Trust issues Part3

Saturday morning, Amber moped around the house and shrugged when told to get ready. Rita wasn’t sure what was going on, what to do, or if she should do anything. Was this normal teenage behavior? She didn’t know. Henna shook her head as she watched. She knew if it were her acting up, Rita would have taken her aside for one of their special talks by now.

As they pulled up to Sandi and Gloria’s, Henna jumped out, excited to see her friends. Not only was Rita here for advice, but this gathering was a going away party for Jo. Plus, a bon voyage for Henna Charlie and herself as they planned to fly to Europe with Jo. She rushed up the walk to the two women waiting at the front door, hugging each before saying. “I think they need a minute. Amber’s been in a mood all morning.”

Rita left the front seat and walked to the passenger side before climbing back to sit next to the girl. After a minute of silence, Rita questioned, “Amber? Please talk to me.” The girl gave her another sulky shrug and then looked out the window. “Enough with the attitude, little girl.” Rita felt the palm of her right hand begin to itch. Ignoring her instinct, Rita reached for the girl’s chin, “look at me, please.”

Amber looked up reluctantly.

“That’s better. Now that I can see those beautiful eyes.” Rita scrutinized the girl for a minute. “Have you changed your mind about living with me?” although it would break her heart, she added, “are you missing, mom? Do you want to go home?”

Amber gulped back a tear and said, “I don’t think I have a choice.” with that, she opened her phone to a text from her mother. “Here.”

Rita glanced at the screen and immediately saw red. Their mother had been texting, and when she found out that Amber had run away. She began sending threatening texts. Rita set the phone down and wrapped her arms around Amber. She held on for five minutes while the girl sobbed in her arms. Then once the sobs turned to the occasional hiccup and sniffle, Rita asked, “so does that mean you don’t want to live with mom?”

A chuckle escaped as Amber said, “No, I don’t, but Rita, you read the texts. She expects me home.”

“Hush now; we are about to get advice from one of the smartest women I know. Trust me; we will figure something out.” Rita reassured. “Let’s go talk with Sandi.” Amber was apprehensive; she had never met a lawyer.

Once inside, Gloria greeted Amber with a hug, “Welcome to the family.” then, to the pair, she said “Sandi’s in her office. You know the way, Rita. Let’s take care of business before all the brats show up.” if Amber thought the brat’s comment was weird, it didn’t show. Rita, on the other hand, paused.

Knock, knock, knock, Rita, tapped. “Come on in.” Sandi got up, meeting them halfway. She hugged both women before introducing herself, “You must be Amber; oh yes, I see the resemblance. Same beautiful eyes. Well, you’ve probably guessed already, but I’m Sandi. Please have a seat, ladies. Tell me what’s happening.”

Both women took a seat; Amber felt slightly overwhelmed by the situation. She listened to Rita as she explained why they might need a lawyer, and although she knew it was her they were talking about, she felt removed. So when Sandi asked her a question, she had to shake the fog away. “Sorry,” Amber felt her face heat up, “it’s just, y’know, weird.”

“I know it’s hard, but I need to hear your story,” Sandi said. “Take your time, sweetie.” she then appeared to be focused on her paperwork. Once Amber began to speak, she gave the girl her full attention.

Amber repeated what she told her sister, adding many more details when prompted. Rita was amazed by how much information Sandi was able to extract. She also wanted Sandi’s opinion about the recent texts Amber received from their mother. “Amber, would you mind letting Sandi look at your phone? Just the messages from mom.”

Amber unlocked the screen and held it out for Sandi to take. “Here.”

Sandi scrolled thru the entire back-and-forth conversation. From what she could determine from reading, Amber’s mother knew the girl felt unsafe and had left to find her sister. It was evident that the mom thought Rita being a lesbian, was not a suitable influence. Sandi never understood the logic behind this thinking, especially when she had a possible predator living in her house. So after she was finished reading, she took an extra moment to compose her thoughts.

Sandi held the phone for Amber to take, “please don’t delete any of that.” “I’d like a copy if you don’t mind.” Sandi accepted the teen’s nod as a yes, then continued. “You do have several options. I’m going to go over a couple. I don’t want your decision today; give yourself a couple of days; think about what best works for you. Talk to Rita; we will meet again and get started on what works best for you.”

“One, We can talk to your mother and explain how you feel living in the same house as her husband. Two, Rita can petition for custody. Three, you can file in court to be emancipated.” Sandi wrote down each option on a separate sheet of paper. Then as she talked about the pros and cons, she noted them on the form.

