Zero to Brat                    

    Leana continued working on her office’s holiday schedule while listening to her employees chattering in the background. By the sheer volume beyond her office door, it was clear that most of her employees were feeling anxious and hopeful. As the office manager, it’s her job to determine who will be granted time off for the holidays. The deadline for handing in any requests for Thanksgiving was yesterday, so before heading home to her girlfriend Sarah, she should have it complete and plans to post the coveted list.

     Reading over the projected numbers, Leana tried hard to accommodate as many on her team as possible. She’d also love to have the holiday off, and take a few extra days to prepare for her guests. But as office manager, it wouldn’t be right to take time off at the expense of one of her employees. Leana tried hard to be fair, both at work and with her girlfriend at home. When it came to Sarah, Leana was both fair and at times stern, especially when Sarah’s bratty side needed reassurance or guidance.

      Luckily, the week of Thanksgiving is anticipated to be slow, which will allow for staffing to be at a bare minimum. Leana had submitted several requests to have the office closed for the entire week. But after many meetings and discussions with her boss, sadly, she couldn’t make it happen. So, to her chagrin, the office will remain open for the three days before the holiday.  

      Glancing at the schedule one last time, she felt satisfied with the outcome. Being able to accommodate most of the requests, she could finally post the list. After pinning it to the board, she glanced up at the clock. Smiling at the time, 5 o’clock and time to go home. Her mind and body were both exhausted from the stress of the day. With a sigh, she closed her briefcase, grabbed her jacket, and headed for the door.

     Sitting in slow-moving traffic, rhythmically tapping her fingers along with the song on the radio, she was trying hard not to be annoyed. Realizing her frustration was partly her fault, every Friday she vowed to leave earlier on the following week, then it would come, and here she’d sit. Resigned to her fate, she was once again willing herself to be patient. Wishing time to pass, she allowed her mind to drift to thoughts of Sarah and their holiday celebrations. Starting to get excited as this year, they would be hosting both the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

      The cars in front of her gradually moved forward and she began contemplating a timetable for the upcoming holidays. Ideas started to form in her mind. She was organized and loved to make plans and lists, even down to the tiniest detail.

      After hearing all the talk in the office today, she wanted to sit down with Sarah and start planning. Now seemed to be a perfect time; she would bring it up tonight. In the meantime, she was concentrating on what they would need to do and formulating a timetable. The ideas kept coming, and her mind was racing; her fingers slowed as she was focused.

     While listening to the local radio station, Leana smiled when the weatherman predicted it mild for the next few days, making this weekend perfect for putting up the outside Christmas lights. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea of stringing them up while the weather was still on their side. Smiling, she added this to the top of her list.

      Sighing as the traffic slowly crept a little further along, she mentally added another thing to her list, shopping one of her least favorite activities. Over the past few years, Leana would start her shopping earlier and earlier, therefore avoiding the Black Friday insanity. And whenever possible, ordering her purchases online, happy to steer clear of crowded stores. Unfortunately, Sarah, whom she adored with all her heart, loved the mall and loved to shop. With Christmas barely two months away, Leana planned to strongly urge her to start soon, before the holiday rush.

     This year would be their fourth Christmas together. Shuttering involuntarily, Leana was remembering Sarah’s spending last Christmas. After going overboard with gifts, Sarah learned a hard lesson about spending and received sore bottom to reinforce the said lesson. Sarah hadn’t only purchased one gift for each person. She purchased a variety of gifts for everyone. Although thoughtful, she spent too much money. Well, she actually almost maxed one of her credit cards and the balance on the other was getting high.

  Shaking off the memories, Leana brought her thoughts back to the present and the cars moving in front of her. To avoid Sarah’s impulsive streak and overspending this Christmas, Leana needed to be firm. The past few months, Sarah had kept her promises and was careful with her money, Leana still let worry creep into her mind. Worry that Sarah would start getting carried away again. Time in the mall she feared would activate the little brat inside Sarah, causing her to spend her money mindlessly. That possibility caused Leana serious concern.

     Thinking of Sarah and her spending habits, she would need to set boundaries. Sarah was no stranger to having a budget. Although she always seemed surprised when the subject would come up. Leana thought if they made a conscious effort from the beginning, lingering credit card bills would not be a problem.

