Join the team

  Leaning in to kiss her girlfriend Sarah softly, Leana whispered goodbye before quietly grabbing her gym bag and leaving. She liked the routine of working out before work. It gave her energy and a sense of well being. She belonged to the same gym for nearly ten years and diligently worked out for an hour each morning. She felt lucky to have a place convenient to home and only a few minutes from her office. Although she enjoyed her daily routine, lately, she thought a little variety would be nice.

 After she checked in at the front desk, she passed the bulletin board, slowing down as she spotted a flyer that piqued her interest. The brochure said the local women’s volleyball team was looking for an assistant coach. Curiosity had her jotting the number down. She decided to call from work on her first break. A wonderful feeling of excitement had her smiling as she went on with her work out.

     As her body glided along on the machine, she remembered how much fun she had in college playing volleyball, and that memory reminded her had just how much she missed it. A large part of what Leana liked about being on a team was the camaraderie that came with it. In college, she gravitated to the role of team captain. Being an assistant coach was perfect as she thrived on being the one in charge.

       Her arms and legs moved in stride on the elliptical. Her mind was thinking of all the possible ways to make this work. She imagined practice being after work and hoped the games would be on the weekends. If a few were during the week, she could probably swing it. Working full time in the office, she had accumulated plenty of vacation days. Taking an extra day here and there shouldn’t be a problem.

   Excitedly Leana punched in the number as soon as she was able to take a break. Tammy, the team’s head coach, was the one who answered. Leana knew right away that this is what she wanted and agreed on a time to meet for an interview. The schedule was similar to what she imagined, with a few away games. Leana had wished for something new, and this was sounding promising.

     Tonight when she returned home, she would discuss the details with Sarah. Leana couldn’t imagine Sarah having any issues, but she’d check anyway. If she took this position, the hardest part would time away from each other, and right now, that was at a premium. Lately, Sarah’s job had been hectic. She had to work a tremendous amount of overtime covering odd shifts, but that wouldn’t last. Once they could hire and train more people, she would go back to her regular schedule.

      Being very supportive of her partner and her job, Leana had no problems with the overtime. However, she was starting to feel at loose ends with herself. Ever since they started dating, they were inseparable. Now with Sarah’s busy schedule, Leana had a lot of time on her hands. She thought this would be a great time to try something new. So when she passed the bulletin board and saw the flyer, she took note.

      That evening over dinner, Leana brought up the subject. She explained the team’s schedule, the practice times, games, and even the out of town games. Sarah wasn’t happy about losing time together, but she was excited for Leana. She knew how much she would enjoy coaching and wished she could join the team and Leana. Unfortunately, right now, she just didn’t have enough free time.

     After meeting with the head coach, Leana decided to take the assistant coach position. It didn’t pay much, but that wasn’t why she wanted to do it anyway. The schedule was pretty straightforward, three practices a week, a game most weekends. Almost all the games were close enough they would be home the same night. However, there were a few that would require overnight or a weekend stay.

      Luckily, she only had to take four personal days from work. The games days lined up pretty well with her schedule. The excitement of a new challenge gave her more energy. Her days seemed to fly by in anticipation of the next practice or game. The head coach and team members were a great group of women.

       As time went on, Sarah’s schedule lightened up, overtime was no longer required, and now she was back to her regular schedule. She was missing Leana. She didn’t begrudge her the team, but she did miss being together. Then inspiration hit. She should join the group. She would now have to convince Leana of this great idea. Wanting to do it right, she would make a nice dinner and have it waiting for Leana when she arrived home. Maybe a little romance to get Leana in a more agreeable mood. She wasn’t sure if Leana would want her to join the volleyball team. But the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to be on the team.

     Setting the table with a little extra care, she had candles and a nice bottle of wine. Hearing the car pull up, she hurried to meet Leana as she came through the door. She smiled as Leana was walking up to her. Without warning flinging her arms around her and enveloping her in a big welcome home hug. With enthusiasm, their lips meet with a smoldering kiss.

     Breaking apart, Leana looked down into Sarah eyes. “I love the way you greet me. Is there something special going on? Or are you in trouble?” Leana teasingly raised an eyebrow as she asked that last question.

      Sarah, a little hurt, pouted at Leana’s suggestion. “Leana, why would you think I was in trouble? Can’t I meet my girlfriend at the door when she arrives home? Why must you always assume I did something wrong?” 

      Leana surprised that Sarah took offense at her joking. “Sarah, baby, I’m sorry I was teasing. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Do you forgive me, Sweetheart?”

