Our Family

      Daisy graduated preschool just as Diane was starting her college courses. To ease back into school, Imelda agreed that Diane would start slow and only to take three classes. In Imelda’s opinion, going to school was non-negotiable, although she was realistic. It had been a long time since high school Diane. She had said she was worried because she had never been a great student. Imelda mistakenly assumed she just hadn’t applied herself.

     In reality, Diane had trouble understanding in school and would quickly get frustrated. At first, she would really try, but after a few classes, she’d have fallen too far behind and given up altogether. During her adolescent years, her parents barely participated in her education. They didn’t know, and unfortunately, they didn’t care that she needed help.

     Diane wanted to please Imelda, especially since she had done so much for Daisy and herself. She tried explaining, but Imelda was determined, and it fell on deaf ears. ”Can I please just get a job? I don’t want to go to school. You don’t understand I’m no good at it.”

      Imelda was adamant about her getting an education, and Bernice agreed. “You’re going to school. You can start slow to get used to it, but you are going.” She had no choice but to listen. Bernice had also made their position loud and clear when the conversation first came up. So she went and the first week was ok as always. Then little by little, the same pattern emerged. 

    Her first class was an introduction to computers, but unlike the rest of the students, she hadn’t been around computers since high school and knew nothing about them. The next was algebra 101, her classmates seemed to catch on right away, but she didn’t understand it. She didn’t the first time she had it, and now it seemed like a foreign language. She did like her English class and probably would have done well in it, but she had no time left to write anything after struggling with homework.

   As the semester progressed, so did her feelings of defeat. Trying but unable to find a way not to disappoint both Imelda and Bernice. She went back to her teenage ideas and started to skip class. But unlike then, now she had people that cared, which made her feel even worse. At first, she would walk around the city or go to a coffee shop, and then eventually, she’d sneak home when she saw Bernice go out with Daisy and hide out in her room. She didn’t worry about Imelda because she was usually tucked away in her office working.

     Diane’s mood was increasingly becoming more irritable. The two older women assumed it was the pressure of going to school and trying to fit in. When in reality, it was her conscience and the guilt she was carrying. Sneaking around and not going to class was taking a toll on her. She knew by sneaking around. She was mostly lying to the two people that she admired most in the world. They had given her so much, and now she was repaying them by being dishonest.

   The dreaded time finally came for Imelda’s book tour. Diane didn’t want her to go, but at the same time, she did. That guilt added to the guilt she already felt made her feel even worse, She knew they would find out eventually, and once they did, they would be mad. Diane convinced herself once they knew the truth, they would want her and Daisy to leave. In her state of mind, she beat herself up. ”How could I do this to Daisy again? Maybe I should leave her with Imelda? She could take care of her better.” thoughts battled for center stage in her mind.


     Bernice yelled down the hall, ”Imelda hurry up; your taxi is here. If you don’t leave now, you will miss your flight.”

     Rattling off some last-minute instructions, Imelda added for the umpteenth time. “Diane, Remember to get out there and meet people.” after receiving the typical eye-roll, she turned her full attention to Daisy. “ok young lady, hug me.” Daisy jumped into Imelda’s arms. “Oh, baby girl, I’m going to miss you. Don’t forget to call me. ok?”

     Daisy shook her head, vigorously, “I can call every day, Right? That’s what mommy said.”

     Chuckling, Imelda squeezed tighter and said. “Oh yes, every day because I’m going to miss you so much.” looking over to Diane, she added. “And I want to hear from your mommy too. So make sure you put her on the phone. Ok?” Daisy agreed.

     Bernice jumped into the conversation. “Girls, let Imelda go. The taxi’s waiting. Come on now; she’s got to go.” moans and last-minute squeezes followed as she hustled Imelda out the door. It was her first trip since the two moved in, and no matter how often they tried to explain, Daisy’s young brain wasn’t ready for her to go. As the door closed, her lower lip quivered, and tears ran down her little cheek. Bernice was quick to distract. “Ok, ladies, Are you ready for breakfast? I’m thinking of making waffles and ice cream. Anyone want to help?”

