Carly’s New Job

When Carly woke up, the alarm was blaring, and her memory immediately flashed back to last night. Hitting the snooze, she moaned as the soreness in her backside brought every painful detail front and center. Reaching back under her pajama pants, Carly carefully rubbed her cheeks, hoping to ease the ache. Rubbing wasn’t helping, so she gave up and hit the off button on the alarm.

Stiffly she got out of bed; it was time to get the girls up for school. Walking down the short hallway, she smiled at the good news she had to give them. Turning the light on, she laughed as blankets came up, covering the girl’s heads in their attempt to block out the inevitable. “Wake up; it’s time for school.” mumbled groans came as a reply. “Come on, you two; I have good news, and I’m making pancakes.

That seemed to do the trick for Betty, Carly’s nine-year-old sister, as she perked up. “Pancakes? Yummy, I’m up.” reaching over, she giggled to her older sister, “Kim-my, Carly’s making pancakes. Hurry up.” Seeing the two moving about, Carly headed for the kitchen, where she went about cooking breakfast and packing lunches for the girls.

As they were all stuffing their mouths with the fluffy concoction, Kimberly, the twelve-year-old, asked, ”Well, what’s the good news?”

Carly could help herself and let a smile escape. “I got a job in a flower shop, and I start tomorrow.” expecting a positive response. Carly was surprised when Kimberly got quiet and sensing her sister’s distress, Betty became weary too. “What’s wrong, Kim-my? Aren’t you happy for me?” Getting a shrug response, Carly set her fork down, then got up and scrunched down next to her sister. “Talk to me, please. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

A tear escaped the little girl’s eye, and her lip quivered. Right away, Carly wrapped comforting arms tightly around the girl’s small frame. “Oh, honey, please, what’s going on? I’m not leaving you. I’ll be here when you get home from school. Is that what’s bothering you?” Getting a slight nod, Carly pulled the girl up and directed her and her sister to sit alongside her on the couch.

Snuggling the two girls, one on each side, she tried to reassure them. “I’m not going anywhere without you two. I love you girls so much; I couldn’t imagine life without you. I do have to work, but I will be here when you get home from school.”…” My new boss said if she needs me after school, you two can come and hang out in the office.”…” What do you think? Kim-my, can we give this a try?” This time a smile accompanied by a huge hug was the reply.

Carly understood the girl’s apprehension; their parents left without a word three years ago. Leaving the young girls to fend for themselves, luckily, Carly was savvy and found creative ideas to make money. Unfortunately, many of those ideas were not strictly legal. The last was where she met Vivian, her new boss. For better or worse, after trying to rob her home, Vivian administered a severe spanking before offering Carly a legitimate job in her flower shop.

The following day, after dropping the girls at school, Carly went straight to the flower shop. Excitement and nervousness war with each other over the new job and seeing Vivian again. The last and only time they met, a lot happened, and Carly was a little embarrassed. Vivian glanced up just in time to see Carly standing in front of the shop and wondered why she wasn’t coming inside. Putting down the vase she was about to fill, Vivian approached the young girl.

Carly, letting nerves take over, was about to turn and go when the shop door opened. Vivian assumed correctly; the girl was nervous, well, might as well put her at ease. “Hi, sweetie, Come in, and I’ll show you around and introduce you to Sally. You’ll be working mainly with her, and she will also be training you.” Sally was much older than the two ladies and knew her stuff. She could name any flower or plant and put anyone to shame with her arrangements. Her only possible flaw was a temper, which she never actually directed toward people, only objects; in the process, she let swear words fly.

The first time Carly heard a string of curse words pop out of her mouth, she was surprised. But that was nothing to the surprise she felt when Vivian walked over and landed a series of swats on the older woman’s backside.

Instead of arguing, Sally apologized. “Sorry, Vivian.” and rubbed her sore bottom.

 Later she would find out; Sally had trouble keeping a job because of her colorful vocabulary. Vivian tried to help her clean it up; although Carly wasn’t sure it helped, Sally insisted it was.

