Lost Luggage 4

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

Carly was sitting on the bed with Jo across her lap, delivering a steady stream of open-handed smacks to her brat’s bottom.

It was already well past noon, and she’d lost all patience with Jo’s increasing tendency to sleep in. 

Carly knew Jo was naturally a bit of a night owl, and she did the best she could to accommodate this, to draw on the energies which seemed to bubble up more in the dark hours. But sometimes, Jo pushed her luck too far, leaving herself overtired so that her lingering desire to hide from the world became too tempting to resist when morning came.

It was the first step in a spiral Carly was not prepared to see Jo slide down again.  

“I understand you’ve been through a lot, Jo…”

Spank! Spank!

“I know you’ve been in a difficult place for a long time, and I know the healing will take time…”

Spank! Spank!

“I appreciate that there will be bad days and setbacks…”

Spank! Spank!

“But I will not sit back and let you hide away in your bed – especially when your friends are here!”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Jo wasn’t quite sure whether she was irritated or thrilled by the way Carly’s stinging palm action was bringing her back to life. Like it or not, the spanking pushed all her buttons – the way Carly’s paddlings always did.

But if ever there was a day she wanted not to be so easily thrilled… so easily turned on…

She thought back to similar things her mother used to tell her…

“You’ve got to fight this, Jo!”

“You can’t let this feeling win!”

Those were often the most aggressive of her mother’s moods – a fierce rage behind her eyes, reflecting her desperation not to see Jo overcome by bitterness. 

If only fighting back was that easy, Jo thought to herself, as a tangled tapestry of feelings collided inside her. She’d spent most of the night riding thoughts about who she was… who she’d been… The feelings ranged from the melancholic to the thrillingly erotic, and the tangle still made no sense – even to her. 

Still, even if most people had no clue what was going on inside her, everything still started to make much more sense when Carly was paddling her bottom. Anyone else, and she’d probably be roaring like a bag full of tigers by now…

But Carly has totally claimed that sweet spot she’d been aching for. No matter what the passion, no matter how deep the anxiety, the fear, the rage churning inside her… Carly could always spank it away.

The thrill made her face glow no less than her backside, though the blushing was also from embarrassment. She could hear the other brats chatting and laughing in the lounge – doubtless celebrating the fact that their luggage had finally turned up – and she had no doubts whatsoever about their being able to hear every stinging wallop of her spanking.

In the lounge, Destiny and Henna were indeed swapping thoughts – and more than a few giggles – about what they knew Jo was getting in the other room.

They’d stopped trying to include Charlie a while back, given the quiet, reflective mood she seemed to be in. 

The rhythmic drumbeat of the spanking…

Jo’s conflicted whining…

It all had such a familiar flavour, and Charlie suddenly found herself quietly amazed just how often she needed exactly what Jo was getting. She thought how often Leslie’s lap turned out to be the only thing keeping her together.

Even now, with her renewed understanding of their relationship, she found herself feeling all sorts of weird things tossing and turning inside her as her restlessness manifested itself in all manner of weird physical feelings… from a kind of heady vertigo to the rumbling butterflies in her tummy. 

Part of her wanted to run off and hide in the bathroom…

but another part of her was as excited as she was disturbed. She was excited by the lingering sense of revelation she felt, still fresh from the day before when she had played Carly to Jo’s brat. She was excited at the very real prospect of a deeper, stronger connection with Leslie when she got back home.

In the middle of all this, the sound of spanking from the other room took her heart straight to the place she knew Jo’s would be. She was suddenly filled with a desperate desire to hug… 

to hug Jo in solidarity…

to hug Carly for being the place Jo could always run to.

It was like she was feeling all this – from both sides of the fence – on a far deeper level than she had ever felt it before.

Part of her, she realised, just wanted a good dose of what Jo was getting.

Destiny kept glancing over at Charlie, seeing the shifts and the changes in her friend’s face. She’d always thought of herself as the sensitive one – with Charlie as the mischievous, devil-may-care prankster.  

But over the past few days, she had seen so many new sides to her friend. 

I know Jo is my friend, she told herself. I know Charlie is my friend. 

But still, she sensed the two of them somehow shared a secret that she had yet to grasp.

