Scavenger Hunt

    Charlie and Destiny sat giggling as they plotted how best to get their tops to play. For their plan to work, they would need a group of players. Destiny suggested, “well I could ask Adele? I’m sure she will say yes.”

   Charlie, on the other hand, preferred doing things the hard way. “I don’t know, Destiny. What if she says no? Then we’re done. Game over.” Charlie sat worrying her chin with her left hand for a full minute before an idea popped in her head. “I got it! I’ll text the others and bring them on board, then; we tell our tops. I mean, once everyone’s on board, how could they say no.”

    Charlie was so convincing, Destiny agreed right away. “Oh Charlie, that’s a great idea. Okay, so who are we inviting?” Destiny was practically jumping up in her seat.

The idea of getting her spanking friends together for an implement scavenger hunt was too good to be true. “Oh, I know. Let’s make a list. Do you have a pen?” Charlie dug through her bag and produced a pen along with a pad of paper. “Oh, well, of course, Henna. She and Rita are always sneaking away to play.”

    Charlie added, “well, I think we should invite Gloria and Sandi. Even though they are older, I like hanging with them.” 

    Thinking some more, Destiny thought of another couple, but they lived so far away. “I’m going to send an email to Jo. I doubt she and Carly can make it, but I’ll ask anyway.”

    Charlie mused. “It’s a shame they live so far. Jo sounds like a lot of fun. I remember you telling me about getting busted after swimming in the pond.” Destiny blushed at the memory, but that didn’t faze Charlie from poking her friend a little more. “I bet those wicked Spurtles hurt like the dickens on wet skin.”

     Destiny shuddered, and at the same time, smiled at the memory. Although they spent most of their time together either getting spanked or sitting poorly, Destiny enjoyed Jo’s visit. “Okay, now if everyone says yes, that would make five couples. Is that enough for a scavenger hunt? Oh, and what kind of things should be on the list?”

      Charlie sat pondering, “I’ve never been on a scavenger hunt. I’ve only read about them and never one that had a spanking theme. Destiny, have you ever been on one?” Destiny shook her head no. “Okay, I think we should get everyone together, but let our tops make a list. This way, nobody has an advantage. Oh, Charlie, this is going to be so much fun.” 

    Charlie took care of emailing everyone but Jo and Carly. Those two she left to Destiny. Destiny was excited as she typed out the message. 

    “Dear Jo, 

     I know this is a long shot, but Charlie and I are organizing a scavenger hunt between our spank friends. Any chance you can talk Carly into another visit? We would go searching for a list of implements that our tops make up. And you know how creative they can be? Ouch!

     I hope you can join us; it’s gonna be swats of fun, Destiny 

    P.S. If not, maybe we can include you virtually.

     Dear Destiny,

Carly can’t make it down, but I  can.  Even better, Carly seems to think it’d be good for me to come. It’s been a really stressy few weeks, and she reckons a trip like this will help me clear my head.

Are you sure it’ll be okay my staying over?


Destiny stared at the email. Pleased though she was to learn that Jo was coming, something felt a little odd about it.  She’d somehow expected Jo to be a lot more excited, full of questions about what the scavenger hunt would involve and what kind of implements she thought their tops would decide.

Still, maybe Jo was just preoccupied with packing for the trip. Maybe she was a little sad about Carly not coming. Whatever the reason, Destiny was sure things would be just like before once they saw each other again.


Of course, you can stay, we have plenty of room. I can’t wait, we are gonna have so much fun. Too bad Carly can’t come, but I’m glad you can.

Just wait until you meet everyone; Charlie is trouble just like us, maybe a bit more, then there’s Henna and Rita. They’re always running off for some spanking fun. You’ll have to see for yourself, it’s just too hard to explain, and I can’t do them justice.

I’ve never been to a scavenger hunt, but Charlie and I thought our partners should come up with a list. I know Carly’s not coming, but does she have any ideas?  I’m not sure I can knock on the neighbor’s door and ask for a leather paddle or a wooden hairbrush. You know I would be so embarrassed. Maybe once our partners make up a list, they can hide the implements.

Well, let me know your itinerary, and we will pick you up. As soon as I send this, I’m gonna call Charlie and let her know you’re coming.

Can’t wait to see you, Destiny

A couple of days later…

As Jo waited at the airport, she found some of her worst doubts starting to surface. Maybe it was just something about the relentless impersonal bustling of airport terminals that brought out her darker fears – or maybe she had just started to tire of implements designed to leave a meaningful impression on her tender derriere.

The irony of this train of thought did not escape her.  After all, the last time she and Destiny had spent time together, they’d spent most of it either having their backsides tanned or dealing with the throbbing consequences.

Over Carly’s knee had been her special place for so long now.  And yet… 

Jo’s train of thought was interrupted by a squeal of delight as Destiny swept out of the crowd and enveloped her in a massive hug.

“Jo! It’s so good to see you again!” 

Charlie was a few steps behind, and when she saw Jo’s expression, it only heightened her desire to hang back. This girl was not quite the wild, restless spirit Destiny had been preparing her for to meet.

If anything, she seemed a little stand-offish.

And what’s with the outfit? Charlie thought. The way Destiny had described her, and Jo had a thing for pleated skirts or girly dresses.  The tight little power-dressing micro-skirt didn’t fit the profile at all.  Neither did the smart, snug-fitting jacket. The whole outfit looked just a little… off-key, somehow.

“Oh Jo, this is Charlie!” gushed Destiny.  “I just know you’re going to love her!”

Jo looked Charlie up and down, ignored the hand stretched out in greeting, and shoved one of her bags into the waiting arms. Not the lightest one either.

Charlie felt herself bristling as Jo swept past her.

“This way, right?”

Charlie drove and let the old friends catch up together in the back seat. She just wanted to get to Destiny’s, drop these two off, and go home. Meeting Jo wasn’t at all the brat fest she had anticipated, but mostly, she felt terrible for Destiny. As much as Destiny was looking forward to seeing her good friend, Jo didn’t seem to have the same concerns.

    Pulling into the driveway, Charlie noticed Adele at the front door and waved. Once the car was in park, Charlie quickly popped the trunk and placed Jo’s bags off to the side. Charlie greeted Adele before giving Destiny a quick hug goodbye, climbing back behind the wheel and taking off. Adele sensed a little tension and became immediately alert. She wondered what was going on as she welcomed their guest. 

    Adele sent the pair inside. “Destiny, show Jo where she’ll be staying, and I’ll be right behind you with the bags.” Once inside, Adele noticed how disconnected Jo had become. She chalked it up to a long flight. “Destiny, how about we leave Jo. Let her settle.”  Then to Jo, she added: “Sweetheart, take your time, get cleaned up, or if you’d like, take a nap.” Adele was surprised when Jo rolled her eyes but decided to let it go for now.

    Adele pulled two cups down from the kitchen shelf, filling them both with the dark liquid, placed one in front of Destiny before sitting at the table. She enjoyed the first sip of coffee before asking. “Okay, what have I missed? Why did Charlie rush off?”

    Destiny fiddled with the sugar spoon, then began speaking once Adele cleared her throat. “Well, I m not sure what’s going on. Jo seems a little different. I don’t think she likes Charlie but I can’t imagine why; I mean Adele, they only just met.”

    Adele sat thinking for a minute before asking. “Do you think maybe she’s just tired from traveling?”

    Destiny shrugged, “maybe, but I don’t know, Adele. I think I better call Charlie and apologize.”

    “While you’re doing that, I believe I’ll give Carly a ring.” Adele refilled her coffee mug before retreating to the privacy of her office. 

Jo dumped her bags and started to pace the room. She didn’t need a rest, but she did need to get out somewhere. 

Of course, she knew Destiny and Adele’s world was not quite as suited to casual strolls down the road as Tide Haven was, but she didn’t care. She needed some space.

As she opened the door, she could hear voices. It sounded as though Destiny and Adele were both making calls. Even worse, she heard Adele say Carly’s name. Oh, great! That was all she needed!

Adele heard Jo stomping towards the door.

“Hey Carly, can I call you back?” she asked.

Jo was just reaching for the front door when she heard Adele’s voice:

“And just where do you think you’re going, missy?”

Jo sighed, rolled her eyes again.

“Out,” she said. “You probably don’t know this about me, but I need space.  I need a lot of it.”  She added with a slightly meaner edge: “I’m surprised Carly didn’t tell you that.”

“That’s enough!” Adele growled back.  “I don’t know what’s going on with you, Jo, but it’s clear your manner towards Carly has been appalling of late.  Do you have any idea how lucky you are to have found her? How much of herself she’s poured into you?”

“I don’t need this,” Jo sighed, with yet another eye-roll. “You’re not my top.”

She turned back to the front door, just as Destiny emerged from her phone chat with Charlie.

“Jo, what on earth’s the matter with you?”

She had a hurt look in her eyes, just like Carly used to get. It was hurt not so much for herself as for Jo – and it was the last thing Jo needed to see. She felt a sudden coldness flip over, somewhere deep her stomach – just as Adele’s steel fingers grabbed hold of her ear.

“You’re not going anywhere!” she barked. “This ends now!”

“Ouch!”Jo tried but failed to pull away. She felt her temper kicking into full gear. “Don’t touch me; leave me alone.” Unfortunately, Adele didn’t waver. It didn’t take much effort for Adele as she marched the frustrated little girl toward the sofa. It took even less halting the struggles and laying the girl over her lap.

    Slap, slap, “now that I have your attention,” Adele began while flipping up Jo’s shirt, looking up and catching Destiny’s stunning look. “Destiny go in the other room please, I’ll come get you when we are finished here.” Jo cringed with embarrassment; she had forgotten about Destiny.

