The games we play.

(Disclaimer: This story is about a game played by two consenting adults. In this game restraints are used along with a cane and tickling.)

    Tug, pull, Ugh! Yank, Tug. She thought she could escape, but try as she might, the bindings held tight. Destiny began to worry even though she spent much more time standing in a corner than bound to this bed. That fact never crossed Destiny’s mind once they began one of their monthly games. She had no problem with being restrained, but once Adele left the room, she panicked. Destiny knew this was a test of some sort; she also knew Adele wouldn’t be far. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her fears. Destiny’s voice shook slightly, “Adele, please come back; it’s been so long. I’m beginning to worry.” silence.

     In the hall, Adele sat back in the chair, patiently waiting for the minutes to pass. Adele sighed at hearing her wife struggle with the bindings then callout. Destiny had difficulty with this part of the game and usually earned herself a penalty. Another tug on the restraints, Adele looked at her watch and saw that time was up. Silently she entered the room, then leaning on the door jam Adele cleared her throat, startling her younger wife before saying. “Fiddling with your restraints, I see. What were your instructions?” bringing herself to full height, Adele stared down at the bound young girl.

       This part of their role-play sent shivers through Destiny. Adele, now in control, could do anything, from playful to painful. Often administering a combination of the two, and as much as Destiny hated to admit, that combination was something she craved. Biting her lip, Destiny answered meekly. “Um, stay still and no talking.” a groan escaped her lips as Adele’s stare intensified, and she slowly moved closer.

       As she approached, she picked up a wicked-looking cane; Adele grabbed both ends and began to flex it, deliberately teasing. “Yes, little one, and I believe I heard you trying to escape and call out. Do you need to use your safe word? Is that why you spoke?” Adele assumed she was only antsy but erred on the side of caution. In truth, she had only left Destiny for ten minutes, and in those ten minutes, she was never out of earshot. The rules in place were if Destiny moved, then the next time, they would add one minute, but if she followed the rules, she would be able to deduct one minute.

        “No, ma’am, sorry.” Destiny gulped down the lump that formed in her throat. The butterflies in her belly, however, weren’t going anywhere.

        “Well, that seems to be two rules you have decided not to obey. I’m going to have to dole out some pretty tough punishment, little girl.” Destiny’s stare flew between the flexing cane and her wife’s stern eyes. With her hands tied securely to the headboard and her feet bound to the base, she wasn’t going anywhere. The closer Adele came to the bed, the less control Destiny had on her groans, and although she was secure, she still managed a little squirming action.

         Adele, with the tip of the cane, lightly ran it up and down the girl’s naked body. “Hmm, I see you still can’t follow the rules. How are we going to fix this?” Then, moving to the bottom of the bed, she untied two of the scarves used as restraints. Holding both pieces of cloth in her left hand and the cane in her right, she gripped the scarves tighter and pulled. With legs now elevated straight up, Destiny’s bottom cheeks presented a perfect target.

         “I’m thinking three with the cane, one for trying to escape, one for speaking, and the final one for the minute I’ll be adding on to your time next month.” swish, splat came the first, followed by swish splat, swish splat. Three matching red lines appeared in their wake, along with the muffled moans of a sorry little girl. Adele admired her work before lowering the two legs to the bed and reattaching the scarves. Once her little one was again secure, she slowly returned the cane and retrieved another scarf.

       “Well, now that we have that out of the way, should we get started?” Adele, eyes fixed on her wife, leaning down. She touched their lips together, then kissing deeply, leaving Destiny weak with lust. Before Destiny could process the events, the scarf in Adele’s hands became her blindfold, and darkness descended. Inwardly groaning, Destiny struggled to fight back the need building deep within.

        Listening intently, Destiny jumped when Adele lightly ran her fingernails up and down her skin, over her ticklish belly, down slightly lower than back up, grazing her pebble-like nipples. Destiny shivered. After the initial shock, the sensation became almost overwhelming before abruptly stopping. In its place, the light wispy feel of something Destiny couldn’t name, the name soon didn’t matter. The sensation had her wiggling, almost giggling, or maybe she was giggling right now, she didn’t know.

       Her sense of touch, amplified by the inability to see, had her lost in a world controlled solely by Adele. The giggles began to intensify, and her lack of movement couldn’t prevent the onslaught, couldn’t fight it off, and she lost all control. She was doomed to a world of sensation, with neither the ability to bend or contract. Adele, her tickler, was tormenting her, luckily after many years together, she was fully aware of Destiny’s limits. Now that didn’t mean she wouldn’t test them; she often came close to the line, but she never crossed over.

        Adele enjoyed watching her wife lose her inhibitions and give in to her joy of receiving tickles. Sensing it was time, she slowly brought her attack to an end and carefully unbound one limb at a time, rubbing and messaging each in hopes of easing the stiffness and trying to avoid any lingering soreness. Her wife’s face conveyed her pleasure, and once Adele removed the blindfold, Destiny’s eyes, although tired from the exertion, shined.

        Setting the now neatly folded scarves on the nightstand Adele climbed up onto the bed and over her wife’s limp body to the other side. Laying next to Destiny, Adele wrapped her strong arms around the small frame, securing them both in a protective cocoon. At this moment, their connection was so much more than physical. And had them both smiling; Adele whispered encouragements while Destiny languished in the love that, at times like this, almost overwhelmed her.

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