Now that it’s legal

     Well, it’s starting again; when the girls get together for lunch, someone suggests something, and off they go. Today Candace innocently asked the group, “Have any of you smoked marijuana? Or have you maybe tried a brownie? I don’t mean a regular brownie. I mean, one baked with pot in it.” 

      Wanda answered first, ”Oh yeah Jerry and I used to smoke a lot when we first met. We stopped doing that year’s ago. We still like to drink but smoking not so much.”

      Candace was surprised, ”Wow, I never knew. It was never something I ever wanted to do. I asked Bob about it, and he said he never cared for the idea. He doesn’t like drugs of any kind, even pot, although it is legal now.”

      ”I never tried it, but I’ve always wondered how it would make me feel. I mean, I’ve heard people talk about it and I have an idea in my mind, but that’s not the same thing. The subject has never come up with Leana, so I don’t know if she has tried it. I’m guessing she hasn’t experimented with pot either.” Sarah said.

      Darla was getting more excited by the minute, listening to Sarah, ideas were starting to form. ”Sarah, I think we should try it. I mean, you want to, and I want to. We should experiment together. What do you say? It’ll be fun.”

      Sarah stopped Darla before she could get carried away. “Hold on a minute before you start going crazy, I need to check with Leana. And you will need to check with Samantha? You know we can’t do something like that behind their backs.”

      Darla wanted to ignore Sarah’s advice but knew if she did, she’d regret it. “Okay, whatever, I’ll check with her, but if she says no, I don’t want you trying it without me. You have to wait until I can convince her. Okay?”

    Sarah agreed but added with enthusiasm. ”That’s fine, but the same goes for me. Let’s agree we both do it or neither one does it. Promise me you’ll wait? I’m going to ask Leana tonight, and I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

     ”All right, I’ll talk to Sam. It’s weird; we never talked about marijuana either, so I don’t know how she will respond.” Darla was honestly at a loss. She knew Sam took health and safety seriously and wasn’t sure of her best approach.

      By the end of lunch, two of the four were on board. “Good luck to you guys. I have to get going. Keep me updated.” Candace said as she stood up, fishing for her keys.

      With that, everyone followed her lead. Lunch now over; they all needed to return to work. Sarah couldn’t wait to google marijuana and put together a good strategy. She didn’t know Leana’s view on the subject, so she needed to prepare. The best defense is a good offense, or so she heard somewhere.

       Darla hurried home after work; she was excited to see Sam and talk to her about Today’s lunch. As she pulled into the driveway, she noticed Sam’s car was already there. Grabbing her purse and smiling to herself, Darla hurried inside. She didn’t think Sam would stop her as long as it didn’t become a habit.

       Sam was in the kitchen, holding a glass of white wine with one hand a spatula in the other. Her original question now forgotten, Darla came up behind Sam, wrapping arms around her waist and seductively whispered in Sam’s ear. “Hi, Babe, what’s cooking?”

       ”Hmm, just a chicken stir-fry.” Sam said as she turned slowly in Darla’s arms, full hands went around her neck, her lips meeting Darla’s, she murmured. ”Oh, I’m so happy to see you.”

       Hands still wrapped around her, Darla could taste white wine along with a hint of chapstick.”You taste good, why don’t we turn the stove off. I want to sample more of you. I’m in the mood for a little bit of spice.” Hands began moving lower and lower, engulfing both cheeks pulling her leg up between Sams, causing much-needed friction.

     Breathlessly Sam said, “Okay, okay, let me turn the burner off. and put these down. I think a little spice is what I need too.” Quickly putting her glass and the spatula on the counter, then turning the stove off. Sam just as quickly turned the tables, showing Darla, who was indeed in charge. Luckily Darla had on a sundress, so when Sam placed her on the counter. She was able to rid her of her panties quickly, allowing for easy access.

      Later that evening, while sitting on the couch in front of the tv, Darla hit the mute button. “Sam, There is something that Sarah and I want to try, but I wanted to talk to you first.”

      Sam said while giving Darla her full attention. ”alright, what’s up?”

      Cautiously Darla started. ”Today at lunch, we were all talking about trying marijuana. Sarah and I were the only two interested. Anyway, we decided to check with you and Leana before we did anything. I also realized we’ve never talked about drugs and I don’t know how you feel about it. I want to try it. So what do you think?” That said, Darla took a deep breath and looked hopeful at Sam.

      Sam sat there for a few moments taking in all Darla said. She recognized the seriousness of the subject and was glad Darla thought to include her in the decision. ”Wow, that’s a big one. I never knew you had that interest.”