She started thinking about how often Adele chose to spank her not because she deserved it but because she “needed settling” – or some such phrase. Destiny couldn’t quite recall the worlds Adele used at such times, but she remembered the feelings they evoked all too well.

Often, she’d find herself grumbling with bratty indignation at this, protesting a little at the injustice of it, even though she knew in her heart that Adele was right.

Maybe Adele knew her so much better than she knew herself – and clearly Jo and Charlie had some similar understanding.

Henna couldn’t quite make sense of all the moodiness and undercurrents she was sensing from her friends.

But in truth, she wasn’t sure she wanted to. She just wanted to get out somewhere – preferably to the beach, now that the afternoon sun had come out in all is glory and she could wear one of the gorgeous swimsuits she’d packed for the trip.

If she was lucky, she might even get into more mischief and earn herself a good spanking – what could be better than that?

All eyes looked up as Carly entered; seeing their worry, she said: “Jo’s getting her swimsuit on. I thought we could all enjoy a nice picnic on the beach.” 

They cheered. Even though Henna was excited, she thought Carly was a bit psychic.

When Henna sat staring, Carly clapped her hands and called, “come on, let’s move.”

Charlie was the first to emerge wearing board shorts and a swim top. She went up to Jo, who stood looking forlorn in her one-piece, rubbing sore cheeks. “You okay?” she said as she wrapped her arms around her friend.

Jo was surprised at how nice to be wrapped in Charlie’s embrace. She usually only tolerated affection from Carly, but this felt nice. So she became liquid in her friend’s embrace.

“Yeah, I’m okay. You know how it is.” She pulled away and shrugged. In the kitchen, Carly smiled as she witnessed one of the rare times Jo let herself be vulnerable.

When Destiny and Henna arrived dressed in suits and giggling, they noticed the picnic basket waiting by the front door and became even more excited. Little did they know Carly had prepared for her brats by adding a thick wooden spoon to the basket.

Carly, trying to get the gang moving, handed each a towel and swatted them out the door. All the girls but Jo giggled and wiggled their butts. Jo covered her already sore cheeks, earning a wink from Carly.

Walking down the path, each girl chatted excitedly, glad to be out of the house. But as soon as the water came into view, all four brats ran. The last thing Carly saw before following was the dust churning from the girls’ flip-flops. Carly laughed at the comical scene even more; she looked forward to seeing their expressions after she pulled out the wooden spoon.

Jo was sitting on her favourite rock, kicking her feet in the tide. Given all the shifts and changes she’d experienced during her time with Carly, it still amazed her how much this one simple act meant to her.

Sitting on this rock, kicking waves, or bending over Carly’s knee for a good spanking – her anchor points.

“Can I join you?” asked Charlie.

“Of course,” Jo smiled back.

“To be honest, I’m surprised you’re not still a little mad at me,” Charlie admitted. “I know what it’s like, needing to have someone take you down a peg. But that’s a very… I  dunno, it’s a special place, isn’t it? Having another brat like me do what… y’know… what Carly usually does…  It wasn’t my place, was it?”

Jo gave her friend another hug.

“It was exactly what I needed,” she said. “Carly knew that, and that’s why she asked you to spank me. You did a good job, too, although I think Carly still has the edge.”

She turned so that she and Charlie could both check out the lingering redness on her bottom.

“I’m surprised you didn’t want to put some shorts over that when we were walking down,” laughed Charlie.

“Me too,” Jo agreed. “A while back, I’d have been mortified. But now… I’m actually kinda proud of what Carly and I have.”

“I get that, Jo.”

“I know you do. That’s why… well… if I ever get too big for my britches again… well…  I trust you. Just… maybe not today, yeah?”

They both laughed at this.

“Sitting on this rock was maybe not the best idea,” Jo winced. “Could you help me up?”

Just as Charlie hauled her friend up, a couple of blobby balloons crashed over their heads. The water bombs exploded in a cascade of bright colour – splattering Jo and Charlie with a mix of blue and red dye.

Fuming at the splattered mess of her white swim top, Charlie glared up at Destiny and Henna, who were convulsed with laughter on their perch on the higher rocks. 

“You should be happy!” gushed Destiny. “Your swimsuit is so much more colourful now!”

Carly’s voice cut through the laughter:

“Get down here this instant!”

The tone of Carly’s voice sent shivers through each girl; Jo and Charlie quickly recovered and then became indignant. 

