Busted by a ring camera

      Ok I know I shouldn’t do this but seriously how often does Tabitha turn 40? Tonight Kalie works until eleven so I’m sure I can make an appearance at the party and be home before Kalie is the wiser. Ugh, If any of my friends knew I was grounded, I’d be so embarrassed. I have to be there. Especially since busybody Noelle heard Kalie Reprimanding me the other day.

      Omg, the party was amazing, I almost ignored the alarm I set to go home. Luckily I made it home thirty minutes before Kalie was due to arrive. I quickly ran up to my room shoved my party clothes to the bottom of the hamper then took a super fast shower. By the time Kalie came through the front door I was casually sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

      I heard the keys jingle as she hung them on the hook by the door. She went about her usual routine, placing her briefcase next the the side table and her shoes in the hall closet before making her way over to greet me. Sitting next to me on the sofa Kalie snuggled up close, “Hmm, you smell good.” She lightly kissed my neck. I was ready to forget the movie until she said, “How was your night?”

        Although the question was innocent, I felt a lump form in my throat. If I told the truth I would be in big trouble but if I lied and she found out, ugh, I don’t even want to think of the trouble. So I tried to be as vague as possible at the same time trying to turn the spotlight back to Kalie. “oh, I had a good night. How about you? How was work?”

       “You know how it is, work is work. Tell me about your evening. Have you been watching movies all night? Did you see anything I’d like?”

       Kalie’s questions were so casual, I almost forgot to think before I spoke. In all honesty this technique, whether on purpose or not, has tripped me up on more than one occasion. Tonight I’ll try not to let that happen. “Let’s see I’ve mostly been flipping channels, between sitcom, hdtv, reality. This is the only movie I’ve cared to watch.”

         Everything seemed fine until Kalie began to rise and said. “Alright little one, I’m going to get changed. While I’m doing that, start thinking about why our ring cam shows you coming home thirty minutes ago.” I felt my stomach turn as I sat staring up at Kalie. She stared back I’m sure savoring her gotcha moment before placing a kiss on my forehead. “Yeah that’s what I thought, Moana, I believe the corner would be a good place to do all that thinking.”

         I had no choice, I was busted and by a doorbell camera. How could I have forgotten about that noisy little contraptions. I can’t even count how often that thing goes off. Since I was truly busted I decided I’d better play along. “Yes ma’am.” I got up and slowly made my way to the only empty corner in the room. Once there I lowered my pajama shorts along with my panties, then touched my nose to where the walls met.

        It didn’t take long before I heard sounds of Kalie returning. Unfortunately, she decided to make me wait a good twenty minutes more before she called me too come over. “Moana, come here please.” Her sharp tone made me jump. I turned with my head down and made my way to my wife, careful to not trip on my shorts. I chanced several quick glances at my wife’s face only to be greeted by a stern look before quickly looking back down. The carpeted floor seemed less scary right now.

        I stopped directly in front of Kalie. Although I tried to keep my eyes down, my nerves couldn’t take Kalie’s silence. Finally I looked up and burst into tears, Kalie pulled me onto her lap and wrapped me in her embrace. She let me stay that way until my tears dried and I was ready to talk. “Ok little one, I believe it’s time you talk.”

        This time I couldn’t make eye contact, so I sat staring blankly at my fingers. “I’m sorry Kalie, I snuck out so I could go to Tabitha’s birthday party. I know I wasn’t supposed to but it’s her fortieth.” Although I was looking down I still squirmed under her gaze. I knew what I’d see if I looked up into her beautiful but stern eyes. “I am sorry.”

       “Hmm,” Kalie began while lifting up and helping me stand. “Yes, I’m sure you are sorry, now that you’ve been caught.” As I tried to keep my gaze down I felt her fingers grip my chin. “Little girl, look at me!” She snapped as my eyes wandered, then seeing her expression a whimper escaped and I almost crumbled. “I have half a mind to not spank you.” at my shocked expression she continued. “Apparently, rules don’t apply to you. You’ve only been on restriction for less than a week.” She paused, “please tell me why you were grounded in the first place?”

         I tried to clear my throat and still my voice croaked, “I went out after work and didn’t let you know.” She pushed, “I, um, forgot to turn my phone on.”

         Raising an eyebrow Kalie said, “yes and when I couldn’t reach you, I panicked.” To my shame Kalie’s eyes filled with tears.