     That decided, she would discuss the holiday dinners, the decorating, and Christmas spending with Sarah tonight after dinner. Leana was sure they could reach an agreement, one way or another. Hopefully, Sarah wouldn’t fight her on the budget, but aware her little brat probably would. Leana was ready to deal with whatever trouble came along, even if it meant with a firm hand.


     As Leana pulled into the driveway, she saw Sarah waiting at the front door, an adorable smile on her face, wearing jeans and a pink flannel top. Traffic no longer a thought as she smiled at seeing her beautiful girlfriend in the doorway.

     Trembling with excitement, Leana grabbed her briefcase and hurried up the walk. Meeting at the top step, she practically threw herself into Sarah’s open arms. Hungry for each other, they embraced as their lips met, eagerly kissing while lingering in the doorway.

     Leana was breathless when she finally pulled away from Sarah. Looking into her adoring bright green eyes, she hummed as she spoke. “Hmmm, What’s going on? You don’t usually greet me at the door. I’m not complaining. A girl could get used to this kind of welcome home.”

     Sarah, grabbing Leana’s hand, pulled her out of the crisp fall weather and into the warm cozy house. “Oh, Leana…It’s been such a long day, and I’ve missed you like crazy. I’m making Chili for dinner. I’ve had it in the crockpot all afternoon. I’ve smelled it throughout the whole house, and my stomach’s growling. I’m soooo hungry.” Sarah dramatically exclaimed, eager to spend a quiet evening with Leana.  

     Working from her home office, starting dinner would usually fall on her shoulders. Although with the distractions of work, she didn’t always remember or have the time. On those occasions, they work together in the kitchen and prepare dinner once Leana arrived home. ”Wow, you must’ve read my mind. This is perfect, I’m exhausted, and I wasn’t in the mood to cook. I was even going to suggest ordering delivery.”

      Leana was breathing in the delicious aroma as she was unbuttoning her coat. She excitedly added. ”Yummmm! It smells lovely in here. I’m so happy you made dinner. That was very thoughtful of you. I’ll change and meet you in the kitchen. After dinner, I’d like to start talking about our plans for the holidays. What do you think?”

     “Don’t you think it’s a tad early, Leana? It’s still October?” Sarah questioned, an amused smile crossing her lips, while thinking, leave it to Leana to already be preparing for the holidays.

     “Well, this year, we’re hosting both the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We could go over the guest lists, and maybe decide how many people to invite.” Leana continued while taking her coat off and hanging it in the hall closet. Sarah was watching Leana and smiling up in agreement.

     “On the way home, I was listening to the news. They said this weekend should be mild, so I’d like to work on the outside Christmas lights. I know it’s early, but I’d like to have them up before the weather changes. Being out there in the cold and snow sounds awful to me. Um, That’s if you don’t have other plans?”

     “I don’t have any plans, Leana. We could take care of the lights, no problem. I’d rather do it while it’s still fairly nice out too.” Sarah agreed enthusiastically. Any activity spending time with her girlfriend and outside in the fresh air was a win in her book.

     Leana continued with her list while saving the most difficult for last. “I also want to discuss our Christmas finances. Since we’re hosting both holidays, our expenses will be higher. I was thinking, this year, we should limit the amount we spend on gifts.”

     Sarah was okay with a conversation about the holidays but bristled when Leana mentioned finances, and immediately knew Leana would set a budget. To Sarah, that was simply unfair. Every year she looks forward to the Christmas season. She loves walking around the beautifully decorated shops and picking out the perfect presents for everyone on her list. She loves everything about the holiday.  

     Sarah felt her jaw-dropping and her temper rising as Leana finished and quickly shot back. “No way, Leana! I do not want a budget. That’s not happening! Christmas shopping is one of my favorite things about the holidays, and I look forward to it all year. You’re going to spoil everything!” Sarah’s voice getting louder, was now on the verge of yelling, as she was letting Leana know just how much she hated this idea.

     Leana was caught by surprise as the conversation quickly began to spiral out of control. She thought they’d be able to sit down and calmly discuss it. “Okay Sarah, please calm down, let’s wait until after dinner so we can talk.”

