Nine-year-old Betty flung the door open before Vivian could ring the bell.” You’re here! I was watching, and I saw your car pull up. Come in; Carly’s in the kitchen and Kimmy’s in her room. Those are pretty flowers. I set the table. See.”

Vivian was giggling at the young girl’s excitement as she let the girl drag her along. When she heard Carly call over,” Betty, leave Vivian alone; why don’t you go get your sister? By the time you get back here, dinner will be ready.” shooing her sister along, Carly turned toward her guest. Can I get you something to drink? Soda, water, milk? Sorry, I don’t have wine, but I’m not quite twenty-one yet.”

” A soda sounds good.” then she added,” Do you have a vase? I brought these for you.”

” Oh, That’s a beautiful assortment, and the fragrance is heavenly, but I’m afraid I don’t have a vase.” Carly thought momentarily,” The closest thing would be the girls’ large plastic cups. Let me show you what I have.”

Vivian made it work by splitting the small bundle into two. She then placed them on the table as centerpieces.

Dinner was a lively event. Having company was a novelty for all three girls, and they enjoyed themselves as the conversations flowed.

Tonight was the girls’ turn to clean up, which they did without their usual arguments, making Carly proud. After clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen, the younger girls brought Vivian to their room for a few minutes of the show and tell. Carly let them show off for ten minutes before directing everyone back to the kitchen for dessert.

Once the girls were in bed, Carly and Vivian sat chatting on the couch. The conversation became silly, and before they knew it, Vivian began tickling Carly. Trying to escape only made Vivian more determined; she attacked the back of her knees, her belly, then her armpits. Finally, with Vivian practically laying on top of her, Carly squealed.” Uncle, I give!”

They both paused to breathe, but before Vivian retreated, her lips found Carly’s.

As if in shock, she pulled back to gauge the situation. She searched Carly’s eyes. When they smiled back, she brought her lips around for a deeper kiss. They lay there for several minutes with lips and hands searching each other. Before Vivian went too far, she halted and tried to compose herself before saying, “Wow, That was, Well, nice. But we need to slow it down a bit.”…” Can I take you on a date?”

Carly wasn’t sure she heard right,” A date? Did you say a date? Yes, that would be wonderful. Oh, wait, I need to talk to the girls first; they’ve been through so much. I’m sorry. I need them to be ok with us going out.”

“No problem, I’ve got an idea, if it’s ok with you? Can I ask them? Maybe tomorrow after school, I can pick them up and take them for Ice Cream?” Vivian giggled slightly,” Sounds like bribery; perhaps that’s not a good idea.”

“Oh Vivian, you have a lot to learn when it comes to little girls. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to resort to bribery. No, I think they would love for you to take them. I’ll let them know in the morning. Now, Kimberly is the one you have to convince; as long as she’s ok, Betty will be too.”

“ok, well, so far, I have a date with two little girls. I had better get out of here and let you get some sleep. I’ve had a lovely time tonight.” They walked hand in hand to the door; once there, Vivian paused to look into Carly’s eyes before leaning in for an intense good night kiss.” Good night.”

At breakfast, Carly brought up Vivian’s proposal.” Hey girls, Vivian would like to pick you up after school and take you out for ice cream. Would you like that?” As expected, they agreed enthusiastically.

Carly worked late, and Vivian went to pick up the girls; she drove them to the local Baskin-Robbins. Vivian was getting anxious until she decided right now would be her best opportunity to discuss the subject.

So as they sat at the table with spoons filled with the creamy treat, Vivian began. “I have a question to ask you two, and you can think about it before you answer.” four eyes looked up at Vivian intently, and she thought, here we go. “I like your sister a lot and want to take her on a date. But only if you are ok with it.” nobody moved, and Vivian started to get nervous.

“It’s ok with me, but you can’t be out too late. I don’t like it when it’s late, and we’re home alone.” Kimberly stated and then went back to eating her ice cream.

“Great, how about you, Betty? Would you be ok if I took your sister on a date?”

“Sure, that’s good; I think she likes you too.” the little one said with a smile that showed off her new two front teeth.

“Good, that settles it. Maybe I can get Sally to bring a pizza over and stay with you. Would you like that?”

The girls loved Sally and agreed, showing a degree of animation that had Vivian laughing.” Yeah! Sally, Sally, Sally!”

On the way home, Vivian and the girls met up with Sally and Carly at the shop. The girls ran up to Sally, wanting her to say yes; she was confused,” Girls, I haven’t had a chance to ask her yet.” she lightly scolded, then turned to Sally,” I would like to take Carly on a date, and we, the girls and I were wondering if you would stay with them and have a pizza party this weekend?”

Saying quickly, Sally said,” Oh my, that would be so much fun. How about it, Ladies, are you ready for a pizza party? I’m free Saturday night.” She was happy the two finally decided to get together. It had been tough watching the pair, seeing the chemistry between them, and not saying anything, plus she was crazy about the girls.

When Saturday finally arrived, Carly found herself riddled with nerves. She changed outfits three times, lectured the girls to behave, and quizzed them on the emergency number. She hadn’t been on a date since before her parents left. The girls giggled, and Kimberly rolled her eyes at all the questions.

