Cookie Christmas

     “Hi Betty, How are things going today?” Sandi asked the nurse sitting at the reception desk.

     “Well, today’s been a bit rough.” The nurse continued, “it seems the closer we get to Christmas the more down some of our residents get.”

     Sandi sighed; visiting her mother weekly saw both good and bad for three years. “I wish more families would visit. Especially during the holidays.” Shaking her head, Sandi made her way down the corridor to her mother’s room. On the way, she’d make sure to acknowledge and engage with other seniors she passed along the way.

      In the room, Sandi’s mom smiled as she approached, “Hi mom.” Betty, Sandi’s mom, was a sweet ninety-year-old lady with a sharp mind and a pretty wicked sense of humor. She voluntarily moved to this senior living facility when living on her own became too difficult.

     “Hey darling, you ready to break me out of here?” Sandi laughed along with her mother. Betty had been making this same joke ever since moving into the facility.

     “As a matter of fact, how about we take a stroll to the dining room?” Sandi wasn’t hungry, but she always made an effort to encourage her mom to keep moving and socialize. Sandi stayed a little over an hour before leaving her mother in the dining hall gossiping with her friends.

     It was hard to see her mother so fragile, so when she pulled into the driveway, and noticed Gloria’s car she smiled. Gloria, her wife of twenty-two years, understood more than anyone the difficulties of helping an aging parent. Estranged from her father, Gloria lost her mother several years ago after a long battle with cancer. Once in the house, Sandi set out to locate Gloria because right now, being in her wife’s arms was what she needed.

      Pausing in the doorway, Sandi took a moment to watch the beauty that was her wife as she sang along with the radio while fixing dinner. Although she could have enjoyed this view much longer, Sandi didn’t want to startle Gloria, so she cleared her throat to announce her presence. Gloria put down the knife, picked up a hand towel, and then rushed over in greeting. Enveloping Sandi in a warm hug, Gloria felt the tension and tears and kept her arms wrapped tightly. Not wanting to let go until Sandi felt ready.

      The two stayed entwined, standing in the kitchen for ten minutes before Sandi stopped crying and was able to speak. “Thank you babe, I needed that.” Gloria used both hands to wipe away her wife’s tears before taking her hand and leading her to the table.

     Once Sandi was seated, Gloria handed her a tissue then poured her a glass of water. “Here babe drink this.” Sandi accepted the glass and began drinking. “So, what’s going on? Is something wrong with mom?” Gloria knew Sandi planned to stop and visit her mother on her way home from work.

     “Oh, I’m sorry, no she’s good. It’s just so damn depressing. I rarely see any other visitors. I try to greet everyone but they look so lonely. It breaks my heart.” Sandi took another sip of her water. “The holiday is coming and some of the people get no visitors.”

     Gloria shook her head in disbelief; she had noticed the same thing whenever she visited. “I know, sometimes I want to call their families and remind them that they have loved ones.” Gloria sat there holding Sandi’s hand but right before she was ready to move, Gloria asked, “you’re holding on to a lot of stress and it has me worried. I think it would be a good idea if you take a turn over my lap, don’t you?”

      “Yeah, I guess, but let’s eat first I’m starving.” Sandi agreed while looking into Gloria’s eyes. As a switch couple, they shared equally in the well-being of the other.

      After a rough sleep filled with dreams of lonely seniors, Gloria had an idea; She let it fully formulate as she got ready for work, then once Gloria sat at the breakfast table across Sandi, she said. “Sandi, I have an idea.” Curious, Sandi looked up. “How about we have a cookie party?” Before Sandi could object, she continued. “Let me explain, we could get the brats and their tops together. We could have each couple bring their favorite Christmas cookie. We can put them on nice plates and deliver them to all the seniors at the home.”

      When Sandi looked unconvinced, Gloria continued. “Come on Sandi, it’ll be fun and the seniors will have visitors.”

      Sandi smiled, “oh I love the idea. I was just wondering how the brats will get into trouble plating cookies?”

      “Very funny.” Gloria said, but in reality, she wondered the same thing.