    Once Destiny scurried off, Adele’s attention focused entirely on her mission. “Alright little girl, where were we? oh yes your attitude. Would you care to tell me what’s going on?”

     Not in the mood, Jo spat out. “Let me up!” Jo’s frustration rose as she tried and failed to get off Adele’s lap. “Adele! Let me up!”

     “Settle down. You and I are going to be here a while.” Adele brought her hand down sharply just as she finished speaking. The time for talking was now over. Adele delivered swats in a steady rhythm; once she had a lovely pink shade peeking out from under Jo’s panties, she decided it was time to slide those off too. 

    Jo felt herself begin to panic as Adele’s fingers pulled the panties down, and she screamed for Carly. Although the girl’s despair broke Adele’s heart, she was determined to see this through. “When this is over, then you can call Carly.” Jo’s legs kicked as Adele’s swats intensified. She focused on the girl’s sit spots and thighs; pink turned red to deep splotchy red. 

     Finally, Adele felt the girl stop fighting and give in. She placed a few more swats before rubbing her back, then lifting the small frame to hold in a tight embrace. Jo sat sniffing, and although it felt nice sitting here, she missed Carly’s arms. After several quiet minutes, Jo looked up with watery eyes and asked. “Can I call Carly?”

    Smiling softly, Adele said. “Of course, do you want to call in here or lay on your bed and talk to her?”

    “In my room, please.” Adele helped Jo up and brought her and the phone to the spare bedroom.

    “How about you put on your pj’s and use the bathroom. Then you can get cozy and talk to Carly.” Jo readily agreed; she was exhausted, but she needed to hear Carly’s voice.

When Jo had finished making her long-distance peace with Carly, she very warily peeked round the door to the lounge, where Adele was giving Destiny a much-needed cuddle.

“Er… hi,” she said sheepishly, feeling her cheeks redden as Adele and Destiny looked up. “Can I join you?”

“Of course you can,” said Adele.

“Come and sit with us,” added Destiny, holding her hands out.

Jo gave her aching rear a rub.  She could still feel the warmth through her PJs, even after her shower. Adele spanked harder than Carly.

Still, she desperately needed to make peace with Destiny, and, truth be told, she needed the discomfort of sitting on a sore behind too. She hadn’t realised quite how desperately she’d been aching to be taken down a peg until Adele had spanked her.

“I want to apologise,” she said, wincing as her bottom made contact with the couch.  

Destiny smiled that massive, forgiving smile of hers and wrapped Jo in her arms.

“There was a time… before Carly… Well, there was a time when it felt like I was dealing with so many impossible things on my own,” she said. “I kind of built myself an attitude.”

“A protective shell?” asked Adele.

“Not exactly,” Jo blushed at the thought of how vulnerable she was being, having for so long kept her vulnerability for Carly’s embrace alone. “At least, I don’t think so… I don’t know… Oh God, it’s so strange… I just… sometimes I go to this place where I pull away from everything… everyone… even now, sometimes.”

The tears were coming – tears she’d needing to let go of for a long time.

“It’s okay, Jo. It’s really okay.”

Jo dropped further into Destiny’s hug, and Adele put her arms around the pair of them.

   Jo basked while embraced by two of her favorite people. She knew they understood and would be there, and maybe she even subconsciously came here for that reason. However, she felt terrible misleading Destiny and coming here under a pretense of a scavenger hunt. Of course, that would be fun; right now, it wasn’t even on her radar. All she knew was she just needed to escape, from what exactly she wasn’t even sure. At peace now with arms folding around her, she drifted off.

    Destiny noticed Jo’s even breathing and quietly signaled to Adele, then extracted herself. As a fellow brat, she recognized Jo’s need for sleep. Destiny watched as Adele scooped her friend up and carried her off. In the morning, Destiny planned to dig deeper, and if Jo needed her help in any way, she’d be here for her.

    The following morning Jo woke disoriented. In bed, she took a moment to examine her surroundings before remembering the night before. Heat flooded her face, remembering letting her bratty behavior take over. Reaching back, she let her hand explore her cheeks; although the heat had gone, there was tenderness. Sighing loudly, Jo pulled the covers back and crawled out of bed. After showering and getting ready for the day, Jo summoned her courage and searched for her hosts.

As Jo entered the kitchen, she was surprised to see Charlie there, chatting with Adele and Destiny.

“Here’s Sleeping Beauty now,” said Adele. “We were just wondering how long it would be before you surfaced.”

She could feel the lingering tension between Charlie and Jo and was keen to defuse it as soon as possible. 

“Maybe some coffee would help wake you up,” she suggested. “You’re probably hungry, too, aren’t you?”

Jo nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” Somehow, that felt a little formal after the cuddling from the night before, but it matched the way her backside was feeling.

“Hey…” Jo decided to bite the bullet, walking straight up to Charlie, putting her hand on the brat’s shoulder. “I’m sorry I was such an obnoxious cow yesterday. I swear, I didn’t…”

She looked at the floor, blushing furiously. She couldn’t even begin to find the words to explain, and she knew this wasn’t the moment.

“I swear, I’ve learned my lesson, though,” she said, trying to lighten the mood with a very self-conscious display of rubbing, “and I have the rosy bottom to prove it.”

Charlie couldn’t help giggling at that.

A couple of seconds later, the brats were in a group hug.

“Seriously,” Jo whispered into the huddle, “a scavenger hunt for implements? Adele darn near burned my tail off with just her hand!”  

They all laughed, then Charlie said, “well maybe we can sneak feathers and cuddly teddy bears on the list.” 

Adele was at the stove fixing Jo’s breakfast and overheard the girl’s not-so-quiet whispers. She just rolled her eyes, then added with an evil smirk, “feathers, oh I could work with that.” The three brats groaned. 

Destiny got serious for a minute, “You know the scavenger hunt is Just a way to have fun. Jo it’s okay if you don’t want to participate, well I mean, well you know if it’s too much. I’m just happy you’re here.” Destiny looked up at Jo, who seemed to be at a loss for words. For a minute, Destiny worried; maybe she pushed too far, but then Jo smiled back.

“I’m looking forward to meeting Henna, too,” said Jo. “She sounds fun. Maybe even a little pampered,” she added, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Sounds like maybe she gets a lot of fun spankings.”

“The way Destiny tells it,” replied Charlie, “I got the impression you do too.”

Jo smiled at this, feeling Destiny squeeze her fingers as she did so.

“Yeah, Carly has such a gentle way about her… Sometimes, when she just puts me over her knee for a gentle patting, it’s like…”

Maybe it was the way Destiny was still watching her so closely… or the way Adele was still pottering around behind them, pretending to be washing up.

But still, she didn’t expect the tears to start pouring so freely. It was like a dam had burst.

The other two brats had her almost smothered in cuddles before she even knew what was happening.

“Girls, give her some space,” said Adele.

“No, it’s okay…” Jo wiped her PJ sleeve across her wet cheeks.

“I’ve had some real wallopings from Carly,” she told Charlie, leaning into her in what would have felt like a fun, brattily conspiratorial way in other circumstances.

“I remember this one time, down on the beach. I’d been in the worst mood all day until Carly, and her friend Sue double-teamed me. O’boy did that sting!

“But the thing was… it was probably the most incredible release. It was like this big fire in me just… exploded…”

Several revelations seemed to hit her all at once, and she felt her cheeks burning. Like she’d suddenly become totally transparent.

She buried her head in her hands, and more tears came. 

Once the tears slowed, Charlie posed a question. “I was thinking, Should I call Leslie, maybe we can have everyone over for a bbq tonight? Maybe plan our hunt?”

Even Adele liked the idea but she cautioned the brats. “Before you all get too excited, make sure it’s okay with Leslie.”

Charlie brought her phone into the next room then called her girlfriend. She knew Destiny and Jo were listening at the door, and that pressure made her a bit nervous. So when Leslie did answer, she felt like a little kid in trouble. “Um, hi Les, um, well I have a favor and please say yes.”

Leslie cut off the babbling. “Charlie, what’s going on? Why are you acting like you’re in trouble?”

Immediately Charlie jumped in. “No, Leslie no trouble, I promise. I was just hoping we could have a bbq and invite everyone over.” Charlie held her breath. “Leslie?”

“Who is everyone? Charlie how many people?” Leslie was not about to agree to a bbq then find out a hundred people were coming.

“Not many, we’ll maybe seven,” she counted on her fingers as she named everyone. “you know Destiny, Adele, Jo, Sandi, Glory, oh and Henna and Rita that’s it.” Then she quickly added, “Please Leslie please.”

“Hmm, that does sound like fun. Now if I agree you will need to help set up, serve, and clean after.”

Charlie was quick to agree, “Yes ma’am.”

Leslie knew once all the brats got together, they’d be swimming in the pool, ignoring any work. “All right, tell everyone five o’clock but I want you home by two. Charlie I’m serious, you be home on time to help me set up, do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am, I promise.” After hanging up, Charlie threw her hands in the air in triumph, and the girls shrieked with delight.

Once the shrieking died down, Destiny and Charlie got busy inviting the others. The next project was to find a swimsuit for Jo. Adele watched the girls animatedly run around the house, and although she was happy for them, she also knew trouble would soon follow. 

“Oh, this is really nice,” said Jo, checking herself in the mirror and running her hands down the vivid blue swimsuit that Charlie and Destiny had picked out for her.

“Oh, I know what you like about it,” giggled Destiny, giving Jo a playful slap on her still-tender rump. “Thanks to Carly, you like anything that shows this off!”

Jo was blushing furiously, but Destiny was on a roll.

