The price of fun and games

     “Henna, come here, please,” Rita called her girl from the bedroom.

     Skipping into the room, Henna stopped in her tracks at sight and stuttered, “Rita? What’s going on?” On the bed sat a leather paddle. Henna knew as soon as she saw the wicked-looking instrument what was about to happen, and her hands flew to cover her backside. Of course, that didn’t stop her face from turning a light shade of pink or tingling in her lower cheeks from the nervous anticipation. She loved spankings, craved them,  actually, and just the sight of leather had her yearning.

     “Little girl, I told you we’d be discussing your behavior. Well, it’s time.” Rita stated firmly. She wanted to smile as she thought of her luck; meeting this girl was a dream come true. Rita barely let a day pass where she didn’t take the opportunity to bring some shade of red to her cheeks. With a finger crooked, Rita beckoned Henna over. When the girl didn’t move quickly enough, Rita snapped. “No more stalling, Here now!” That small gesture had Henna nearly running to Rita’s side.

     The stern tone in Rita’s voice was rare, and for a few moments, Henna worried. Thoughts she may have earned a real punishment had her slightly on edge, not because of the spanking she could handle, no Henna worried about disappointing Rita. Standing at Rita’s side, Henna searched her girlfriends’ face, looking for signs; last night, when she couldn’t sleep, everything seemed so funny. Now she wondered if she pushed too far if maybe lack of sleep is what made it funny. When Rita’s expression remained stoic, Henna tried apologizing, but her voice cracked. “Ri-t-a?” and that was all she could say as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

     Finally, seeing the girl’s dismay, Rita relented. “Oh, so now that you’re about to get your bottom spanked, you remember all your antics from last night? Or should I say this morning?” A tiny smile escaped Rita’s lips, and her eyes became softer, letting Henna know she was playing more than upset. However, Rita did want to address Hennas getting up in the middle of the night, which she did not want to become a habit. Her girl drank several cups of coffee in that early hour then decided to wake her by jumping up and down on the bed.

     “Ok little girl, please explain what in the world you were doing this morning?” Henna couldn’t help but let a chuckle escape as she remembered Rita’s startled expression. Rita’s hand came down solid on her bare thigh. This time it was Henna’s turn to be surprised, and she forced herself to pay attention. Right now, Henna realized Rita was not mad, but she was serious.

      Taking a deep breath, Henna began, “well, I couldn’t sleep, so I got on the computer. I was only going to read until I got sleepy, then go back to bed.”

      “Hmm, So if you were planning on coming back to bed, why make coffee?” Henna blushed and looked away. “Yes indeed, that’s what I thought.” Reaching two fingers under the girl’s chin, Rita lifted until their eyes met. “From now on, no coffee until morning. Ok?” 

     “Yes, ma’am.” then, after a moment of thought, Henna asked. “Rita, are we ok? I didn’t mean to scare you; I just thought it would be funny.” Henna searched Rita’s eyes.

     Rita smiled, reaching over to unfasten the button on Henna’s pants. “Oh baby, of course, we’re ok. Now let’s seal this rule by warming your bottom.”

     Before Rita could finish unfastening the buttons, Henna’s arms circled her neck. “Yes, ma’am.”

     This move took Rita by surprise; she knew Henna wasn’t trying to avoid a spanking. “Hey, what’s going on, Henna? Why all the emotions?” Rubbing the girl’s back, Rita waited for a response. It was out of character for the girl to become clingy. Usually, she’d be eager to have a fire lit on her bottom.

     “I don’t know; I thought I messed us up and, well,” Henna blushed as she tried to explain but even to her ear, it sounded lame.

     Rita understood. “Ah, little girl, you didn’t mess us up. Not a chance of that.” Rita squeezed the girl in her tight embrace. Once she felt Henna’s body relax, Rita lightened the mood by adding. “Are you going wake me by bouncing on the bed again?” Henna couldn’t hold back a giggle. Immediately, Rita began tickling. “Oh, you think it’s funny. I’ll show you funny” then, in a mid chuckle, Henna found herself draped over Rita’s legs. The giggles quickly turned into grunts as Rita’s palm landed.