      Darla countered. ”I’ve wondered what it would be like, but I never took it further.”

      Sam, ”I guess the subject has never come up because it’s not something I think about doing. I wouldn’t be opposed to you trying it, but I would like to read up on it some if you wouldn’t mind. Can we talk more when I have more information?”

      Happy to not be turned down, Darla flung her arms around Sam and said. ”Oh Sam, Thank you for listening and not shutting me down. I want to google it too, but I do want to try it.”

      ”Sweetheart I wouldn’t do that, well unless it is something dangerous and would cause you harm. Now, remember we are going to get more information about the best way to do it and the side effects before you do anything, Right?”

      Darla stood up, taking hold of Sam’s hand, and with her other, she hit the off button on the remote. “I think it’s time for bed; we can research in the morning. I want to continue what we had going on in the kitchen.” Eagerly Sam followed Darla to the bedroom, where they came together.


      Meanwhile, Sarah wasn’t having much luck convincing Leana. ”I don’t see what the big deal is. Darla and I will be together, and it’s only one time. I want to try it.” The last sentence came out whiney.

      Leana, now standing with hands on her hips, said. “Sarah, all I said was I’m not sure. I don’t know enough about the drug to answer right now. But let me tell you if you keep up the attitude you won’t like my answer. You will not like it one bit. Why don’t we drop the subject for now and go make dinner.”

      Sadly Sarah said. “okay, Leana, Can we talk about it later?”

      Sternly Leana replied. ”Yes we can, but we are not deciding anything tonight. Do you understand?”

      Left with no choice, Sarah agreed. “I understand.” getting off the couch, Leana enveloped her in a tight embrace. 

      ”I promise we will figure something out.” Leana reassured.

      Entering the kitchen, Sarah asked, ”Leana, Have you ever smoke pot? Or have you taken any drugs? We never talked about it before. I never tried any; it just never appealed to me before.”

       Leana answered honestly, “Back when I was in school, I was at a party, and it was passed to me a couple of times. I was too much of a nerd to turn it down. Honestly, I didn’t like it; it made me feel paranoid and not in control. I think that’s why I want to look into what’s out there now. I know it’s legal. Still, I would like to learn more about it before you and Darla try anything. Okay?”

       Happy that Leana was taking her seriously, Sarah said. “Leana, thanks for listening. I don’t know if I will like it, but I do want to try it.”

       The following day each couple did their research. Leana called Samantha, and they spoke for a while. Together they agreed to this experiment as long as they were present while the girls were high. Samantha also didn’t like smoking, so she requested the girls buy edibles. Leana agreed but was unsure because edibles are not regulated and, according to all the information she read, could have an adverse reaction if overused.


       Saturday finally arrived, and all four women were going shopping at the local dispensary. Sarah excitedly exclaimed, ”This is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to try it.”  

       Rolling her eyes, Leana said, ”It won’t be long now. You can wait until we are home and settled.”

       ”I guess so. Maybe we can try a little piece on the way home?” Sarah said with a hopeful request.

       ”Don’t push your luck, little girl. You know the rules. Either you follow them, or we call the whole thing off.

       Letting out a bratty whine. ”okay,” then she couldn’t help adding. ”whatever.”

       Grabbing hold of Sarah’s chin forcing eye contact, Leana asked sternly. ”Are you sticking with that answer? Because we can change our plans to a day of corner time.”

       Realizing she almost messed up the entire day, she quickly backtracked. “I’m sorry, Leana. Please don’t cancel. I’ll listen.” with eyes pleading, Sarah waited for Leana to decide.

      “Okay, let’s go. I don’t want to keep Samantha and Darla waiting.”

      Sarah liked that idea; leave before she got in any more trouble. ”yes, yes, yes, let’s get out of here.”

       The drive to the dispensary was quick, Leana thought. With Sarah and Darla already giggling like little girls in the back seat, she was getting nervous imagining their night ahead and the antics to come. Why did she ever agree to this? 

        As soon as the car stopped, the girls jumped out and headed for the front door with identification out. Samantha looking over at Leana, just shook her head. She, too, was starting to dread the night ahead. “Well, should we get this over with?” shaking her head, “At least we won’t have to deal with hangovers tomorrow.”

       After presenting their ids to the guard at the door, Leana followed the girls into the store. Stopping in her tracks with surprise, “What’s the matter Sarah? Why do you look stunned?”