“Honestly, Charlie, you should see her poems – ooh, Carly, your torch hands! Ooh, yes, Carly! Yes!”

Charlie suddenly swung Jo face-down across Destiny’s bed.

“Well, if she’s missing her beloved Carly,” she said mischievously, “then maybe we should give her some attention of our own!”

She started to pinch Jo’s pink behind, and Destiny joined in enthusiastically.

“Oooww!! Quit it!  Ouch!!” howled Jo, suddenly finding herself both thrilled and embarrassed by the unexpected hazing.

“And what on earth is going on here?”  Adele’s voice cut through the hilarity like a hot knife through butter (though Jo couldn’t help smiling to herself at the trouble Charlie and Destiny were now in).

“You two, in the other room, quick march!” barked Adele. “Oh, and Jo? I’d like a word when I’m done with these two.”

Jo went to her room. Knowing she would need the swimsuit later, she pulled some denim shorts over them (the ones Carly most liked to see her in). 

A few minutes later, Adele called her into the kitchen. As she passed the lounge, she was more than a little amused to see the results of Adele’s inventive punishment for the pinching session. Destiny and Charlie were facing the corner with a couple of those big clips for putting bunches of paper together (she had a feeling they were called bulldog clips in the UK), clamped to each of their backsides.

Hands-on heads, she could tell by their restless shuffling that the poor brats were itching to remove them. No wonder! It looked super ouchie.

“Feeling the pinch girls?” she gloated.

As she entered the kitchen, she saw the disapproving look on Adele’s face and immediately regretted having added to her friends’ embarrassment.  

“So,” said Adele, “you had one of your restless phases, where you suddenly didn’t know what to do with yourself. All the old traumas and insecurities of your past came back, and that wild streak came out. You needed a slice of adventure. But you needed something else, too – something most of the time, Carly gives you.”

Adele took a few sips of her coffee.

“So you decided to go on a solo adventure over here – a very badly behaved adventure – to see if you could get a dose of what Carly gives you somewhere else. Is that about right?”

Jo nodded sheepishly, blushing again as her eyes welled up. They were tears of relief this time. “I think so,” she nodded. 

Adele leaned over, kissed the tearful brat on the top of her head, and then ruffled her hair.

“That was an unnecessary remark you made to your friends,” she said. “But it’s okay, I have the perfect punishment, knowing how much you need their company and support right now. After all, you are looking for a new adventure, aren’t you?”

A minute later, Destiny and Charlie were both shocked to see Jo joining them in the corner – her shorts removed and two of those clips now clamped more than a little painfully to her behind. Being clipped was perhaps not the adventure she had in mind. And yet…

“Me and my big mouth,” she sighed, to the evident delight of the other two brats.

The time dragged as they stood then; suddenly, Charlie realized the time and began to panic. Leslie’s instructions were clear, be home by two o’clock. In her panic, she could no longer stand still and began to fidget. Destiny whispered, “settle down. Charlie.”

Just then, Adele popped her head in and cleared her throat. Immediately she noticed Charlie’s anxiety. Stepping up behind the girl, Adele softly asked: “Alright Charlie, explain yourself please.”

Quickly Charlie answered, hoping Adele would understand, and let her go. “I’m late. Ugh, I was supposed to be home by now. Leslie is going to kill me.”

Adele unfastened the clips from the girl’s bottom then released her but with strict introductions. “Okay, you’re excused. I’ll give Leslie a call but you drive carefully. If I find out you were speeding Leslie won’t be the only one you answer to. Do you hear me?”

“Yes ma’am” Charlie took a minute to rub away the sting before pulling up her shorts then rushing out the door.

Adele glanced at the other two brats, shook her head, and announced. “Okay ladies, Corner time is over, you can both go relax while I call Leslie.” Groans escaped the girls as they too had the clips removed and began the ritual of rubbing the pain away.

Jo recovered quickly and tugged Destiny, “Come on Let’s go to my room and you can tell me all about your friends.” Destiny followed without fuss. She loved her friends and couldn’t wait for Jo to meet them.

Of course, Adele was true to her word. She called Leslie and right away had her laughing at the image of three brats standing with clips attached to their bottoms. Leslie was still chuckling when Charlie sheepishly walked into the house. Charlie took a few seconds to assess if Leslie was mad or not. Then noticing the chuckle began apologizing. “Sorry Les, I guess you heard.” Automatically her hand rubbed the spot where the clips hung before adding. “Are you mad?”

“No babe, I believe Adele took care of your naughtiness. I’ll just have to remember those clips next time your antics land you in the corner.” Seeing the look of distaste on Charlie’s face had Leslie smiling mischievously. “But for now we have work to do and we really don’t have long before our guests arrive. So into the kitchen with you, we have some prep work to do.” Charlie grabbed Leslie’s extended hand, and together they began organizing for the party.

When it came time to scoop the two brats up for the party, Adele was not surprised to find them thoroughly distracted.

After sharing various stories about her bratty friends and their misadventures (which left Jo in awe of some of their tops), Destiny had decided to try on the clingy miniskirt Jo had on when she arrived at the airport.

“Not sure what made me buy it,” she said. “I saw it in a local charity shop – what you guys call thrift shops, I think – and just got curious whether the power-dressing look would work.”

“Feels a bit… I dunno, full-on, somehow,” said Destiny – though it didn’t help that the skirt was chafing quite tightly on the wounds from those clips.

“Well, if you think THAT’S full-on,” said Jo, pulling out a bright red pair of hot-pants, “you should try these! I got them at the same shop, just to tease Carly a little bit.”

“Did it work?” asked Destiny.

“Well, I kinda got into trouble that day,” Jo replied. “So when Carly ended up… er… taking them off… she decided to see if she could match the colour without my having to put them back on.”

Destiny rolled her eyes. “Typical top! Still,” she added, checking out how the shorts looked in the mirror, “this and the bright blue swimsuit would be super colourful for the party… and I have the coolest little hippy skirt – very psychedelic, Sixties colours…”

This session had started them trying on and comparing various garishly colourful combos until an exasperated Adele, having attempted a couple of times to round them up, finally exploded:

“Unless you want me to paint you both a couple of red and purple outfits with one of my spurtles, I suggest you make your minds up and move those butts into the car – right now!!”

Destiny rolled her eyes again. “See what I mean about tops?” 

As she adjusted the rear-view mirror, Adele noticed how her two passengers winced when lowering their tails into the back seat with amused satisfaction.

“I think we’ll have to add those clips to the scavenger hunt list,” she said.

The brats both groaned.  

“I’d rather have feathers,” said Destiny, but then looked over at Jo, and they both laughed. 

They were the last of the couples to arrive. Once introductions were out of the way, it didn’t take long for the brats to strip to bathing suits and hop into the pool. As the tops stood around watching, Leslie directed them to take a seat in the gazebo and quickly put a drink in each hand.

Rita chuckled as she asked, “so what do you all make of this scavenger hunt?” she added. “I know my girl hasn’t talked of much else.

Gloria shook her head as she responded, “Well, your girl, as you say, would do anything to have her bottom warmed.” Sandi agreed. 

“Well, it looks like we might have to do a chunk of the prep work ourselves,” noted Adele, “seeing how easily this lot distract each other.”

“Well, I think it would be fun to come up with a list of implements,” suggested Rita.

“And forfeits,” suggested Leslie, with a wicked smile, “for every item not found.”

The others were busy laughing when Sandi suddenly started to splutter, shaking her head in shock and annoyance. Her face was soaked.

Everyone in the gazebo turned to look at the brats by the pool. Before they knew it, Adele had covered half the distance between them.

“Jo!” she roared, seeing the water pistol in the brat’s hand. “Explain yourself!” 

“It wasn’t my fault,” pleaded Jo. “Henna nudged me!”

“I did not!”

“Yes, you did!”

Before the ensuing scuffle between them could develop, Adele had each of them in her grip – and she made sure they were far more concerned with their hurting earlobes than fighting each other.

“Now, somebody tell me what’s going on here, starting with where that water pistol came from,” she growled.

Between them, Charlie and Destiny explained how Jo was boasting of her marksmanship skills. Using one of the water pistols (which Henna admitted to bringing, thinking it would add some fun to the evening), she was trying to take out a couple of scented candles Leslie had lit around the gazebo.

She had been exceptional at this when trying out the candle-dousing contest at the Tide Haven Summer Fair back home.

“Is that true?” asked Adele.

“Actually,” Jo admitted sheepishly, “I doused the people manning the stall more then the candles.”

Adele sighed.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?”

Jo stood shuffling her feet, trying hard not to make eye contact with any of the tops. Having so many tops was new territory, and right now, they all looked a little scary. But Jo finally managed to answer Adele’s question with a yes, ma’am, even though she thought the question was rhetorical.

“Alright then, give me the Sprayer, then apologize to Sandi. You may go back to the pool after, but if we have to talk again, you will not like the conversation.” Adele slapped Jo’s bottom then directed her toward Sandi. Once the girl was off, her attention went to Henna. “Same goes for you.” However, Henna wiggled her butt for Adele to slap. 

Rita shook her head as she watched the girl’s display and thought how she would redden that bottom later. Rita thought the little girl was getting a bit cocky as of late, and watching her just now proved her right.

“I’m sorry, Sandi. I didn’t mean to hit you. I was trying to hit the candle.”

Sandi’s reply had Jo squirming a bit. “Apology accepted but know that I have been spanking naughty girls for many years.” A wave of relief came over the girl until Sandi continued. “And I’ll have no problem painting your bottom every shade of pink in the color spectrum.” Jo gasped.

Gloria had been on the biting end of Sandi’s wrath more times than she could count. Although they switched back and forth, a spanking from Sandi always left quite an impression.

