Piney Tinies

This is my attempt to write a story with a magical fairy theme.

In the southern pine barrens of New Jersey lives a village of magical beings. Maybe fairies would be a better term—deceivingly frail-looking creatures with eyes a dark shade of green-blue and fluttering iridescent wings. As for wings, theirs shimmered beautifully with multiple colors and allowed for only short spurts of flight. Suitable for flying up or out several feet but not much further. Magic was commonly practiced but used only for protection and sustainability. For the everyday routine, the use of magic is discouraged.

    These fairy-like creatures refer to themselves as the Piney Tinies. Their homes are well hidden deep in the forest and under a canopy of hollowed-out shrubs and bushes interwoven with leaves and pine needles. Although many birds still prey on the vulnerable by swooping down to grab hold and carry away the meekest, there is harmony amongst most forest creatures. Piney Tinies are petite in size, which allows them to move around with relative ease and not be detected. The largest and most formidable village member also happens to be the leader and stands five and a half inches in height.

    Tiana or Tia, for short, is a loving but strict leader, and her main priority is to keep the village and the surrounding area safe from predators. For many years this has been an easy endeavor. However, lately, it’s been more difficult as more hikers explore the pine barrens, camping away from the trails, and wandering into areas that do not welcome intruders. With the influx of visitors and their curiosity, the tiny village is becoming more vulnerable. Tia added several new measures to her daily security routine and strengthened some she already had in place.

    She has always used magic to warn hikers away; still, many have gotten past the barriers. One spell she set had made the village invisible to the naked eye, but a group of hikers almost trampled the town before she was able to redirect them. Finally, with a slight hesitation, Tia set a new spell that would lift the intruder into the air and deliver a firm spanking in hopes of keeping them away in the future. She had not yet experimented with its power and hadn’t worked out any potential glitches, but she concluded that her village’s future was more important than a few pink swollen bottoms.

   As Tia walked the perimeter, stepping over pine needles and around pine cones, She ventured maybe a hundred yards away from her village when she came upon a small group. Three young women set up their camp, but they were too close to the village as far as Tia was concerned. Standing nearby, Tia watched as the group appeared to be pitching one relatively large tent. While waiting, she was periodically trying to send messages telepathically to the campers advising the women to stay around the camp area and along the south side.

    If the women ventured too far north, the spell Tia had set would trigger, resulting in some very sore bottoms. Shaking her head, Tia decided to return home. Later she would come back observe some more to determine if she should post a lookout. 

    Arriving home, she was met at the door by her distraught girlfriend. ”Tia, you are late. Where have you been?”

    ”Oh honey, I’m sorry I worried you. I’ve been patrolling the perimeter, and I noticed some campers setting up. I’m going to go back later to check on them. Did you happen to make dinner? I’m starving.” Tia said without much emotion and had Selina baffled.

     “What do you mean, campers? I want to see them. Why don’t you wash up, and I’ll get dinner on the table? Then we can go.” Selina was not easily distracted, said while pushing Tia toward their room. The campers’ news had her giddy, and she couldn’t wait to go and check them out.

      Tia smiled as she left the room; of course, her girlfriend would think of this as an adventure. ’Well, that’s fine, she can come along. I’m only going to check on things.’

      On the path, returning to the campers, Tia notices how energized Selina is becoming and decides a little reminder is in order. ”Sweetheart, you need to calm down. I don’t want them to hear us and get curious. If that happens, they won’t be the only one with a red behind.”

       Squirming slightly under her girlfriend’s stern glare, Selina tried to calm herself, but it was rare and just too exciting when strangers came around. “Oh, come on, Tia, you’re just mean. You know, I love to see the big people when they come around,” she added a dramatic pout as she looked up at Tia with eyes fluttering. 

      Tia rolled her eyes at this attempt to manipulate her. ”keep it up, and we can stop here for a warmup.” then she couldn’t help let out a laugh as Selina fluttering eyes opened wide with shock.

       “Quiet now; we are almost there. I can smell smoke from the fire-pit.” when Tia said that, Salinas excitement soared. Catching a glimpse of the change in her girlfriend, she halted, grabbing hold of Selina, and looking directly into her eyes, gave one last warning. “You need to calm down. Our job here is essential, honey.”