Carly enjoyed working with Sally; she began to relax and have fun when Vivian came over. “Don’t you have to go soon? Shouldn’t the girls be getting home from school about now?”

Looking down at her watch Carly panicked; she had promised Kimberly she’d be home. If she hurried, she could make it. She grabbed her purse and ran out the door, yelling. “oh no, I gotta go. See you tomorrow.” Carly ran for ten minutes to get home, making it there just as the girls got home. Seeing the relief on Kimberly’s face, Carly vowed never to cut it that close again. That little girl didn’t deserve to worry.

The girls were excited to hear about Carly’s job and the flower shop. She described Sally while leaving out a few more colorful details and told them about Vivian. She offered to show them the shop, but they’d have to wait until she worked there a little longer.

Vivian liked the way Carly worked; she was a fast learner and had an artistic eye. She could absorb everything Sally had to teach her; unfortunately, that also included language. Vivian was unwilling to work with the two talking like sailors, making her irritation clear with sharp swats and a lecture. “Young lady, enough with the language. I hear you swearing again. You and I will be discussing it in my office.” Looking sternly at Carly, she added, “Do you understand?”

Swallowing the lump that formed in her throat, Carly replied meekly, “yes, ma’am.”

Careful from then on, Carly tried hard to watch her language; she knew from experience that Vivian would follow through on that threat. But as life sometimes does, things began to pile up; lately, the girls had been super clingy; she had extra expenses this week, stressing her out and causing her to lose sleep.

To make up the difference, she was thinking of doing another heist, but the thought of Vivian’s disappointment made her hesitate. The final straw happened Thursday morning; Betty didn’t feel well and couldn’t attend school.

She couldn’t miss work; she needed every penny right now. So she bundled the little girl and brought her to the shop, hoping it would be ok if Betty slept in the office while she worked. However, Vivian was unhappy; she thought Carly should have stayed home and taken the day off to care for the girl. Carly felt hurt thinking Vivian was judging her, but she needed the money, so she didn’t say anything and just got to work.

She checked in on the little girl periodically. Luckily, she was asleep most of the time. That was good, but Carly’s irrigation wasn’t going away, and she would snap anytime she was asked anything.

 Sally noticed and tried to give her space; she knew the girl had a lot going on. Vivian had addressed the issue several times throughout the morning and was not about to allow it to continue.

The final straw came right before lunchtime; Sally offered to pick up takeout from the cafe next door. Carly, to save money, wasn’t planning to eat lunch. Sally insisted, ”Carly, you have to eat. What do you want?”

Yelling back at Sally for not listening, “Damn it, Sally, I said I didn’t want anything from the DAMN cafe. Now leave me alone!” Sally backed away, but Vivian heard and was not happy.

Entering the front room, Vivian snapped. “Lunch can wait. Sally watch Betty for me.” then, pointing directly at Carly, she said. “You upstairs, Now!” Stunned, Carly did as directed, but she stomped up the stairs to Vivian’s apartment.

Once upstairs, Carly opened her mouth to speak, only to close it when she saw the fury looking back at her. Vivian pointed, “Corner.” Carly stomped once again, this time to the corner. “Pants down, hands at your side.” still mad, Carly dramatically dropped her pants, letting a growl escape her lips.

Shaking her head, Vivian thought, ‘Oh, little girl, keep it up.,’ then retrieved the straight-back chair and placed it in the center of the room. While she waited, Vivian made herself a tea. Then sat and watched the young girl. She noticed the moment stiffness eased, and emotions began to overtake her.

In the corner, Carly fumed at the unfairness of the situation. Then as she was thinking of each case, tears began to escape, slowly at first, then all of a sudden, it was like the floodgate opened. Carly was crying from being tired and having no money, basically from the unfairness of everything. After trying so hard, she just wasn’t good enough.

Vivian let her cry and release some stress for a few minutes before calling her over. “Carly, come here.” wiping her eyes with the back of her hand Carly wobbled over, almost tripping over the jeans that were now around her ankles.