      Sarah smiled back at Leana. “Of course I do. To answer your question, no, I’m not in trouble, and it’s not a special occasion. I do, however, have something I want to discuss. Why don’t you change and meet me in the kitchen? I have a nice dinner waiting.”

      Leana was curious as to what was going on, so she quickly did as instructed. Now comfortably out of her work clothes, she returned to Sarah. Pausing before entering the kitchen, she noticed the table set with candles and a bottle of wine. Sarah was taking baked potatoes out of the oven. The kitchen’s aroma was terrific, steak, baked potatoes, and a bottle of red wine, one of her favorite meals.

      Leana knew Sarah well enough to realize she wanted something. Usually, when she went to this much trouble, it was something big. Bracing herself, Leana proceeded further into the kitchen. “Mmm, it smells wonderful, Sarah. You’ve gone to a lot of trouble for tonight. I can only wonder what this is all about.”

      Not missing a beat, Sarah happily replied, “All in due time, my dear. Please sit, pour the wine, I’ll bring our plates over.”

      Once again, doing as instructed, she poured them each a glass of wine. She could wait until Sarah was ready. Knowing her girlfriend, she couldn’t hold out long. It must be important if all these preparations were needed. Leana took a small sip of her wine. Not sure what was coming, she wanted to keep her wits about her.

      Eying Sarah, Leana asked, “This is very nice, Sarah. I must admit I’m just a little curious. What is going on? What’s with the fancy dinner?”

       Sarah bit her lip, unsure how to ask, “Leana, I do have a question, I mean, um well, a request. I was hoping I could join the volleyball team?” There she said it.

      Leana wasn’t expecting that, so it took her a few moments to respond. “Wow, I didn’t know you wanted to play.”

       Sarah continued thinking Leana was about to say no, “Leana, please hear me out before you say no. I want to join the volleyball team to be with you. I miss you. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time together anymore. It would be so much fun being on the team with you.”

       Leana wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. Sarah could be a little temperamental when she did not get her way. But before she would say yes, she had to remind Sarah. “Sarah, you know I’m the assistant coach, and you would not get special treatment. You would have to follow the rules just like everyone else, even more so.”

       Sarah smiled, realizing Leana might say yes. “Oh, Leana, of course, I will. You won’t have any problem with me. I will follow all the rules. I promise Leana.”

       Leana had her doubts about that. Sarah had trouble following the rules they had in place at home, but she would agree to give this a try. It would be nice to spend more time with Sarah. What a great way of doing something together and something they both enjoyed. Sarah’s job was very flexible now that it slowed down again, so this would not be a problem. 

      Leana agreed to a temporary trial. Okay, Sarah, we will give this a try. But I’m telling you if you do not behave there will be consequences. You do realize that rightSweetheartrt?”

      Blushing, Sarah said, “of course, Leana, this is going to be so much fun.” Sarah got up and gave her girlfriend a great big hug.

    Everything was going fine, then slowly, Sarah started showing up a little late. Then she would show up not quite ready to practice. One day she was running late and still had to change. ”Leana, I forgot a T-shirt. Do you have an extra?”

     Handing over an extra shirt, Leana admonished. ”Sarah, you know better. You are supposed to come prepared.” Leana was getting a little more irritated each time Sarah would pull a stupid stunt.

     One morning on her way to work, Leana warned. “Sarah, do not show up late tonight. And you had better be ready for practice! The team does not want to wait for you.”

      Sarah, not comprehending the severity of Leana’s annoyance, grumbled. “Geez Leana, I was only late a couple of times. What is the big deal anyway?”

      Snapping back, Leana said, “The big deal is, everyone else is considerate enough to be on time. Nobody wants to be delayed by your selfishness. I am telling you, DO NOT BE LATE!” The last said with eyes piercing into Sarah. 

      Okay, fine,” Sarah huffed.

       Leana shook her head at Sarah’s answer. Hearing the attitude from Sarah, she knew it was only a matter of time. Sarah would probably be learning the lesson the hard way. Leana warned Sarah; now, the rest was up to her.

    When Leana checked her watch, it was 6:05. To her dismay, Sarah was already 5 minutes late. It was another five minutes when she finally arrived. Leana was livid. Sarah tried to give some ridiculous excuses, ”Leana, the traffic was crazy, and please don’t get me started on the parking.” None of which Leana accepted.

    With gritted teeth, Leana spits out. “That is enough with excuses. Go start running with the others. We will talk at home!”

       Repeating her excuses with a whinny stomp of her foot. “But Leana! Seriously, the traffic was horrible.” 

     Sternly Leana snapped through gritted teeth. “Either you go start practice, or you can go home now and wait for me with your nose in the corner.” Leana had no problem administering a correction whenever Sarah stepped out of line.