Jo ran back to the safety of the pool, but once she got there, her eyes kept returning to Sandi. She was both scary and intriguing.

Sandi was less impressed with Henna’s apology than she had been with Jo’s.

Looking on, Rita could see her brat was playing with fire, trying to earn a trip over Sandi’s knee with her “I was just trying to have a little fun” sassiness. If she wasn’t careful, she was about to get much more than she had bargained for.

Sandi looked over at Rita.

“Can you think of any reason why I shouldn’t take your brat over my knee?” she asked.

Rita was momentarily stumped. On the one hand, she wanted to save Henna from a roasting she was not remotely prepared to handle. On the other, she wanted Henna to learn a lesson here. It was the knowing wink Sandi gave her that made her mind up.

“She’s got it coming,” Rita sighed with mock exasperation.

So Sandi turned Henna across her lap, picked up her drink, and resumed the conversation. 

They chatted amongst themselves about how Jo had been behaving on her visit, how lovely Carly had been to her, Adele’s inventive use of clips…

“Oh, I’d almost forgotten about you,” said Sandi, patting Henna’s rear with tantalising softness. “You can go now.”

“But… but…” Henna was dumbfounded at being lifted to her feet, but Sandi’s face was impassive.

“Go on,” she said, waving her hand towards the pool, “back to your friends!”

Feeling as though she might explode at any moment, Henna reluctantly made her exit from the gazebo.

The other tops found it difficult to restrain a few giggles as they watched her go.

As Henna approached the pool, Jo gave her a massive hug.

“I’m sorry I tried to start a fight with you,” she said. 

“That’s okay,” Henna replied. “I’m sorry I shoved you and made you shoot Sandi.”

Jo smiled.

“I think you and I are more alike than we realised,” she said. “In fact, I bet I have a pretty good idea how much your bottom’s tingling right now!”

Laughing, Henna enthusiastically returned the hug. 

“Yeah, I must be desperate to chance a spanking from Sandi,” shivering Henna confided to Jo. “Before I met Rita, Gloria and sometimes Sandi would take care of my spanking needs.” Thinking back, “After Sandi got through with me I’d be standing for at least a week.”

Jo rolled her eyes, “Oh, so now you tell me.” Before either girl could get too upset with the other, a quiet Destiny and Charlie sneakily swam under the water and grabbed each girl by a leg. Once they had a good hold, they pulled, dunking their prey underwater; before the two could recover, Destiny and Charlie raced to the other end of the pool. 

Tingling, now put on hold, Jo and Henna took up the chase while the tops discussed various implements for the scavenger hunt.

“Well, we already know Adele’s clips go on the list. They seemed to have made quite an impression on our girls.” Leslie said, looking over at Adele and winking. 

Adele chucked before adding, “I’d like to add feathers to the list; surprising the girls on our ability to provide torture could be quite entertaining.”

After some more swimming and splashing – and a lot of much-needed laughter – the brats lay by the side of the pool together, hands linked as they looked up at a relatively clear sky.

A couple of ragged clouds were glowing in the moonlight, and Charlie had her friends giggling with her description of one group of stars as the cosmic paddle.

“Okay, you lot,” said Adele, “it’s time you all got some rest. You have a busy day coming – and we’ll be setting you your tasks in the morning.”

As Henna scuttled over to Rita, still a little embarrassed at how Sandi had called her out by NOT smacking her bottom, she wondered what her fate would be when they got home.

“I’ve been a real butt-wriggling pain just lately, haven’t I?” she whispered.

Rita nodded slowly. “Bringing sprayers to the pool… getting Jo into trouble… taunting Sandi, of all people… o’boy… do you ever have a lecture coming! “

Henna’s eyes widened. “Just a lecture?”

Rita kissed her adorable brat and smiled. Henna knew the suspense on the way home was going to be unbearable. 

After she and Destiny had said their goodnights to Charlie, Jo found herself staring at Sandi again. She was not surprised to see Sandi staring back.

She remembered the top’s scary words from earlier, and her hands moved instinctively to the seat of her shorts.

Despite Henna’s warnings, Jo could not help herself from being drawn into Sandi’s stare.

“Hey…” Destiny tickled her friend’s ear. “You coming?”

This warning should have been the clue to go, have some giggles in the car with Destiny, maybe a nice cuddle with Adele when they got back. But the restless tingling in her derriere was too strong – like a flame drawing some huge, mischievous moth from the secret places inside her.

“Hey, narky knickers!” she called over to Sandi. “What are you staring at?”

All chatter suddenly stopped, and several mouths dropped open in the silence.

Sandi took a moment and, before replying, made eye contact with Adele. Adele’s slight nod was all the confirmation she needed, then to her wife, she said: “Gloria, looks like someone wants a sleepover; what do you say? Should we make it a night to remember?”

Gloria, recognizing her wife was determined to see this through, shook her head in agreement before answering. “Okay dear, if that’s what you want, let’s get our guest home so we can make her…” clearing her throat, she continued… “comfortable.”

As Jo got in Sandi’s car, Henna and Destiny ran up, wrapping her in their arms. Destiny whispered, “Jo, are you sure?” after receiving a nod in confirmation, the girls watched her drive away.

Henna glanced over at Rita, “Destiny I’ve gotta go. Rita’s has plans for me, and I have a feeling I’m not gonna like them.” Resigned, Henna made her way to Rita’s side.

In the car, Destiny sat biting her lip, worrying over her friend. Noticing the dismay build in her girl, Adele held her hand out for Destiny to hold. Once she had the girl’s full attention, she said, “you know she came here for trouble; well, she’s about to have all she can handle.” Destiny signed, knowing Adele was right.

Jo sat in the backseat, wondering if she had completely lost her mind. When she left home, she was out of sorts and searching for something, anything to bring the calm that felt so close but out of reach. Guilt over leaving Carly so abruptly now added to her feeling of unease. She could hear Gloria’s voice, but it sounded so far away. That was up until her tone sharpened, “little girl, you may want to start listening.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you, I was, ugh, never mind.” Jo stopped speaking once she realized Sandi parked the car and was already unlocking the front door. She quickly unbuckled her seat belt and scrambled to get out of the vehicle.

Jo stood awkwardly just inside the front door, for well, she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do next. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Gloria took her by the hand. “Alright, little girl, come with me.” In the guest room, Gloria pulled a pair of pajamas from the dresser and instructed. “Here, put these on.” Jo hesitated but only long enough to hear Gloria snap. “Now!” then chuckle, “you gave up the right to modesty the moment you chose to come home with Sandi.” 

Then her following sentence had Jo’s stomach-turning, “you had better think of a safe word, my wife takes her discipline serious. But that’s what you wanted, right?”

Jo’s mouth was dry, but she managed to squeak out a soft. “Yes, ma’am. I think so, but now I’m nervous.”

“Oh, little girl, you should be nervous. You’re about to have your limits seriously tested. Let’s go. Sandi will be in her office, and she doesn’t like waiting.”

Entering the office, Jo froze. Sitting on the desk was an array of paddles, canes other implements. Surely Sandi wasn’t planning on using all of them. She gulped then looked up into Sandi’s serious expression. The look alone told her she would use every implement she owned if she wanted.

Jo’s mind volleyed between the feel of each implement to running as far away as she could go. Done running, Jo stood eyes downcast and waited. Sandi rose from behind the desk, dismissed Gloria then circled the girl. Once directly in front, she placed two fingers under the girl’s chin, lifting until their eyes met. “Safe-word?”

“Poetry,” Jo said. Knowing of all things to remember, this made the most sense. Sandi then asked if she had any hard limits as far as implements. Jo assured that she knew of none.

Meantime Henna stood very still facing the corner, waiting as Rita watched from across the room. Henna knew she’d been pushing Rita’s patience lately, but she never expected to be standing with her nose to the wall. What she craved was Rita’s hand or maybe even her favorite leather strap across her backside, not this kind of torture. No heat, no pain, just the sheer agony, an itch just out of reach.

As soon as Destiny made it in the door, she picked up her phone, ran into her bedroom, and texted Charlie. “WTH! Has Jo lost her mind! And what’s with Henna egging on Sandi like that?” 

Adele came into the room right behind Destiny, “Alright, little one, bedtime. We have a busy day tomorrow.”

Eventually, Rita called Henna over to where she was sitting. But instead of taking her over her lap, she sat her on it.

“Now listen,” she said, “I know we like to have fun, and I love that. I love how light our relationship is. But you know very well that not every couple feels the way we do.”

“Yes, Rita, I’m so sorry,” pouted Henna, trying not to feel sorry for herself despite the desperate, empty ache in her backside. She was trying not to squirm on Rita’s thigh, but she felt as though she might lose control at any moment.

“I know you are, sweetie,” said Rita, letting her fingers trace a tender butterfly kiss down her brat’s cheek. “But you can’t behave like that again. Taunting people other than me with that wanton bottom of yours – it’s a very bad idea. It’s not just inappropriate, it could put you in much hotter water than you can handle… as Jo is probably finding out right now.”

“I’m so worried about her…”  Henna’s eyes began to well up.  “And it’s all my fault!”

“Hey!” Rita held Henna by her shoulders. “Look at me, baby girl. What’s happening with Jo is not your fault. Jo has been looking for trouble for a while, and her reasons go way back, I think. But once she’s got this out of her system, I think you’re gonna be just the friend she needs.”


Rita kissed her brat.

“Oh, you really are adorable… which is why watching you wriggle your bottom at every top in town makes me quite jealous. So jealous, in fact, that I’m going to have to give you a darn good bedtime spanking!”