     The first week went by without a hitch, although Diane now practically gave up on her classes. ”What’s the sense of going? I’m failing everything, and now I can’t even follow the discussion.” Slowly Diane’s attitude deteriorated, and Bernice’s patience with her was wearing thin.

     Luckily Imelda was due back this weekend, then maybe the house would get back to normal. Just as she was thinking about the weekend, the phone rang. “Hello, is Diane available? I am Dale; I teach computers at the community college. She hasn’t been to class in over a week, and I need to know if she is planning on dropping my course.”

     Dumbfounded, Bernice stumbled over her words, ”W-hat? Are you telling me she hasn’t been attending class?”

     “yes, ma’am, and I need to fill out my paperwork,” confirming she wasn’t at home and reassuring him to relay the message, they disconnected. Her first instinct was to call Imelda but squashed that idea. “I’ll call her after I get to the bottom of this.” 

      She had just put a movie on for Daisy when Bernice heard Diane enter the front door. Taking a deep breath, she went to greet her. ”Hi Diane, How was your day? And your classes, how are they going?”

      ”um, fine. I guess. Where’s Daisy?”  She quickly attempts to change the subject.

      “She’s watching the Lion King again, so schools going good, huh? That’s funny because Dale, your Computer teacher, called today. He seems to think you haven’t been to his class in over a week. Is he mistaken, Diane? Or would you like to explain what’s been going on?” Hands firmly placed on hips, Bernice finally demanded.

       Stammering, knowing she was busted, wishing she was anywhere but here. “w-well, I, um, tried but um, I couldn’t understand the homework then, um, I was lost in class. It was frustrating cause I didn’t know what they were discussing. Everyone else seemed to get it, and I just couldn’t. I’m just stupid. I can’t even learn.” by the end of the sentence, her tears were flowing.

       Bernice wanted answers. What she did not want to hear was a self-deprecating response. “Young lady, I will not listen to you beat yourself up. You are not stupid, and you can learn. There is nothing wrong with needing help. What I want to know is why you didn’t ask for it. Why did you lie to us?”

      Staring down at the floor, Dian felt shame washed over her; heat flooded to her face as she spoke. “I thought I could do it, but then I started to get behind, and before I knew it, I was lost. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to disappoint everyone. Now I just screwed everything up. I’m sorry, Bernice.” Diane raised sad eyes pleadingly to Bernice. She felt a small amount of hope when she didn’t see the fury she expected. She did, however, see disappointment reflected. “Oh, Bernice, please don’t hate me. I’m sorry.”

      “Come here; I could never hate you. I wish you would have come to us, and I am disappointed you lied. Why don’t you say hello to Daisy, give me a minute to think? We will figure out what to do about your classes, but lying is a big no-no, and it has consequences.”

      Shooing Diane out of the room, Bernice picked up her phone to call Imelda, then decided to text instead. ”Sweetheart, we have a slight problem here. Diane is having trouble with her classes. I will have her call to explain. Will you be available for the next hour?” Receiving a positive response, Bernice prepared for her talk with Diane.

      Diane nervously returned to learn her fate. Bernice motioned for her to sit in the seat across from her at the kitchen table. “Ok, Diane, we have a lot to cover here. First of all, I’m sorry you are having difficulty with your classes, and I am sorry you didn’t feel comfortable asking for help. After our talk, you will be calling Imelda; she will want an explanation. Together we will get through this, and everything will work out. But the thing I am most upset about is your lying and trying to hide all of this from us.”

     Diane had no excuse and knew she would accept any consequences to make things right with Bernice and Imelda. ”Bernice, I know I screwed up. I’ll do anything to make it right. I’m kind of scared to call Imelda; she is going to be so mad at me.”

      Shaking her head, Bernice agreed, ”Oh, she will be mad, but she loves you, and she will get over it. We both will. Now let’s talk about your lying. That, young lady, is never acceptable. Tonight once you get Daisy to sleep,  I want you to bring me your hairbrush, and you will see how we deal with lying.”

      Gulping loudly, Diane sadly agreed. ”yes, ma’am.”