      “Before you go inviting everyone, let me call and get permission from the director.” Sandi said as she quickly found the number. While the phone was ringing, Sandi stood up, rubbing her sore bottom as she paced the floor.

     Gloria looked up anxiously when she heard Sandi saying goodbye. “Well?”

     “So Racheal, the director loved the idea. All she asked is that we let her know when and how many of us will be there.” Sandi added, “I’ll call Leslie and Adele, would you mind giving Rita a call?” “Maybe if we can narrow it down and see when everyone is available?” Gloria smiled at seeing her wife so happy.

       As it happened, the next two Sundays, everyone was available. Sandi happily let her mom know the entire gang would be there in two weeks to hand out cookies, and she was thrilled. Gloria planned to have a brunch ready for everyone on the first Sunday. Each couple was to bring five or six dozen of their favorite cookies. Then together, they would plate the cookies and a variety of chocolates Sandi purchased.


       Gloria ran to the door when she heard a car door slam, “Destiny, I’m warning you, if you eat one more cookie.” Chuckling, she held the door open and ushered her two friends inside, but Rita and Henna pulled up before she could close the door. Then right behind them was Leslie and Charlie. Gloria noticed Leslie shaking her head in frustration as Charlie pouted. She thought about Sandi’s trouble comment and shook her head, but under her breath, she whispered. “Wonder who’s gonna get the first spanking?”

       Inside, Sandi welcomed each couple, and after they set the cookies down, she handed out coffee mugs. Although Sandi noticed Charlie’s attitude, she chose to ignore it. She had a feeling Leslie was very close to reigning in her brat. Then was distracted by the sound of someone’s bottom being smacked and turned just in time to see Adele in action.

     One hand wrapped around Destiny’s arm while Adele used the other to deliver stinging swats. “What did I tell you? No more sweets!” Swat, swat, swat.

     Destiny tried desperately to avoid Adele’s hand as her fellow brats looked on in horror, but Adele held tight. “Ouch, owe, Adele!” Swat swat swat. “I’m sorry.”

      The firestorm ended almost as fast as it began. “Are you going to sneak any more cookies?” Adele asked sternly. Adele wasn’t trying to be mean, but Destiny had a low tolerance for sugar.

       With both hands trying to rub the sting away, Destiny said. “No, Adele, sorry.” After a quick hug, Adele sent her brat to join the others while she helped Sandi in the kitchen.

       “Well that didn’t take long.” Adele looked confused, so Sandi clarified. “For a brat to get in to trouble.”

       Adele laughed, “She’s been pushing me all morning.”

       Leslie chimed on, “mine too”  “Pouting all morning. Just because I wouldn’t let her bring a second batch of cookies.”  “On our way over, I almost pulled to the side of the road.”

      Sandi smiled, “let’s get this food on the table, maybe she’s just hangry?” Then began handing out potholders.

      Charlie’s attitude didn’t go unnoticed by anyone; Destiny and Gloria sat on either side, trying but failing to cheer her up. The last straw for Leslie was Charlie snapping at the girls. “That’s it young lady! Sandi can we use your guest room?” Charlie sat frozen as she watched her girlfriend put her napkin down and stand.

     Sandi agreed, “you know the way.”

     The entire weight of the situation hit Charlie as she saw Leslie’s determined look. The few bites she had eaten were now threatening to come back up, and her body felt stuck to the chair. Leslie, no longer able to tolerate the disrespect snapped. “UP NOW! Or would you rather have an audience?” they could hear gasps around the room as Charlie slid her chair back. “You have thirty seconds before I ask Sandi for one of her canes.” Charlie practically stumbled over herself as she ran from the room.

     Moments later, Leslie found Charlie in the guest room corner, standing statue still. Leslie shook her head before ordering. “Pants and panties down!” She was determined to end this pouting and have a fun day.

     Charlie’s hands shook as she unfastened the snap on her jeans, ready to kick herself for not listening to her friends. In the background, someone thankfully put on Christmas music.

