving Sarah free to hang with her friends. It was lovely to get to know the other spouses. She found them to be very interesting, and the conversation flowed smoothly. They had all met before but were never together long enough to get to know one another. As they talked, they watched their spouses, witnessing the high level of energy they saw when together, had them in awe.

      By the end of the week, they had been on four more game drives and a walking tour. On one of the rides, they followed a group of five lions as they silently stalked a herd of Buffalo. They were amazed by the lions’ sheer boldness, going after the buffalo who appeared so intimidating and traveled in a large group. Once the lions chose to attack, a few of the Buffalo retaliated and chased them off. Watching this happen was like a scene straight from the Wild Kingdom tv show.

     Another awe-inspiring sight was when the jeep pulled up to a watering hole just as a herd of elephant converged. Sitting there and watching in awe, cameras clicking away, they couldn’t believe their luck. The parade of twenty elephants ranged from huge adult elephants to very young and small babies. They sat spellbound as the elephants seemed to be playing, shooting water in the air and at each other while drinking their fill, before charging off into the bush. Swinging their tails, flapping ears, and making trumpet sounds from their trunks. 

     There were countless other animals, and each one was a fantastic sight to behold. Hippopotamuses ducked down in one watering hole. Unfortunately, the only part visible was their ears and tops of the head and backs. Rhinoceros, monkeys, warthogs, and a chameleon were just a few they spotted as they were driving along.

     On the final morning in camp, after eating breakfast and bringing their suitcases to the shuttle, it was time to say goodbye. Sarah thanked the staff while Leana also presented them with a generous tip before getting in the van. The drive back to Johannesburg was beautiful. Riding along the panoramic scenic drive, they stopped at several breathtaking waterfalls and lookout points. They would be staying one night in Johannesburg before they flew to Cape Town for five more days.


     The sun was setting as they arrived at the Marriott by the airport. Jerry planned the entire trip and chose this hotel because it was close and had a shuttle. Convenience being a priority as the following morning would be an early one. Their flight Johannesburg to Cape Town on South African air was leaving at ten a.m. Once arriving in Cape Town, they would be sharing a house. Fortunately, Jerry also found through the Airbnb website and got a great deal.

     After checking in at the Marriott, they made plans to meet for dinner and drinks. Leana had been pretty good, giving Sarah the space she desired and was trying not to be overbearing. But as she thought about Sarah drinking tonight and flying tomorrow, she grew concerned. ”Sarah, please don’t drink too much tonight. We have a flight in the morning, and if you’re hungover, we will both be miserable.”

     Sarah, determined to have fun tonight without restrictions, spat out a nasty retort. “Leana, give me a break. So now you’re telling me not to have fun?”

     Tired of being put on the defensive and with feelings hurt, she said. “You know what, Sarah, you’re right, you go ahead and have fun. But when you wake up with a hangover, I don’t want to hear about it.” as soon as that last comment left her mouth, Leana grabbed the key, her purse, and left the room.

     Sarah, just as annoyed with Leana, followed without saying a word. The elevator ride was quiet and tense, neither wanting to give in to the other. In the lobby, they met up with the group. Sarah went with Darla and her friends, leaving the spouses to all hang out together. Samantha picked up on the tension right away, but not knowing Leana very well, was reluctant to interfere.

     During dinner, the waiter suggested a lovely wine from the region. He proudly explained how South Africa was known for its winemaking. The wine tonight was an excellent introduction, and they were looking forward to the winery tour they had booked. It would be a full day through Cape Town wine country, visiting several famous wineries.

      Every once in a while, Leana would glance over to Sarah. Not only was she ignoring Leana’s advice, but she seemed to be the ringleader when it came to drinking shots. Deciding she had enough, Leana said her good nights and went to her room. Samantha, only moments later, decided this little brat pack had enough. It was time to break up the party.

      Gesturing toward the ladies’ group, she asked Bob and Jerry, “What do you say, gentlemen? Shall we call a halt to this little party? Before we have to carry them all to our rooms?”

     Yawning loudly, Bob replied, ”Yes, I’m tired, and I can already imagine those four in the morning.