     Sarah decided it would be in her best interest to run with the others. Her stomach was churning at Leana’s tone. Her mind raced with ways to calm Leana. She knew she pushed too far this time. Leana was not happy, and that was not good for her bottom.

     After practice, the team was going to the local pub for a few drinks. Sarah asked Leana if she wanted to join the rest of the volleyball team. “Leana, everyone is meeting an O’Shea for drinks. Do you want to join us?” She purposely forgot how the practice started and the trouble she brought upon herself.

      Leana responded, “No, Sarah, You and I are going straight home today. We have a few things to discuss.”

      Not willing to give in, Sarah pushed a little harder, “Leana, the whole team is going. I want to go too!” Sarah continued to whine.

      Leana was very close to losing her composure. “Sarah, this is not up for debate. We are going home!” Leana said sternly.

     Trying one last whiny plea. “Leana, Please, I want to go with everyone!”

     That last was said with a little foot stomp, causing Leana’s quick response. “ONE!” With that one word, Sarah knew she was getting herself in more trouble than she wanted.

    Pouting yet again, Sarah grumbled, okay, fine. I’ll tell them we can’t go.”

   But before she could walk away. Leana grabbed her arm, getting Sarah’s undivided attention. She said, “Enough with the attitude, little girl! You know better than to act up.”

     Finally realizing she crossed way over the line, Sarah meekly said. “yes ma, am.”

     Leana added, Okay, then straight home.”.

     Shoulders slumping in defeat, Sarah confirmed, “yes ma, am.”

     Reaching the house at the same time, Leana gave Sarah instructions. “Go put your things away, take a shower, then find your corner. I want to get this over with before dinner.”

     A miserable Sarah replied yet again with, “yes ma, am,” as she slowly walked to the front door.

     While Sarah was showering, Leana going to the kitchen to start dinner. She put the casserole in the oven and set it. She then heard the water turn off. Sarah finished with her shower. She went to shower herself. On her way, she saw Sarah in the corner, smiled to herself, glad she was following instructions.


     Standing in the corner, Sarah was trying to listen for signs of what Leana was doing. She was getting antsy just waiting as time seemed to drag. But as soon as she heard the shower turn off, she quickly straightened her posture. Nervously anticipating the next step, a chill went up to her spine, and butterflies began somersaulting in her belly. She was tempted to turn around but too scared to chance a glance.

     Hearing Leana’s soft steps moving behind her, the distinct sound of drawers opening and closing. She figured Leana was choosing and implement, listening harder, trying to figure out which one. As time passed, she both yearned for Leana’s touch yet dreaded it at the same time. She knew once her punishment was over, everything would be alright again.

     Finally, Leana called her over. “Sarah, come here; please,” slowly, Sarah turned around and walked over to Leana. She was looking down nervously, hands trembling. Leana took hold of Sarah’s hands and said: “Look at me, little girl.”

      Sarah slowly raised her eyes to look into Leana’s beautiful brown eyes.

      Leana asked, “Tell me, sweetheart, Why are you here standing in front of me about to get your bottom spanked?”

      She stuttered, “B-because I was late when you told me not to be.”

     Leana pushed Sarah to continue, Okay, please tell me what else happened?”

     Sarah sniffled as she said, “I got mad because I couldn’t go to the pub. I’m sorry, Leana.”

     Leana said, “Sarah, baby, I understand that you are sorry. I am too. Let us take care of this so we can have a nice dinner. Let’s get those PJs down and over you go.” 

     Sarah determined to show she was cooperating, pulled her PJs and panties down. Then without further prompting, placed herself over Leana’s muscular thighs. Leana, intent on instilling a firm lesson, began right away. She landed swat after swat to warm up Sarah’s tender behind. 

      Sarah squirmed. She kicked her legs as the swats got harder. “Owwie!! Leana, not so hard. it hurts Leana Ow Ow, please please stop.” Tears landed on the floor as she cried, “No, Leana, nooooo more pleeease.”

      She tried to reaching back to cover her bottom with her hand. “Sarah, move that hand NOW! You know better than to reach back.” Sarah whimpered but pulled her hand back. Leana landed several very painful swats to her thighs for the slip-up.

      She knew better than to test her dominant girlfriend, especially when she was in this position. Sarah grabbed hold of the comforter to keep from reaching back again. Leana finished up with ten very hard swats with the hairbrush. Each one brought a howl of pain from Sarah.

       Leana, who had a little more lecture to give, said. “Little girl, you had better start following the rules. I do not want to have this conversation again. But if we do, I may have to use the belt. Do you understand what I am saying?” 