     Along the opposite wall was a straight-back chair. Leslie placed it in the center of the room then sat for a moment to collect her thoughts. Leslie did not want to ruin everyone’s day by dragging this out, so after a minute, she called. “Okay, let’s take care of business so we can rejoin the party.”

       Charlie was surprised rejoining the party was an option, so she rushed over. Using the back of her hand, Charlie wiped away a few tears before saying. “I’m sorry,” the words seemed to get caught in her throat as she searched Leslie’s eyes. Reflecting was understanding, and that eased Charlie’s heart.

     Patting her lap, Leslie indicated for the girl to present her bottom for correction. Charlie didn’t dare stall, and with Leslie’s help, she lay bottom up. Leslie reached over to grab Charlie’s hand. Charlie almost groaned because Leslie only held her hand when she intended to bring a storm down on her bottom. Leslie gave no warmup; she just let loose bringing her hand down fast and furious.

      Neither Crying nor begging helped as the swats landed. Charlie howled as Leslie set her bottom and thighs on fire, then just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, it stopped. She heard Leslie’s voice but couldn’t make out the words for several minutes, but as her breathing steadied, the words became more apparent. “You’re okay baby,” she felt her back being rubbed as her head cleared and Leslie cooed. “Come on back to me baby girl.” “I’ve got you.” Finally, Charlie moved, so Leslie helped her up and onto her lap. Charlie found the contact excruciating but having Leslie forgive her was worth the pain.

      Hand in hand, Leslie and Charle entered the kitchen. The brats paused for a minute before rushing to Charlie’s side. Gloria offered the girl her original seat, but she adamantly declined. “Oh, standing’s good.”

     An involuntary chuckle escaped the group before Sandi sternly spoke. “That’s enough. We have a lot of work to do, so let’s finish brunch.” Then she added, “let me know if anyone else needs a spanking.” Sandi’s threat had everyone focusing on either the food or their plates. She made a point to look over at Henna, and although she loved spanking, even she knew to keep quiet. “That’s what I thought.”

      After they cleared the last brunch remnants, everyone gathered their baked goods. The kitchen now resembled an assembly line with cookies and candies. Sandi had purchased 25 plastic decorative plates, plastic wrap, and plenty of ribbons. Charlie chose a spot where she didn’t have to sit, and the rest of the brats lined up next to her. Unable to resist, Destiny had a piece of chocolate almost to her mouth when she sensed a glare coming from Adele and quickly reversed course.

       When all was said and done, the kitchen table was covered end to end with decorative plates. But before everyone left for the day, Sandi brought out a stack of cards. “We are almost done, ladies I was wondering if you would each be willing to sign these Christmas cards. It’s just a little extra.” Everyone agreed, so they set up another assembly line.

      On the way, home Henna traced little hearts on Rita’s leg with her finger. Rita, of course, was busy concentrating on the road, not paying her any mind. When finally turning her head to gaze out the window, Henna groaned. Confused, Rita looked over. “What’s going on?” Henna didn’t respond but knowing her girl, Rita quickly caught on. “Little girl, you better drop the attitude, or you may earn yourself more than a warmup.”

     Henna’s head snapped up, and with a bit of pout, stared at Rita. “I’m sorry, Rita. I didn’t mean to have an attitude; I’m just feeling a bit squirmy.”

     “Yeah, I figured as much, especially after watching your friends received so much attention.” shaking her head, Rita added. “I think your little attitude earned you some corner time.” before Henna could argue, Rita continued as she was pulling into the driveway. “While I’m putting these away.” pointing to the empty plates. “You wait in our room with your nose in the corner.”

      Henna hated standing in the corner almost as much as she loved spankings. She gave a quick “yes, ma’am.” then, with her head down, she slowly went to their bedroom. As she made her way to the corner, Henna unbuckled and lowered the jeans, then at the last minute kicked them entirely off along with panties.

