Chloe’s escape part four

  Saturday finally arrived, and Chloe was looking forward to Remi’s visit. She cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, bought groceries and a nice bottle of wine. Chloe hoped for a pleasant reunion, and she was excited to find out what was so important on the east coast for Remi to hop from train to train. She left a note for her roommate Carole letting her know she’d be having company. Ever since her return Carole had been standoffish to the point of rude. Chloe had had all she could handle from the girl, roommate or not. She was tired of the attitude.

     Sitting in the Living room, Chloe took a few moments to relax. Remi was due to arrive any minute, so she was surprised to hear her roommate unlocking the front door. Then even more surprised when a group followed her in. “Carole, What’s going on? Didn’t you read my note?”

     “Yeah, I saw it, so?” Carole’s response was so flippant, Chloe didn’t know what to say.

     “Well, I was hoping for some privacy.” The group consisted of two men and one woman other than Carole. A feeling of unease washed over Chloe as the group made themselves comfortable, one of the men was sitting much too close. Chloe tried to rise, but the man pushed her back down. “Leave me alone! W~what is going on?” She screamed, as panic began to bubble up.

     Just as Remi was about to knock, she heard Chloe’s screams. She wanted to break the door down and help, but her instincts kicked in. She listened for a few minutes before backing away, finding the card Detective Simms gave her back in Colorado. Remi called the Detective and described the situation. Detective Simms advised her to go outside and wait for the police, but of course, Remi decided to wait for them in the hallway. It took 15 minutes before the first two officers arrived.

     After a quick explanation, Remi was allowed to knock on the door, as if she was just now arriving, then step back and let the police take over. Although stepping back went against her instinct, Chloe’s safety took priority. Nervous, Remi went up to the door while the two officers stood on each side, guns at the ready. Remi knocked sharply, then stepped back slightly so Chloe or whoever was inside could see her through the peephole.

     Inside, the room instantly became quiet; Carole went to the door and, like Remi assumed, peered through the door’s tiny opening. Expecting a younger woman on the other side, Carole looked back suspiciously at Chloe before asking. “How old is your friend?” Then was annoyed when the age-matched the lady on the other side. “Can I help you?”

     “I’m here to see Chloe, she’s expecting me.” Remi could hear the lock turn, so she stepped out of the way. The officers stepped in with guns ready, and as soon as they opened the door, they announced themselves as they entered. “POLICE! HANDS IN THE AIR!”   “DOWN ON THE GROUND! NOW!” The entire group, including Chloe, scrambled to the floor. “HANDS ON YOUR HEADS!” Before the officers had a chance to handcuff the group, several more officers came in armed.

    As a precaution, the officers cuffed all occupants and searched them before Remi was allowed to see Chloe. Entering, Remi ran up to the girl who was still handcuffed and hugged her tightly before requesting one of the officers remove the handcuffs. The two sat together on the sofa and watched the others being Mirandized then arrested. They were each asked to give a statement then given a pen and paper to write it down as officers continued to search the apartment.

       Chloe was emotionally exhausted by the time she finished her statement, and she still didn’t understand Carole. Finally, an opportunity presented itself, and she was able to ask one of the officers. “Well, it seems your roommate got herself involved with a human trafficking ring. From what we’ve been able to gather so far is she has gotten into a bit of a financial bind. Unfortunately she found help from the wrong people. Now, it’s going to take us some time to thoroughly search her belongings, do you have someplace you can go for a few days?”

     Remi immediately spoke up, “Yes she can come home with me. My wife and I will take care of her.” Chloe, still confused by the latest events, was even more surprised by Remi’s statement.

     “What? Remi?” For some reason, not knowing this detail about Remi felt like another colossal betrayal. Emotions overwhelmed her at the realization. She ran to her room, slamming closed her bedroom door, then flopping on the bed sobbing.

     Remi excused herself, then followed the young girl. After closing the door, Remi walked over to the bed, sat on the edge, and softly began to rub her back. At the contact, Chloe mumbled, “go away,” into the pillow.

     Not one to back down, Remi slapped Chloe on her bottom, which had the girl turning over indignantly. “Stop it, I don’t want to talk to you. Just leave me alone.” Chloe’s body was thwarted from turning back over by Remi’s strong hand.

     “Little girl, stop this tantrum right this minute and talk to me.” When no answer came, Remi threatened. “You have til the count of three before I put you over my knee.” “One!”  “Two!”

     “Ok, ok, why did you have to lie to me too?” Then, sniffling, “why is everyone lying to me.” Chloe said with such sincerity, Remi stared at the girl.

     Remi was confused by this and asked. “Girl, when did I lie to you?”

     “You never said you were married.” Sniffle.

     “Hmm. I guess it never came up. I called Sophie from your parents house and I’m wearing her ring. I’m sorry Chloe, I never think of telling anyone because she’s such a part of me.” Remi reached over to give the girl a tissue. “Come on, blow your nose and let’s get a bag packed. I’ll give Sophie a call, so she can makeup the spare room.” Remi waited for Chloe to stand before wrapping her strong arms tightly around the girl. “Girl, you’re gonna be ok.” Then, tapping the girl’s bottom, Remi added, “I should warn you Sophie is stricter then me.”

     Chloe, embarrassed by her outburst, apologized, “Remi, I’m sorry.”

     Phone in hand, Remi said, “no worries, girl.” Before dialing her wife.

     When they arrived at Remi’s house, Chloe was shocked when they pulled up to a beautifully painted Victorian style house. The picturesque home had a wrap-around porch adorned with rocking chairs. Chloe fell in love even before seeing the inside. At the screen door stood at tall lanky woman that Chloe assumed was Sophie, she appeared ready and eager the greet both women. Remi reached Sophie first and, in doing so, enveloped her wife in a tight embrace then kissed her breathless. Once satisfied, she introduced Chloe, who was then welcomed with a less dramatic embrace.