      Annoyed now, why would Tia bring it up again. Did she think she was that immature? ”ok, I get it. You don’t have to treat me like a kid Tia. Geez.”

       Right away, Tia wrapped her strong arms around the younger girl. ”oh baby, Don’t get upset. I didn’t mean to treat you like a kid. I just worry, is all.” before letting go, Tia kissed Selina’s forehead, then she brought her fingers down for a tickle, making the younger girl wiggle to getaway.

      Giggling, Selina quickly forgot her hurt feelings and skipped alongside Tia. She knew if she messed around, Tia wouldn’t hesitate to tan her hide. But she couldn’t think of that right now. Not when big people were camping nearby. In a loud whisper, she inquired, ”How much further?”

     ”Maybe five more minutes, can’t you hear them? I think they might be singing.” Tia grew concerned because whenever they came upon singing campers, alcohol usually involved making them more careless. Well, just as Tia predicted, they found the group dancing around the fire pit, singing loudly with beer cans scattered across the ground. Instantly Selina giggled at the sight, while Tia became furious. Now they would have to stay to be sure the fire was out. She wasn’t chancing, losing everything to a forest fire.

      Selina began singing softly, and her foot began tapping along with the music. She only wished Tia would lighten up and dance with her, but she received a snarled grunt as a reply when she asked. “I don’t know why you don’t just relax, Tia. By the looks of things, we are going to be here a while. Nobody would see us if we snuck in a dance behind those trees.” lowering her bottom lip Selina showed her displeasure with a serious pout.

       ”That’s enough, young lady; we have a job to do. And I will know if we slack off. That’s who will know.” Tiana said this last part with finality, but Selina wasn’t happy.

       Arms crossed, Selina shot back. ”You’re mean. I’m not going to sit here all night and do nothing. I’m going home!” off she went stomping down the trail. Tia watched in disbelief as Selina got maybe twenty feet away before jumping up to retrieve her naughty lover.

      Grabbing hold of her right arm, she quickly proceeded to spin the girl around, landing a flurry of very swift hard swats to her backside while lecturing. ”You will do no such thing. You know darn well you are not to walk in the forest alone at night. You know it is too dangerous, and I will not allow it. Any number of animals could swoop down and carry you away.” ending her swatting, she took a good look into her girlfriend’s eyes. No longer seeing the bratty side of the girl but instead a contrite young lady, she wrapped her arms around her, squeezing.

       ”So, are you ready to behave and do the job we came here to do?” A muffled yes ma’am was her reply.

     Together they walked back to observe and just in time to hear one of the campers ask. ”Shh, Did you hear that sound? It sounds like a wounded bird, maybe a woodpecker or something. We should go check it out.” Fortunately, the others weren’t interested. All they wanted was to drink, sing, and laugh. The night grew late, and the girls were tired and finally retired into the tent after carefully extinguishing the fire out.

    Tia took hold of Selina’s hand, ready to head home but paused to inquire. ”So, Are we ok, or will we need to discuss the fact of you having a tantrum and leaving my side once we get home?”

     The steely tone of her girlfriend’s voice caused a shiver to run up her backbone and stutter. “Tia, please no, I get it. I won’t run off again. Can we just go home? I’m so sleepy.”

      Gripping a tight hold of Selina’s chin, she directed the younger girl to lookup before adding. ”ok, but let me make it clear. If you ever run into the woods alone in the future, mad or not, you will feel my belt, and it will not be pleasant. Do you understand, little one?” Tia’s hold didn’t ease until she was satisfied.

        That was not a threat; Selina knew it was a promise. With that knowledge, she felt a tear escape as she mumbled a weak reply. ”I won’t run off, I promise.” She was relieved when Tia smiled and kissed her lips softly before letting go.

     Quietly crawling over her two friends, Emily stumbled out of the tent. Once she relieved her bladder, she remembered the wounded bird, and she squinted, trying to see through the brush. She didn’t see anything, and she couldn’t hear sounds of distress. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her from worrying, and when it came to animals, her brain turned to mush. She thought maybe just walk a little bit into the woods towards where she heard the sound last night. She would be back before anyone noticed. 

     Her girlfriend Marissa would not be pleased if she saw her going into the woods without letting anyone know. If she quickly went straight for about fifty feet then turned around, she should be fine. No one would be the wiser, so with one last glance around, seeing the coast was clear, off she went.