Henna’s face lit up at this news. She was still glowing as Rita turned her over her lap.

“I think this is going to be a hand spanking,” she said. “I’ve been itching to feel this lovely bottom warm up beneath my palm all evening.”

Henna squealed with delight – until the swats began, and the tension started to pour out of her in some of the loudest, most plaintive howls her top had ever heard. Rita suddenly recalled a story Adele had told her about how one of Carly’s spankings had Jo howling into the tide like a stung banshee.

Rita smiled at the thought, and Henna’s pink bottom seemed to smile back.

She hoped Jo would be in a fit state to share some quality time with her brat once Sandi had finished with her.

Jo’s mind spun around the need for a safe word, and now that Sandi officially asked for it, her palm began to sweat. Sandi came around the desk in an unexpected move, took Jo by the hand, and led her to the sofa. She sat then tapped the adjacent cushion indicating for Jo to sit. “Okay young lady, let’s talk. Since my implements haven’t caused you to run, I think you’re ready to see them in action.” Jo nodded in agreement. 

“Use your words, please.”

“I know it sounds strange, but I’m a mess. I need, well, I’m not sure exactly what, but this feels right somehow.” Sandi noted the sincerity in Jo’s words, and they matched her body language.

“Okay, since we’ve only just met, we will take things slowly. But know this young lady, I will be pushing you, and I expect honesty. You have a safe word, but along with that, I’m adding the word yellow. Now, if you’re becoming overwhelmed or need a minute, I want you to say yellow, and we will reevaluate.”

Unbeknownst to Jo, Adele was on the phone filling Carly in on the latest happenings. Carly knew Jo was fighting some invisible demons and needed to find her way back. The only thing she asked of Adele was to have Jo call either tonight or tomorrow. 

Once the formalities were out of the way, Sandi instructed Jo to stand. Then not wasting time, Sandi pulled both panties and PJs down before helping the girl over her knee. “I’m going to give you a good warmup.” After the first swat, Jo knew she was in trouble. Sandi’s so-called warmup caused an immediate heat to build after each swat. The intensity had Jo’s body on the move, legs flailing and arms trying but not succeeding to intervene. Several warning swats from Sandi landed, leaving Jo sure her thighs would never be the same, and still, it wasn’t enough.

Warmup over, Sandi reached for one of several wooden paddles lying on the desk. Although Sandi knew she could make a lasting impression on any naughty brat, something about Jo made her feel she needed more. After tapping the sore pink bottom, Sandi lit the match on the tender bottom setting it aflame. Jo was close to letting go, Sandi could feel the girl’s tension, but she just wasn’t there yet. Setting the paddle down, Sandi instructed. “Up, little one, let’s have you lean over the desk.” Jo stumbled as she rose. 

Once upright, she staggered to the desk, looking back toward Sandi with uncertainty. “You can use one of your safe words if you need. If not, then do as told.” Either Jo was too stubborn, or she, deep down, knew the release was within reach. Careful as her butt felt ten times its size, Jo made her way to the desk, glanced back one more time before leaning over, and forcing her hands to grab the opposite end. Softly Sandi said, “Good girl.” Those simple words had Jo’s body instantly relax.

Sandi glanced down at her assortment of canes, then back at the glowing red cheeks so proudly on display. Decision made, she picked up one that looked pretty wicked but was still reasonably mild, in comparison. Sandi practiced a few swings and smiled as Jo flinched with each swoosh. Then without warning, she brought the cane down across both cheeks and watched as the girl struggled to keep the position. Once again, she praised, “good girl.” and again Jo relaxed. 

By the tenth swing, Sandi knew the girl was close but still fighting. Deciding the time had come, Sandi switched implements; this one caused most brats to cave. Jo heard the swish, and a moment later, when the pain registered, she tried but failed to bite back a scream. Jo made it through four searing lashes before the tears and emotions engulfed her. Sandi caught her as her body began to crumble to the floor. Sandi carried the girl to the sofa; it was now time to start healing.

Sandi held Jo, wiping tears listening to severe hurts and fears. The girl cried for the heart she felt she broke by leaving home so abruptly. She screamed and whimpered as Sandi rocked and reassured and finally, exhausted, she slept. Gloria entered as the girl was baring her soul, and her heart broke for the girl. Together they brought the girl to the spare bedroom and tucked her under the covers. Quietly as the girl slept, she explained Adele’s conversation with Carly. Sandi left Jo’s phone on the nightstand along with a note, “Carly is waiting for your call.”


Jo turned to lay on her back, but pain shot through her entire body and she quickly reversed course. In the process of turning, she noticed the note on her nightstand. Oh, how she wished Carly was here. 

Carly answered on the first ring; Jo said shyly and barely audible, “Carly…”

Just the sound of Carly’s voice was enough to have her welling up again.

Even over the phone, Carly knew those tears – the deep, fierce ones.

“Oh don’t,” she pleaded. “My gorgeous, gorgeous Jo… Please… It’s going to be okay… It’s all going to be okay, I promise you…”

“It’s okay, Carly… I’m just… Y’know… Hearing your voice right now… It’s just…”

Jo fought back a fresh wave of tears, lost the battle, and just sobbed over the phone, hugging it like it was a soft toy.

“When I get restless… or stressed… it’s like everything goes jagged inside me… and I’ve been like that for so long…”

Carly’s heart felt as though it was stretched clear across the ocean like a taught fraying string.

“I know, Jo, I know…”

“But you, Carly… You bring out the poetry in me… You bring out the beauty… You make me into things I couldn’t be without you…”

“Jo, you don’t have to…”

“Please, Carly! I need to say this! I know it seems like I pull away sometimes… I have spent so much of my life pulling away from things…

“But you… It’s always you I end up running to.

“You’ll always, always be my safe place.”

“Oh Jo, If you only knew how special you are… Do you have any idea how many people care about you?  How many people are looking out for you?”

“Believe me,” said Jo, trying to lighten the mood, “I can feel the warm glow of their affection…”

She tentatively reached down to nurse the fierce sting in her bottom – and instantly regretted it.

“Jo? What’s up?” The sound of Jo’s howl threw Carly.

“It’s okay,” Jo told her, “just please don’t ever get a cane. I don’t think my bottom could stand it.”

“Oh, my poor baby,” laughed Carly.  

“I think this scavenger hunt will involve a lot of running around,” Jo replied, “which is just as well… because sitting down is going to be out of the question!”

Although Jo’s bottom felt like raw meat, her heart was lighter than it had been in a long time. After hanging up with Carly, Jo left the guest room and went in search of her hosts. The house appeared empty, but she found the coffee pot still on and the back door wide open when she entered the kitchen. 

Jo filled her cup of the warm liquid even though she’d rather have a nice cup of tea. Right now, caffeine won. Cup in hand, she opened the screen door and stepped through. Gloria was in the yard weeding her garden, and Sandi was sitting at the table with paper in hand. Sandi motioned Jo to the nearby chair then laughed at Jo’s response. “Thanks anyway, but I think I’ll stand if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, I don’t mind at all. I imagine you’ll be standing quite a bit today,” Sandy said, then added: “How ’bout some breakfast? Eggs? Toast? Cereal?”

“Toast and jam, if it’s not too much trouble?” Jo said a little awkwardly. 

“I’ll be right back. By the way, did you get the note? From your girl, I think it’s Carly, am I right?”

Jo smiled, “Yes, it’s Carly, and we’re good. I just spoke to her.” Jo’s mind drifted to her conversation with Carly as she absentmindedly sipped her coffee. Sandi watched the girl as the look of peace eased across her face, then quietly opened the screen door and slipped into the kitchen.

Well, the day was finally here; Destiny and Charlie were on the phone all morning, texting back and forth and driving their tops crazy. Leslie again agreed to host everyone; her yard was the biggest, and the girls would probably need to cool their butts off in the pool by the end of the day. But she had one condition: someone had to distract the brats while the rest got everything set up.

Sandi rolled her eyes when Rita suggested she be the one to keep the brats in line but being a good sport, she agreed. Gloria made a quick exit right before the parade of brats arrived. Each brat worried over Jo as they came into the house, but they relaxed seeing her for themselves. 

Sandi sent the four girls outside with a pitcher of iced tea while she messed around in the kitchen making lunch. Unbeknownst to the brats, she could hear their entire conversation, even the part where they snuck off to spy on the tops. Tray in hand, Sandi decided to nip any mischief in the bud. “So, I understand you ladies are planning to sneak off?” 

She heard gasps from each of the girls, then continued looking over at Jo. “So, do you think that’s a good idea?”

Jo, standing by the railing, shook her head and immediately answered. “No, ma’am. I’m staying right here.” Soon, the others answered the same.

“Goody-goody!” teased Charlie.

Jo let this pass and shifted position again in an attempt to ease the ache in her behind.

“Was it bad?” asked Destiny, seeing her friend wince.

“I could take the spanking,” Jo replied, “but the caning – o’boy!”

Charlie shook her head.

“You must have been out of your mind, taunting Sandi like that.”

“You look brighter somehow,” said Henna.

“You too,” replied Jo with a wink, causing Henna to blush and rub the rosy patch Rita had sent her to sleep with the night before.

“Can we see, then?” Charlie asked Jo.

Somehow, nothing seemed to be bothering Jo this morning. It was as though everything had suddenly become fresh and clean again, and she was gliding over things a little.

She took down her shorts so that her friends could inspect Sandi’s handiwork.

The comments came thick and fast:

“Wow… that must have stung!”

“Look at those lines!”

“I bet you howled!”

Suddenly, Jo’s mood shifted. Pulling her pants back up, she ran off to the other room, found Sandi, and threw her arms around her.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you.”