     Jerry shook his head in agreement as they approached their spouses.

     In a no-nonsense tone, Samantha spoke first, “Okay, ladies, I think it’s time for bed. We have a long day tomorrow.” 

     In response, she got a chorus of, ”Just one more. And it’s early.” Darla looked up at Sam and knew it was time to go. Even in her inebriated state, she knew Sam wouldn’t tolerate any more stalling.

     Sarah was glancing around when she realized Leana had left, she added with a slur. “I’m going to have one more. I’ll see you all in the morning.”

     But that was quickly shut down by Samatha. ”No, you won’t. Up now, it’s time for bed.”

     Surprised by Samantha’s sternness, she got up and followed silently behind. Reaching her room, she realized she had no key. Not wanting to knock, she stood frozen. Fortunately, Samantha understood. She gave a quick rap on the door, which was soon answered by Leana.

     Leana stepped aside so Sarah could enter. ”Thanks, Samantha. I owe you one. Goodnight.” She gave a weak smile as she slowly closed the door.

     Sarah looked up at Leana, waiting for a lecture, but instead of saying anything, Leana sadly shook her head and climbed into bed. Knowing she screwed up but was too drunk to fix it, she changed into PJs and slipped under the covers.

     The alarm blared, upon hearing it, Sarah groaned as her head throbbed, and her stomach revolted. She jumped up and ran for the toilet. Sarah barely made it before last night came thundering back. Turning the alarm off, Leana got up but didn’t say anything, nor did she try to help. She just walked past Sarah and got into the shower, leaving Sarah to wallow in her mess.

     Leana walked around silently, getting ready and packing. When Sarah was not able to take the silence any longer, she snapped. “Leana, So you’re not talking to me? Is that how today’s going to be? God, Leana, I’m sorry I should’ve listened to you. Alright? You were right.”

     Not impressed with the half-hearted apology. Leana’s retort was one Sarah often used. “Ok, Sarah, Whatever! I’ll meet you downstairs. I’m going to go get some breakfast.” she then picked up her purse, grabbed her suitcase, and went out the door. She was leaving Sarah to gawk at the closed door.

     Sarah hurried, between fits of nausea, to finish packing her bag and meet everyone for breakfast. All the while racking her alcohol-soaked brain for a way to fix this. She was having a tough time concentrating plus having to move as not to get sick again. Maybe once she ate something, her stomach would settle. Then perhaps she could figure out how to deal with Leana and this mess she made.

     Arriving at the restaurant, she received moans from her partners in crime. If appearances were right, she wasn’t the only one hurting this morning. Today was going to be a very long day. Longer still with Leana mad at her and so obviously not speaking. With options limited, she grabbed a plate and started to fill it with dry toast, greasy bacon, and the tiniest drop of eggs.

     Sitting next to Leana was like sitting next to an iceberg. Guilt washed over her, and as a lump formed in her throat, she mumbled. “Leana, Please don’t be mad. I screwed up, I’m sorry.” silence was the response. Sarah put her fork down and left the table, and she made a beeline for the ladies’ room. Unable to hold back any longer, she broke down and sobbed.

     Leana knew her lack of response was cold, but she was having trouble dealing with Sarah’s hurtful attitude last night. But seeing how upset Sarah was, she couldn’t ignore her. Following her to the ladies’ room, she was surprised to find Sarah crouched down against the wall crying hysterically.

     Seeing Sarah, Leana rushed to Sarah’s side, whispering while simultaneously wrapping Sarah in a tight embrace. “Sarah, baby, please don’t cry, please, baby.”

     Big fat tears were now soaking Leana’s shirt, Sarah pleaded. ”Leana, I’m sorry. Please, Leana doesn’t hate me. I’m sorry.” squeezing tight onto her as she continued to sob and apologize.

     Leana’s heart couldn’t take anymore, and she cried right along with Sarah. Holding and rocking Sarah as she continued. ”Shhh, baby.” Reaching over the counter for the box of tissues, Leana began to wipe away the tears, first Sarah’s than her own.

