Caught off guard Part 2

      Pushing the girl behind, Maryam used her dominant presence to block the door. This man was no threat to her, but she knew he tormented Jenny. Maryam couldn’t stand anyone, man or woman, trying to intimidate another. Maryam looked Jenny’s husband up and down, noticing every detail. At a glance, he reeked of money, which she had no problem with. The problem was his arrogance and the feel of Jenny’s body trembling at her back.

      Maryam stood tall as she spoke. “Jenny isn’t going anywhere, and you are not welcome here.”  And when Jenny’s soon-to-be-ex tried to come closer, Maryam carefully brought her arm forward. Luckily he spotted the knife in her hand and stepped back but not without trying to intimidate the girl some more.

      “Jenny, You better come out here right now, or else! I am not playing. Get out here!” The guy’s face was now a bright red, clearly frustrated when he realized Jenny wasn’t listening. He tried once again, but Jenny was frozen to her spot and couldn’t move even if she wanted. Finally, he gave up but threatened, “This isn’t over!”

       Maryam stood in the doorway until the arrogant bastard was out of sight. As she entered the apartment, she had almost to push Jenny inside. The girl was a shaking mess, so after closing and double-locking the door, Maryam escorted her to the couch. She grabbed a box of tissues before sitting, then pulled the trembling girl onto her lap. Before making any decisions, Jenny needed to process what had happened. After hiding for over two years, she had finally felt safe, and he shows up.

      On Maryam’s lap, Jenny hid her face and sobbed. Jenny was trembling as Maryam held her, whispering and rubbing the girl’s back. In a moment of fear, Jenny popped her head up and frantically said, “I’ve gotta go. He knows where I am; I can’t stay.”

      Maryam squeezed tighter than declared, “No more running. You have me now, and together we will figure this out.”

      Jenny’s head moved from side to side, “He’s too powerful. I have to leave, Maryam.” even as she spoke, Jenny knew her heart would break when she left.

       Maryam sympathized, but there was no way she would let this girl run. Her husband might be rich, but Maryam had connections too. She didn’t become Mistress Maryam by chance; no, she knew people and over the years she had garnered many favors. They would need to devise a plan; Maryam would prefer to take a legal route, but she wasn’t above other means. “Jenny, I know you want to run, but before you do, please give me a chance to help.” Jenny’s head kept moving. “I know he’s powerful, and you’re scared. I don’t want you out there alone.”

       “I can’t stay. You don’t understand.” Tears ran down Jenny’s face, and she tried to get up, only to be held tighter. “Let me up!” her voice rose, “Maryam, I have to go!”

        Maryam eased her grip, surprising Jenny when she was face down over Maryam’s knee instead of standing. “No, you can’t!” she cried, “Maryam let me up!”

        A sharp slap landed, “Little girl, I’ll let you up when you start listening.” Swat., “Now, I don’t want you out there alone!” Swat. “I would like to help you!” Swat. “Together, we can solve this problem!” Swat, “Are you listening?”

        “Maryam, what if he hurts you? I can’t!” Jenny fought to rise.

        Swat, Swat, Swat. “If you leave, I will be worrying all the time.” Swat, “Is that fair?” Maryam let her hand rest on Jenny’s bottom and waited for the girl’s answer.

        “Can I please get up?” Jenny tried to turn and look at Maryam, “Maryam, please!”

        “Are you ready to listen?” Maryam let her hand squeeze the girl’s cheek.

        “Owie, yes, I’ll listen, please, Maryam.” strong hands helped her stand. Once standing, Jenny’s hands flew back and rubbed furiously. Although Maryam only gave her a few swats, it was enough to reignite the fire from yesterday.

       Maryam watched the girl’s dramatics for a minute before directing. “Ok, kitchen table, we need to talk.” on the way, Maryam grabbed some paper and a pen. “Sit!”

       Jenny hesitated before lowering her sore bottom onto the hard wooden chair. A moan of despair escaped as her cheeks touched the surface. Jenny sat quietly, anxiously wringing her hands, waiting for Maryam to speak.

        “I have some ideas, and I’d like you to hear me out.”   “Can you do that? Can you listen?”

        Jenny blushed but agreed to listen. Maryam explained about the people she knew and the favors. Maryam made a list of what they would need and who to ask. Then, Maryam had Jenny describe her husband as she made notes; because she knew the information would be vital in court. Maryam wanted more details and instructed Jenny to document as much of her life as she could. Although reliving some of these events would be scary, Maryam wanted them in writing.

        The next day they took an Uber to the club. Mistress Maryam spoke to the owners, the security staff, and floor monitors; they all agreed to look after Jenny. If her husband or one of his flunkies tried anything, Maryam would have them escorted from the club. Next, Mistress asked advice of a guest she knew to be a lawyer, and to her surprise, she agreed to represent Jenny. They made plans to meet the following afternoon, but only after Jenny filed for a restraining order at the local precinct.

        Jenny looked on in awe as Mistress Maryam checked off each task from her list. Even though things seemed to be going smooth, Jenny worried. The creep of a man she married was mean and vindictive. Jenny had been on the receiving end of his anger too many times to count, and she sure wasn’t looking forward to his reaction after filing a restraining order.

      At the club, Jenny kept quiet and followed Mistress Maryam. When asked, she answered questions, but mostly, she listened to people talk around her about her life. By the time Maryam was ready to leave, Jenny was exhausted. Then back at the house, Jenny went straight to her room and curled up on the bed. Although Maryam wanted to follow, she stayed back, giving Jenny time alone to process her stressful week.