Sally arrived first, carrying a large cheese pizza and a liter of root beer.

Ten minutes later, Vivian dressed casually and presented Carly with a vase full of flowers. To Carly’s surprise, she seemed nervous too.

Very quickly, Sally shooed them out the door. “Ok, you two, get out of here. The girls and I have pizza to eat and movies to watch..” Vivian was thankful for the nudge and needed to thank Sally when she saw her on Monday.

Arriving at the car first, Vivian held the door open for Carly, and right before she got in, she told her,” You look beautiful tonight.” The compliment had Carly blushing.

The restaurant was very nice but not fancy; even so, Carly had only dined out once or twice that she could remember. There was just never any money for such luxuries. So when she noticed the prices, she began to worry.” Vivian, I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to eat here. It’s just not in my budget.” reaching down, Carly grabbed her purse, getting ready to leave.

Vivian quickly reassured,” Carly, sweetheart, This is my treat; I asked you to dinner. Please put your purse down, and let’s enjoy our evening.”

The conversation flowed smoothly; they laughed and talked about the girls and the shop. The topics were light and fun. Arriving home, Sally departed after a quick summary of her night with the girl, who was now asleep. Neither wanted the evening to end, so they sat on the couch with sodas. They talked and kissed and cuddled, then kissed some more.

From that night on, they ate dinner together regularly, whether at Carly’s, Vivian’s, or out. Their conversations continually grew more serious, and one night, Carly was acting out enough that Vivian threatened her with a spanking. Which shocked Carly,” Wait, you can’t spank me; we’re dating.”

Vivian sternly advised,” Young lady, If I think you deserve a spanking, you will get a spanking whether we are dating or not. And it may not only happen when you’re naughty.”

Confused and slightly annoyed, Carly said.” Wait. What? Vivian, What do you mean?”

” oh my, you have so much to learn. Ok, where do we start? As you can tell, I believe spankings are an effective way to modify naughty behavior in adults, and if needed, I will put you over my knee. That is not up for negotiation. You will have to give some serious thought to whether or not you want to continue this relationship.”

Carly sat and stared up wide-eyed at Vivian for a full minute before she could form a sentence.” But, Vivian, Are you saying that if I disagree, then we can’t see each other? I’m not a kid, Vivian; you know I’m only five years younger than you. I don’t think you’re fair.”

Vivian knew this was new for Carly and may take some time.” So, how am I not being fair? And by the way, age has nothing to do with anything here. Whether younger or older than me, I will still spank for naughty behavior. Take Sally; for instance, she is a lot older than both of us.”

” I know that, but Vivian, I’m an adult raising two children. You shouldn’t be spanking me.”

” When I spanked you before, Did you not deserve it?” Reluctantly Carly gave the nod, yes.” Well, you were an adult then too. So what’s the difference.?” Vivian watched as Carly struggled to find a way out.” Do you think I was too harsh or mistreated you?” another nod.

” What if I do something, and you want to spank me, but I disagree? And what about the girls? You can’t spank me in front of them. OMG! I can’t believe we are even having this conversation.”

” First of all, This is between you and me, not the girls. So if they are home, we wait until they are asleep or until they go to school. Second, I will always allow you the opportunity to explain yourself, but I will make the final decision.” Vivian waited; this was a big decision; she didn’t want Carly to feel rushed or pressured.” Carly, I know this is new and a lot to digest, so I’m going home. But I would be grateful if you could take your time, and while we are apart, I would like you to think about everything. You can take as long as you need, as long as you are honest with yourself and me.

The following day was Sunday, and Carly didn’t have to work. She spent the entire day with the girls, distracted by thoughts of Vivian. The idea of walking away from this relationship was tearing her apart, but staying was scary.

The more Carly thought about it, the more she acknowledged the reality. Vivian had only spanked twice in the three months they’d known each other. The first time was when she broke into Vivian’s home, and the second time was for attitude and swearing. Honestly, she probably deserved it both times.

Later that night, with the girls sound asleep, and she grabbed her phone to call Vivian. Vivian had been reading in bed with her phone on the nightstand. She answered on the first ring. She was smiling when she saw the caller id.” Hi Babe,” A call this soon seemed like a good sign. But after hearing Carly’s shaky voice on the other end, she became wary.

” Um, Hi Vivian, I ugh, I don’t know how to say this” now Vivian was getting nervous.” Yes, I agree, you can s-spank me.” once the words were out, Carly hid her flushed face in her pillow even though Vivian couldn’t possibly see her.

” Ah, baby, I’m proud of you. I understand it was a hard decision, and thank you for trusting me.” Vivian praised Carly; the girl willingly gave in to Vivian’s dominant side.” Carly, How about we celebrate? Maybe this weekend Sally can stay with the girls overnight, and you and I can have a sleepover here? Or is it too soon? Am I moving too fast?”

Carly replied quickly,” No, It’s not too soon. I think a celebration is in order.” The next question had her squirming slightly because it had been niggling away in the back of her mind. She asked,” Vivian, The other day you said Spankings were not only for naughty behavior. What does that mean? How can that be?” The confusion she felt was genuine.

” Oh baby, We are going to have so much fun on our sleepover.”

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