Sandi wasn’t surprised when out of nowhere, arms circled her body, having dealt with many brats over the years. She put the utensil she was holding on the counter and grabbed the girl in a tight embrace. “You’re welcome, baby girl.”

“Oh no, Do you think we upset her?” Charlie cried.

Destiny gestured for the others to follow, “I don’t know. Let’s go see.” Three heads peeked around the door, causing Sandi to chuckle.

“Come on, you all. There’s plenty of room.” Sandi kept one arm around Jo and used the other to welcome her fellow brats. The girls practically stumbled over each other, getting through the door and into those arms.

Lunch was a light-hearted affair, with plenty of spanking stories that had them all giggling. Not long after, they cleaned up. Adele arrived, and along with Sandi, they drove the girls to Leslie’s house.

The girl’s excitement was contagious, but they were each instructed to sit in one of the chairs lined up once they arrived. Four sets of eyes looked up at the Tops, eager for instructions. 

Adele began by handing each player an envelope. “Inside this envelope is a list of implements. They may be hidden around the yard, or they may be in the main areas of the house. You will get points for every one you find, but for those you don’t see, there will be a penalty.”

None of the brats were expecting to be in teams –

so when Adele paired them off, four mouths fell open.

Destiny and Henna were a little surprised to find themselves in one pair, but not nearly so much as Jo and Charlie were to find themselves in another.

Charlie looked over at Jo in horror.

Much though she had grown to like Jo over the past couple of days, she was shocked not to be paired with Destiny – so much so that she stormed out.

Jo disappeared into the house, making it clear with a flick of her arm that she wanted neither Destiny nor Henna to follow her.

“Something wrong, Jo?” asked Adele, following Jo into Leslie’s kitchen.

“You’re darn right something’s wrong!” growled Jo. “You know darn well how much I have in common with both Destiny and Henna – and you pair me with Charlie? Seriously?”

“Come on, Jo…” Adele put her hands on the brat’s shoulder. “Are you really telling me you don’t feel any connection with Charlie?”

Jo flared at this.

“I don’t need this!” she yelled. “I got the tanning of my life last night… I faced so much… so much shit! And how do you reward me? By pairing me with someone who clearly doesn’t even like me!”

“Okay, enough!” snapped Adele. “I know you have been through a lot… and I know this has been a very difficult few days for you… but you don’t talk to me that way!”

With that, she turned Jo over her knee and softly patted the seat of her shorts, just the way Carly would have done.

Gentle though the smacks were, however, they still stung furiously on poor Jo’s incredibly tender bottom.

“This is so not fair!” she whined.

After a couple of dozen swats, Adele pulled Jo up onto her lap and wrapped her in a huge hug.

“Now you listen here,” she said. “I know you have had a very emotional few days. But you are such an amazing girl. We all think so. I do, Sandi does, Gloria does, Leslie does…and you know Destiny adores you.

“And yes, Henna probably shares your love for getting a good spanking over a stern knee better than anyone…”

Adele paused at this, giving Jo’s backside another couple of pats. 

“But Charlie has a wild streak in her. She’s led Destiny into trouble more times than I can count. She needs someone who understands… someone with a wild streak every bit as deep and as long… 

“Someone who can help her make peace with who she is. You’d be doing Leslie a massive service…”

Adele kissed Jo’s forehead.

“And you’d make me so proud,” she added.

At this moment, Leslie entered the kitchen with Charlie slung over her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Jo,” she said. “It was inexcusable of Charlie to run off like that. But you can rest assured she’s had her tail warmed for doing so – and she’s about to get another dose with one of my paddles.”

“Oh, please don’t!” pleaded Jo. “I’ve been really awful to Charlie while I’ve been here.  In fact, Adele’s just taught me a long-overdue lesson for my behaviour.  So please give me a chance to make it up to Charlie.”

Leslie looked from Jo to Adele, then figured out what had been going on between the two of them.

“Okay,” she said. “Charlie, would you like to pair up with Jo now?”

“Yes, ma’am,” groaned Charlie, a little shocked at how Jo had lied for her.

Setting Charlie down, Leslie instructed, “okay, why don’t the two of you take a moment? Adele and I will join the others.” Then, sternly, she added: “But if we have to come back in here…”

As soon as they were alone, Charlie couldn’t help but ask. “Why? Why would you stick up for me? I don’t understand.”

Jo rolled her eyes then began, “Well, Adele was saying how we both have a wild streak, and at first, I was mad that she compared us like that. But then I thought about it, and I hate to say it, but I think she’s right.”

Jo worried for a second that she had upset Charlie again, but then Charlie burst out laughing. “You’re right. We are a lot alike.” Charlie wrapped an arm over Jo’s shoulder. “They might regret teaming us up.”

All eyes were on the pair as they came out arm in arm. Then in a flurry of squeals, Henna and Destiny ran up in a frantic greeting, leaving the group of Tops amazed. Destiny whispered, “I hope you two don’t get any penalties.” That was met with groans and had them rubbing sore cheeks.

Gloria decided they should get the game started. “Okay, everyone, we had better get started soon.” Then, with an evil laugh, she added, “you won’t be able to see if it gets dark. Let the penalties add up.”

Henna couldn’t help herself and stuck out her tongue to Gloria. Then, seeing Rita’s raised eyebrow, shrugged her shoulders in apology.

Gloria’s evil laugh didn’t go unnoticed by her partner, “Be careful, dear, you wouldn’t want to earn yourself a penalty.” 

Gloria’s face turned a few shades of red as the girls looked on in shock. 

Tearing open their envelopes, the two groups ran off to opposite ends of the yard.

Destiny and Henna were sure one of the paddles listed was on top of the tall sculpture by the corner of the pool. Meant to be a mechanical representation of a flower, the structure unfurled in straight-edged petals, almost like a pack of cards being opened, and Destiny was sure there was a paddle on top of one of those petals. 

“Give me a boost,” she encouraged Henna as she tried to climb high enough to check the top surfaces.

“Stop wriggling!” whined Henna, just as Destiny’s foot slipped, knocking her backward into Leslie’s pride and joy – a large and very prickly blob of a cactus.

“Ooowww!! You idiot!” howled Henna, to roars of laughter from the other pair of brats, who were busy extracting a couple of Sandi’s swishy canes from among the line of tall bamboo canes to which Leslie’s lily plants were tied. 

As Destiny reached down to help poor Henna off the cactus, she noticed some unusual bristles down one side.

“I think I found a hairbrush!” she beamed, “Oh… and look!”

She waved a paddle she had found sitting between a couple of the sculpted petals.

“You’re not meant to be taking them away!” growled Gloria, striding over to where Jo and Charlie were pocketing the canes they had found in the lily patch.

“You’re supposed to leave them so that the other pair have a chance to see them!”

“Where’s the fun in that?” joked Charlie, earning her and Jo a few disciplinary swats.

“What did I do?” complained Jo, glaring at Charlie as she rubbed her tail.

“You’re a team now,” Leslie told her, “and you’d better start acting like one!”

Over at the other end of the yard, Henna was desperate for Destiny to check her butt for cactus spines.

“We don’t have time!” sighed Destiny, looking over at a couple of pretty little wind sculptures. “I think I see where the belt is!”

“Awesome!” moaned Henna sarcastically, rubbing her stung rump.

Charlie eyed the leather Tawse and shivered, seeing it propped up in the fern bush made to look innocent. Of course, Charlie knew all too well the welts it could produce. Jo worried, “Charlie, are you okay? Your face just went white.” 

“Yeah, fine.” Charlie pointed, “that thing is horrible.” 

Jo giggled, “Okay, Mark it off and let’s get out of here.” 

Destiny and Henna had whooped with excitement at least three times since they found the tawse, and Jo was getting more annoyed by the minute.

Charlie eased up to Gloria, and from the side of her mouth, whispered. “Psst, Gloria, give us a clue.” Gloria shook her head no, but with a little more prodding from Charlie, she gave in.

Gloria lifted her arm to point when she heard Sandi clearing her throat. Looking at Charlie, she said, “Please tell me that’s not Sandi standing right behind me.” Both Charlie and Jo winced.

Hands-on hips, Sandi said. “Looks like we have our first penalties. Dear, I’m disappointed, and you too, Charlie. Jo, I’m surprised you would risk another trip over my knee.”

Sandi called for a time out and gathered all the tops together. “Ladies, we have some penalties to dole out. This is a pretty severe miss-step. These three were caught attempting to cheat.”

Leslie glanced toward Charlie to see if she was involved and knew immediately she was guilty.

Adele worried Jo’s butt might not be able any more attention. “Rita, what do you think?”

Rita suggested, “We could use that last implement they found for the penalty.” Hearing this, Jo almost passed out. Charlie groaned and covered her bottom. Gloria once again blushed from embarrassment.

Jo, Gloria, and Charlie stood facing the grimly-titled “wall of shame” (which, ironically, had been Charlie’s idea) as Leslie set out chairs in the middle of the room.

Before the punishment started, Sandi had a few words with Leslie and Adele as they each grabbed a tawse from the fearsome-looking box of penalty implements they had put together for the event.

After being laughed at for her little misadventure with Leslie’s cactus, Henna was looking forward to seeing the other team get their comeuppance.

Destiny, however, was really worried about the state of poor Jo’s bottom. Seeing the look on her brat’s face, Adele gave her a reassuring smile before turning back to Leslie and Sandi for a last-minute pre-spanking conference.

“I think Jo was pretty much dragged along by Charlie in this instance, don’t you?” suggested Sandi.

Leslie and Adele both agreed.