     “No, Leana, I don’t want to talk about it! I don’t want a budget at all!” Sarah, voice rising, spat back, glaring venomously.

    Leana was matching her glare, but hers was more lethal because it came with consequences. “Young lady, I suggest you rethink that attitude! You’re very close to stepping over the line. I will not put up with you yelling at me!”

     Too late, once Sarah’s temper was up, she had trouble calming it back down. “Whatever, I’m not doing it. I don’t want a budget. I’ll spend my money; however, I want to spend it!” Sarah snapped back nastily.

     Leana had enough, grabbing hold of Sarah’s arm and spinning her around, stunning Sarah as it was happening faster than her mind could comprehend. That was until she felt Leana’s palm landing very hard on her backside. Ten swats later, Leana stopped, turned Sarah to face her. Looking into Sarah’s stunned and confused eyes, she asked. “Are you done with the attitude, or do I need to get the hairbrush?”

     Sarah clutching her backside with both hands wailed. “It’s just not fair Leana!”

     “Okay, the hairbrush it is!” Leana was surprised at how fast this evening went from good to bad. Leave it to Sarah to go from zero to brat in the blink of an eye.  

      Realizing she hadn’t answered correctly, she began stammering, “No, no, noooo. Please don’t get the hairbrush. I get it, I won’t yell. Come on, Leana pleeease.” Sarah began begging; her lips trembling and eyes wide open with fear as panic was setting in.

     Leana decided to wait before getting the hairbrush, wanting to see if Sarah’s attitude had indeed changed. “Let’s go have dinner so we can both calm down. After dinner, we can finish our conversation. What do you say?” Leana said, opening her arms to Sarah, who accepted right away.

     Snuggling into Leana’s embrace, Sarah agreed, before softly murmuring. “I’m sorry for yelling at you, Leana.”

     “It’s okay. We’ve dealt with it. Now let me hurry and change. I’m dying to have some of your homemade Chili. It smells heavenly.” Leana wrapped her arms around Sarah, hugging her close for another minute, before letting go. Pulling apart, Leana kissed Sarah softly before leaving the room to change out of her work clothes then meeting Sarah in the kitchen.

     Wanting to enjoy the meal, neither one brought up the budget. Sarah did squirm in her seat, which helped remind her to keep her temper in check. They ate in peace, talking about their Thanksgiving dinner party and who they would invite. “Leana, I have a couple of friends that have no family in town. Do you think it would be okay to ask them?”

     Leana smiled at Sarah’s thoughtfulness. “Of course, That’d be nice. I think I’ll invite Jim from the office. His wife and kids are going to her parents in Texas. He’s one of the few at the office that has to stay and work that week. Although I’m pretty sure he’d prefer to be at work than visit his mother-in-law.

    After they finished eating, Leana began washing the dishes while Sarah dried them. As soon as Sarah put the last one in the cabinet, Leana took hold of Sarah’s hand, leading her to the living room couch. Slouching on the cushion, Sarah sat lips jutted out in a pout with her arms folded tightly across her chest. Her annoyance appeared to radiate off her entire body.

      Leana began with straightforward questions. “Sarah, you do realize that Christmas isn’t about how much you can spend on someone. Right?”

      “Yes Leana, I know that geez! But, you know how much I enjoy Christmas! I look forward to shopping all year.” Exasperated that she even had to explain this.

      Leana then added a reminder, “Please tell me, how long did it take you to pay off Christmas last year?” Without waiting for an answer, she continued. “Do you also remember complaining every time your credit card bills arrived?”

      “I paid them off, didn’t I?” Sarah said, getting off the couch and pacing, her body rigid as she stomped back and forth.

      Leana narrowing her eyes was not impressed. “Sarah, you’re coming very close to disrespectful. Please watch the attitude. Now, let’s sit back down so we can talk, and Yes, we’re going to have a budget!”  

      Right then, Sarah knew she lost the battle, sitting back down on the couch with a thud. After a moment, her pouty reply oozed sarcasm. “okay, fine, Whatever! What’s my budget?”