       Trying to answer through sobs and hiccups, Sarah said, “Yes, Leeeana, I’m soooo sorry.” Gasping out the final. “It won’t happen again.”

      Leana had her doubts but didn’t voice her opinion. She was rubbing Sarah’s back while simultaneously whispering reassurances to Sarah. Once Sarah calmed down a little, Leana lifted her to sit in her lap. Sarah hissed at the contact but cuddled into Leana’s strong arms.

      Sarah whispered, “I’m sorry, Leana, I’ll do better.” it was a sincere promise.

      Leana agreed, “I know baby, I know you will” After about 15 minutes of cuddling, Leana said, “Dinner should be ready. Let’s go check,” she added, “Grab a cushion, sweetie.”

      Surprised Leana would allow her to use a cushion, Sarah hurried to comply, Okay Leana.” 

      Sarah’s behavior had improved considerably over the next month. She had come to practice prepared and on time. Leana was impressed, and it seemed she was finally taking the rules seriously. The team was on a winning streak, and everyone was excited about the upcoming championship games.

       Next week they were heading to Phoenix; all of the details were already arranged. Leana sat Sarah down for a lengthy discussion. “Sarah, I know you have been terrific lately. I do appreciate your making an effort and behaving. I also want you to understand what is expected of you for this trip.” 

    Sarah liked the praise but was annoyed at Leana’s lecture. “Leana, I get it. You do not have to remind me.” Sarah huffed that last bit out.

     Leana was not impressed, “Sarah, attitude. I’m letting you know, if you earn a spanking, being away won’t stop you from getting one.” Seeing the annoyed look on Sarah’s face, Leana continued, “Sarah, do we need to discuss this with you over my knee?”

      Sarah jumped up, “Um, No, Leana, I get it. I’ll behave. There is no need for that.”

      Leana smiled as she reached for Sarah and pulled her onto her lap. Sweetheart, I’m glad to hear it. It is going to be such a fun weekend.” She hugged Sarah close, kissing her on the forehead, “Don’t forget to pack your bathing suit. Phoenix is hot, especially this time of year.”

      Sarah brightened up at the change of subject, “I can’t wait. I’m bringing my new bikini. You are going to love it, Leana. Maybe I should try it on for you?” Wiggling off Leana’s lap, “or maybe I should surprise you? Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.” She ran off, giggling as Leana tried to grab hold and swat her bottom.

    The team arrived by bus for the volleyball championships. It was a long drive, made even longer by the air conditioning quitting two hours before they arrived. The temperature was in the triple digits. It might have been average for Phoenix, but for the team, it was far from ordinary. It was sticky and sweltering, and everyone was on edge.

     They had been stuck on a bus for hours with the windows open and hot air blowing. On top of that, they were running late, having to make a few extra stops to cool down. There was no time to hit the pool as they had hoped. The first game was in 2 hours, and they still had to get to the venue. The entire team was instructed to go to their rooms, deposit bags, change and return to the bus within 30 minutes. 

      Everyone seemed to be able to follow directions except for one member. Sarah, the same one who was always late. This time she had everyone waiting ten minutes. Leana was losing her battle with her temper. Just when she was ready to leave without her, Sarah came strolling down.

    This behavior was unacceptable and was not good for the team’s morale. It had been a fierce drive. So far, most everyone was handling it well. Just leave it to Sarah to start acting up. There just wasn’t enough time to properly deal with her. That would have to wait until they got back to their room.

    Leana looked at Sarah said furiously, “You young lady, are benched! One more late, and you won’t play at all!”

     “Ah! Leana, you can’t. It’s not fair…you can’t bench me!” Whined Sarah.

     Leana took Sarah aside and gave her a warning, “Sarah, if you keep up the attitude, your being benched won’t be your only problem. Sitting while being benched will be. Do you understand, young lady!”

     Sarah being Sarah, took the warning lightly. She stomped away in a huff.

     Leana’s palm itched as she thought. “Oh my, We will fix this attitude problem when we get back from the game.” Shaking her head in amazement, ”Little girl, we will see how smug you are across my lap.”

      The team was winning, which had Sarah whining quite a bit. She was upset about not being allowed to play. Sarah was complaining loudly about being benched. She was acting very immature as she made her feelings known to everyone.

      At one point, Leana pinned Sarah with a look that would have stopped anyone else in their tracks. Sarah didn’t seem to take that as a warning. She was barely paying her any attention. She was so absorbed in feeling sorry for herself. She kept up her comments and bad attitude.

      The team ended up winning without Sarah playing. Whether or not she played tomorrow, only time would tell. Right now, her chances weren’t looking good. It appeared that Sarah was oblivious to the trouble she was facing.