       ”It looks like a regular store. I was expecting, well, I don’t know really, but not this. It seems too ordinary, and if it weren’t for the smell, you’d never know where we were. Hmm, bummer.” Leana laughed at Sarah’s confusion.

       Then added with an eyebrow raised, ”I guess I now know how much research you put in. Young lady.” 

       Jumping in to defend herself, Sarah whined, ”Leana I researched the effects of pot. Not where they sell it. I didn’t think of that.”

      Sarah sighed as Leana’s frown changed to a smile. ”Alright, baby girl, let’s see what’s available,” Leana ushered Sarah over to the counter where Darla and Samantha were waiting. On the way, she warned. ”Remember, you are not to go crazy. We are here for you to try marijuana, not for it to become a regular activity.” Sarah rolled her eyes in response. Smart enough to not let Leana see, letting Leana see that display would not end well for her mission Today or her bottom. Then reaching Darla, she squealed with excitement, leaving the two tops to wonder. Each was questioning their judgment.

       Immediately Darla pointed out several edibles; there were so many items to select gummy, cookies, and the infamous brownies. “Oh Darla I think I want the gummy, what are you getting?” Darla was in the process of creating a pile of edibles with a very determined look on her face. Easing up behind her, Samantha softly whispered in her ear, a comment that not only she could translate, don’t get carried away.

     She was resting one hand strategically on the sweet curve of her girlfriend’s bottom. “Sweetheart, I see you are deciding and I’m sure you will choose wisely. Remember we are here to test the waters, not emerge ourselves in their wake.” with a light tap, Sam smiled and walked away, giving Darla a moment to process her advice.

     Darla’s groan came low and barely audible, but Sarah recognized it and appreciated it, for she would have gotten the same reminder from Leana. “Geez, I don’t know who’s tougher yours or mine. I got shivers just now.”. A dramatic shutter came over Sarah. “Come on let’s hurry up before they change their minds. Although I have to screw up pretty bad for Leana to go back on her word.”

      Bags in hand, the two brats left the store giggling while their Tops followed close behind. As they each watched their excited brats, they shared a tiny bit of dread. Dread at knowing the probability of this evening turning into a night of mischief. Even after all the warnings to behave, they both knew that trouble usually followed once their brats were together.

     On the way home, in the backseat, Darla pulled a small bag from her purse. Curious, Sarah almost squealed aloud. Fortunately, Darla was quick to cover her mouth with her hand. At once, she remembered Leana’s warning before they left and shook her head vehemently, whispering with almost panic. “put it way, hurry, if Leana sees we are screwed.” then the unthinkable happened.

      Sam, reaching back after having overheard the whispers. ”Whatever it is. Hand it over, ” Sarah groaned while Darla hesitated. Her hesitation lasted only moments because Sam sharply added. ”NOW!” So with hands trembling, she handed the small bag over, then quickly slumped back in her seat.

      Not daring to look up at her girlfriend, Darla feared the disappointment she’d see. She did give Sarah an apologetic glance and whispered an apology. “sorry.” Sarah smiled back reluctantly, but she was mad too. She hadn’t done anything wrong, and yet she was in trouble. Just because Darla wanted to break the rules, it was just unfair, and she sat pouting along with Darla but for different reasons.

       Arriving back at the house and entering, everyone was solemn. Immediately Sam advised Darla. “little girl, you had better go find yourself a corner and do it quickly.” Not hesitating even for a moment, she ran for the guest bedroom, her girlfriend following quickly on her heels. 

    Left standing in the living room was Leana looking stern, and Sarah found herself nervously shuffling beside her. Finding her voice, Sarah quickly started. “Leana, I didn’t know, really, I swear, I didn’t break my promise. You have to believe me.” as soon as she finished stating her case, the tears followed. The day had been so much fun, and now everything is ruined. When Leana didn’t respond right away, Sarah took that as not believing her and ran down the hall to their bedroom. Tears now streaming down her cheeks, she threw herself on the bed and cried into the pillow.

      Leana stood stunned, staring after her, not sure what just happened, then slowly making her way to the table and putting the bags down she went in search of her miscreant little girl. Assuming correctly, she made a beeline for their bedroom. Her heart ached when she spotted Sarah sobbing into the pillow; she hurried to her side. ”Oh, Sarah, come here, please talk to me. I do believe you, baby girl.”

      Sarah wondered if she heard Leana correctly and slowly turned to look at her girlfriend. Looking up through tear-filled eyes, Sarah squinted, focusing on her face trying to read the expression, before asking. ”r-really? Do you really believe me? but?”

