Red Bottom Brats

The invite read Holiday Party with a White elephant gift exchange. Each guest, not each couple, must bring a wrapped and anonymous item from around your house. Anonymous even to your partner. It can be a re-gift or something you want to get rid of with a price range of ten dollars. Now that was intriguing; she let her mind trace the house’s rooms. She thought of at least one item she liked to re-gift in each room.

But strangely, her focus landed on the bedroom closet. Not the entire wardrobe, more like the collection of implements her girlfriend insisted on collecting. Sally was a diehard spanko who began collecting implements even before she had a bottom to spank and had amassed a vast collection. The invitation did say something you wanted to give away. Deirdre thought hard about how to get away with putting one of the most stingy items into the mix.

Of course, since the party was in two weeks, she had plenty of time to decide. Many ideas flooded Deirdre’s brain, each more exciting than the next. But that evening, Deirdre was surprised by her girlfriend’s lack of response after seeing the invitation. Usually, after receiving an invite, Sally would be as thrilled, and they’d talk and reminisce about past good times.

“What’s wrong?” Deirdre asked nervously, “Sally?”

Seeing the worried look, Sally pulled the girl in for a hug, “no babe, I’m just tired. Busy day.” then she added, “Is there a reason you appear guilty?” yawning, “you may have to wait until morning for me to deal with naughty behavior.”

“Naughty what? Me?” Deirdre giggled, “but seriously; I was only worried. How about I run you a nice warm bath?” after a quick peck on the lips, “I’ll get you all clean, then I’m tucking you in bed.”  

“Hmm, maybe I have the strength to put you over my knee. It sounds like you forget who’s in charge around here.” Sally tried to sound stern, but another yawn crept to her lips.

Smiling slyly, Deirdre proceeded to pull Sally along. “Yes, ma’am, come along, boss lady.” Sally rolled her eyes silently, vowing to bring color to this girl’s bottom just as soon as she had the energy. As the tub filled, Deirdre was faithful to her word and guided Sally’s clothing removal and bathing. Then once she had her nice and clean, she dried, then led her to their bed, lifting the nightshirt over her head. Sally was asleep even before Deirdre had her covered.

The following morning Sally woke rejuvenated. She saw the party invitation in the kitchen as she reached for the coffee switch. She took the letter with her to the bedroom; then, after placing it on the nightstand, Sally seated herself with her back against the headboard. Once she was situated, Sally pulled the sleeping girl up and over her lap.

Groggy protests filled the room, “Nooo! Please, I’ve been good.”

The first swat landed sharply, causing Deirdre to wake fully, “Hmm, Who’s the boss?”

“Stop!” Deirdre screeched

Swat, swat, “wrong answer.” Sally continued, “ooh, look at the lovely shade of pink; I prefer red; it’s so much nicer.” Swat, swat, swat. She made sure to give both cheeks attention.

“You’re the boss! Sally, please.”

Sally chuckled as she snagged Deirdre’s hand and held it to her lower back. “Oh, my naughty little girl, you know better than to reach back.” another round of swats landed before Sally rested her hand on hot cheeks. “Let’s try this again; who’s the boss?”

”You are! You’re the boss! Always!” Deirdre tried looking back, but she was locked in place.

Now satisfied, Sally helped the girl up and onto her lap. “That’s my good girl.”

Deirdre hissed, then tucked her face into Sally’s neck. She mumbled, “That was mean.” her hand reached back and carefully tried to rub the sting away. She was quickly distracted when she spotted the invitation on the nightstand. “Oooh, Did you read it? We can go, right?” she said, trying to reach the paper.

“Yes, of course, we can go.” Sally picked up the letter, “Anonymous gift giving.” Deirdre‘s sly smile was all she needed to know. “What is my brat planning?”

“I’m not planning anything.” she tried innocence, but Sally saw right through the act.

“Hmm, Do I need to continue this lesson?” Sally asked.

Scrambling to escape, Deirdre took advantage of Sally’s loose grip and fled to the bathroom. She quickly admired the bright red on her cheeks before jumping into the lukewarm shower. There was no way she could handle hot water touching her sore backside. Sally set a breakfast plate on the table just as Deirdre entered the kitchen. Although she knew the answer, Deidre asked anyway. “Can I stand and eat?”

“Sit, eat; I’ve got to go, or I’ll be late.” once Deirdre lowered herself onto the hardwood, Sally kissed her forehead, picked up her briefcase, and was out the door. Although tempted to stand and eat, she didn’t dare. A text popped up a few minutes later: “Thanks for taking care of me last night; love you.”

Deirdre, showing off her new dress, excitedly spun around in front of Sally, “How do I look?”

Sally looked up as she was buttoning her blouse and let a deep throaty growl escape. “Babe,” was all she could get out as she stopped what she was doing and stepped toward her girl. “Maybe we should stay home?” The tone was sexy, but when their lips met, that was hot.

Deirdre forced herself to pull away before she melted from the heat. “Back up, Boss lady,” she put her hand up, lightly pushing Sally away. “Party first, then.” Sally’s eyes smoldered, burning what little willpower she had left. Luckily Deirdre made her escape to the bathroom; pressing a cold washcloth to her neck, she heard a chuckle from the other room.

By the time Deirdre had loaded the car to the kitchen, Sally had the car. She teased, “what took you so long?”

“I can’t imagine.” She replied while rolling her eyes.