     Searching Leana’s eyes, she felt a glimmer of hope. Leana didn’t hate her, but she did seem hurt.  Sarah’s guilt skyrocketed. “Ohh, Leana, I am sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

     Leana replied sadly, ”Sarah, you hurt my feelings by the way you’ve been acting. Yes, I can forgive you, but you have to promise not to do that again. That is no way to treat someone you say you love.”

     Eyes watering again, Sarah begged, “I do love you, please, you have to believe me. I don’t even know why I was such a jerk.”

     ”Ok, we will be talking later, but I think right now we have to get moving. We have a flight to catch. I love you too, Sarah.” Leana securely wrapped an arm around Sarah’s shoulder while leading her back to the restaurant.

     Everyone was getting up from the table. Samantha handed Sarah a to-go box with a couple of muffins and some bacon inside. They all checked out at the front desk and boarded the shuttle to the airport. Thankfully the flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town was short. Sarah, exhausted from drinking and emotions, slept the entire two-hours they were in the air.

     The airport shuttle was waiting when they arrived. A driver held up a sign with Jerry’s name, collecting them and bringing them directly to their rental house. Once settled in, the group planned to take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain. The guidebooks advise you to take advantage of clear skies, and today was perfect. Needing time to work out their feelings, Sarah and Leana chose to stay home. 

      Sarah was unusually shy after everyone left, and it was just the two of them. She knew she screwed up, and she didn’t know how to fix it. She waited nervously for Leana to speak.

      Leana started, ”So Sarah, Can you tell me why you’ve been acting out?”

      Not even sure herself, she tried, “Leana, I’m not sure why either, I think when you told me not to drink. I didn’t want to have rules. So I did it anyway. I’m sorry I should’ve listened to you.”

     ” I see a pattern. First, when we were in Washington, you were pushing me with your delay at the gate. Second, At camp, you said I was overbearing and controlling. Now this third incident at the hotel, where I was telling you what to do. Well, little girl, I am done having you toy with my feelings. We’re going to deal with this behavior once and for all.”

     Stammering, “W-hat do you mean? L-eana. What?”

     Looking directly at Sarah, Leana pointed, ”I’m pretty sure you know what that means. March yourself over and put your nose in that corner.”

     Stunned, ”but what if everyone comes back? Can we at least go to the bedroom?”

     “No, We can not! If they do, they will see a very sorry little girl paying for her bad choices.” Leana knew they wouldn’t be back for a while. Samantha so kindly took her aside earlier. She wanted to make sure Leana was ok and also to loan her their paddle. Samantha’s pep talk solidified her resolve. She was helping her see that she needed to stay strong, not back down. And that she also was going to give her little brat a damn good paddling.

      Staring back at Leana in shock, she started to argue, but Leana swiftly put an end to it. “Sarah, you had better start listening, and I mean right this minute. If I have to tell you again, not only will I use Samantha’s paddle! I will get my belt.”

      Scared now, having no clue Leana even had the paddle. She stammered. “L-eana… Noo. You can’t use the paddle. Please, Leana, not that!” That is when Leana had enough.

     “ONE!” That single word had Sarah scurrying quickly to find her spot. Leana sighed. She wasn’t happy about the paddle either and hoped she wouldn’t have to get the belt. While waiting, Leana mindlessly looked over some of the brochures they had picked up at the airport. Periodically glancing up to check on Sarah. She was fidgeting some, but overall she was following the rules.

     At the twenty-minute mark, Leana stiffened her spine and called for Sarah. ”Sarah, you can come out now.” Ever so slowly, she turned away from the corner. When she met Leana’s eyes, she burst into a fit of hysteria. Leana caught by surprise; it wasn’t like Sarah to cry this hard before a spanking. Snapping out of her momentary shock, she rushed over and scooped Sarah into her arms. The stress of this week had brought on more emotions than Leana realized.

     ”Leana, I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I was so horrible” more tears flowed, ”Leana?”

     “Shhh…Sarah, baby, everything is going to be all right. We will make everything better. Come on, stop all this crying.” Leana hugged Sarah tightly, needing to feel her in her arms and wanting to soothe the hurt. “Sarah, Please…I’ve got you.” Sarah’s cries finally calmed, and she was able to relax into Leana’s embrace.