      When Maryam was ready for bed, she noticed Jenny’s bedroom light still on and decided to check on the girl. Maryam found the girl curled up on the covers, and sound asleep, with tissues scattering the area. Maryam’s heart ached for the girl as she cleared the tissues off the bed and quietly tucked in the weary girl. Worried, Maryam watched the girl sleep for a minute before finally turning off the light and closing the door.

       As they entered the police station, Jenny felt sick to her stomach. Once she filed, there was no turning back, not that she wanted to, but she was scared of what he might do once they served him with papers. After filling out the proper forms, they took an Uber over to the attorney’s office, waiting a short time before being seen. Maryam accompanied Jenny through every step, for which Jenny was grateful.

       Jenny knew it was just a matter of time before her ex tried something. Although she was sure, Maryam thought she was being paranoid, Jenny had witnessed his vindictive behavior many times. Unfortunately, Jenny was right one night at the club; there was a commotion at the entrance. Much later in the evening, Jenny heard details from one of the other patrons. From what she could gather, a man showed up and had an altercation with the security staff. Jenny shivered as she heard the man’s description; she was sure it was her soon-to-be ex.

        Mistress Maryam watched as Jenny became more and more nervous after the altercation. She was constantly afraid, always watching over her shoulder; Jenny was sure he’d be back. She no longer went anywhere alone, even to check the mail. This behavior wasn’t healthy and worried Maryam. After two weeks of watching her girl shrink down into a nervous wreck, Maryam decided Jenny needed help. “Alright, little girl, enough, cowering. It’s time you learned to defend yourself.” Jenny looked up cautiously, “we are going to the gym up the road, and you will learn self-defense.”

        “I don’t know,” Jenny said meekly, and Maryam bristled at the girl’s lack of confidence. “I’m not a fighter.”

        Sternly Maryam said. “I’m not saying you have to fight. But you need to be able to protect yourself. I only wish I had thought of it sooner.”   “Go get dressed, put on some sweats or leggings.” Jenny sat staring at Maryam until Maryam threatened, “Do you need a trip over my knee for encouragement?” that question was all it took, and she scrambled to change.

         Maryam insisted that Jenny take three lessons a week, and although she wasn’t expecting miracles, she noticed a vast improvement after a couple of weeks. She was getting stronger between their time at the club and Jenny’s self-defense training. Jenny began to relax, and several times, she even retrieved the mail independently. They had a court date in another week, and Maryam hoped this newfound confidence would help Jenny stand up to her soon-to-be ex.

        That week was a long one, and as the date drew nearer, Jenny’s attitude declined. Because of the stressful nature of the upcoming event, Maryam let the girl get away with being very bratty. A behavior Maryam would have corrected by now under normal circumstances. The night before Jenny’s big court date, she was a mess, and Maryam had enough. When asked to clean the dishes or help with the laundry, her responses were snappy.

        The last straw occurred at bedtime when Maryam said. “Jenny, I think it’s time for bed. We have a big day tomorrow.”

        Jenny tried ignoring Maryam but quickly regretted her rudeness when Maryam snapped. “That’s it, little girl!” Maryam stood up and was now staring down at Jenny. “Get up and bring me your hairbrush.” Jenny sat eyes wide, staring up at a furious Maryam until Maryam barked out. “NOW!” Then Jenny jumped up, making a beeline for her room. Jenny picked up the brush and tried swallowing the huge lump now lodged in her throat.

         The weight of the wooden brush, or maybe what it represented, had Jenny thinking back over the past few days. A wave of guilt washed over her as she acknowledged her lousy behavior. Jenny turned the brush over in her hands several times before admitting how much she had earned a heavy dose. Sighing heavily, Jenny walked back to Maryam, wooden hairbrush in hand.

        In the living room, Maryam set a straight back chair smack dap in the center of the room, sat then waited for Jenny to arrive. Standing in front of her Mistress, Jenny tried to apologize, but the words sounded hollow. “I’m sorry.” and a bit too little too late.

         Without saying a word, Maryam reached over and tugged the girl’s pants and panties down. She didn’t stop until they were pooling around Jenny’s ankles. Then, taking the brush, she instructed the girl to climb over. Jenny immediately obeyed, wishing more than anything for this to be over. She felt Maryam’s soft hand resting on her bottom right before hearing her say.

        “Little girl, I’ve let your bratty behavior slide all week, but it ends now. I know you are nervous and frustrated, but taking it out on me is unacceptable.” Jenny jumped when unexpectedly Maryam let loose a flurry of swats across her bottom. The storm ended quickly, and Maryam continued her lecture, “whether or not you accept it, you are a powerful, strong woman. Tomorrow, You get your life back. And yes, it’s going to be hard, but I’ll be there every step of the way.”  “Do you understand, little one?”

         Maryam heard the girls sniffle; the soft voice choked out. “yes, ma’am,” sniffle, “Maryam, I’m so scared.”

         “I know, I know, I’ll be next to you,” Jenny mumbled something; Maryam wasn’t sure what but figured it best to continue warming the girl’s bottom. The girl deserved a red butt, plus she could use the release. “Ok, Jenny, let’s finish here, then get some sleep.” to Jenny’s surprise, the next swat was from the wooden hairbrush. She cried out as a firestorm followed, covering every inch of her derriere then hitting each spot at least twice.

         Maryam felt the girl’s body relax as the brush slowed, so she brought the lesson to a halt. After placing the hairbrush on the table, Maryam softly whispered to the girl while rubbing her back. It took several minutes before any of Maryam’s words registered, but once they did, more tears followed. Maryam helped the girl up and onto her lap. Jenny snuggled into Maryam’s embrace feeling drained of energy but calm.

           Jenny knew the next day in court would be challenging, but it would be ok with Mistress Maryam by her side.

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