Meanwhile, the two culprits made their way to Jo, trying for a look of innocence – but they couldn’t look guiltier if they tried.

Charlie rambled on about her new swim top and how it was now ruined. Jo, although stunned at first, was now trying to hide the giggles that were bubbling up. 

“Charlie, please retrieve the wooden spoon from the picnic basket.” 

Stunned, the girls stared at Carly. 

“I should turn Charlie loose on your bottoms,” Carly threatened. “First, I’d like an explanation; then, you can explain to your friends why you decided to ruin their swimsuits.”

Even though Destiny brought the balloons, it was Henna’s idea to add food color. The colors she found after snooping in the kitchen cabinets while waiting for everyone to wake up. Since they arrived in the UK, her internal Alarm Clock woke her early.

“Urgh, Destiny brought balloons, and I was bored, and, Um, the food coloring.” Henna sputtered what seemed like random words. Luckily Carly was pretty good at deciphering brat speak. 

Destiny didn’t say a word. She just watched in amazement as Henna seemed to be getting them in deeper trouble.

Carly knelt in front of the two brats so that she was actually looking up at them from waist height –

a shift that knocked both of them off balance.

She took each of them by the hand.

“So what’s going on here? What exactly did you both expect to achieve by this?”

“I just wanted…” Henna lowered her eyes to the ground, embarrassed to catch Carly’s gaze. She knew some other stuff was going on with her friends, and she felt a bit awkward about the fact that all she really wanted was a good spanking.

She giggled nervously.

“It’s okay Henna,” sighed Carly. “I know what YOU want. 

She studied the look of confusion on Destiny’s face. 

“I think you need a chat with your friends, don’t you?”

Destiny didn’t respond, and Carly decided it was best not to push it.

“Charlie!” she called. “Would you like to have a… word with Destiny here, while I deal with Henna? I think maybe you might be able to get to the bottom of this.”

Charlie was still seething about her top, but she was more concerned about where Destiny’s head was at.

“When you say get to the bottom…?” she asked tentatively.

“I think I can safely leave that in your hands,” Carly smiled back. “Hand me that spoon, then go.” 

Spoon in hand, Carly reached out to take Henna’s hand, but before she led her away, she glanced over to Jo. 

“You okay?” she asked.

“I’m good, Carly. I’ll rinse off while you two chat,” Jo said as she climbed off the last of the rocks. 

Charlie wasn’t sure who was more nervous, her or Destiny. As they walked, Charlie asked, “so what going on? Do you need a spanking? I mean, honestly, I could try, but Destiny, I don’t know.”

With a nervous giggle, Destiny tried to explain. “Oh, thanks, Charlie, but I don’t, well, you know. No, I’m just mixed up inside. I’m missing Adele more than I thought I would and seeing you and Jo. It’s confusing.” 

With all that said, Destiny looked over at Charlie, still unsure.

“Hmm, Jo and me being friends. Does it make you uncomfortable?” Now, it was Charlie’s turn. This week was turning into one big brat therapy session.

“No, no, no, I think it’s great. Maybe I was a little jealous, but I don’t think I realized why until now.” 

This time, when Destiny looked at Charlie, her surprise showed. 

“Wow, I’m so sorry. I was a total brat to you.”

“Maybe I should spank you!” Charlie couldn’t help teasing.

“Ahh, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I wouldn’t want to get any of that dye on me.” Destiny said, then took off running. Her laughter slowed her to where Charlie almost caught up, but she made it safely to the water. 

Destiny thought she was safe. That was until she saw Jo coming up on the left and Charlie on the right. Each woman grabbed hold of an arm, then a leg, and proceeded to toss. Before Destiny could regain her balance, the two descended upon her again.

“So come on,” said Jo, splashing a couple of handfuls of water at Destiny, “what’s the problem? I know it’s not just me and Charlie being friends. I mean, we talked about that just the other day. There’s something else going on with you.”

“Well, if you must know…” Destiny felt suddenly irritated. “It’s like you guys have all sorts of other stuff going on – and I just don’t get it! Why can’t we all just be bratty together and have fun?”

Charlie shook her head in astonishment.

“This coming from one of the most sensitive people I know,” she sighed. She couldn’t resist ruffling Destiny’s drenched hair, though she knew it would only add to her friend’s irritation.