     She continued holding Sarah another ten minutes before she caught her at arm’s length. Looking into her tear-stained face said, “I think it’s time to get this over with.” Sarah responded sadly with a slight nod. Leana led her to the sofa, sitting down, with Sarah standing in front of her. “Do we need to discuss why we are here?” again, Sarah shook her head no. Today the usual verbal answer wasn’t required.

     Reaching over, Leana pulled Sarah’s yoga pants and panties down, then swiftly lowering Sarah over her lap. The feel of Leana’s muscular thighs under her brought a sense of calm to her soul. She had been pushing Leana away when, in reality, she needed to have her closer. Leana didn’t hesitate once Sarah was in position.

     Raising her hand, she landed a series of swats in a familiar pattern left cheek, right cheek, center, sit spots. Then repeat. Over and over this went for several long minutes. With each minute, the swats intensified. Satisfied with the darkened color on Sarah’s backside, Leana rested her palm on Sarah’s sore cheeks and asked. ”Sarah, are you still going to test me? Is this message getting through yet?”

     Through gritted teeth, Sarah yelped, “I won’t, Leana.p-lease, please stop.. No more, please. I’ll be good. I promise!”

      Much to Sarah’s dismay, Leana placed the paddle on her already throbbing bottom. ”Let’s finish this. I think twenty with the paddle should be a good reminder. And I want you to count them. Hopefully, you will remember this for a very long time.”

     “OMG!!! Please no more. I can’t take it.” Sarah was pleading but stopped as Leana tapped the paddle a couple of times. “Okay, ok, I’ll count…” 

     Leana had never used a paddle, and Sarah was scared, so when the first swat landed, she squealed as she started to count. “oh noooo, it hurts, O-One.” keeping up the count until seventeen. At that point, her bottom was on fire, and her emotions were too raw. She lost her place. Realizing Sarah could no longer keep up the count, Leana landed the last three very slowly and with determination. Unfortunately, for Sarah, they were also the hardest. Sarah cried out in pain and would’ve fallen if Leana wasn’t holding her in place.

     Placing the paddle next to her, she began to rub Sarah’s back. And in a soothing tone, she repeatedly whispered reassurances. “Sarah, it’s over, everything’s ok. You’re alright, sweetheart.” keeping a steady cadence to her voice, she continued to whisper. Finally, when she was calmer. Leana gently pulled Sarah up and onto her lap, careful of her tender cheeks.

     Wincing at the contact, she buried herself into Leana’s robust and comforting embrace. A feeling of sleepy contentment, happy that Leana cared enough not to give up on her. As she yawned, Leana helped her stand and pull up her panties while simultaneously stepping out of her yoga pants. Gently, she guided Sarah to their bed, where Sarah lay on her tummy, and Leana proceeded to tuck the covers around her. Then slipping out of her jeans, Leana climbed under the covers beside Sarah.


     Leana was drifting into consciousness when she heard the group return. Shaking away the last remnants of sleep, she ventured out into the living room to greet them. According to everyone’s excitement and animation, Table Mountain was a fantastic sight. The only negative was that Leana and Sarah hadn’t been with them. Leana would have loved to have seen it, but working on her relationship was her top priority.

     As the group started to clear out, Bob said, “Leana, we’re all going to the V&A Waterfront for dinner. Are you and Sarah up for coming along?”

    ”That sounds great. Let me check with Sarah, but I’m sure she’ll want to go.” Leana replied as she went to their room to wake Sarah.

     Sarah was stirring as she entered the bedroom. Leana sat down on the side of the bed next to Sarah. Gently wiping away a stray hair from Sarah’s face. “Hi baby, How do you feel?”

     She is smiling shyly up at her. “I’m ok, Leana,” reaching back to rub her bottom, she added a pout. “Well, except my butt is sore, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to sit again.”

     Giving her a ’you deserved it’ look, “So, Are you to sore to join the gang for dinner? They’re going to the waterfront. What do you say?”