      Leana was even less happy and becoming even more annoyed with this flippant remark. Taking hold of Sarah’s chin, she tilted it up, looking her directly in the eye, said firmly, “Sarah, do you want to discuss this with me now?; or Do I need to discuss this with you over my lap? You will not speak to me that way.” Adding pointedly, “Is that understood, Young lady?”

      “I’m sorry Leana, I’ll be respectful,” Sarah’s voice quivered as she answered; she did not want a budget, but Sarah also knew how unhappy she would be getting another spanking, especially with that damn hairbrush.

      The discussion of the dreaded budget began with Sarah suggesting a number, then right away, Leana lowered it by more than half. Sarah tried again using every excuse she could think of, but her excuses were flimsy. Finally, Sarah had begrudgingly agreed. “Fine, $50 for each family member,”…dramatically Sarah added, “and, no more than $150 for each other. But seriously, I don’t know what you expect me to find for $150?”

     Leana said, ”I’m sure you’ll figure something out. I think that’s a reasonable amount of money to spend. We should have no problems.”

     To herself, Sarah mumbled. “Of course you think it’s reasonable. You don’t even like to shop.”  Then thinking to herself how much she hated the idea of a budget. She also knew the chances of adhering to it were slim, and that would mean getting in trouble. That trouble, she was sure, would be in the form of a spanking. She wasn’t looking forward to that, sighing, at knowing that’s what would most likely happen.  


    While shopping, Sarah had no problem staying within budget for everyone, except Leana. First, she visited the GameStop store in the mall, where she picked up the new video game she knew her nephew had wanted. Then on to Barnes and Noble, purchasing a couple of audiobooks for her parents. They’d been traveling in their motorhome since retiring and enjoyed listening to stories while they drove. She still had others to buy for and had an idea of what she was getting them. It was just a matter of getting to the right stores.

    However, her frustrations were building because everything she wanted to buy Leana would bring her over budget. This dilemma was driving her crazy and making her grumpy. Over and over, she tried to convince Leana to let her spend more. “Leana, Can we please raise the budget? It’s just not enough, come on.”  

     ”No, Sarah, we agreed on an amount, and we’re sticking to it.” Unfortunately, each time she would ask, Leana would get a little more annoyed. Until finally, she asked one too many times.

      With an air of finality, Leana stated, “Sarah, That’s enough!! No more about the budget. I don’t see what the big deal is, 150 dollars is a lot of money. You’re not allowed to spend any more money than that, Period!” Adding a final blow, “Keep it up, young lady and you will lose that amount too!”

      Sarah was just not ready to give up. She tried again to tell Leana how hard this was and that she was struggling with decisions. “Leana, You’re not fair! I want to spend my money the way I want.” As she half yelled, half whined out that last statement. Which only elicited a stern look from Leana.

      Sarah left the room with a dramatic huff. On the way out, she grabbed her jacket, deciding to go for a walk. Now more than ever, Sarah needed to cool down. Unfortunately, she was beyond irritated, and in a fit of temper, she slammed the front door, feeling the vibration of the walls make her cringe as she left.

      Leana shaking her head at the tantrum said aloud. “Sweetheart, be ready for a long discussion when you return, after that little display you sure won’t be sitting comfortably for a good long while.”

      As she walked, Sarah visualized Christmas morning and the direction it would take if she just ignored the spending limit. First, she thought of the sad expression on Leana’s face. That alone should’ve stopped her thoughts, but no, they kept coming, shaking her head as they continued to flash in her mind.

      Thinking further, she cringed imagining Leana sending her to the corner on Christmas morning. After the corner, there’d be a spanking for disrespecting Leana. Her butt cheeks clenched as she saw herself draped over Leana’s lap, her cries drowning out the Christmas music.  

     The Final image was crystal clear, Christmas dinner with family and friends. In her mind, she saw herself squirming and wiggling at the table. Being asked awkward questions and probably by her crabby old Aunt Flo, ”Why are you so fidgety? or, ”You sure are antsy today, what’s the matter with you?”

      Shuttering, she tried to shake away those images, then glancing down at her watch; she noticed the time. Being gone almost 30 minutes, time to return home and face the music. Knowing full well she was in trouble; with feet dragging, she decided to head back. In a few minutes, she’d be answering for her outburst and for being so disrespectful to Leana.