Vivian rose with her arms out wide, allowing Carly to find her way into them; she held the girl tight and began to soothe and calm. “It’s going to be ok; I’m here for you. Whatever it is, talk to me, and I’ll try to help.” Carly did do just that. She spent ten minutes going over every fear and feeling of despair she had. “That’s quite a list; no wonder you’ve been walking around tighter than an elastic band.”…” We will figure out every one of those problems and come up with solutions. But first, you have an appointment over my lap; then, you must apologize to Sally.”

”Oh Vivian, Do we have to? I don’t want a spanking.” Carly said with a small amount of desperation.

“Oh, Sweetheart, I know you don’t want a spanking, but you’re getting one. Now over you go.” Vivian sat on the straight-back chair and tapped her lap, signaling for Carly.

Reluctantly Carly did as instructed, “Ugh! Today is not my day.” Once she was in place, she felt Vivian tug her panties down. Then before she could form another sentence, a slap sounded only a moment before the pain registered. As soon as she felt the first swat, a second and third swat landed, then quickly, she lost count. They came down repeatedly, landing everywhere, including the tops of her legs. Carly squealed and screeched as the swats touched down, scorching each cheek. “Vivian Pl-please St-stop, I’ll be good.”

Vivian kept up a steady pace admiring the pink shades blooming, but she wasn’t satisfied with pink; this little girl had a lesson to learn. “I know you’ll be good. We are going to make sure of that.”

 As good as her word, Vivian delivered a series of swats, this time with a fierce sting making sure to catch sit spots along with the curve of Carly’s butt and the tops of her thighs. The color palette was now shades of red and spotted with purple blotches. The sounds in Vivian’s living room were sharp swats, cries, and apologies in almost a song-like melody.

Satisfied, Vivian ended the spanking, then shook her hand, willing the tingling to stop before rubbing Carly’s back. “Shh, It’s ok; I’m here for you. We are going to figure everything out.” Vivian kept up a litany of reassurances until she was sure Carly could hear.

 Oddly Carly felt more at peace and calmer than she had in weeks. Listening to Vivian’s voice soothed her; later, she realized the spanking eased her stress.

Although she was content to stay put, she began to rise. Vivian helped adjust her clothing before leading her to the couch. “I need you to lay down and close your eyes. Before you argue, I’m not asking.” Carly allowed herself the luxury of being wrapped in a blanket. She closed her eyes and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, downstairs Sally popped in to check on Betty, who just happened to be waking up. The little girl glanced nervously around, searching for Carly. ”Where’s my sister. I want Carly.” her lip quivered slightly, and Sally rushed over.

“It’s ok, baby girl; Carly and Vivian had to go upstairs to take care of some work issues. They will be down in a little while.” Reaching over and placing a hand gently on Betty’s forehead, “you still feel warm.” Handing over a glass, Sally added, “here’s some ginger ale, drink. We need to get some liquids in you. Are you hungry? I was about to order lunch.” Receiving a nod, “I’ll run next door and grab some soup. It will only take a couple of minutes. While I’m gone, try to drink the rest of that soda, ok?”

When Sally returned with lunch, she found Vivian sitting on the couch with Betty on her lap. She was relieved to see the little girl smiling; reaching into the bag, Sally handed over a soup and another ginger ale. Then inquired about the whereabouts of Carly, “She is resting upstairs on my sofa. We were able to release a lot of stress, and now she’s exhausted. I’ll wake her in an hour or so. I’d like to drive them home if you wouldn’t mind staying a little later today. I know she wants to be home when Kimberly gets there.” Sally didn’t mind staying. She had been worried about Carly and was happy to be able to help.

The drive home was quiet; ever since Vivian woke her up, Carly had become shy. She did feel better, but she also was embarrassed and felt vulnerable. It wasn’t like her to cry all over someone; Carly had always kept her worries to herself. In the short time since meeting Vivian, she felt happy and supported and slightly confused. She was confused because it felt like more was going on here. She just wasn’t sure what that meant exactly.

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