“Obviously, she still deserves a penalty, but given what she’s been through the past few days… I think a gentle tease with the tawse might just hit the spot. It’ll sting like crazy on her raw bottom, but I think that might be just what she needs right now.”

Now settled, the three tops called their victims over to the chairs.

Gloria’s face was as red as a beetroot as Sandi turned her across her knee. Leslie did the same with Charlie, and Adele gently guided Jo onto her lap.

“It’s okay, baby girl,” she whispered, stroking Jo’s hair as she lowered her into position.  “Imagine this is from Carly, and I’ll try to do this the way she would.”

Those words instantly eased Jo’s mind. She still felt a sense of humiliation at being spanked for cheating – not least because she knew she deserved it – but somehow, Adele seemed to understand how much of a safe place Carly’s lap was for her.

She suddenly felt deeply grateful to have such a thoughtfully attentive group of friends – both brats and tops.

“This is so not fair!” whined Charlie. “I wouldn’t have needed any extra help if you hadn’t teamed me with Little Miss Tender-booty, shuffling along at a mile a year!”

Not for the first time, Destiny buried her face in her hands at her friend’s attitude.

Charlie howled as Leslie brought the tawse down sharply across both cheeks. “Young lady, you are in no position to be making snarky comments.”

At the same time, Gloria’s embarrassment was offset by dread. “Dear, I hope you realize this is just a warmup. When I get you home, we will discuss how I feel about cheating. Although I’m surprised, you’ve forgotten so soon.” 

“Yes, ma’am,” Gloria said sadly; she remembered all too well getting caught while trying to pull a fast one on Sandi during a game of cards.

Destiny and Henna stood off to the side, watching as the three women bared their bottoms. When it came to Jo’s, they both gasped. 

As one all the tops raised, their tawse and brought them down. The sound of all those leather strings hitting bottoms then cries sent a chill up the spines of the observers. In all, the tawse’s landed ten times on each bottom before the penalties were deemed complete.

The three tops lifted each brat to their feet and watched as they each danced and rubbed, then rushed to cover themselves. The tops rose and hugged their brats before determining the hunt was back on.

As the girls raced around, Gloria inched up closer to Sandi, needing a little reassurance. Sandi, reading her wife’s body language, wrapped her in a strong, loving embrace. “It’s okay, Dear.” Gloria let herself relax in Sandi’s arms.

Jo was super annoyed by Charlie’s earlier comment, but her thoughts were on the fire burning in her backside right now. The initial burn began to calm as Jo focused harder on the game. She found two more implements, a wispy tree birch and a ping pong paddle. Soon she and Charlie were racing around as a team, and the earlier animosity was gone.

The more they discovered wooden spoons and spatulas nestled into the nooks and crannies of the yard (just missing a spurtle in their haste), the more excited Jo and Charlie became.

“I’m sorry about what I said earlier,” Charlie confided. “That tawse brings out the worst in me.”

“That’s okay,” said Jo. “I think we’re both pretty moody when we want to be. But if I had a choice of being anywhere in the world, sharing an adventure and an aching tush with another brat is always top of the list. You can be my partner any day.”

They were still hugging when Charlie saw an irresistible opportunity.

There was an attractive little fish pond on the edge of the garden area, decorated with various water plants, which Leslie and Adele used as a joint nature project. Both Henna and Destiny became convinced they had seen something glistening in the water and were leaning over for a closer look.

Seeing the two defenseless bottoms bending over the pond proved an irresistible temptation to Jo and Charlie – especially given the ache in their own hineys.  After sneaking up behind their rivals, they both delivered a swift and satisfying kick, sending Henna and Destiny splashing face-first into the pond.

As the soaked brats emerged, their hair comically draped with various types of wet foliage and pondweed, rubbing their booted behinds, Jo and Charlie collapsed in hysterics.

“Unbelievable!” growled the tops, converging on the scene.

“It wasn’t us!” protested Jo. “They were leaning too far over and they slipped!”

“Don’t even try that!” replied Gloria. “I saw you kick them!” 

“And I bet you think it’s just as funny as we do!” insisted Charlie. “A boot up the backside, straight into the pond – it’s comedy gold! I think we should get extra points for initiative!”

“Oh, you’ll get extra, all right!” said Sandi, having a word with the other tops.

Whatever she said seemed to be met with universal approval. As Adele and Leslie took firm hold of naughty earlobes and led Jo and Charlie back to the wall of shame, Sandi and Gloria led the other two brats to somewhere they could get toweled dry and changed into dry clothes.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” whispered Charlie, after they had been staring into the wall of shame for several minutes.

“Still,” Jo whispered back, “it was worth it!” 

This comment earned her a painful swat from Rita.

“Shush!” she snapped. “Okay, you can turn round now.”

Henna and Destiny had both been dried and changed – into a couple of Charlie’s favourite outfits – and both Adele and Leslie were standing by the two chairs in the middle of the room, each of them doing practice swishes with the sneakers they were holding.

“We didn’t include this particular implement on the hunt,” said Adele. “But seeing as you both think footwear and bottoms make such a hilarious combination, let’s see how you feel after a dose of these.”

Jo and Charlie looked at each other in horror as they rubbed their sore ears. “Oh boy, here we go again,” Jo said to Charlie, then shrugged as they moved together toward the chairs.

Instead of sitting, Leslie directed the two girls to lean over, placing their hands on the seat, and each told to hold on to the chair. Luckily they were allowed to keep their shorts on for this round of penalties.

Since they were allowed to keep their shorts, the brats had a false sense of security. 

This sense of security soon changed to howls and nearly losing position when the first swat made contact. The leather soles stung maybe even worse than some paddles with its lightweight. The flexibility allowed for the leather to reach around curves, causing quite a sting.

As soon as the girls were up, Destiny and Henna rushed over. After gushing over the girls, Destiny joked, “If you two get in any more trouble, you won’t have any skin left.”

Rubbing her bottom, Jo agreed. “I know; I barely have any now.” Henna chuckled along with the others.

This time Rita chimed in, “okay ladies, let’s get back to the game,” then looking from Jo to Charlie, “maybe you two can behave for the next round.”                         

“Yes, ma’am” and “of course, ma’am” echoed back from the girls. 

Since the game was winding down, Leslie retrieved a bottle of wine and began to fill the tops glasses. The four sat chatting in the gazebo while the brats continued to search. 

As they scuttled off back into the yard, Jo felt a massive wave of guilt rise up through her. 

“You guys are so kind,” she told Henna and Destiny. “I mean… even after we kicked you both in the pond. It seemed really funny at the time, but I guess it was kinda mean of us.”

Charlie rolled her eyes at this.

“It was pretty gross,” with all the pondweed and stuff,” replied Destiny, giving Jo a playful but very unwelcome swat on the firestorm where her bottom used to be, “but at least it made us feel part of the action at last. It’s hard to get in trouble when you two are working together – between the two of you… well… you seem to attract all the wallopings.”

“Yeah, you’re like bratty lightning rods,,” added Henna. “Still, it was fun watching you both get a dose of shoe leather on your butts. That looked pretty ouchie – and boy, did you guys deserve it – though maybe it wasn’t as bad as those tawse things.” 

She sounded a little wistful as she spoke. 

“Believe me, you don’t wanna know about the tawse,” winced Charlie, with another bit of butt-rubbing. They all giggled at this. 

“Yeah, and after the lightning storm my bottom’s attracted this past couple of days,” sighed Jo, “I won’t be sitting down for at least a month!”

They were still laughing when Charlie had an idea.

“Anyhoo,” she said, “we’ve found most of the implements.  They camouflaged some of them pretty well, but once you’ve spotted a couple, your eyes seem to know what to look for.”

“Yeah, we’ve found everything but those awful clips and the dreaded spurtle,” replied Destiny, showing the other team their sheet. “We had thought the clips might have been in that pond somewhere.”

“Yeah, we can’t find those clips either,” said Jo, noticing the mischievous smile on Charlie’s face.  

“What are you thinking?” she asked her partner. 

“Well, if these two would really like a bit of the action…” Charlie looked from Henna to Destiny.  “Do you trust me?”

“We trust you to get us in trouble,” joked Destiny, to more laughs. 

“Great,” said Charlie, grabbing their pen from Jo and checking the other tops were all busy at the gazebo. “Quick, Destiny, give me your sheet!”

Next to the spurtle on Destiny and Henna’s sheet, Charlie wrote: DOWN WITH SPURTLES!! BOO!! HISS!!

Both Destiny and Henna’s eyes bugged out when they saw what Charlie wrote. Then Destiny said, “well, that should do it. There’s nothing like taunting a group of heavy-handed tops.” 

Henna groaned, “Yeah, taunting tops worked well for me last week.” Then she began rubbing her bottom with both hands, pretending she didn’t love every swat.

Charlie nudged Destiny and Henna toward the gazebo with a swat of her own. “It’s time to get these bottoms warmed up.”

Looking up as the girls came through the opening in barely controlled laughter, Rita said. “Henna dear? What’s going on?” her suspicion shared by the other Tops.

Gloria knew by the expression on Henna’s face that something was going on, and she was not sure she would like it. Raising an eyebrow, Gloria watched suspiciously as the girls held the list out.

Adele took the offered list, and as she began reading, the two girls seemed to sober and became nervous. It’s one thing to plan a prank with brat friends; it’s entirely different standing in the middle of five tops while it’s playing out.

Once Adele read the list, she passed it to Leslie, who passed it on to Sandi. Sandi sat back with the list, and an unreadable look crossed her face before she passed the list on. The girls were now ready to bolt from the gazebo.

Well, it certainly looks like these two are trying to compete with the naughty pair, doesn’t it?” she said.

“Written in block capitals, too,” said Adele.  “Very daring!”

