Trust issues

Part one

Answering the door, thinking Henna had forgotten her key again, Rita looked down, shocked as she almost didn’t recognize the girl standing there. The last time she’s seen her, the girl was a sweet innocent child of six years old. The ripped jeans, cropped hair little ball of attitude now staring her down seemed anything but innocent. In all honesty, this girl reminded Rita of herself almost ten years earlier when she had been kicked out of the house at pretty much the same age.

Amber didn’t know what to expect, but at this point, she had run out of options but to find her older sister. Luckily she intercepted several letters Rita had sent over the years, even digging a few out of the trash bin. Letters from an older sister whose absence she couldn’t understand and someone she missed dearly. Their mother wouldn’t acknowledge the letters or even speak Rita’s name.

Henna had her keys ready, but as she reached the knob, the door was not only unlocked, but it easily pushed open. Surprised, she softly called out to Rita. When silence filled the air, she searched for her girlfriend; worry began to creep in as she continued searching from room to room. From day one Rita has always emphasized the need to keep doors locked. When she wasn’t in any of her usual places, Henna peeked into the guest room.

Carelessly wrapped in another woman’s arms is where she found Rita. Disbelief and shock overwhelmed her senses. In her dismay, she cried out, “What? Rita?” Then with tears streaming down her cheeks, she ran from the room, and before Rita realized what was happening, Henna was out the front door, slamming it in her wake.

In a fog of sleep, Rita tried but failed to stop Henna, “Henna wait.” she called out as she uncurled herself from the sleeping girl. When Rita made it out the door, Henna was nowhere in sight. Assuming the girl ran to the bus stop, Rita began a slow jog down the street, and when she didn’t see Henna at the bus stop, Rita figured she had caught a bus. She was surprised on the walk home as she watched a car pull up down the block and Henna run to it from behind the bushes.

Rita mumbled, “that sneaky little, argh, wait till I get my hands on that girl.”  She decided to go home, check on her charge then drive over to Hennas for a chat. Amber was still sleeping when Rita entered the room, so she sat on the bed rubbing the girl’s back, trying to wake her slowly. Although she knew Amber was tired, Rita also wanted her to be able to sleep tonight.

As her sister stirred, she softly encouraged her to open her eyes. “Hey sleepyhead, I know you’re tired, but you need to wake up, so you sleep tonight.” Rita carefully moved the hair away from the girl’s eyes. “Oh my, I remember those beautiful eyes.” Amber lay staring up at her big sister. “Sweetheart, I need to go pick up my girlfriend. It shouldn’t take more than an hour. Hmm, maybe a little longer.”  “Why don’t you take a nice hot shower while I’m gone? Then the three of us will make dinner. If you are super hungry, grab something to snack on while I’m gone. How does that sound?”

Amber whispered, “okay, I guess.” As she got up, Rita kissed the girl’s forehead, told her where to find towels, and advised the girl to make herself at home.

On the way to Henna’s, Rita realized how being curled up in bed with another woman must have looked. But running away before they could talk and hiding in bushes only meant they had trust issues, and Rita wouldn’t allow that. Rita decided she and Henna needed to talk. Maybe Rita was wrong, and they weren’t right for each other. She couldn’t imagine life without Henna, but if Henna didn’t trust her, what kind of life would it be?

Rita took a moment to calm herself before opening the car door. She felt very emotional; it took years before she could mentally accept the loss of her family. Her heart, however, wouldn’t give up; Rita sent a letter home every other month but sadly never received a response. Having Amber show up out of the blue felt like a miracle, and she was thrilled to see the girl. Although she was delighted to see her sister, she worried about what had brought the child to her doorstep.

Taking a few deep breaths, Rita got out of the car and headed to Henna’s apartment. She took her key out and let herself in, not bothering to knock. In the kitchen, she found her girlfriend pouring vodka into a glass. “Put that down, please; we need to talk.” When Henna ignored her request, Rita snapped. “Put it down now! Come here and sit with me.” Henna jumped, surprised by the tone and even more by her response. She did as directed.

At the table, Henna looked everywhere but at Rita, convinced she would start crying any minute. After seeing Rita with another woman, Henna was sure this was the end of their relationship. What she didn’t expect was for Rita to ask. “Why did you run away from me?”

Indignant, Henna snapped, “Are you kidding?”   “What was I supposed to do? You laying there wrapped in another woman’s arms.” Henna looked up at Rita’s features etched in hurt.

Clearing her throat, Rita couldn’t keep the hurt from coming through, “Do you have so little trust in me.” a single tear escaped as she continued. “The woman you saw is my fifteen-year-old sister—a girl I haven’t seen in about nine years. She showed up on my doorstep this morning.”   “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know she was coming.”

It was Henna’s turn to be shocked, “Seriously? Your sister?”   “Oh my, Rita, I’m sorry. I just thought. Well, I guess I didn’t think.”  “Rita, I’m so sorry,” Henna said, practically begging for Rita to forgive her.

Rita sat, trying to figure out what to do next. Trust was necessary for a relationship, and if Henna couldn’t trust her, then what? “Henna, I know people hurt you in the past, but for me, well, I need trust in a relationship. If you think even for a minute that I would betray your trust that way.” Rita couldn’t bring herself to break up. She loved Henna; it would be a devastating loss.

Tears streamed down Henna’s face as she fell to her knees and begged. “Rita, No!”  “Please don’t leave me! Please, Rita, give me another chance.”

“Hush, little one, come up here.” Rita patted her lap for Henna to sit. Once the girl was seated and tightly snuggled on her lap, she whispered. “I’m not leaving you, little one, but this conversation isn’t over.”