     Pout replaced with a smile, Sarah got out of bed and hurried to get ready. “Yes! I want to go.” Leaving Leana shaking her head at the change in her girlfriend’s demeanor.

     Unanimously, everyone agreed on dinner at The Ferryman’s Tavern, a restaurant at the V&A Waterfront. Arriving early, Candace excitedly blurted out, ”We’re too early for supper. Let’s check out those markets over there.” she pointed to all the shops around.

     Bob laughed, enjoying his wife’s excitement; he was well aware of how much she liked to shop. “Hold on, sweetheart. Let’s walk over to the ticket counter first. We need to make a reservation for our tour tomorrow of Robbins Island.” unanimously, the group agreed, as one they strolled over to the office.

     Inline, Jerry began reading the brochure out loud. ”On Robbins Island is a prison, in which held Nelson Mandela for 18 of his 27 years as a prisoner.” he continued reading as they quickly advanced to the front of the line.

     Happily, they all managed to get tickets for nine the following morning. Once tickets were in hand, they strolled around the different shops and enjoyed watching the entertaining street performers before heading to the restaurant.

     The next morning they all purchased tickets for the hop on hop off sightseeing bus. They planned to head back to the waterfront in time to catch the ferry to Robbins Island. After that, they’d hop back on the bus and explore the city. Sarah, a little clingy today, snuggled up to Leana on the ferry. Looking toward the town, “Leana, look, you can see the entire skyline. It’s so beautiful. Wow, there’s the stadium.” Luckily, Leana understood Sarah’s need to be close. After the past few days, she felt a little clingy herself and snuggled her right back.

     Amazed by the tour and impressed when hearing a former inmate describe prison life and tell his own experiences. Agreeing that listening to and asking questions to someone who once lived there was so much more interesting than the usual audiotape tours. After Robbins Island, they headed to the bus stop, ready for the next sight. Darla and Sarah practically ran up the stairs of the double-decker bus, vying for the best seats. They left the rest of the group to follow in their wake.

     As the bus drove along, they were using the headsets provided, spellbound learning a little of the South African people’s history and culture. It was fascinating traveling through the city and seeing the various neighborhoods. At the Greenmarket Square stop, Candace insisted they get off and check out the markets. As soon as the bus stopped, she jumped off, dragging Bob behind her. This stop was the highlight of her day. She was thrilled to spend money finally and haggle, off she went looking for the perfect acquisition. Bob dutifully followed behind her, ready to carry her purchases. 

      After everyone was exhausted from shopping and packed down with souvenirs, they hopped back on the bus. The tour continued, passing the beautiful Table Mountain and Lions Head Peak, then the next stop was at Camps Bay. Agreeing to get off again, take a relaxing walk along the beach, and have an early dinner. They hopped off once more. During their stroll, they passed a Steakhouse that faced out toward the ocean, where everyone agreed to have dinner.

      After a fantastic dinner, the buses had stopped running, so they piled into two taxis and headed back to the house. It was still early, so they dropped off their goods then walked to the grocery store on the corner for some snacks and drinks. Tonight the plan was to sit around enjoying a glass of wine, revisiting the highlights of a beautiful trip. Everyone was looking forward to a little downtime, as tomorrow was an all-day tour to the Cape of Good Hope.


     So far, the trip had been fantastic. While sitting on the tour bus, everyone’s eyes glued to the scenery, which was beautiful. Mountains and ocean everywhere you looked, the first stop was at False Bay, were agreeing as one to take a boat ride over to seal island. Standing in line at the dock, Darla was beside herself as she squealed. “OMG, Look! That seal is swimming right next to the dock. Isn’t it beautiful?” Sam just rolled her eyes, thinking it was terrific but beautiful? 

     Motoring over on the boat, the bay was mostly surrounded by mountains. Looking down into the clear blue water, they watched seals swimming and seaweed floating below the surface. Within ten minutes, the boat arrived at the island where hundreds of seals lounged on huge rocks, barking loudly and swimming casually. They were all giddy with excitement and reaching for their cameras, trying to capture a picture of this fantastic sight.