     Returning to the hotel, everyone went to change into bathing suits. The excitement of winning the game, plus the anticipation of the water, had everyone hurrying. Leana followed Sarah back to the room they shared. Sarah is still pouting and grumbling about not playing.

     Once they were inside with the door closed, Leana said in a very stern voice, “Corner NOW!!”     

     Sarah did not understand how much trouble she was in for “What? I thought we were going swimming?” She stuttered out.

     Leana countered, “You, my dear, are not going swimming. Not after the way you acted today. Your behavior was very childish. Corner Now!!” When Sarah did not budge, she added, “ONE!!”

      Sarah knew once Leana started counting, she was in real trouble. And if Leana got to three, it would not be good for her cause. She went to the nearest corner, put her nose in it. She tried to stand as still as possible. Moving while standing in the corner was not tolerated; she had learned that the hard way.

    As she stood there going over the day in her head. She thought about how rude she had been. Then, she was surprised. She started to realize how many warnings she received “oh boy, am I ever in trouble,” she thought as tears began to flow.

      Leana let her stand there for about 10 minutes before calling her over. “Sarah, come here please” Sarah slowly turned toward Leana, with head bowed, she slowly made her way across the room. “Sarah, please look at me.” Once Sarah met her eyes, Leana continued.OkayOSweetheartrt, Please tell me, why are you standing here about to get a spanking?”

       Finally feeling remorse for acting so horribly, Sarah cried out. “Because I was late and rude. I’m sorry Leana, I was just hot and tired. Please, don’t spank me, Leana, please!” She begged, knowing full well that a spanking was inevitable once she was standing here in front of Leana.

      Leana had no intention of giving in. Sarah earned every swat coming her way. She began to lecture. “Sarah, you know you can’t take advantage of me just because we are together. I will not tolerate that kind of disrespect to me or the team. When we are out, you will behave properly. Is that understood?” She continued, “You are lucky I didn’t drag you off to the women’s restroom for a little chat.”

     “yes, ma’am,” came the meek reply.

       As she continues, Leana tapped her thighs. “Pants down now and get across my lap. We are going to make sure you understand.”

      Slowly pulling her pants down, Sarah said, “I do understand Leana, it’s unnecessary.”

      Leana’s delay was to let out a growl like a response, which had Sarah practically diving across Leana’s lap. Sarah didn’t want to add to the punishment she already had coming. Getting Leana madder would not work in her favor.

      Once Sarah was in place, Leana began to spank Sarah’s naughty little behind. After about two or three minutes of hard spanking, she tilted Sarah face up to look at her. “Is it getting through to you yet? Are you going to be late and disrespectful again?”

    “Yes, yes, yes it is .. please stop, Leana. I’ve learned my lesson ..please stop Leana, I will be better, I promise.” Sarah cried in vain because Leana picked up the hairbrush and began to light a fire to her already sore bottom.

      “Well, we have more to go, so let’s finish this up. I expect your behavior to improve 100 percent, young lady.” Leana said as she brought the hairbrush down over and over again. 

     Leana spanked Sarah’s bottom until it was very red. Then, she added the same color to the tops of her thighs. Sarah was crying, kicking, and yelling for her to stop. When finally, all the fight left her, and she lay limp over Leana’s lap. Leana kept spanking for another full minute before she felt certain Sarah had a change in her behavior.

      Finally, Leana stopped the spanking, and Sarah just lay over Leana’s lap sobbing with Leana rubbing her back. “Sarah baby, it’s over, it’s gonna be okay sweetheart, everything is going to be okay baby.”

      As Sarah’s sobs slowed to hiccups and whimpers, Leana reached down and pulled Sarah up and onto her lap. Sarah cried out as her very sore bottom made contact with Leana’s lap. She held tightly on to Leana like she always did after a spanking. She was seeking some reassurance from her girlfriend. Leana hugged her little girl and rubbed her back while murmuring soft words from her heart in her ear. 

     After a while, Leana said. Okay, baby, why don’t you put your bathing suit on? We can take a quick dip before dinner.” 

     Sarah wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. What if her friends noticed her red bottom. Then she remembered she brought a pair of board shorts. It would look weird but not a bad as her red bottom and thighs. Maybe nobody would ask embarrassing questions. She went to get dressed.

      Leana and Sarah held hands as they made their way to meet the others at the pool. Once they made it to the pool, Sarah gave Leana a big kiss and hug. Then she ran and jumped into the water. Leana smiled, thinking everything was going to be okay. Her girl was back on track, at least for now anyway.

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