      Rising from the table, Bernice pointed to the iPad. “Why don’t you take the iPad into your room. That way, you’ll have privacy when you face time, Imelda. I’m sure she’s anxious to hear what’s going on.”

      Resigned to confessing her misdeeds to the first person that had ever taken a chance on her. She reluctantly picked up the computer and slowly made her way to her bedroom. Placing the laptop on the bed, she sat on the floor in front of it. Taking a deep breath, she dialed the number she now knew by heart. Imelda picked up right away. “Hi honey, I hear you are having a little trouble. Would you care to explain?” There was no judgment, only concern in the statement.

      She could no longer get away from the truth. ”Well, yes, I am in trouble, and I’m kind of scared to tell you about it. You are going to be so mad at me.”

       Raising an eyebrow, Imelda said. ”I’m sure we will figure it out. Please tell me what’s going on.” Diane spent the next thirty minutes crying as she was telling her story and answering questions. When she finished, she waited on edge for what seemed like forever for Imelda to speak. ”Wow, you sure had a stressful couple of weeks. I don’t want you ever to be afraid to talk to me, especially if you are having trouble. Eventually, you will realize we love you, and we are here for you.”

      She let that sink before continuing. “Tomorrow, I want you to go in early and speak to each of your teachers. Let them know you are having trouble finding out what you will need to do, if anything, to get back on track, even extra credit.” Diane began to panic, and it showed. 

    ”Now, before you get upset, listen to me. I will be home the day after tomorrow, and together we will figure it all out. Then we can hire a tutor to help you understand what you are learning.”

     Diane pleaded. ”Imelda, can’t I get a job and not go to school? I’m no good at it. Please, I don’t want to go back.”

      Sympathetically, Imelda said, ”Sweetheart, I know you don’t think you can do it, but I know you can. We will hire the right tutor, plus Bernice, and I will work with you.”

      Not convinced but willing to try, she agreed. ”Ok, I’ll try.”

      Smiling, “That’s my girl.” then sternly, she added. “Now, let’s talk about your lying. Please tell me why you thought that was necessary.”

      ”Honestly, I didn’t set out to lie, but I didn’t know how to tell you. In class, I thought I understood, but once I got home and started doing homework, I couldn’t remember what to do. Oh, Imelda, I’m so sorry.” Diane couldn’t make eye contact anymore, and that broke Imelda’s heart.

      Stealing, her resolve Imelda, ”I think a spanking is in order.”

      Diane’s head shot up as soon she heard the word ‘spanking,’ looking pleadingly at Imelda, she said. “B-but, Bernice is going to, um, spank me tonight. Do you have to spank me too?”

      Immediately Imelda snapped back, in a tone sharper than Diane had ever heard she said. ”Enough Young Lady, This is not a negotiation! You lied to both of us, then you get spanked by both of us. Understand?”

      The response was weak but heartfelt, ”yes, ma’am, I understand.”

      Softly Imelda instructed, ”Why don’t you lie down and close your eyes for a while. I’ll tell you about my week. How does that sound?”

      Diane did just that; she put her head on the pillow and adjusted the iPad. Her body and mind relaxed as Imelda revisited the past few days. It was nice hearing the familiar tone of her voice; now and again, a funny bit would come along. A feeling of calm enveloped her as she closed her eyes, drafting happily off to sleep.

     Shortly after that, Bernice quietly wandered into the room. She noticed the face time call connected to Imelda, who was on the other end working, while their naughty little girl was sound asleep. Curious, she brought the iPad into the kitchen before asking. ”So, What have you two worked out? Are you going to let her drop out?”

     ”She will not be dropping out. Tomorrow when she goes to class, she will be talking to each of her teachers. Hopefully, they will work with us to get her through this semester. I will help her this weekend. Can you help too? At least until I can hire a tutor.” rubbing her temple, hoping to ward off a headache before continuing. ”I also will be using your method to deal with her lying, but I’ll wait until Sunday. I know first hand how hard your lessons are.” her hand moved to her butt and softly rubbed as she remembered.