       Emily confidently took off into the woods, looking all around and listening. Sure she would come across the wounded creature and be able to nurse it back to health. Not even a peep from the bird, but her skin started to feel a tingling, which Emily passed off as being alone in the woods. A feeling she should have heeded because the further she went, the more influential the sensation became. The atmosphere had ominous undertones, which Emily ignored.

      Lying in bed, awakened by a similar feeling, but Tia knew the meaning behind the sensations. In a hurry to stave off the possible intruders, she woke Selina as she began to dress. “Sweetheart, I’ve got to go. Someone has breached the parameters; I can feel it. Get everyone ready if we have to evacuate, and I’ll see if I can distract the intruders.” Selina was up in a flash, willing to do as Tia bid.

     Tia was out the door before Selina, but she heard her call out. “Be careful, Tia. I love you.”

Smiling and calling back the same, she gave a quick wave.

     Tia ran as if she was being followed by the devil’s hounds, making it to the intruder just minutes after the spell formed. The sight was mesmerizing as she watched one of the young women lifted and bent over. While a paddle materialized in midair, magically pants and panties were lowered. The paddle came down several times before she snapped herself back, or maybe it was the girls screaming that brought her back. 

     Emily told herself to turn around as the tingling was becoming ominous. Unfortunately, she didn’t take her advice on time. Suddenly lifted and bent over in midair, Emily screamed. She never saw anyone in the woods, frantically spinning around. There was still no one. But her pants were being lowered by something. She was scared; she screamed for her girlfriend.

      Waking abruptly at hearing her girlfriends scream, Marissa hightailed it to her location. She hadn’t even stopped long enough to put shoes on. Running wildly through the brush over prickly pine needle and sliding on damp leaves frantic to get to Emily.

     As soon as Emily felt her pants around her ankles, the cooling sensation of wood pressed against her cheeks. The surface felt similar to the paddle Marissa used on her when she misbehaved. Upon realizing what was about to happen, she struggled harder. All to no avail, the paddle came down repeatedly. Emily was sure no one else was there, so how could this be happening was her last coherent thought before she felt the paddle coming down harder. “No, please, What is going on? Stop! MARISSA HELP!!” Swat, swat, swat, came the paddle.

       Both Tiana and Marissa arrived from opposite directions, Tiana was several minutes ahead, and both stood momentarily stunned, unable to comprehend the scene. Snapping back to her senses, Marissa ran full-on toward Emily, frantic to help. Unfortunately, the spell was not over, and her body began levitating, and before she knew it, she found herself upended. Tia, frantic l to end this magic spell, spoke a litany of reversal lines accompanied by gestures.

     The paddle landed on Marissa’s bottom, causing her to squeal with anger and fight her invisible opponent. She couldn’t help herself, let alone help Emily. Finally, Tia was able to wind the spell down and release the two intruders. Tumbling to the ground, Emily landed on top of her girlfriend, each in half undressed state panting feverishly. Marissa disentangled limbs before scooping her girl in a tight embrace.

     ”Baby, what was that? Did that just happen?” while pulling apart Marissa, glanced over Emily’s shoulder to a very red bottom. ”Well, by the looks of your bottom, I’d say it did. Let’s get our pants up and get back to camp. I feel a little vulnerable this far in the woods. By the way, little girl, Why are you out here? Oh, never mind that for now, we’ll talk later.” gulping down a sob, Emily didn’t think she could handle any more trouble, so she got up carefully.

      Redressing was done slowly as Emily’s bottom was now too sore to touch and very swollen. Marissa rubbing her bottom, was amazed by the sting she felt from just a few swats. What worried her was seeing some signs of light bruising on the younger girls’ bottom. Once they got back to the campsite, she would examine her more closely. 

    Tia sighed as relief flooded her. Luckily she was able to stop the spell before it did too much damage. That spell was more unstable than she anticipated. Once she recast a less volatile spell, she hurried back home. The village would prevail a little longer, and for safety sake, she would have lookouts posted for the next few days.

        Arriving at camp and seeing a worried Patsy, the third camper, Marissa tried to explain, but the scenario was so unbelievable it turned out to be a hard story to tell. Patsy had heard the screams and what sounded like a giant woodpecker. She became frozen by fear and was unable to convince herself to investigate. The best she could do now was help Marissa take care of Emily, who was still weeping. They settled her in the tent for a nap lying on her tummy. Marissa stayed until she fell asleep. Patsy left the tent to clean up the campsite and prepare breakfast.