     Back on the bus, they continued driving, glimpsing many beautiful and yet secluded beaches. A family of baboons, babies and all ran through the trees as they drove down the road. The guide explained, “baboons, although cute, are very aggressive and like to take people’s belongings, so be careful around them.” Stopping next, at an ostrich farm, and having their picture taken as they fed the ornery birds. 

     Finally, they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. A rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula. The guide explained, “This is often mistakingly believed to be where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. But in reality, Cape Agulhas, a three-hour drive from Cape, is the meeting point of the two seas.”

      Out of the two options walk or to take the funicular up the hill. They all chose the latter. Still, they had to climb up about fifty steps to the top. Once at the top, the views were breathtaking, with miles upon, miles of ocean. And looking down was beautiful blue water with white cap waves crashing to shore.

     The afternoon wasn’t without problems. Fortunately for Sarah, she wasn’t the one in trouble this time. Darla getting a little carried away, decided to climb the massive rock on top of the hill. Noticing her brats intent, Samantha sternly warned, ”Darla, Don’t even think about it. I’m not joking. Do not climb on that rock! It’s too dangerous!”

     But as the real brat she was, she didn’t hear that as, “Do not do it,” but as a challenge. Darla smiled as she scurried up the huge rock, ignoring the furious look on her girlfriend’s face. ”See Sam; it was easy. Come on, take my picture.”

     As Samantha was snapping the picture, she said, “Sure thing, this way, you can remember the last time you were able to sit comfortably.” getting a double take from Darla, who was catching on to Samantha’s ire.

     ”Ut oh.” Scurrying back down, ”Sam? Are you mad? I didn’t fall. It was easy.”

     Shaking her head, Samantha replied. ”Yes, my dear, I am. That was a very foolish stunt. You climbed up there, even after I clearly said not to. You know better than to defy me.”

     Sullenly Darla mumbled a weak apology. ”oh Sam, I’m sorry. It just looked like fun, and I wasn’t thinking.”

     Samantha advised, ”We will see how much fun it seems tonight. Won’t we?”

     Fate sealed, Darla with slumped shoulders sadly pouted back, ”yes, Sam.”


     Back on the bus, the journey continued. As the group drove, they passed more isolated beaches, turquoise water, and more beautiful scenery. Their lunch stop was in Simons Town. Before eating, they could visit the penguins on Boulders beach, a mating spot for a colony of African penguins. Walking along a boardwalk, they were able to see hundreds of black and white birds along the beach. Many were nurturing their babies while others were wiggling around, and some were swimming in the bay.

     The last stop of the day was Kirstenbosch Botanical. Acres of beautiful gardens along with a large glass conservatory. After sitting on the bus most of the day, it was refreshing to stroll through the gardens. They had an hour and a half, which wasn’t a lot of time. One of the highlights was the Tree Canopy Walkway. A fantastic bridge where you can walk above the tree line, making available spectacular views of the mountains and the gardens.


     A quick stop back at the house to freshen up, then off to a local Greek restaurant. Leana loved Greek food and couldn’t wait to try this place. They had spotted it last night when they walked to the store. Since arriving in South Africa, they have enjoyed every meal. To their happy surprise, the foods were both inexpensive and delicious. After quietly directing Darla to wait in their bedroom, Samantha asked the group to go ahead and get a table. They would catch up in about thirty minutes.

     Darla was sitting on the bed nervously awaiting Sam. She knew she was in trouble but wasn’t sure exactly how much. Sam entered the room, sitting down next to Darla, she said. ”Darla, Do you realize why you’re in trouble?”

      Darla didn’t see what the big deal was climbing on that rock and foolishly said. ”Yes, Sam, I know why we’re here. I don’t know what the big deal was. So what, I climbed a rock, I didn’t get hurt.”

     She was shaking her head, amazed by Darla’s words. ”Well, young lady, let me tell you then. That rock that you so carelessly climbed was over ten feet high, and if you had fallen, you would’ve hurt yourself. You were merely lucky, taking a risk like that. Have you forgotten that you are in a foreign country? How would you feel about going to the hospital here? Everyone’s day would have a cloud over it because of your carelessness. You know how I feel when you take unnecessary risks, plus when I saw you climb up there even after I said not to, it scared me.”