      Bernice snickered, “Oh yes, you do. I think you got that particular lesson once a week for almost a year. Let’s hope Diane learns her lesson quicker.”. Tone a little more serious, she asked. “Now that we have that settled, How are you feeling? You’re looking tired. Maybe you need a nap too?”

      “I’m ok, Bernice. It’s just been a busy week, a lot more stressful than I thought. I’ll be glad to get home.” Imelda said, not noticing as Bernice’s face as it grew sterner.

      “Young lady, you need to unplug and lay down. I see you rubbing your temples. I think an hour will due; then, you can get back to work.” 


      Laughing, dismissively. “I’m fine, Bernice.”

      Using the same tone that once brought fear and still caused her to shiver, ”Excuse me! Do I need to have the paddle waiting when you get home?”

    She began sputtering over herself, desperately trying to avoid Bernice’s wrath. ”Oh, Bernice, I’m sorry. There’s no need for that. I’ll turn the computer off right now.” she scrambled to find the power button, then smiled sheepishly.

     Giving in, Bernice smiled back, “Alright, alright, as long as you rest for an hour. That should be ok, and I don’t want you to get sick. You’ll be home Saturday, Right?”

     “Yeah, my flight arrives at ten am. I should be at the house around eleven. I don’t know if you want to go out for lunch or eat at home? I plan on going over Diane’s classes in the afternoon. I want to see where I can help. By the sound of it, she will need a tutor for each class; I want to get that set up sooner.”

     ”Alright, I’ll have lunch ready at the house. Now you, young lady, it’s nap time. I will see you on Saturday, and Imelda, you know I love you, Right?”

     Smiling sheepishly, ”Bernice, yes, I do, and I love you too. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. Goodnight.” after she finished the last sentence, she disconnected, feeling happy to have Bernice in her life. She then followed as instructed and taking a much-needed nap.


     Diane stood looking down at the sleeping form of her daughter, sighing softly. The next part of this evening wasn’t going to be this calm. Dread filled her as she was reaching for her hairbrush. It was a solid hardwood brush and the thought of what Bernice was planning to use it for caused a shiver to run up her spine. Leaving the room, she said to herself. “Oh boy, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She hadn’t been this nervous since she told her parents she was pregnant.

      Softly, Diane tapped on Bernice’s open door. “Come in.” looking up; she added, “I’m glad you didn’t stall too long. Sit here on the bed, and let’s talk.” Silently Diane walked over and did as instructed. Once she was seated, Bernice began, “Now, please tell me, why are we here? Why are you about to get a spanking?” looking down at her fingers, trying but failing to speak.

      More than anything, Diane wanted the ground to swallow her up. With her face turning red from embarrassment, she finally squeaked out. ”because I didn’t go to my classes, and I lied to you and Imelda. I’m sorry, Bernice. Please don’t spank me. I promise I won’t do it again.”

      Sternly Bernice replied. “Young Lady, I’m glad you understand what you did was wrong, and I sure hope we don’t ever have to repeat this lesson. But you earned a spanking, and that is what you’re going to get.” then patting her lap s, she said, ”Ok, now get those pants and panties down, and over you go.”

       Eyes wide, Diane stammered, ”w-what? No, Bernice, you can’t. Not bare.”

       Losing patience, Bernice snapped. “Little one, If I have to tell you again, you will regret it. I’m pretty sure you won’t like the feel of my belt.” in the next instant, both Diane’s pants and panties were at her ankles, and she was awkwardly placing herself over Bernice’s knees. At once, nerves took over, and she clenched every muscle, which Bernice felt right away. “Ok little one, please try to relax, you need to unclench yourself, or you will bruise.”   


     Bernice rubbed calming circles on Diane’s bare bottom. Within a few seconds, she felt tension easing and muscles starting to relax. Lifting her hand high, she brought it back down with a hard swat.

     The noise of the swats made her jump, but Diane’s mind couldn’t register the pain. Once the initial shock wore off about three or four swats, it hit, and she began to whimper. Bernice was an expert in dealing with naughty girls. She knew how to get attention quickly. She was spanking in a pattern, ensuring every inch of Diane’s bottom was getting a warm-up.  Including the tops of her thighs, which brought with it cries of desperation. “Hush now, you’re going to wake Daisy with your carrying on.” Diane quickly muffled her cries bringing the comforter to her mouth. The worst thing she could imagine happening would be her daughter walking in.