     Sophie shooed both women into the house, after directing Remi to shower and she then took Chloe upstairs to one of the guest rooms. “Here we are, I think this room should be good. Now you get cleaned up and put your things away. I need to speak with my wife but that shouldn’t take long. Let’s say in about forty five minutes, we’ll meet in the kitchen and I’ll fix you two a plate.”

     Chloe didn’t want to burden Sophie, so she tried to decline. “I’m ok, really there no need to worry about me.”

     “Young lady, I wasn’t asking.” Sophie said sternly but not unkindly. “See you in the kitchen.” Chloe shook her head in agreement, remembering Remi’s earlier warning.

     A few minutes later, Sophie was sitting on the toilet, lid down, waiting for Remi to finish in the shower. Exiting the shower, Remi had no doubt her wife would be sitting right where she was, so she didn’t startle seeing her there. Sophie admired her wife’s naked body before asking. “Care to explain?”

     Remi knew Sophie was upset with her, but that had nothing to do with bringing home a stranger. She was upset because instead of flying to the east coast as Sophie wanted her to. Remi chose to fulfill a fantasy and ride the rails like a bum. “Soph, you know I’ve always wanted to do this. And I know I’m in trouble, leaving the way I did but I’m still glad I did it.”

     “Let’s see how glad you are after I light up that bottom of yours.” Sophie reached over to grab the bath brush off the hook, then, tapping her thighs, directed her wife. Remi gave no argument as she placed herself over. A brief thought of their guest crossed her mind, but that thought left as soon as the first swat landed. Sophie gave no warmup as she brought the bath brush down, repeatedly emphasizing Remi’s sit spots. Although Remi knew there would be a price to pay when she set off on her adventure, she decided to do it anyway.

     Upstairs, Chloe heard strange sounds coming from below. She felt a pang of guilt, thinking Remi was in trouble for bringing her home. She wondered if she should leave. But, instead, Chloe decided to stay the night then get a hotel in the morning. For now, she’d put the radio on, hoping to drown out the noises. Chloe didn’t want to join the two women for dinner, but Sophie made it clear that she expected her there.

     In the bathroom, Remi thought her bottom would combust as her pleas for her wife to stop went unheeded “please stop, I’m sorry.”

     “I’m sure you’re sorry about this spanking but I know you’re not sorry for riding the train.” Sophie made sure to bring down a swat for every word. Then she landed a flurry before putting the brush down. Her following sentence had Remi’s heart almost stop. “Up, I need you over the edge of the bed. We’re not quite done. Maybe my belt will remind you to listen next time.” Remi carefully lifted herself off Sophie’s legs. She felt the stiffness in her backside as she hobbled to their bed. Sophie placed several pillows on edge before gesturing Remi over.

     Remi wanted to refuse, cry, and plead, but she knew her wife would not allow any of that nonsense. So she lay as careful as possible over the pillows grabbing hand fulls of the comforter. And when Sophie pulled her belt through the loops making a swishing sound, Remi flinched but stayed put. “You know the drill, stay put or we start over.” Sophie wasted no time, folding the belt in half, then began bringing it down on Remi’s swollen cheeks. Remi didn’t bother to count; Sophie would only stop when she wanted.

     Dropping the belt, Sophie took a moment to examine the reddish-purple bottom in front of her. Although a spanking this harsh wouldn’t stop her wife once she set her mind on something, it helped ease the guilt. Sophie lay next to her wife on the bed, repeatedly cooing and rubbing her back. She stayed there until Remi settled and was able to look over and speak. “Soph, I’m sorry, I made you worry.”

     “I know love, we’re ok, and I’m glad you’re safe. Now you are going to have to get cleaned up. I’m sure your little friend is starting to worry with all the noises making their way upstairs.” Sophie squeezed her wife before getting up; after glancing at the clock, she added. “You have ten minutes.  I’ll go start dinner.”

     “Yes ma’am.” Remi was happy to be home. The train ride was a lot of fun, but being here with Sophie was better than any fantasy.

     Chloe shyly entered the kitchen; seeing Sophie made her nervous. “Can I help?”

     “Yes, of course, you can set the table. The plates are here and silverware in that drawer. I’ll get some iced tea or would you prefer water?”

     “Tea’s fine.” Then she quietly went about setting the table. Remi entered just as Chloe was placing the last fork. Seeing her walk stiffly into the room made Chloe’s lip began to tremble.

     Remi immediately made her way over to the girl, “Hey there, what’s going on? Why so sad?”

     Chloe tried to scramble away, but Remi wouldn’t allow it. So instead, she grabbed hold of the girl and wrapped her arms tightly around her. “Remi stop, I’m sorry I got you in trouble. Please, I should just go to a hotel.”

      Remi was stunned to hear Chloe taking responsibility for her troubles. “Come over here and let’s sit for a minute.” Remi led Chloe to the couch as Sophie watched nervously from the kitchen. Once seated, Remi took a moment to adjust her bottom on the cushion before looking carefully into Chloe’s eyes. “Little girl, we want you to stay here. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but what you heard had nothing to do with you. That was my wife letting me know riding the rails is not ok with her.”

     Chloe searched Remi’s face then up at Sophie for confirmation. Receiving a nod, Chloe put her face in her hands, releasing tears she didn’t know she was holding in. Remi once again held the girl, letting her cry. They sat for a good five minutes before Sophie instructed, “Ok, you two, Dinners getting cold. Come on let’s eat.”

     Remi smiled down at Chloe, “are we ok, girl?” A nod in return was good enough tonight.

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