     After Sam’s explanation, Darla sadly understood why Sam was upset. She shyly glanced up, then back down, not able to look Sam in the eye. “I’m sorry you’re right. I shouldn’t have done it. I didn’t mean to worry you.” 

     Lifting Darla’s quivering chin and forcing her to make eye contact, she said. “Ok, sweetheart, let’s get this over with, so we can meet up with everyone.”

     Although she was unhappy to have earned a spanking, she couldn’t hold back her surprise. ”Do you mean it, Sam? We’re still going to have dinner with everyone?”

     “Yes, Darla, as long as you behave, we can meet them.”

 She softly whispered, “ok. I will,” as she was unzipping her jeans, then pulling them down along with her panties.

      Sam tapped her lap. Darla took the not so subtle hint and placed herself over it. As this wasn’t a severe correction but a definite reminder to listen, Samantha decided to forgo the paddle and use her hand. She placed her left hand on Darla’s back and brought her right hand down with a solid swat, demonstrating the result of not following rules. It starts with a warm-up of medium strength smacks for several minutes and then continues with five minutes of very hard and painful swats. Darla cried out, unable to hold back, “Owie, I’m sorry, Sam.” before forgetting herself and trying to reach back, wanting to block the assault. 

     Unfortunately, Reaching back earned some very painful swats on her thighs. ”OMG…Sorry, I didn’t mean it. Owie, Owie ow ow!” Once Samantha was satisfied, she stopped swatting and started to rub some of the stings out of Darla’s sore backside.

     Now that her naughty little girl had learned her lesson, Samantha helped Darla up and onto her lap, proceeding to cuddle her close for a few minutes before suggesting. “Are you ready to clean up and meet everyone? or do you need more cuddle time?”

     Darla nestled closer before slowly unfolding herself. ”I’m ok. We can go. But can we cuddle later?”

     Kissing Darla soundly, Sam agreed. ”Mmm, hmm. That sounds good to me. Let’s hurry up, so we don’t keep everyone waiting.”

     Darla carefully sat next to Sarah, who gave her a bump on the arm and a smile in support. It was a little embarrassing, but at the same time, nice to know someone understood. In the past, she would try hard not to wiggle in her seat and pretend nothing was different when she was around other people. Surprisingly she drew comfort, knowing Sarah understood her situation.


     As the bus was driving along, Jerry began reading aloud from the guide book he’d been carrying. “So, It says here that we will be visiting two wineries. The first one is a little over an hour outside the city.” He paused, then adding, “Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are the two scheduled for cheese and wine tasting. We’ll be driving through the countryside, which is supposed to be magnificent. I don’t doubt it after yesterday’s tour. I never expected to see so much beauty.”

     Casually the conversation continued as the group enjoyed the sights of this beautiful country, passing orchards, vineyards, and even massive shantytowns. Jerry commented. “I can’t believe the economic differences. You have thousands of tin homes budded right next to each other. Then we drive a little; further, there are houses and large estates.”

      Having never been to a winery before, Leana was fascinated by listening to the winemaking process. From the vineyard to the bottle, she became enthralled by every aspect. As Leana stood mesmerized, Sarah quickly pulled out her camera, focusing on the intense expression on Leana’s face. 

     Training the lens on Leana, Sarah was hoping to capture the expression of utter fascination that was quite frankly, a turn on. Clicking away a few times, then suddenly startled through the lens, she noticed chocolate, brown eyes staring back at her. “Sarah, What’re you doing? Stop with the camera already.”

      Blushing slightly, Sarah said with a coy smile. “Hmm, well, I noticed how beautiful and sexy you are and wanted to capture your expression.” 

      Leana’s voice was low and sexy, “Beautiful, sexy, Mmmm, sweet, I think you’ve earned yourself a good girl spanking. Just wait till I get you alone.” patting Sarah’s bottom, Leana guided a giggling Sarah out of the bottling room and toward the tasting room.