         My voice was pleading I whispered, “Kalie!” Oh, Kalie, please,” my heart was breaking to have caused my wife so much pain. I started to apologize but quickly realized that was not good enough. “I’m sorr…” shaking my head I said, “ How do I fix this?” “Please, what can I do?” My eyes searched desperately than I fell to my knees in front of her, ready to beg for forgiveness.

        Kalie wiped away tears that escaped. “Moana Are you wanting to change the dynamic of our relationship? Are the rules too much? Is it the spanking? Do you want to try a vanilla relationship?”

         Her sincerity was overwhelming. I felt horrible. I caused my wife, the love of my life, my backbone, my soul, to doubt an important part of our relationship. Words and tears came sputtering out. “No, no, Kalie please, I don’t want to change anything.” I dragged the back of my hand over my wet cheeks. “I just screwed up! I didn’t mean to hurt you” Kalie quietly watched me as I desperately searched her face. “Kalie?”

         After several excruciating seconds, Kalie finally spoke. “Moana, I hope you realize what you’re saying because if we keep things the way they are, you my dear are in for the spanking of your life.” I nodded. “Tomorrow, you and I are going to have a long and apparently much overdo discussion.”

         I grabbed onto the small sliver of hope, I would take any amount of spanking from Kalie if it eased the hurt I caused. “Kalie, anything, I’ll do anything. I just need you to forgive me.” My heart was racing as I waited for Kalie to speak.

          It felt like hours, but was most likely only a few minutes before Kalie spoke. “Moana Renee. It’s late so blow your nose then climb over.” Kalie tapped her lap on the odd chance I didn’t know where to climb over. “Tonight I’ll give you a taste of what’s on tomorrow’s agenda.” Later in bed my mind would replay those words but right now I needed to feel Kalie’s firm hand and the security of being over her lap.

         The spanking came on fast and hard, there was no warm up and my poor cheeks were on fire from the first swat. Unfortunately Kalie was still upset, so after she lit me up there was no cuddle time. She tapped my bottom and said. “Up you go, it’s bed time.” I staggered to my feet, wishing more than anything Kalie would pull me onto her lap. My heart sank when Kalie got up too. I blindly went through my nightly ritual and climbed into bed. Afraid to annoy Kalie further I stayed on my side of the bed as close to the edge as I could get while fighting back tears.

          I felt the mattress shift as Kalie quietly lay in bed pulling the covers over. As much as I tried I couldn’t hold back a sniffle. Kalie must had heard me because she immediately pulled me over and wrapped her arms around my body. She held me as I cried. “Kalie please don’t hate me. I so sorry.”

          Kalie cooed and promised, “Moana Renee, I don’t hate you. I was hurt and disappointed but that’s because I love you so much. Sweetheart let’s sleep now. I promise tomorrow you and I will talk about everything.” Kalie squeezed me tighter and kissed the top of my head.

          I burrowed in closer, absorbing everything from her scent to the feel of her body. My eyes closed as the pain in my heart eased slightly. I whispered as I fell asleep, “love you, Kalie, nite.”

         The following morning I woke to an empty bed and panicked. I threw the covers back and jumped up. As quick as that moment my imagination ran wild and I had to find Kalie. I raced down the hall and into the kitchen only to stop short at the sight of my wife drinking coffee while reading the newspaper. The sight took my breath away and I asked the obvious question, “You’re still here?”

        Kalie placed her coffee cup on the table and slowly folded her paper before asking. “Moana dear, what in the world are you talking about?” She looked up quizzically.

          I replayed the question in my head and realized how strange it sounded even to me.  I stammered a non answer answer. “When I woke up the bed was empty and well, I don’t know, I got scared.” I stood in the doorway. Afraid to look up, afraid what I wouldn’t see in her eyes.

        Finally when I thought my heart would burst I glanced up and my fears washed away. Kalie was still seated but her arms were spread wide in a welcome gesture. “Come here, sweetheart.” I rushed into her arms practically knocking her off the chair. “Oh Moana, you poor thing.” She cooed while gently rocking me on her lap. “It’s ok, I’m not going anywhere.”

        I could have sat there all day if it wasn’t for Kalie’s arm going numb. “Moana I’d love to stay like this but my arm is tingling.” Reluctantly I stood up then pouted when she said. “Don’t forget about our talk today. I think later this morning after you eat and shower..” all my pouting did was earn me a swat and a warning. “Enough little girl or I’ll give you a reason to pout.”