     “No, it’s not fu-n-n-y.” Henna struggled to say in between swats. Then just when she felt a nice warming rhythm, Rita reached for the leather paddle. Unlike Rita’s hand, the leather stung, and the more it made contact with Henna’s very sore cheeks, the harder she struggled. “Owe, Rita, that hurts.” Her feet flew into a kicking frenzy.

      The leather landed across the back of both legs. “Settled down, little girl, you know better.” Henna whimpered as she tried to regain control of her legs. Rita brought the paddle down on the sore cheeks once again.

      After several minutes, when Rita had a nice, even rosy color, she paused to ask. “So before we finish, I’d like you to tell me our new rule please.”

      Between ragged breaths, Henna staggered out a sentence. “We, I mean I can’t drink coffee til morning.”

     “Very good, but let’s add any caffeine. Ok?”

     Barely holding back a groan, Henna said. “Yes ma’am.”

     Rita had been lightly tapping the paddle on the girl’s bottom. “Ok let’s finish.” Immediately the leather met the sore cheeks, and the sting had Henna shrieking. Rita tilted the girl’s bottom higher and focused her swings on her sit spots. Rita wanted Henna to be reminded of this lesson every time she sat for the next week. Henna, whose voice was almost horse as the paddle continued to fall, knew Rita wasn’t mad. Although their regular play never lasted this long or had her pleading either for mercy or a release, she was too far gone to know.

Right now, her cheeks were on fire but along with the fire was tension in a more intimate area. A pressure was screaming for release. Henna’s body automatically bucked and wiggled, trying to make contact; Rita’s swings threw off any attempt at pleasure.

     Once Rita ended the spanking, it took Henna less than a minute to realize the paddle had stopped. As the situation came into focus, Henna relaxed into the feel of Rita’s hand rubbing circles on her back. But that wasn’t where Henna needed Rita’s hands; a frustrated moan escaped before she found the words. “I’m sorry Rita but I need you.”

     Rita chuckled mischievously, with all the wiggling and grinding. “Oh my naughty little girl I know exactly what you need.” A sharp slap landed on the sore bottom. “But my naughty little one is going to have to wait.” Henna let out a desperate groan, earning a second slap. “Now, up you go.” reluctantly, Henna climbed off Rita’s lap and waited, her desperation evident. “Go lay on our bed. I want you on your back, in the center  of the bed, with your feet flat and legs and arms spread wide.” Henna’s eye grew wide as she smiled. “You wait for me, for everything. Understand?”

      Henna answered, her voice squeaky and shaky. “Y-es, ma’am.”

     Rita snapped when Henna didn’t move quick enough for her liking. “Move it naughty girl!!” Startled, Henna took off to do as told. Rita took her time walking past the girl to their closet. She deposited her clothes into the hamper then picked up the leather harness. As she fastened the snaps, she watched Henna as she lay desperate for release. Rita mused at the moisture glistening around the girl’s lady parts. The temptation to change her plans and bury her face between those lovely legs was overwhelming. Before getting too distracted, Rita pulled open the drawer that held their toys and picked out the perfect dildo for the job at hand.

     Decision made, Rita attached the seven-inch flesh color dildo then added a generous amount of lube before making her way to Henna. The girl was almost beyond herself by the time she heard Rita making her way over. “Rita please!” As Rita knelt on the bed, she reached under and grabbed hold of the girl’s legs. The closer the dildo came to its target, the higher Henna’s knees rose. Finally, at making contact, Rita flipped the switch on the side, turned on the vibrator, and plunged in deep. Henna screamed out in pleasure, rocking while wrapping her legs around Rita, pulling her closer. Henna couldn’t remember how many times she had come, but she enjoyed each one.

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