       Marissa sidled up to Patsy as she cooked eggs over the fire and reached for the coffee pot. “She’s asleep.,” indicating Emily.

       Patsy turned to face Marissa, ”What’s going on? Who was out there? Should we start packing? How did she get out there?” As she rambled off questions, she was filling plates and only quieted after handing one to Marissa.

      Grateful for the distraction, Marissa took the plate and a fork, settled her sore butt carefully into a chair. She nibbled on a piece of bacon thoughtfully before answering. “I think Emily decided to explore, and as strange as it may sound, I believe she stumbles on some magical spell set to ward away trespassers.” Raising her hand to stop Patsy, she continued. “I know it sounds crazy. But we were suspended midair, Patsy no one was there, and it’s weird, but thinking back, I swear I felt a tingling as I was approaching. It became stronger as I got closer like it was trying to make me go away.”

       Shaking her head, Marissa took a sip of coffee before continuing. ”I don’t think it was evil. I assume my little girlfriend was not where she was supposed to be and got busted. I think we will be fine to stay here if none of us wonders off.”

        Patsy quickly replied, ”Oh, I’m not going anywhere outside this camp.” Not entirely convinced, staying was a good idea. She did trust Marissa, and if she thought it was ok, then it was probably ok to stay.

    Tiana entered her village, confronted by a hoard of anxious faces. All worried and wondering if they would have to relocate. Quickly as to calm her fellow fairies, she relayed the events of the day. She looked proudly toward her partner after noticing how she took control and saw a great job she did to establish order at this crisis. She was a real brat, but when push came to shove, she shined.

       Tia gathered the group to explain the situation. ”I believe one of the campers decided to do some exploring of the area. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t heed the warning I had set in place. So when she crossed the last ward, the spell was activated. Luckily it woke me, and I was able to cancel with only minimal damage. Well, she probably won’t be sitting comfortably for a few days. Around of giggles and sighs went through the crowd.

     Then serious again, Tia asked. “Ok, I’ll need a few volunteers to keep watch of the area for a few days. Any takers?” Hands flew up, and Tia explained the plan. In pairs, they would guard the campers and any sign of trouble, they were to contact Tia before doing anything. She emphasized the importance of staying together and vigilant not only for the campers but also for other creatures.

      Once the group dispersed, Tia took Selina’s hand, and they returned to their home. Selina was trying to convince her that she should guard the campers, but Tia would not even consider it. ”Sweetheart, the answer is no. Please do not ask again.” of course, in true brat fashion, Salinas’s response was to pout. ”If you don’t pull that lower lip up, that camper won’t be the only one having trouble sitting.”

      A few hours later, Marissa entered the tent to check on Emily, who had been sleeping since they returned. Laying on the sleeping bag next to the younger girl Marissa rubbed her back pushed the hair away from her face to wake her. Waking up slowly, she confided in Marissa, “you won’t believe the dream I had.” then, turning over, her eyes got big when her butt touched the ground. “OMG!it wasn’t a dream, was it?” 

      Smiling grimly, Marissa confirmed, ”No, baby girl, it most definitely was not a dream. Later, we will discuss why you were that far from camp this morning. But right now, it’s time for you to get up and eat something.” that said, she rose and held a hand out for Emily.

      Reaching out taking her girlfriend’s hand, she whispered, ”I’m sorry, Marissa.” then melted when strong arms surrounded her in a much-needed embrace. Only to wince when hands found sore cheeks and lightly squeezed. Moments later, they were outside the tent laughing with Patsy.

       As a group, they decided to stay for one more day as planned. Emily was relieved because her bottom was sore, and she was not ready for the trek out of the woods. Although she was a little nervous about any other boobytraps that might be out there, She was also in no hurry to return home after telling Marissa the detail of her morning romp. Marissa promised to warm her bottom again once they got back home.

       Tia was thrilled when she heard the campers would be leaving. Having them here was unsettling. All-day, Selina continually nagged her to go back to the camp, which earned her a spanking when she wouldn’t accept no for an answer. Now the little girl lay on her bed, pouting with a sore bottom while Tia tried to think of a new spell that would deter future intruders.


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