         My hands flew to my backside as I took a few steps back trying desperately to get out of the way. “Ok, Kalie I’ll stop.” Then once Kalie nodded I decided I’d better listen and fix my breakfast. I might have ate a little slower than normal and lingered in the shower a few extra minutes before meeting Kalie. My beautiful wife was sitting behind her desk, focused intently on a single sheet of paper.

         Taking a deep breathe I walked over to the desk and stood quietly. Kalie let me stand there for a few agonizing minutes before handing me a sheet of paper and saying. “Please have a seat and read this over.” It was a copy of our original agreement, a contract of sorts that we made before we were married. I remember how awkward I felt back then even talking about spanking or rules. Although I knew I wanted, no desperately needed both to be part of our relationship.

         Once I finished reading I looked up at Kalie quizzically, l was surprised when she said. “I’d like for us to revisit each rule and see what needs to be adjusted.” The rules were actually pretty generic for instance, not putting my safety at risk, listening to instructions, and doing my share of the cleaning. The consequences varied and over the years were altered to fit a particular situation.

          As far as the list went I still thought they all still applied. There was one thing I like to change but I was nervous to ask, I stumbled on my first attempt. “Kalie, um, I, see it’s about being grounded. Well not really, the thing is I don’t want to miss big things like Tabitha’s fortieth.” I took a deep breath and continued. “I guess, what I’m saying is, I know I screwed up but please Kalie can’t we make exceptions?”

        Kalie looked down at the paper and then back at me; she took her time before replying. She was always fair, so I knew she was giving it a lot of thought. I watched as Kalie picked up her pen and added a line to the list of rules. I couldn’t see what the words but I was pretty sure she was going to add my request. Then I wasn’t sure when she kept writing until finally she handed me the paper. “Ok I’ll compromise but it may not be all you’d hoped.”

          I looked over the lines and she was right, it read. ‘If a major event, like a fortieth birthday,was to occur while I was grounded I could attend for no more than three hours.’ The next line listed “not including”, ‘concerts, movies, pre planned outings.’ And I had to clear all events with Kalie in advance, with Kalie having the final say. She was right I did wish for more leniency but at least it was something.

          I agreed and as I handed the paper back, my hand shook a little because I knew there was nothing left but my punishment. Kalie Placed the paper on her desk and then said, “I’ll rewrite this later than we can both sign it. Why don’t you run up and grab the leather strap.” My heart sank and my feet wouldn’t move,. The strap only came out when I was in serious trouble. “Moana Renee, should I have you retrieve the cane too?” That’s all it took for my feet to take flight.

        In our room pulled the heavy supple strap off the hook. My eyes glanced at the cane in the corner and I shivered as I backed out of the room. In her office Kalie moved her chair away from the desk and was seated when I returned. My hands shook as I handed the implement over, she examined the leather before placing the strap on her desk. Kalie then directed, “please remove your pants and panties and climb over.” I gulped then I did as directed.

         Kalie’s rested one hand on my cheek as she proceeded to lecture. “Moana Renee, I am disappointed with your behavior last night. Not only did you leave the house while on punishment, when I asked about your evening you lied.” If I was in any other position I might have argued that I didn’t lie. Luckily my better judgement took over and I kept my mouth shut. “Today you are going to be reminded what happens to little girls who break the rules.” I didn’t even realize the lecture was over until I felt her hand strike my tender cheek. Immediately I felt the fire reigniting from last night’s spanking.

        I reached back, only to have my hand locked tightly at the base of my back. Kalie scolded as she targeted the backs of my thighs. “Moana, you know better!” Of course, I knew better, but right now, I was frantic. Well, I did say I’d take any amount of spanking if she forgave me, but I didn’t say I’d like it. The swats landed again on my poor bottom, and I begged and pleaded for Kalie to stop. Kalie ignored my pleas, and soon I felt myself give in and cry. Then when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she stopped.

         My body sagged, and I sighed in relief as no more swats returned. As I caught my breath, I heard Kalie say, “good girl, now let’s finish.” Before her words fully registered, I felt her arm tighten around my waist. Then the leather landed on both cheeks, lifted, then came back down, lifted and down. My legs kicked, and my fists pounded the floor. Neither action stopped the leather, and I don’t know how many strikes Kalie repeated, but I felt her determination that I learn my lesson.

        I don’t remember when Kalie stopped, but the feel of her hands softly rubbing my back felt glorious. And the sound of her voice whispering that she loves me filled my heart. My butt throbbed and burned, which was ok because Kalie forgave me.

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