“Amber, this is a critical decision, so think it through carefully, and if you have any questions, here’s my number and email.” she watched the young girl nervously read over the papers. “Alright, ladies, if there are no more questions, we better join the party, or my wife will have my hide.” trying to lighten the mood, Sandi joked.

At the party, Amber noticed how animated the ladies were; when she realized half the women were traveling the following day, she was excited for them. She heard several ladies warning their spouses to be good on the trip and saw the occasional swat land. The group’s excitement wasn’t enough to stop her mind from reeling with the weight of her decisions.

Henna chatted nonstop for the entire ride home, which worked for Amber, who stared out the window, lost in thought. Rita wondered if either girl would sleep much tonight, then smiled as she thought of ways to tire Henna. The sly smile caught Henna’s attention. “Oh, Rita, I’m going to miss you.” then, squeezing Rita’s knee, she added, “Are you going to give me a going away present?”

“Maybe a trip over my knee if you keep distracting me while driving.”

“Promises, promises.” Henna moved her hand higher.

“Oh, little girl, you’re asking for trouble.” after glancing in the mirror to confirm Amber wasn’t listening, Rita answered in a low, sexy voice, causing Henna to shiver with anticipation.

It was late by the time they made it home. Rita instructed, “Henna, please double-check your suitcase and ensure you have everything. Then place your passport and carry-on on the table and set your bag by the door.” looking around for her sister, she added, “while you do that, I’ll check on Amber.” instead of listening, Henna’s eyes focused on her phone, “Move it!” Rita landed several sharp swats before adding, “you have fifteen minutes after that. My paddle will do the talking.”

“Rii-taa!” Henna whined before scurrying off.

Using her knuckle, Rita knocked softly on Amber’s door and entered when her request was granted. Seeing the girl sitting on the bed still felt surreal. She waited years to have this little girl in her life again, and now that she was here, she wasn’t giving her up. For several minutes Rita waited for Amber to speak as she sat on the bed next to the girl. When the girl remained silent, Rita asked, “Do you need space, or would you like to talk?”

Amber glanced up into the worried eyes of her sister, “Rita, can we talk tomorrow?” she added, “actually would it be ok if my friend Sam came over? I know I’m asking a lot, but can she stay the night?” her own eyes pleading.

“Amber, I’m ok as long as I can confirm it with her parents.” Amber started to object but thought better and nodded in agreement.

“Now, the only thing is, I need to bring Henna to the airport tomorrow. Can I trust the two of you to behave while I’m gone?” Rita had the stern big sister look perfected.

Amber blushed a bright red but reassured, “oh yes, Rita, we’ll behave.” “She is my best friend, and well, it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, but she and I well…you know.”

“Sweetheart, it’s ok; I get it, and I’m happy you have a friend you can count on.”  as Rita got off the bed, she leaned down and kissed Amber’s head. “I love you, baby girl. And if you need me, I’m here.”

On returning to her room, Rita noticed Henna followed her instructions to the tee. She locked the front door before hurrying to find Henna. At the bedroom door, she gasped and then growled, seeing her naughty girlfriend lying across the bed naked. “You need a little attention before your girl’s trip?” Rita wasn’t sure she could give Henna’s bottom enough attention before having her way with the girl.

But, she was willing to give it her best shot. Sitting on the bed’s edge, she signaled Henna to climb over. And like a leopard enticing its prey, she slyly made her way over. Rita enjoyed the sight and the feel of Henna’s naked form as it sleekly moved, then carefully adjusted itself over her lap. Rubbing her hand up and down soft bare skin, Rita thought what a good night they were about to share.

Rita felt the shivers of Henna’s anticipation emanating off her body as she moved her hand along Henna’s curves; she smiled at the feel of Henna holding her breath as her hand stilled. A loud gasp sounded when that same wondering hand lifted, then came down several times in a row, leaving a lovely stinging sensation. The beauty of the sensation was heightened by Rita rubbing circles gently before landing several more swats. Henna wished she could stay like this all night, but at the same time, she wanted more, so much more.

As Rita delivered an especially stinging round of swats, Henna moaned, and Rita lost her resolve. In one fell swoop, Henna found herself straddling her tormentor, then as one, their lips locked. The couple stayed as one until Rita placed both hands on the sore red cheeks and strategically repositioned them to the middle of the bed.

The following morning Rita, after speaking with Sam’s mother, took Amber aside. “Ok, Amber, I’m counting on you to behave. I’ll be gone for several hours, but if you need me, I’ll have my phone.”

Amber almost rolled her eyes, “Rita, come on. I’m not a little kid.”

“Oh, baby girl, you will always be my little sister.” she ruffled the girl’s hair before adding, “Seriously, call if you need me.” then Rita called out. “Henna, it’s time. Let’s go.”

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