On the drive over, Sally turned down the Christmas music and preceded to surprise Deirdre, “There is something you need to know before we arrive.” Curious, Deirdre listened carefully, “Me and my fellow Tops have decided.” Already Deirdre had a sinking feeling. “Anyone using this party to be rid of an implement, will be spanked by the recipient using said tool.” Sally added, “If you’re involved, expect a chat when we get home.”

Deirdre was momentarily speechless, “What?” Trying to think quickly, she said, “I think I’m going to be sick. Maybe we should go home?” Her hand rested on her now-roiling belly.

As they pulled up to the brightly lit house, the Christmas lights did little to distract the butterflies from swirling in Deirdre’s belly. “Sally?” Nerves threatened to overwhelm the party she was looking forward to; she now appeared to be dreading.

Sally looked toward the passenger seat and saw her girl nervously looking back. “Babe,” She said,  reaching for the girl’s hand. “You know I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, right?” Deirdre nodded as Sally squeezed her hand for reassurance. “Come on, my naughty girl, let’s enjoy the party.”

Deirdre had just unfastened her seatbelt when her door was flung open by a fellow brat Chrissy. “Oh Dee, Merry Christmas!” While they hugged, Chrissy whispered loudly. “Are you ready for this? I think we’re in for quite an adventure tonight.” 

Before Deirdre could answer, Chrissy’s girlfriend Jenny called, “Little girl, come here and help carry everything. You’ll have plenty of time to scheme once we get inside.”

“Coming!” Chrissy called out before squeezing Deirdre one more time.

The noise of laughter and chatter filled the house, and immediately Chrissy and Deirdre were pulled into the next room. All eyes looked up as the brats gathered away from their Tops. Tiffany, Callie, Cassie, Patsy, and Donna were all hoping tonight’s plan wouldn’t get them in too much trouble. A suggestion was made to confess right away and maybe avoid consequences. In the end, they knew their fate was sealed, so when they were called to join the party, they all retreated to their partner’s side.

Tiffany made her way to the kitchen, and her wife, Mandy. “Can I help with anything?” She was still a little miffed at her and the other Tops but decided not to let them spoil her night.

“Oh, Hi, sweetheart. Can you take this in and pass it around?” Mandy said as she handed over a plate of mini quiches. Seeing the girl reach for one, she warned, “be careful. They’re hot.”

Once everyone had a drink and enough food to hold them over until the meal, Mandy clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention, “This year, let’s open the gifts first.” The Tops agreed enthusiastically while the brats groaned.

Mandy had each person pick a number from a bowl, and in a separate bowl were all the same numbers. She then explained. “When your number is called, you can choose a gift from under the tree or steal from someone.” Midway through the game, the Tops became suspicious; by now, there should have been a discovery of at least one implement. Each time a brat would go, they’d choose to steal, but then there was another gift opened and nothing.

When Sally’s number was called, she knew they had been played. She unwrapped a box containing a super soft pillow, causing the room to explode with laughter. Sally eyed Deirdre suspiciously; the girl fidgeted a little under the scrutiny but was looking smug at the same time. She glanced around the room and noticed the same expression on all the brats but decided to wait until the game was over to call them out.

After they deposited the torn wrapping paper into a trash bag, Mandy sat next to Tiffany, one arm around the girl and a hand holding the bag. She announced to the gathering, “Ladies, I believe we’ve been tricked.”

In unison, the brats responded. “Oh no.”

  Donna and Chrissy both cried, “we didn’t do anything wrong.” Sherry, Donna’s girlfriend, and Jenny just shook their heads.

   Cassie stared at her wife, Amber, “come on; you can’t be mad just because we went along with your theory.”

    Patsy twisted her fingers into knots, trying to avoid Darla’s gaze. She often got in trouble but not at a party, never in front of others.

      Callie just giggled; she was the most mischievous of all the brats. Karen, her girlfriend, shook her head and laughed.    

An idea popped into Mandy’s head, then after making eye contact with each of the tops said. “Well, ladies, we should start a new party game.” to Tiffany; it seemed like Mandy barely moved when she was upended over her wife’s lap. Let’s call it “Red Bottom Brat.” she said cheerily while looking around at all the upended women; Mandy smiled then asked, “Sally, would you set your phone’s timer for sixty seconds, please.”

For the next minute, swats landed fast and furious. A cacophony of howls drowned out the Christmas music, then abruptly, the game ended. The brats struggled to get up and began rubbing and dancing away the sting. Mandy laughed, “oh, this game includes a red bottom dance.” she clapped, enjoying the show. Then each Top embraced their partner, vowing to play Red Bottom Brat every year.

On the way home, Sally glanced over at Deirdre, whose eyes were closed and lips smiling. “My naughty girl,” she whispered, thinking the girl was asleep.

“I’m not naughty,” Deirdre said without opening her eyes.

“Oh, well, I plan on spanking you anyway when we get home?” Sally said casually while staring straight ahead.

Deirdre sat upright, “That’s not fair. I’ve been good.” she looked closer and saw Sally was only playing. “Hmm, I might have been a little naughty.”

6 replies on “Red Bottom Brats”

I love a White Elephant gift exchange! It’s my favorite part of our family Xmas party. Of course, I would never ever give away any of my implements! 😱 😆 Trust a brat to think of that! Good thing tops are always one step ahead. 😈

Thanks for participating this year and sharing your fun story with us, Patti! Happy Holidays! 🙌🎄


Thank you, Alyx. Merry Christmas to you too.
I am so happy you host the holiday exchange. Knowing there is a new story to read when I get home from work is like opening a gift.
We attended a couple holiday parties this year with a White Elephant gift exchange. Each one had a different take on the game, but they were a lot of fun.


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