      Nodding her head, Leana opened her arms before directing, ”come here, little girl. Right now!” Sarah flew up and into Leana’s embrace. Breathing her sweet scent in deeply, then once she understood Leana trusted her; she felt her joy returning. ”Do you think you can tell me what happened back there? Do you have any idea what Darla was up to?”

       ”Well it kinda happened fast, we were having fun then she brought out a bag with a brownie in it and well I told her to put it away. I knew you’d be mad if you saw it and I gave you my word. Oh, Leana, She messed up our night, didn’t she?” Sarah looked into Leana’s eyes, trying to gauge how bad things stood now.

       Thinking for a second, she assumed Samantha would be canceling their plans, but they would have to wait and see. She inquired earnestly. ”It’s possible, and we may have to change our plans. Now you will have to decide, are you going to try the edibles without her because she may have lost the privilege altogether? I don’t know what Samantha will do.” Leana knew this was tough for her girlfriend, but she also wanted her prepared just in case. 

       ”Leana, I don’t want to try it without her. It wouldn’t be the same, and we made a pact to do it together. I guess if she can’t, then I don’t want to either.” Sarah declared sadly.

      “Okay, let’s wait and see what’s going on. In the meantime, do you need time alone, or would you like to sit out on the back patio with me and have a glass of iced tea?”

      ”Definitely, outside with you. Plus, these walls are too thin. I don’t want to hear what comes from down the hall. Let me wash my face real quick; then we can go.” Sarah hurried to get done in their ensuite bathroom.

      In the guest room, Darla had her nose an inch from the corner while Samantha paced back and forth in the small room. As she walked, she tried to figure out why her girlfriend was trying to be so devious. Maybe she was trying to be naughty. Sometimes it was as simple as that. Anyway, the time had come to find out. Easing up behind Darla and placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder, she whispered. “Are you ready to come out and talk to me?”

      Slowly turning and nodding, Darla eased herself around. As she saw the look of concern in Sam’s soft brown eyes, she burst into another round of tears. Sam quickly wrapped her arms around her, holding her tight. With her face buried in Sam’s chest, Darla rambled. ”I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me. I wasn’t thinking, omg I was so stupid.”

      Pulling Darla away from her chest and holding her at arm’s length. Slowly she guided her to the bed, and they both sat side by side. Lifting her naughty girlfriend’s chin, allowing them to look in each other’s eyes, she began her inquiry. “Okay. What’s going on? Why were you trying to be deceitful?” The question brought Darla up short. She hadn’t thought about it that way.

      ”No Sam I, um, oh no, I was, oh my gosh Sam, I didn’t think of it that way. I’m not sure why, but, um, oh Sam, I just don’t know. I’m so dumb. I ruined everything. Sarah is probably so mad at me too.” Tears began once again.

     Silent for a moment, Sam quietly digested all Darla said. ”From what I hear, you say, is you’re not even sure why you were naughty; is that right?” Receiving a nod, she continued. ”and you knew you were breaking the rules?” Another nod. ”but you did it anyway, which means there will be consequences.” agreeing once again, ”There’s one more thing before we start, I never want to hear you refer to yourself as dumb or stupid again, understand?” nod. ”and I don’t think our night has to be a complete loss.”

      ”Unfortunately, your backside may not agree. Once we take care of the spanking you have coming, I think it will be alright to continue your plans with Sarah. That is as long as Leana agrees, and you apologize to them both.”

        Darla’s head flew up in surprise, ”Really? Can we still stay here tonight and party? Oh, Sam, I can’t believe it. You’re the best; thank you.”

       A devilish smirk appeared, Sam said. ”we’ll see how great I am in about thirty minutes. Now up you go. Let’s get these pants and panties off and get you over my lap.”

       As quick as that, that familiar feeling came thundering back. The butterflies began flying in Darla’s tummy, doing some creative somersaults, causing her nerves to join in. So with her fingers trembling and her heart picking up the pace, she began the ritual of unbuttoning and lowering her pants along with her boy short undies. Once they were both resting at her knees, she met Sam’s beautiful brown eyes.

      The time to stall, if there ever was one, was not now. Sam was pointing to her lap with an expression of solemn sternness, signaling her naughty girl to lay herself over. Darla was catching on quickly, a quality honed from experience, promptly did as instructed. She carefully was placing her tummy down while balancing herself on fingertips and toes before becoming steady.