      A very long five minutes later, Bernice stopped her assault and began rubbing. Diane forgetting about the hairbrush, thought this painful ordeal was over. But as she was sobbing over Bernice’s lap, she heard her say, ”you’re doing good little one. I think we’re ready for the hairbrush.”

      Panic set in, and Diane began to rise. ”no-no, Bernice no more. I can’t take any more. Please, no.”

      Sharply Bernice said as she slapped the already sore bottom on her lap. ”Be still; you don’t move until I tell you! Yes, the hairbrush, you earned it by lying. Now settle down before we start from the beginning.”

      Defeated, Diane settled back down, crying pitifully, hiccuping and sniffling. ”sorry, please don’t start again. Omg, I can’t take it. It hurts Bernice. It hurts so bad.”

     Picking up the hairbrush and placing the raw wood on Diane’s natural bottom. ”Of course, it hurts. That’s the idea. Try to remember this next time you think to lie to me. Now let’s get this over with.” without further warning, Bernice brought the hairbrush down on Diane sore bottom, igniting another small fire. Focusing on Diane’s sit spots, assuring every time she sat, she would remember this lesson. This week would be tough for Diane, especially since she would have another spanking in two days.

      Diane sobbed as Bernice brought the hairbrush down again and again. Nothing helped, not kicking her feet, wiggling, or pleading. Giving in and doing the only thing she could, she cried. Out loud or in her mind, she wasn’t sure, but she kept repeating the same line. “I’ll never lie again. I’ll never lie again.”

    Finally, when the swats ended, she lay there over Bernice’s lap, trying to catch her breath. Bernice gave her time to compose herself, rubbing her back and cooing words of endearment. “ok, baby; you’re going to be ok. I’ve got you. I forgive you.” Once she settled, Bernice helped her up and had her sit on her lap. They stayed that way for several minutes with Bernice rocking and whispering. When Diane was beginning to dose, Bernice said. “Ok little one, it’s time for bed. Go get done in the bathroom a, and I’ll come to tuck you in.”

     As Imelda predicted, she was home early on Saturday. Bernice and the girls had a special lunch prepared. Bernice instructed the girls to change before greeting Imelda at the door. Daisy ran up and jumped into Imelda’s arms, practically knocking her down in her excitement. Diane nervously waited in the background, still unsure how she would be received. 

      Imelda set Daisy down, hugged Bernice, then noticed Diane timidly standing off to the side, opened her arms, and welcomed her. “Why so shy, little girl? Come here and welcome me home proper.”

     A small sniffle escaped Diane as arms enveloped her in a tight embrace. Lifting Diane’s chin, so their eyes met. Diane tried to look away, but Imelda would not allow it. ”Little girl, What is going on in that head of yours? What a minute. Are you scared? Of me? Please talk to me.” Imelda eyed Bernice helplessly.

      Quickly Bernice motioned for them to talk and busied Daisy. ”Daisy, How about you help me put Imelda’s suitcase away? Do you think you can roll it by yourself?”

      Accepting the challenge, “yup, I can do it.” Daisy rushed over to prove she could indeed pull the suitcase.

      Alone in the kitchen, Imelda pulled out a chair for Diane. “sit” before sitting in the chair right beside her. “Ok, spill. What am I missing? Why are you afraid? I thought we settled everything over the phone this week?”

     Diane sat as directed, staring down nervously, picking at her fingers. When she felt Imelda’s hand cover hers, she looked up curiously. Trying to speak, but her throat suddenly dried up, and the words got caught as tears slowly streamed down her cheek. Then it all came rambling out. “I’m sorry, I screwed-up so bad, and you should have kicked me out, but you didn’t, and you’re so kind, and now I don’t want to mess up again.” taking a deep breath before continuing. “I know you want me to go to college, and I know I’m no good at school. I’m just going to disappoint you again.”

