Free of Ink


     Maren sat watching her girlfriend and was mesmerized by her beauty. Still wondering how she ever got past the girl’s tough exterior, let alone began dating. With seventy percent of her body covered in ink, Stevie had no patience for people not in her immediate circle. The girl’s arrogance had Maren’s palm itching the moment they first, and that feeling hasn’t stopped since.

    Maren smiled as her mind drifted to a conversation they had early in their relationship. They were in bed, and she was admiring the detail on some of the more intricate designs when the subject took a more serious tone. Maren said. “Sweetheart your tattoos are beautiful and I love that each one has it’s own story, but I worry that one day you’ll go to far.”

     Stevie was surprised by this; she thought, what was too far? Then, looking curiously at her girlfriend, she asked. “I don’t understand, what do you think is too far? I mean as you’ve noticed I’m pretty much covered.” Her hand went dramatically over her arms, torso, and legs.

     Smiling a little, Maren said, “yes I know you’re covered, you little minx, but I would like you to be able to cover them if needed.”

     Offended, Stevie jumped off the bed and began stomping around the room. “Unbelievable, I thought you liked my tattoos? So, you’ve been lying the whole time? I’m out of here.”

      “Stop this, right now!” Maren demanded.

      Grabbing her backpack, Stevie began filling it with odds and ends. No way was she staying; lying was non-negotiable in her book. Plus, after all the times Maren mentioned her liking the artwork, saying different, hurt. The only thing that made her pause was Maren’s stern voice as she came up behind and spoke in her ear.

     “Little miss, you had better settle down and listen, before I put you over my lap and settle you down. It’s your choice, but either way you will listen to me.” Stevie’s pause only lasted for a moment as this threat was made before and never followed through. She stepped up her effort to pack. Then suddenly, she found herself practically turned upside down as her body now upended and over Maren’s knee like promised.

     “What are you doing? Stop! Put me down!” Maren ignored Stevie’s demands. Then the unspeakable happened, Maren brought her hand down hard on Stevie’s bottom not once but several times. “You can’t hit me. Stop, stop Maren! You can’t do that!”

     Now determined to make an impression, Maren landed a flurry of swats on the upturned butt before slowing to say. “Little miss, I will continue spanking until you truly start listening.” Once again, a flurry landed; although Maren wasn’t using her full force, Stevie was beside herself.

      Soon Stevie was begging and promising to listen, “Please stop. I’ll listen.I swear, just stop.”

      Maren stopped swatting and began rubbing some of the stings away from the tender cheeks, looking down at the round orbs; she was happy her little miss choose not to mar her cute behind with ink. “Now let’s get something straight, I love you, and both you and your tattoos are beautiful. With that said, in the future there are certain places I’d rather not see any ink. For example,” she squeezed each cheek separately, which had Stevie moaning. “These beauties here. From now on I’m the only one to allowed to bring them color.” Slapping each cheek, Maren asked. “Is that clear, Little miss?”

     Confused, nobody has ever dared spank her before. She still wanted to be outraged, but her outrage turned into feelings she didn’t recognize in herself. Before she could fully come to terms with these strange feelings, another flurry of swats landed. “I believe I asked you a question Little miss.”

     Almost desperate, Stevie managed to squeeze out a breathless reply, although through clenched teeth. “Yes, yes it’s clear. Please stop I’m sorry. Let me up please!”

     Maren ended the swatting but kept Stevie in place. “Before I let you up I want to make sure you understand what I’m saying. I don’t want any misunderstandings from now on. Are you ready to listen, Little miss.”

     Stevie decided maybe it was in her best interest to listen, at least in her butts best interest. “Yes, ma’am.” As the words left her mouth, she wanted to pull them back, but if she was honest, they felt right.

     “Ok, now what I was trying to say is this. I love your tattoos and I know you have a real pride in having them. And yes I worry about you going too a far. What I mean by that is the neck, face, hands or feet. I think they should stay free of any ink. Well, let’s add lower cheeks to the list,” hands tapping the sore cheeks. “I think this area is for me and me alone.”  Once Maren was done, Stevie took some time to process.

     “Maren, Can I please get up?”

     Helping the girl up, Maren didn’t allow her to get far; she pulled her down, placing sore cheeks directly on her lap. “Owe, Maren, I can’t believe you spanked me.” Stevie gave a pout that was so out of character for her usually tough as nail, tattooed girlfriend. “That hurt”

      “You might want to get used to it Little miss, because I see a lot of spankings in your future.” Cutting off any further protests, Maren asked, “So are we clear as to where you can and can’t put any new tattoos? Or do I need to put you back over my knee to make it more clear?”

      “No, I get it, I get what you’re saying and I’m ok leaving them blank for now.” Then, getting a raised eyebrow from her girlfriend, Stevie quickly added. “Ok, fine but what if I add a pink handprint on my right cheek.”

     Flipping the squealing girl back over, Maren added, “I’ll show you a pink handprint.”  Then she proceeded to make pink handprints appear all over the girl’s bottom.

     Maren giggled to herself, thinking about her girlfriend and the many spankings that have followed since that unforgettable first time.

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