       Once the wiggling ended, and Darla was at the proper angle, Sam began by running her hand up and down Darla’s bottom before asking. “Sweetheart, I want to be clear Today your behavior was unacceptable, and I’m disappointed you tried to deceive me. After this, we will still have our night with our friends, but you and I are going to have one more conversation before bed tomorrow. Do you understand?”

       Shocked by the revelation but reluctant to argue, Darla whimpered in response. ”yes, ma’am.”

        “Okay, let’s take care of part one and get on with our evening.” no sooner had that statement ended when Darla felt lightning explode on her derriere. Then several bolts came crashing down, one right after the other. The pain was immediate, as there was no warmup, something Sam did when she was trying to get her point across in a quick fashion.

       Wildly Darla began moving about, her legs and arms swinging until finally, Sam snapped out. “Settle down, ” while putting her leg over Darla’s and landing an incredibly hard slap.

       ”I’m sorry, but it hurts.” tears now flowing as the pain increased.

       ”Of course, it hurts. And we’re only getting started. If you ever think to deceive me again, you remember this.” moving on to the backs of Darla’s legs for several minutes then back to her cheeks. Pink is quickly turning red then onto an angry blotchy purple, creating tonight’s color palette.

       On the back yard patio, Sarah cringed as the screams became louder. She felt sorry for her best friend but wouldn’t take her place for the world. Recognizing the worry in her little girl Leana instructed while patting her lap. ”Honey, why don’t you come here and sit with me?” Without thought, Sarah placed herself on Leana’s lap and enveloping herself in a warm embrace.

       Soon it was over, and Sam carefully rubbed a little of the sting out while softly murmuring to Darla. ”it’s okay, baby, you’re okay. Relax.” The words she spoke over and over. “everything’s okay you’re okay.” Until Darla’s breathing steadied, and the tears slowly stopped. Once she felt the calm settle, Sam pulled Darla up and onto her lap. After the initial shock of the raw bottom and coarse pant material eased, Darla snuggled in deep.

      At least fifteen minutes passed before Sam asked. ”So, How are you feeling? Do you still want to join the others, or would you prefer to go home?”

      ”Sam, I don’t want to go home. Can we please stay? Please?” Hope was now outweighing the tears as Darla pleaded.

      Smiling at her naughty girl, she loved the way she could bounce back to her spunky girlfriend once the punishment part was over. ”Yeah, Why don’t we get you cleaned up then go find the others. Sound good?”

      Climbing off Sams’s lap, Darla waited for her to stand. Together they went into the bathroom and took care of the business of cleaning up. Before finding the others, Darla turned to her girlfriend and, with a sad seriousness, said. ”Sam, ah, um, I’m sorry for being so bratty. Can you forgive me?”

        Taking a moment to get serious, Sam stood with her face directly in front of Darla until they were eye to eye. ”Sweetheart, there is nothing you could do that I wouldn’t forgive. Now you may always end up with a sore bottom, but you will still have my forgiveness and my love.” once again, Darla had tears running down her cheek, but unlike earlier, her heart was full, and she was happy. ”Oh, baby. I love you so much.” Sam gave a quick hug before saying. ”I think we have kept our hosts waiting long enough. Let’s see if we can find them.”

         Hand in hand, they left the guest room to search, finally checking outside and getting lucky. As Sam stepped out, she greeted the two on the lounger. “I hope we didn’t keep you waiting too long.”

      Leana’s welcoming words greeted them. ”Nope, we’ve been relaxing out here. Would either of you like some iced tea?”

       ”Yes, that would be great, but I think Darla has something she’d like to say first.” Sam answered as she waved toward her girlfriend.

       Darla’s head lowered with fingers twisting nervously until hearing her name, then taking a deep breath, she looked up and began. “I’m sorry for causing trouble Today. I don’t even know why I did it. I hope I didn’t ruin our plans for tonight, but I understand if they are. Ugh, I’m sorry.” Finishing her apology, she looked first into Leana’s eyes, who smiled in response, then Sarah’s, who quickly ran over, wrapping her arms around her fellow brat.

       ”Oh Darla, of course, we forgive you.” then whispering said. ”I can’t believe Samantha is letting you stay, especially after, well, you know.” Sarah, at least, had the decency to blush as she said it.

         ”I know, right. I thought I ruined everything. Let me tell you I was shocked after Sam told me we could still stay and enjoy the night. Though, I may need a pillow, hmm, well, if she lets me use one, that is.” Rubbing the area in question, Sarah laughed.

          Leana chuckling at the girls directed everyone. “Let’s all go to the kitchen and grab the iced tea and some snacks. We can sit out here and relax for a while before you two start your party.”

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