      After arriving back, hanging up her coat in the hall closet, she couldn’t put off the inevitable any longer and slowly went in search of Leana. Just as she thought, Leana was in the office working on her computer. Shyly, she knocked softly on the open door, fidgeting as she got Leana’s attention. Then quickly, when Leana’s eyes met hers, she began stammering out a nervous apology. “Leana, I’m sssorry. I shouldn’t have sstormed off and slammed the door when I left. I just needed some fresh air and time to calm down.”  

      Leana quietly motioned her into the office, pointing to the spot in front of her desk before speaking softly. “Thank you for the apology, sweetheart. You do, however, realize you’ve earned yourself a spanking? You know that bratty behavior is never acceptable, Right?”

     Nodding her head, she replied sadly and in a barely audible whisper, “yyes, Leana, I’m sorry,” as quick as that, big fat tears began rolling down her cheeks.

      Leana motioned again, this time for Sarah to come around her desk. Once she was within reach, Leana got up and brought Sarah into her arms while wiping away tears, she soothed. “It’s okay, baby. We’ll fix this. You don’t need those tears.”

      Being held for a few minutes wrapped in a tight embrace was just what Sarah craved and calmed the heartache she felt. Leana slowly pulled them apart, focusing on her naughty girl standing in front of her. “Okay, sweetheart, please tell me, Why are you about to get this spanking?”

       The design on the carpet had her riveted. Sarah tried speaking, but her voice was shaky. Quietly and with eyes downcast, she uttered, “Be~cause I was mad about the Christmas budget. I stormed off, slamming the front door when I left the house. And I was rude to you, and I’m sorry, Leana.”

      Lifting Sarah’s quivering chin, Leana held on until their eyes met. “So, are you going to stay within our budget? Because I don’t want to keep having this same conversation, Sarah.” Leana asked determination etched in her voice.

      “yes, Ma’am,” was the soft reply.

      “Okay, let’s get on with your punishment,” sitting back down, Leana declared while unbuttoning Sarah’s blue jeans and lowering them along with her pink panties. “Now over you go, sweetheart.”

      Sarah usually spanked in the living room where the couch was much lower was having trouble adjusting to the taller office chair. She wiggled and squirmed, trying to get comfortable and not fall off. Even though this position was familiar, it also felt a little awkward. Sarah was short, but her legs were long, and still, the tips of her toes were barely touching the floor, leaving her feeling off-kilter. She quickly grabbed hold of Leana’s ankle before losing her balance.

     Placing a hand on Sarah’s bare bottom, Leana began by rubbing gentle circles. Much to Sarah’s dismay, and all too soon, she felt Leana’s hand leaving her backside, along with it the feeling of calm as it was brought down with a sharp swat, followed by even harder swat after swat. ”Owww, I’m sorry, Leeeana, please. I’m so sorry!”

   ”Shhh baby, you’ve earned this spanking.” Sharp swats continued to reign down. Leana, using enough force, hoped this lesson would last through Christmas.

    Groaning as the swats continued, and the pain was building. Sarah couldn’t believe how hard Leana was spanking, and the tempo was making her frantic. This spanking just started, and already she was crying out and wiggling, trying in vain to avoid the next swat. Leana’s assault on her backside was relentless, landing a very painful swat after swat paying particular attention to her sit spots and the tops of her legs. By the fire blazing in her bottom, she was certain Leana didn’t miss even the tiniest of places.

      After a few more minutes of hard swats, Leana stopped, and again was rubbing Sarah’s tender bottom. Sarah, thinking this nightmare over, gasped at feeling the wooden ruler on her raw bottom. Realizing that the real spanking had barely begun, she began to panic and started struggling to get up. “Leana, please no more! Owie! Leana, please! It hurts too much, Leana!”  

      “Hush baby, Do not move! We’re just getting started. You’ve earned this spanking with your bratty behavior. Now let’s finish this.” Leana was firm as she was directing the sorry little girl over her lap. Without delay, she brought the ruler down with a sharp and determined swing on Sarah’s already, oh so tender backside.

