Wet and Soggy

   The rain had been coming down in sheets for almost a week now, and Henna was getting tired and a bit cranky of constantly being wet and chilly. Her umbrella barely kept her top half dry. Henna thought back to her many conversations with Rita about buying a car and how she continually insisted the bus was better. Right now, Henna wished she’d listened to her girlfriend as she imagined sitting in a warm, dry car instead of walking the half-mile in the rain.

     Henna waited at the bus stop huddled under a glass and steel lean-to along with several other passengers for the seven am bus at seven twenty. Unfortunately, there had been flooding on several major streets, causing delays all over the city. Henna contemplated calling in and using a sick day, but that would be lying, something Henna had trouble doing. So she waited and waited until finally thirty minutes later the bus arrived. By the time she clocked in, not only was she late for her shift, but the rain had soaked her through to the skin. In an attempt to dry off, she discreetly took off her shoes and sat at her desk in stocking feet as she worked.

     The day seemed to drag on; all she could think of was striping out of these wet clothes and into a pair of warm pajamas. Her imagination had her holding a warm cup of hot chocolate while sitting on the couch cuddling with Rita. Unfortunately, even if that happened, it was a long way off, so she put her dream aside and contemplated what to do for lunch. Should she put her wet shoes back on and go to the kitchen or skip lunch altogether. Not wanting to feel gushy wetness in her shoes, she decided to skip lunch. Rita would be mad, but she’d worry about that later. Mind made up; Henna chose to get back to work and ignore her tummy rumbling.

     Right as Henna was logging off of her computer, she felt her phone buzz. Henna couldn’t help smiling as she read the text from Rita. “Hey babe, I’m here to pick you up. See you soon. xoxo.” Although she usually didn’t mind taking the bus, today, Henna was thrilled not to. She quickly put her soggy shoes on and hurried to the time clock; then, once she punched out, she ran to Rita’s car.

     Henna leaned over inside the car, gave Rita a quick kiss, and fiddled the vents until each one had heat blowing toward her. Seeing this display, Rita worried. “Why are you so cold? Henna? Were your clothes wet all day?”

     Henna had her eyes closed, enjoying the warmth as she answered. “Well, not wet, more like damp and chilly. Except for my shoes, now they’re a soggy wet mess. I was hoping they’d dry by now; I took them off first thing.” involuntarily moving her toes, Henna made a face. “They feel gross.”

      “Well, when we get home, I’ll make dinner while you take a nice warm shower,” Rita said, then was surprised by Hennas following words.

      Lazily Henna added, “I’m so hungry; I don’t know if I can wait.” then, with a matter of fact, air said. “But I’m not taking a shower; I don’t want to see another drop of water.”

     Rita left Henna to her thoughts for a moment, then asked. “Henna, Did you skip lunch?”

     Ugh, Henna kept her eyes closed as she tried to think of an appropriate answer. “Henna!”

     Glancing shyly over at Rita, Henna began. “Yes, ma’am, I didn’t want to; it’s just, well, I just couldn’t put my wet shoes back on.” in a whiney tone, Henna asked. “Rita, please don’t be mad.”

      “I’m not mad, but we will talk about this after you’ve had a shower.” Rita put her hand on Henna’s knee and gave a slight squeeze. “We’ll get you all warmed up, and then we will have a nice dinner.”

     “yes, ma’am” Henna had no problem with one of Ritas talks, and just the thought of being over her knee gave her a warm fuzzy feeling.

     As Rita pulled her car into the garage, she instructed, “go on, little one, hop in the shower. I’ll be right in.” Rita watched as Henna slowly made her way into the house, clearly not happy having to take a shower. The girl’s dramatic display brought a smile to Rita’s lips.

      Rita placed a pot on the burner in the kitchen then added leftover beef stew from yesterday. After setting the temperature to a low simmer, Rita made her way to their bedroom. Steam billowed around Henna as she came through the bathroom door wrapped in only a towel. Rita smiled once again, seeing her girl all pink from the long hot shower. “Come here, please.”

     “But Rita, I’m still wet. Let me at least dry off first.” Henna tried.

     “Henna, come here, please,” Rita said with a sternness that had Henna scurrying over. “That’s better. Now, over my lap, but first, lose the towel.” Henna groaned; the towel was warm and dry and felt so lovely. As the towel hit the floor, Henna shivered but immediately placed herself over Rita’s lap. “That’s my good girl.” Henna glowed, hearing Rita’s words, then squealed as her palm landed. This spanking stung from the very first swat to damp skin, and Henna couldn’t help wiggling and kicking her legs. Of course, neither deterred Rita’s swing, which repeatedly fell from one cheek to the next.

      “R-i-t-a!” swat, swat, swat. “Owie, that hurts” swat, swat, swat. Henna cried out.

      “Oh, I know it does, baby. This part of the spanking is to warm you up. But the next set, you will know how I feel about you skipping lunch.” Rita loved to spank for fun, but when necessary, could deliver a very stingy lesson. Slightly lifting her right leg brought Henna’s sit spots just where Rita wanted, and for the next two minutes, she had stinging swats volleying between the two. Unable to control herself, Henna tried to reaching back. Luckily, Rita was ready and scooped up the wandering hand. Rita’s fingers intertwined with Henna’s, while the other hand continued an onslaught of very hard swats.

       Finally, the week, the spanking, the rain all caught up with Henna, and her body went limp. Feeling the resistance leave, Rita ended with a flurry, then rubbed the girl’s back until she stirred. When Henna tried to rise, Rita helped her up then onto her lap. Wincing, Henna whimpered but cuddled all warm and cozy. “Rita, that hurts.”

     Rita cooed as she held the naked girl tight for several minutes before directing. “Ok little one, up you go. It would help if you had clothes on so we could have dinner.” carefully, Henna got up. “Meet me in the kitchen, Sweetheart. I’ll set the table.”

     “Hmm, yes, ma’am.” Henna paused for a second then, with a smile, added. “Rita, Thanks for warming me up.”

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