     Arriving at the tasting room, they eyed an array of delicious and refreshing wines waiting for them. Excited to try them all, they sat and listened as the presentation began. Once they tasted every last one, Leana stated. “That was wonderful, but I’m starving. I should eat soon before all that wine goes to my head.”

     On the drive between wineries, they stopped for lunch at a cute touristy town with gift shops and restaurants. Candace, once again in her element, was quickly reaching for Bob’s hand and pulling him along, ”Come on, honey, Let’s check out those shops over there. Oh boy, this is wonderful.” Bob dutifully followed the nice lunch he wished for had just become a dream.    After a refreshing break, they were off to the next winery, Franschhoek Cellars, located in the beautiful valley of Franschhoek.

     Enjoying another variety of wines along with various cheeses and the traditional biltong. The host explained, “Biltong, a form of dried meat, similar to jerky, originating in South Africa.”

     The drive back to Cape town was quiet as the group was sleepy from a full day of incredible scenery and delicious wines. One by one, they slowly nodded off, rousing as they neared the house. Darla, relieved to be off the bus, said, “I’m so glad to be back. That was fun, but riding on a bus all day is exhausting.” murmured responses from everyone. “At least our flight tomorrow isn’t until 315 in the afternoon. We can sleep in.”

      Samantha added, ”Yeah, that gives us all morning to pack. I hope I can fit all my souvenirs in my bag.”

      Darla added jokingly.”Speaking of souvenirs. Candace, how many bags are you checking? You outdid all of us. Do you have room for everything?” That earned her a grimace from Candace and a stern retort from Sam.

      ”Darla, mind your business.”

      Thankfully Bob was there to soften the blow. “Oh, you’re right Darla, We did get a little crazy with souvenirs, but I think we should be pretty close to our check-in allowance. Plus, we’ll both have to carry on a bag.” Seemingly nothing fazed Bob; if it was something Candace wanted, he made it work.

     Jerry piped in, “Hey Bob if you need us to check one of your bags, let us know. Wanda and I are only checking in one each. We can take it for you.”

     ”Hey man thanks, I don’t think we will, but I’ll let you know.” Bob replied, then added, ”I’m starving. What‘re we doing for dinner?”

     Leana chimed in. “I’d love to go back to that Greek restaurant. The food was terrific. That is if it’s ok with everyone?” Unanimously everyone agreed.

      Entering the restaurant, their waiter from the previous night was pleasantly surprised. Rushing over, he greeted them with a smile and warm embraces and then quickly sat them in his section. Once again, the food was terrific, and the wine delicious. After dinner, each couple held hands and walked back to the house content in each other’s arms.

      On that last morning, among the group, feelings were all over the board. One minute they were sad to leave, the next they couldn’t wait to be home. Although they all enjoyed the trip, knowing it was over, they just wanted to be back. Nobody was looking forward to the twenty or so hours of travel.

      Luck must’ve been on their side. Every flight was on time; the connections and passport control went smoothly for them all. Arriving at their final destination sleepy but thrilled to have been on such an extraordinary adventure. Hugging goodbye and they all promised to get together soon.

      Dropping their suitcases by the door, Leana turned to Sarah. “Sweetheart, I don’t know if I have ever been this tired.” Pulling Sarah into a loving embrace, “But this has been the most amazing adventure of my life. I never would’ve even considered it if it weren’t for you. Thank you so much, baby girl.”

     Sarah held on, loving the feel of her girlfriend’s soft body against hers. ”Mmm, you feel so good. If I weren’t so exhausted, I would show you how happy I am.”

     Breaking away from their embrace, ”Ok, Let’s get these bags upstairs so we can shower and go to bed.” continuing, ”Once we have rested, I’m counting on you showing me.” swatting Sarah’s bottom, ”Now move it, little girl.”

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Wow what a great story at times I could almost visualize their vacation trip because your very detailed in your description of your stories which makes at least for me almost like a movie as I’m reading them. Thank you again.

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Thank you, Eric; somewhere, I heard you should write about something you know. So I decided I would write about one of my vacations, of course, the group of travelers was much different. I did have fun mentally revisiting the places on Sarah and Leana’s bucket list and bringing them along. I think they are my longest stories too.

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