Rita felt the girl’s body relax before hearing, “yes, ma’am. I am sorry, Rita.”

“Oh, you will be once we add a discussion about hiding in bushes.”   “You will be very sorry, little one.” the involuntary shiver from the girl told Rita she made her point. “I’ve got to get back to Amber. Why don’t you wash your face? Then we can leave.” Henna hurried to the bathroom; although she wished for the release one of Rita’s discussions would bring her, Henna felt she wouldn’t be waiting long.

Back at the house, Amber showered and then waited nervously, backpack at the ready. Even though she didn’t think Rita would call their parents, she prepared to bolt at the first sign of them. She relaxed only after seeing Rita walking toward the house, holding her girlfriend’s hand.

The first thing Rita noticed was Amber’s backpack packed and ready. She nodded toward it, “going somewhere?” She asked the girl. When a blush flooded the girl’s face, she added, “you can relax; you’re safe here.” she gave her sister a quick hug and then changed the subject by introducing Henna. “Amber, I’d like you to meet Henna; Henna, this is Amber.” introductions out of the way, she instructed. “Why don’t you put your bag in your room and then meet us in the kitchen? I’m starving.”

Rita noticed how her words brought a smile to Amber’s face. Tomorrow, they would discuss the events that brought the girl to her doorstep. Right now, Rita was happy to have her sister close; she missed watching her grow up and couldn’t wait to catch up. Henna didn’t say much during the meal, but not because she was uncomfortable. No, she sat back, admiring the sisters as they interacted. Although they had been apart most of their lives, their mannerisms were eerily similar.

After dinner, they gathered around the TV to watch a movie. Rita wasn’t surprised to see her sister fighting with herself to stay awake. It was still early when the movie ended, and Rita again gave instructions. “Okay, ladies, I know it’s early, but we are all tired so let’s get ready for bed.” she didn’t let the protests from either girl change her mind. Henna was the first to give in and say good night, but Amber quickly followed her lead.

Rita made sure Amber had pajamas and a toothbrush before leaving her to get changed, “I’ll be back in a few minutes to say goodnight.” Amber wanted to tell Rita she was too old for tucking in, but the words sounded silly. Rita went straight to the ensuite bathroom in her room and stood behind Henna as she brushed her teeth. Once their eyes met in the mirror, Rita asked, “Are you too tired to talk tonight?”

Henna turned and asked. “I’m okay, but your sister?” Henna knew all that a “talk.” entailed, and she wasn’t ready to share that much information with a stranger.

Rita reassured, “She’s exhausted. I told her I’d be back to tuck her into bed. I’ll make sure she’s asleep. As for you, my dear, when you finish here, it’s off to the corner for a good ten minutes.” she continued as the girl’s shoulders slumped. “That should give you time to think. If I’m not back, sit on the bed and wait for me. Okay?”

Rita left right after Henna nodded in agreement. Amber was in bed when Rita arrived. Smiling, Rita sat on the edge of Amber’s mattress, once again moving the girl’s hair out of her eyes. “That’s better,” she said as she looked into sleepy chocolate brown eyes. “Get plenty of sleep tonight. I’m going to stay home from work tomorrow so you and I can catch up and make a plan. For now, get comfortable and think of happy dreams. If you need me, I’m just down the hall, but you’re safe here.” A faint smile formed on Amber’s face as her eyes closed and sleep took over. Rita sat watching the sleeping girl for several minutes, amazed to be so close.

Henna looked up when Rita entered, “Amber’s asleep. I can’t even tell how much I missed that little girl.” Rita ran her fingers through her hair and then looked at Henna. “Did you have enough time to think, little one?”

Henna nodded and then looked down; Rita put two fingers under Henna’s chin, getting the girl’s attention. “Little one, you know better. You look at me and use your words.”

Unable to look away, “Sorry, I had enough time, Rita. I promise.” Rita said nothing, letting the girl squirm slightly. “First of all, I do trust you, Rita. I guess I was just surprised, and then I hid because I didn’t know what else to do.” Henna continued when Rita still said nothing. “Well, I know I shouldn’t have hidden, and I promise I won’t hide again.” getting nervous, Henna pleaded, “Rita, please say something.”

Clearing her throat, Rita sat next to Henna and began. “Trust and communication are both essential in any relationship. When you ran away from me and hid, that tells me it is something we will need to work on.” Rita’s tone became sharper. “I don’t expect things to change overnight, but I will not tolerate you running from me. The spanking you are about to receive will feel like nothing compared to the one you’ll get if you pull a stunt like that again.” Once again, the girl’s body language let Rita know she was getting through.

Without speaking, Rita guided the girl to stand before her, looked her in the eyes, and asked. “Do you understand, little one?” Once, she heard a soft yes, ma’am; Rita lowered her girlfriend’s pajama bottoms and then guided her little one.

Henna, typically ecstatic to be draped over Rita’s lap for her usual funishment time, knew there would be no fun while draped over tonight. So when the first swat landed, Henna had to fight to stay in place. There was no stingy warmup, no tickling good humor, only the sound of a firm hand hitting flesh. Soon Henna’s pleas joined the staccato. The barrage of swats lasted longer than any punishment Henna could remember.

Butt on fire, Henna whimpered after the last swat, then cried out at Rita’s directions. “Bring me the strap!”

“Please, no, Rita,” Henna said as she stumbled to get up, but one look at Rita’s face told her to get moving. She hobbled to the closet and returned to see the pillows piled at the end of the bed. Once again left with no choice, Henna presented the implement. Still whimpering, she let the pillows prop her up and make the perfect target of her very sore, hot, and red bottom.

Rita’s words let her know she was okay, “That’s my good girl.”

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