“Or perhaps an attempt to conceal whose handwriting it is,” suggested Leslie, giving Charlie a hard stare.

Sandi snapped her fingers at Jo, who instantly handed over her and Charlie’s list.

“Looks like you two found almost everything,” she smiled. “Just goes to show what you can do when you work together.”

She looked over at Adele.

“Although it seems neither team found those clips of yours,” she said.

Adele smiled as she unfastened a couple of clips from around one of the gazebo poles.

Charlie and Jo exchanged a look of admiration for the hiding place. 

“Practically right in front of us, every time we got spanked!” gasped Charlie.

A minute later, as a penalty for not finding the clips, the brats were lined up by the pool, hands-on heads, each with a couple of the cheek-pinching devices attached to their bottoms.

Jo and Charlie were already starting to shuffle uncomfortably. This ouchie was a pinch too far for their poor, well-tanned backsides – Jo’s especially.

“We’ll leave you girls out here for a while to think about the… erm… spurtle situation,” said Sandi.  “In particular, you might want to consider whether you have anything else to tell us.”

“More wine, ladies?” Leslie asked as they returned to the gazebo.

Sandi’s comment had Jo a little worried; in a calm voice, she whispered, “Charlie I think we got to confess. I don’t think my butt can handle much more.”

Charlie just shrugged, but when she saw Jo’s eyes squeezed shut and just how hard she was struggling to hold still, having her bottom clipped, she gave in, “Alright, Jo, I get it, I’ll let them know that I wrote the message, don’t worry.”

Leslie set her glass on the table, quietly got up, and casually walked to the girls. Each girl howled at the clip’s release, but none as loud as Jo. The howl had Adele up and examining Jo’s bottom. “Ladies, I believe this one has reached her limit. And this bottom needs a light rub with arnica cream.”

“I have some inside; I’ll run in and be right back,” Leslie said. “While I’m gone, maybe Charlie has something to say.”

Looking down, Charlie said, “yes, ma’am,” then stood rubbing lightly, trying to ease the soreness from the clips before adding: “Well, I um, you know the down with Spurtles comment, well I wrote that.” Charlie finally got the nerve to look up, and the first set of eyes gave her chills. 

Sandi stood very near, her expression severe with a look of menace in her eyes. “I believe we have a tie. Neither team found the spurtles, so I vote both teams receive a penalty.”

Right then, Leslie came out holding the arnica cream and, looking straight at her girlfriend, said: “Ladies, don’t forget the penalty for trying to trick us. That has to add a few dozen with the spurtles. Unless someone has a better idea?”

Rita smiled as she looked directly at Henna. “Oh, I agree; maybe we each give our partners a dose of the spurtle while Gloria rubs some cream on Jo’s bottom. Then Sandi can deliver the final penalty.” In unison, three of the brats groaned.

In the kitchen, Gloria looked down at the brat draped over her lap. For all her soreness, she looked so much more relaxed than the weeping girl who had collapsed so dramatically into Sandi’s embrace the night before.

“So, how are you doing, baby girl?” she asked.

For a few moments, Jo found herself a little too zoned out to answer, such was the relief she felt as Gloria worked the cream around her ouchies.

“I guess I’m feeling like me again,” she replied.  “Sometimes it’s like I’m… oooh… maybe still figuring out who me is… owee! … y’know? Maybe I shouldn’t…”

Gloria felt a bit of the tension return.

“What is it, Jo?”

“Oh, nothing… just… mum never seemed to like it when I talked like that… like I’d lost myself… owww! … like I was disappearing… She’d usually tell me, at great length, who she saw… ooh! … when she looked in my eyes… Oh, I dunno…”

Gloria carefully lifted Jo into her arms and wrapped her in a hug.

“Don’t be in any doubt,” she said. “Your mother would be so proud. We all adore you, Jo. All anybody has wanted since you arrived here is to help you deal with your hurts – and be under no illusion, you’ve already done so much better than you think.”

As Jo dissolved into Gloria’s embrace, she could hear some severe howls from the gazebo outside.

“Ooowww!! Spurtles do suck!” whined Charlie.

Destiny and Henna had wisely chosen not to mouth off, though they were howling just as loud.

Still, both Rita and Adele felt the pent-up tension pouring loose from their brats.

When the spurtling session finished, both Destiny and Henna were diving enthusiastically into a cuddle session with their tops.

Sandi peeked in on Jo and Gloria, reassured by the touching scene of her girlfriend holding the brat. She quietly left the kitchen without either girl noticing.

Back in the yard, she surveyed the ladies looking so cozy, all cuddling up to each other. She hated to break up such a lovely scene, but she was in charge of the final penalty. Taking a deep breath, Sandi clapped her hands. “Okay, my rule-breaking brats, Don’t think I’ve forgotten my part in this little game. Everyone up, and I need three brats facing each chair. Then I want hands on the seat and all three bottoms up in the air.”  

Charlie decided to make her objections heard, “No way, that thing stings,” earning an extra-stingy swat to her sore bottom.

“That earned you two extra. Do you want to make it four?” Sandi declared

Charlie looked to Leslie for help but received no backup. 

“Do I need to start counting?” Sandi asked, then watched the girl scurry over to the only empty chair. Once three red-tinted bottoms presented, she slowly ran her hand along, examining the marking.

Many groans and gasps greeted Sandi’s comment. “Hmm, I’m thinking twenty per brat, and of course a couple extra for our Charlie there.”

Beginning with Charlie, Sandi gave doled out five swats, then moved to Destiny and onto Henna. In the next round of five, the spurtle came down harder, filling the air with howls. The third round had them wiggling and trying to keep hold of the chairs. The fourth round of swats was a scorcher, but Destiny and Henna were both happy to have it over.

“Everyone stay put; we’re almost done. Charlie, do you have any comments you’d like to share, or should we get on with your last two?”

Teeth and eyes clenched tightly shut; Charlie managed to squeak out, “no, ma’am,” before the spurtle came down harder than she thought even possible.

Charlie jumped up, trying to put out the fire that was now blazing across both cheeks. Sandi watched as the girl hopped up and down.

“Maybe our next brat event should be a cabaret of some kind,” observed Leslie, watching her brat try to dance out the extra stings she’d earned. 

Leslie’s joke caused a wave of laughter from tops and brats alike, though it left Charlie fuming.

Leslie pulled her into a hug, which she made a great show of resisting (though not very hard). 

When Gloria and Jo came back into the yard, the other brats all converged on them for a group hug.

Earlier on, when Sandi had taken her down a peg in front of the others, Gloria felt more than a little humiliated. Now, however, she was quite thrilled to be part of a brat gang again – complete with a tender bottom of her own.

She was still in brat mode as Sandi pulled her to one side.

“Of course, Charlie’s last little stunt wouldn’t have happened if you were keeping an eye on them like you were supposed to,” she said. “You were off sulking somewhere about my embarrassing you, weren’t you?”

Gloria nodded sheepishly. She knew she was going to feel a great deal more brat-like before this night was over.

“So, how’s your adventure going?” Adele asked Jo.

“I think Charlie’s much better at being a really bad girl than I am,” replied the brat. “I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow, but could it please be something we can do standing up?”

Destiny nodded agreement at this, grateful to have her friend back.

Henna snuggled into Rita’s embrace. 

“So, what are we going to do about your earning swats from other tops?”

Henna’s head snapped up; she couldn’t believe her ears, “w-what do you mean? That wasn’t my idea!” Her lower lip jutted out as she pouted, “Rita?”

Smiling, Rita tapped the girl’s bottom, “Don’t worry, baby girl; you and I are going to have a long talk tomorrow.”

Once Henna realized Rita wasn’t mad, she smiled. Tomorrow was going to be a good day. “Yes, ma’am.”

In true brat style, Charlie was not one to stay clutched in her girlfriend’s arms for long, especially when there were other brats around. “Leslie, do you think we could go in the pool now?” Ruffling the girl’s hair, Leslie agreed only seconds before Charlie shouted: “I’ll race you all to the pool!” then ran in the direction of the pool.

“Coming!” shouted Jo.

“I’ve gotta get my suit on,” whined Destiny.

Gloria looked up at her wife, “come on, Sandi, how about you and I go in?” Sandi couldn’t resist Gloria’s pleading look.

“Hey ladies, What do you say? Should we let these brats have all the fun?” Sandi winked as she spoke.

Everybody was dripping and smiling when it came time to go home. The brats toweled themselves dry the best they could, but, given that few of them had swimsuits with them, they pretty much accepted that there would be some very damp car seats when they all arrived home.

Before they went to their separate vehicles, however, Jo pulled Rita aside for a quiet word.

“What was all that about?” asked Henna. “Are you getting me into more trouble?”

“Probably,” smiled Jo. “In fact, I’d be surprised if you didn’t find yourself over Rita’s knee almost as soon as you get home.”

Henna’s eyes seemed to sparkle at this news positively.  

“I’ve also just texted you all my contact details,” Jo added. “You need to chat about anything, ever…”

They hugged with the affection of genuinely kindred spirits.

As they drove off, Destiny asked Jo what she had said to Rita.

“I just suggested something I thought Henna might like,” her friend replied.  

It was only once they had arrived back at Adele and Destiny’s place that she finally revealed what exactly that particular something was.

“Adele?” she asked, more than a little shyly. “Could you…before I go to bed… could you give me a patting?”

“Ooh, yes!” Destiny chimed in. She’d heard of Carly’s gentle pattings from Adele, and the thought of sharing one with Jo was simply too delicious.

“Come on, then,” sighed Adele, trying very unconvincingly to hide how pleased she was to have been asked, “let’s get the pair of you over my knee.”

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