“Nobody stays the same, Des! We all have stuff we need to get over – even brats! I had a few lessons I really needed to learn this week – about myself and about Leslie. They’ve been a long time coming, and my finally getting them through my thick skull might just have saved a really special relationship from crashing and burning.

“That’s not a reflection on me and you, it’s just stuff I need to deal with.”

“And same here,” added Jo. “I’m working my way through a lot of baggage… and some of it goes back a long way. Carly’s been incredibly patient with me, but it’s a long haul, and sometimes I end up taking more steps back than forward. Hell, Destiny, sometimes I’m not sure which is which!”

Destiny lowered her eyes.

“I see that,” she said. 

“This was one of those times – and I guess… well, this past couple of days, I think what’s been happening with me kinda collided with what’s been happening with Charlie.”

“Yeah,” laughed Charlie. “Collided right on Jo’s butt.”

“Yeah, speaking of…” Jo lifted Destiny’s chin. “That’s one thing we totally share – our safe place.”

Jo looked over at Charlie, who smiled back.

“Yeah, I think it is about that time,” she said, taking hold of Destiny’s arm and marching her (with Jo’s help) out of the water.

“Oh, you wouldn’t!” Destiny protested. “You wouldn’t dare!”

Charlie sat on one of the rocks and turned Destiny across her lap. Keen to give them some space, Jo turned away and started walking up the beach, only to meet Henna coming the other way.

Given the furious way she was rubbing, it was clear Carly had made this a paddling to remember.

“Jo, I… er…”

Jo simply hugged her.

“I guess I should be careful what I wish for,” sighed Henna.

“I never liked that saying,” Jo replied. “Wishing for stuff is just part of being alive. Maybe you should just… I dunno… wish a little more gently next time.”

“I hear that,” winced Henna.

Destiny flailed her legs and used her hand to try and cover her bottom. In a heartbeat, Charlie lifted her leg over Destiny’s, then had the errant hand pinned. Now determined, Charlie began to swat rhythmically. She hit one cheek, then the next, to Destiny’s dismay.

“Charlieee, you can’t do this.” Destiny said through clenched teeth.

“Ha, that’s where you’re wrong my friend.” Swat, swat, “I can and I am.” 

Swat, swat! 

“Stop your fussing or I’ll ask Jo for the wooden spoon.”


“Let me get Carly and the three of us can go in the water,” Jo told Henna. As an afterthought, she added, “it’ll give you a chance to cool those cheeks.”

“As much as I love the heat, that spoon, whoa, let’s just say I’m on fire.” Henna waved her hands dramatically.

“Oh stop,” Jo laughed, “I’ll be right back.”

Henna listened to Destiny’s squeals as she waited. She couldn’t help being impressed at how much Charlie had changed in such a short time. Rubbing her butt, she told herself, “She’s got nothing on Carly.”

“No, she doesn’t.” Jo agreed, startling Henna, who hadn’t realized they were back.

“It takes a lot of practice,” Carly added.

A little while later, Charlie sat watching her friends splashing about together.

“Still a little confused?”

Charlie was surprised to hear Carly’s voice but not as startled as she might have been a day or two earlier. There was a calmness about things now.

“It’s like seeing things through your eyes and Jo’s at the same time,” she replied.

“Trust me,” said Carly, her hand resting on Charlie’s shoulder, “Jo still has quite a bunch of surprises in store. I thought, having been life from both the bratty and the toppy side of the fence – well, I was so sure of our connection, I figured it was a no-brainer that I’d always know how to handle Jo.”

At that moment, Jo looked over at them from the water, and Carly felt the breath catch in her throat.

“But it’s amazing how often the insights come from her, not me. Sometimes, it’s like she’s taking me on a tour through her world… even when it looks like I’m calling the shots.”

“That must be cool, having her always surprise you like that,” said Charlie.

“You should know, Charlie. You’ve been surprising yourself just lately, haven’t you?”

As Carly hugged her, Charlie gave in to the tears. She knew there were plently more to come, and she no longer cared what kind of cargoes they were carrying. She was simply glad to set them free. In a minute or so, she was going to ask Carly if there was a little more mileage left in that wooden spoon –

but for now, the warmth of the embrace and the sound of friends splashing in the tide were more than enough to keep her going.

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