      Sarah immediately began screaming upon contact and squirming as she begged and promised. “Pleeease stop! I’ll be good, please, Leana. Please, please, it hurts…. Owie, Owie. The sting. I can’t take it anymore! I’m soooo sorry.”  

      She remembered her last spanking with the hairbrush, which hurt. The ruler was new to her and brought with it a severe sting. It was igniting a fire in her smoldering bottom then spreading to her thighs with Leana’s momentum. Without thinking, she reached a hand back to stop her; fortunately, Leana watched, grabbed hold, and quickly pinned her hand to her back.

      “Sarah, you know better than to reach back. I could’ve hurt you.” Leana scolded.

      Sarah just whimpered a pitiful, ”sorrrrrry. It does hurttttt.” as her tears continued to pool on the carpet.

      Leana, continuing to swat with a swing steady, determined to teach a lesson Sarah would not forget. She was continuously bringing the ruler down, going over Sarah’s sit spots repeatedly. Sitting for her girl would be daunting over the next few days and maybe even the following week. The swats coming one very sharp smack after another, Sarah finally gave in and let go. Any fight she had, disappeared.

      Leana felt Sarah’s body go limp but continued with a few more swats to even out the color before putting the ruler down. Placing one hand on Sarah’s back and with the other, she began gently rubbing out the sting. The heat coming off Sarah’s bottom was intense, and Leana knew it must be excruciating. Sarah just lay there, whimpering and crying, struggling to control her labored breathing.

      As Sarah was gulping in the air, trying to catch her breath and struggling a little to gain control, she finally realized the spanking stopped. Leana was continuing to soothe by rubbing her back and bottom while cooing softly. “relax baby girl, you’re okay…I love you.” A few minutes passed before she felt Sarah’s cries start to calm, “So are you going to behave and not argue about the budget anymore?”  

      “yes Leana, I promise, I’ll be good!” Sarah whimpered, hiccuping through her sobs.

      Sarah’s cries slowly lessened to sniffles and only the occasional hiccups when Leana gently pulled her up and guided her to sit on her lap. She was gentle, but Sarah’s bottom was now very sore. Sarah was wiggling and squirming, trying to find a spot that didn’t burn. Realizing it was impossible, her bottom throbbed in any position. She gave up and just snuggled into Leana’s robust and comforting embrace.  

      Leana continued holding and rocking Sarah until she was calm. Feeling content with Leana’s loving arms wrapped securely around her, she drifted into a peaceful slumber. Instead of putting her to bed, like she usually would. Leana just held Sarah closer to her chest, listening to the soft rhythm of her breathing while finding comfort in having her lover’s sweet body in her arms.

     A little over an hour passed when Sarah finally stirred, luxuriating as a sense of peace surrounded her. This feeling was one that she knew and only came from being in her girlfriend’s loving embrace. Her bottom was sore, but still, she was happy to feel the love emanating from Leana. It had been a rough afternoon. Cautiously she glanced up, searching Leana’s face; her heart soared with hope and love when she met Leana’s warm chocolate eyes. In a silent agreement, their lips united in with a kiss that quickly built up in its intensity.  

      Their love for each grew stronger as the holidays drew nearer. Working as a team decorating the house, putting up the tree, and preparing for the holiday parties. Sarah struggled a little trying to find the perfect gift and still stay within the set budget. She didn’t dare complain, as that spanking was a lesson well learned.

      The holiday season ended up being very festive and entertaining, and both parties were a huge success. Even with all Sarah’s struggles, Leana loved her Christmas present. Although, she would have loved anything Sarah had given her. If a gift was from the heart, Leana wasn’t hard to please.

      Sarah would never admit to Leana, but she was happy not to have lingering credit card bills. Leana was also proud of her little brat for staying within budget. She was glad she didn’t need any further encouragement. Together they would happily bring in another new year.

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First, let me say I totally identify with Leana’s hatred of shopping, and also try to do as much of it online and as early as possible. *LOL* 😆 But Sarah’s top is right as always, and it was sweet to read about this perfectly-matched couple and the loving relationship they’ve worked out between them. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your story, Patti! 🎄 🙏

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