Caught off guard

         Jenny took a weird sort of pleasure walking around the club with her red cheeks glowing and on display for anyone to see. She stayed submissive, keeping close to Mistress Maryam the entire evening. Mistress Maryam took time to visit every top at the club, and each time Jenny stood eager to make her Mistress proud. Her eyes stayed lowered, and hands clasped behind her back. Neither Jenny nor Mistress Maryam ever saw the stranger sitting in the far corner of the room watching as they made their rounds.

      Every thirty minutes or so, Jenny would have her bottom swatted just enough to ensure it never lost its vivid shade of red. And with each public display, her face would flush the same color red as her bottom. Jenny would endure practically anything to be in good standing with Mistress Maryam. She was amazed how much she missed accompanying her Mistress to this club, especially when she didn’t know Maryam or the existence of this place only six months ago.

       As the night progressed, the stranger kept eyes glued to the couple’s actions. Watching every submissive move, every swat before being fully convinced he’d found his boss’s estranged wife. Coming here tonight was a fluke; he had the night off and, hoping to unwind, decided to give this club a try. He never expected to be so lucky. He’d all but given up hope of ever finding this woman, especially after searching for more than two years.

       The stranger decided to go outside and check in with his boss before making a move, so he paid the bill and left the club. The stranger paced out on the sidewalk dialing his boss’s number. The voice on the other end rang of arrogance and disdain. The stranger understood why she left; he didn’t care as long as he got paid. “Bring that bitch to me!”    “No, no, wait, let me think.” After a long pause, “Follow her. Let me know where she’s staying.”

       “Yes, boss.” was all he said before hanging up.

       Jenny sighed wearily when her Mistress announced their departure. She was ready to leave the club and go home but nervous at the same time. Mistress Maryam did not indicate whether her punishment was over or not. If not, how much more could her bottom endure. Tonight had been intense both physically and mentally. Determined, Jenny quietly followed her Mistress first to the coatroom then outside to the waiting car. Although the ride home was almost unbearable, she didn’t complain; she just sat as still as her sore cheeks would allow.

       By the time they arrived home, Jenny’s emotions were wound tighter than a guitar string.

       Marian noticed as the girl internalized her feelings by the subtle shift in her mood. She became quiet and almost sullen. Entering the apartment, Maryam would have loved to shower and change; Jenny’s demeanor was worrying. So upon entering, Maryam pulled the girl over to the sofa and, after sitting herself, pulled the girl onto her lap. It appeared to Mistress Maryam that Jenny was in a sort of subspace, and Maryam needed to bring the girl back and provide some aftercare.

       Not only tonight, but the last two weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for the girl, and now it was time to bring the ride to a halt. Maryam held the girl tight on her lap and continually whispered encouragement and love to the girl. Rubbing and patting the girl’s back and bottom until eventually, Jenny began to stir, then become alert, but before she could verbalize her emotions, Maryam gave the girl directIons. “Ok little one, it’s bedtime.”    “I think it best I keep an eye on you. Tonight you’ll be sleeping in my room.”    “So go ahead and shower, then once you’re finished and dressed in PJs, come to my room.”

       Jenny hurried off, determined to follow orders and quickly return to her Mistress. Although her body was achy and the hot water felt amazing, she didn’t dally under the stream. After toweling off, Jenny pulled on a nightie. Jenny didn’t want anything touching her sore bottom, so she intentionally left off her panties. She paused long enough at Maryam’s bedroom door to hear the water running in the shower. Jenny entered the room and casually glanced around before lying her tired body down the bed.

       Jenny remembered Mistress Maryam tucking her in, kissing her forehead, then climbing in next to her. A sense of peace flooded her mind right before sleep took over.

       Once the lights in the apartment went off, the stranger drove away. He would wait until morning to call the boss with Jenny’s whereabouts.

       When Jenny woke, she felt disoriented as realization hit and a wave of embarrassment flooded her system. Here she was alone in Mistress Maryam’s room, in her bed, and all she wanted to do was pull the covers up over her head. Jenny knew better than to hide, especially now that she was so close to being forgiven. So she summoned the courage and got out of bed, carefully straightening the covers before leaving the room searching for her Mistress.

        Maryam spotted the girl shyly standing in the doorway. Opening her arms in a welcoming gesture, she invited. “Come here, little one.” Jenny rushed over and buried her face in Maryam’s bosom while the older lady wrapped her in comforting arms. As the girl hid, Maryam worried, “Hey, are you ok?” Receiving an unintelligible answer, Maryam separated them enough to look into Jenny’s eyes before repeating the question.

        Maryam was surprised to see tears running down Jenny’s face. She decided the girl needed a bit of a cuddle and some pampering right away. Maryam wasn’t regretful giving the girl such a harsh punishment over the last two weeks. On the contrary, she was impressed with her willingness to obey and make amends. Taking Jenny’s hand, Maryam led the girl to the sofa; she sat first, then tapped the cushion next to her and smiled as Jenny carefully lowered herself, whimpering when sore cheeks touched the pillow.

         Sitting together, Maryam said nothing for a while, giving the girl an opportunity to relax? Once Jenny felt comfortable, she looked up into Maryam’s face, but before she could apologize, Maryam spoke. “Jenny, I’d like you to listen to me, before you say anything.” Jenny nodded in agreement. “I know the last two weeks were very hard. I’m sure you will think long and hard before you make the same mistake again.” A blush accompanied a nod. “Jenny, you’re willing to make amends has made me very proud.”

       Jenny’s heart swelled as she listened to Maryam; she couldn’t ever remember anyone saying they were proud of anything she’d done. “Really.”

        Maryam almost chuckled at the look of surprise on Jenny’s face, but luckily she held back. “Really, what?” She asked.

        Softly, Jenny said. “Are you really proud of me?” as she searched Maryam’s face for answers.

        “Yes little one.I am very proud of you. Now let’s have a cuddle then after you shower I’ll rub some cream on those sore cheeks.” Jenny smiled contently and snuggled into Maryam’s side.

        Later that same day, Maryam requested Jenny go outside and check the mailbox. One of many menial tasks she was asked to do since moving in and was happy to help. Dressed in comfortable sweats and a pair of running shoes, Jenny opened the front door. Immediately panic ripped through her body, and she stood frozen to the spot. Directly in front of her was her estranged husband looking smug and powerful.

         Maryam watched as the girl’s body stiffened and became alert. Although she couldn’t see who was on the other side of the door, she knew Jenny was in trouble. Grabbing a knife from the kitchen drawer, Maryam slowly eased up behind Jenny and took stock of the intruder. “Who are you? And what do you want?” Maryam said while pulling the girl back away from the door.

        The intruder stared straight at Jenny and said. “I’ve come to retrieve my wife.”

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