      Relieved to hear Diane voice her insecurities, now they could deal with them. “Thank you. Diane, for telling me how you feel. First of all, you are here to stay for as long as you want. We all mess up from time to time; we deal with it and move on. Second, I know you are nervous about school, and that’s ok, but together we will figure what works best. As long as you try your best, you can not disappoint me. Like I said the other day, Bernice and I will help, and I already have a couple of tutors lined up,”

     Feeling overwhelmed, Diane, while covering her face with her hands, cried. Nobody ever cared this much, not even her parents. They never paid attention to her grades or had difficulty learning and failed most of her classes. They never inquired why or checked with her teachers.

     Seeing this display of emotions, Imelda lifted the smaller girl and set her on her lap. Wrapping her strong arms tightly around Diane and securing her in a cocoon of love. Imelda whispered soft words to reassure and soothe. After several minutes Diane’s emotions were more stable, giving one last squeeze Imelda said. ”Are you ready to have lunch yet? I don’t think Bernice is going to be able to hold Daisy back much longer.”

     Slightly nodding, but also reluctant to leave Imelda’s strong embrace. Diane said. ”ok, maybe I should go wash my face.” getting up, she added. ”Thank you, Imelda, I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m glad I did. Umm, Imelda, are you still, you know, um, going to spank me?”

     Sadly Imelda answered, ”Yes, little one, we will have our discussion tomorrow morning when it’s just the two of us.” Diane acknowledged with a nod and a pout.

    As Diane retreated, Imelda went in search of the other half of her family. In her bedroom, she saw Daisy spying gift bags that were now sitting on her dresser. “What’s going on here? Oh, I see you found my surprises. Daisy, why don’t you help me carry these to the kitchen. You can open the bigger one. Then once everyone is together, you can open your little one.” With eager little hands, Daisy scooped up the bigger of the bags and one of Imelda’s hands. 

    Then while pulling Imelda along, she called back into the room. “Come on, Bernice, hurry; we have to all be together.”


     Laughing out loud, Bernice quickly followed. ”Lead the way, Daisy. I’ll be right behind you.”

      In the kitchen, Daisy was allowed to open the bigger package while waiting for Diane to arrive. She was excited when she saw a brand new children’s book. “Oh, look Bernice, a new book with pop-ups! Can you read it with me?” They opened the book with enthusiasm.

      Bernice smiling at Daisy’s excitement, said. “Yes, baby, I’ll read it right after we eat lunch. It looks like a good book.” just then, Diane arrived hurrying to sit down. Daisy took the opportunity to show off her new book before everyone focused on the little bags.

    Imelda had gone to the opening of a new art gallery while she was away, and right away, this piece caught her eye. She was excited all week imagining each person as they opened their section. As the time came, she was practically holding her breath in anticipation. One by one, starting with Bernice, they began to open their gifts. Bernice received a six-inch sculpture of a woman standing arms out. Imelda was a five-inch woman with arms out that fit in the first. Seeing the pattern, Diane opened hers, and a similar statue appeared. Lastly, Daisy was a little girl holding a doll. Once all the figures were connected, Imelda announced. “My family!” Which got a round of applause, smiles, and a few happy tears.

      Bernice wiping a tear, declared. “Imelda, this is beautiful. We will have to find it a special place where we can all see it. For now, it will make an excellent centerpiece for our lunch table.”

      Later that afternoon, they were busy setting up a study schedule for Diane and meeting with tutors. Diane was not at all convinced or happy about her situation, but she tried to stay positive. She was to start her homework tonight, and when she got stuck. Instead of quitting, she checked with Imelda for help, and if the two of them couldn’t figure it out, she would be back tomorrow.

      Diane felt Daisy’s little hand on her face.” Mommy, wake up; I’m hungry, wake up its morning.” glancing at the clock seven am.

     “It’s too early; it’s only seven in the morning. Go back to sleep.,” the last thing Diane wanted was to start today. Between the spanking coming her way and the hours of studying, she wanted to bury herself under the covers.

      ”Mommy, I’m hungry! I’m not sleepy! Can you read me my new book?” The four and a half-year-old was wide awake.