     Rita gave a wicked smile at the sight but sternly said in the doorway. “Is that how we treat our clothes? We throw them on the floor?” This tone had the desired effect; she thought as she watched the girl’s body give into a slight shiver.  Centering on the bed with her back against the headboard, Rita enjoyed the view for another few more minutes before calling. “Alright, little one, come here.” Henna turned slowly but, seeing Rita was ready for her, rushed over and practically threw herself onto the bed and over the waiting lap.

     The minute Henna was in place, Rita could feel the girl’s body begin to relax. She took her time rubbing the pale orbs, but once she lifted her hand, it came down hard and fast. Although the swats were hard, this was not a punishment; Rita spanked because this was how Henna found release. Rita watched and spanked as cheeks turned a soft pink to a lovely ruby red and held on while Henna struggled to stay still. She finally finished up with a firestorm of swats to the girl’s sensitive sit spots.

      Now relaxed and happy, Henna mumbled, “Mmm, I’m sleepy.” Her eyes began to close. Luckily before she drifted off, Rita was able to scoot her over and cuddle up to her, so they could both take a nap.


     The big day finally arrived, and Sandi was excited and, to be honest, a bit nervous. She woke up early and had all the plates boxed and loaded in the car before Gloria’s alarm even went off. Hearing Gloria in the shower, she placed a cup of coffee on the bathroom vanity for when she exited, then returned to the kitchen to fix breakfast.

      Ten minutes later, Sandi leaned back slightly when she felt Gloria’s arms circle her waist. “Good morning babe, Thanks for the coffee.” Gloria kissed the side of Sandi’s neck, causing shivers.

      Sandi set the spatula on the stove before turning and giving her wife a proper greeting. The kiss was long, sexy, and a perfect morning surprise. “Good morning to you too. Wow, that was nice.”

     Patting her wife’s bottom, Gloria asked, “so dear, Did you get any sleep last night?” although she received no verbal answer, Sandi’s blush told her all she needed to know. “Hmm, that’s what I thought,” Gloria added a sharp swat before breaking apart to fill her coffee cup.

      All four couples met up in the parking lot of the senior assisted living center at eleven thirty am as planned. Rachael organized a holiday luncheon encouraging all the women to visit each senior. After the meal was over, the women retrieved their plates of Christmas treats and presented one to each senior. The room exploded with joy as every community member was recognized and noticed. For this moment in time, the loneliness seems to disappear.

       Destiny and Charlie naturally gravitated toward the brattiest of seniors who were trying to enlist their help to sneak outside for a puff. Of course, they didn’t get very far because conspiring brats shine like a spotlight, and all four tops knew something was up. So when they sneakily turned the corner thinking nobody was the wiser. The sight of four stern-looking women hands-on-hips had them in an immediate back peddle.

       Sandi looked straight into Mildred’s eyes, the senior ring leader, and asked. “Are you trying to corrupt these young lady’s Mildred?”

       Mildred feigned offense, “Oh Sandi dear, How could a feeble old lady corrupt anyone?”

     Sandy stood there shaking her head, thinking this lady was anything but feeble. To her group, she directed, “Are you all ready to go back to the party, or do you ladies want to explain where you were going?” in unison, the girls said back to the party, seniors groaned, their adventure thwarted.

      When it came time to leave, the girls gave hugs to their new friends and promised to visit again. Mildred whispered to both Charlie and Destiny, “If you leave those four home, we can have some real fun.” indicating the Tops.

      The ladies laughed when Betty overheard Mildred’s whisper, and the ninety-year-old said. “Mildred, stop trying to get those young girls in trouble, or I’ll take a switch to your backside.” The stern warning had Mildred blushing like a young girl.

8 replies on “Cookie Christmas”

I have a friend in a care home, and I worry about her constantly. It’s nice you were able to turn a potentially depressing story into a fun one full of tops and brats shenanigans! 😁 Not to mention the reminder that brats come in all ages. *LOL* Thanks for participating in the holiday exchange this year, Patti! 🥳

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Having someone in a care home has to be very hard and I’m sure during Covid it’s even more stressful. Luckily I don’t know of anyone living in a facility but over the past two years the news has been steadily reminding us how lonely it can be for the elderly.
Thank you for hosting the Holiday Exchange.


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