      “ok, ok, I’m getting up. Give me a minute.” Reluctantly she pulled the covers back and got up.

      Thankfully Bernice already had the coffee on when Daisy dragged a still sleepy Diane into the kitchen. ”Here, have a cup; you look like you could use it. Daisy, how about you and I go to the park this morning?”

      Daisy immediately asked, ”Yeah! Can Mommy come? I can show her how to feed the ducks.” looking up hopefully.

     Quickly Bernice shot down that idea. “Sorry, sweetie, not today. Mommy and Imelda are having a chat this morning.” Daisy accepted the explanation while Diane inwardly groaned. She was not looking forward to chatting with Imelda. She knew she got herself into this mess. Unfortunately, that knowledge didn’t help right now as her stomach churned from nerves.

     Imelda closed the door after saying goodbye to the two that were park bound. She immediately turned to Diane. “Ok young lady, you and I have some business. Let’s go into my room.”

      With trepidation, Diane followed her. Imelda’s room was large and beautifully decorated, a king-size bed adorned with colorful pillows. Matching dressers and a makeup table neatly arranged. It was pretty yet classy. Pulling out a straight back chair, Imelda sat and directed Diane to stand in front of her. Taking the younger girl’s hands in hers, she started. “I think we both know why we are here, but why don’t you tell me anyway.” 

      Diane, who had been looking down at their joined hands, cautiously looked up into caring eyes. “ok, um, well, I wasn’t doing good in school, and I lied about it. I’m sorry, Imelda.” at the end of the sentence, she tried to wipe away tears that escaped. 

      Reaching for a tissue, she dried wet eyes. “It seems we are on the same page. Now let me tell you, lying is never acceptable, and it will land you in this position every time. I also want a promise from you. I want you to promise to come to me when you have a problem. Whatever it is, big or small, together, we will work it out. Ok?” 

      A barely audible tearful response came. “I promise.” Wishing she had done that in the first place.

      Now down to business. “Alright, pants and panties down and over you go.” Between the emotions and her nerves, Diane’s hand shook. Fumbling with the button and zipper of her jeans, she managed to get them undone. Then ever so slowly, she pulled her pants down to her knees. She was shyly looking up to keep her panties on and getting a keep going signal from Imelda.

      Patting her lap Imelda decided no more stalling. “Let’s go, little one, over you go. We have a lot to accomplish today, and I don’t want Daisy walking in before we are finished.” Imelda knew Bernice would be gone for a while longer, but she wanted to give Diane a little nudge. Imagining her daughter walking in when she was over someone knee getting a spanking worked like a charm, and she made it over Imelda’s lap in a flash.

       Immediately a hand came down sharply only to be repeated by a firestorm of swats taking Diane’s breath away. This spanking was different than the one she received two days ago. Imelda’s spanking started strong, and she kept up a steady pace. Swat after painful swat on a bottom that was already so tender. Soon after the spanking began, Diane’s legs were swinging, and she was crying and pleading. Swat swat swat came reigning down. ”Imelda, please stop. It hurts!”

      Unfortunately for Diane, Imelda was not letting up. ”Believe me, I know it hurts but not nearly as much as your lying hurts me and everyone.” swat whack swat. After another grueling few minutes, Imelda slowed her assault. ”I want you to think about how you feel right now, commit it to memory because if you lie again, this will feel like a walk in the Park.”

      Diane’s voice strained from screaming, mumbled, “I won’t lie, I promise. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” At last, Imelda stopped swatting and began to rub tender cheeks before carefully lifting Diane to stand. Diane’s hands immediately flew to her bottom; she began rubbing and dancing, trying to alleviate the sting. All thought of shyness momentarily forgotten as she danced and rubbed.

      Once the sting lessened, she quickly realized her state of dress and just as promptly righted her clothing. She was bringing chuckles to Imelda’s lips as she opened her arms. “Come here, little one, sit with me. Let me hold you for a minute.” Diane, not sure she would be able to sit, carefully climbed onto her lap. She was wincing and hissing as she adjusted herself but was immediately comforted by Imelda’s strong arms.

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