Internet Shopping

    Kissing Sarah goodnight, she reminded her. ”Don’t forget, honey. I’m going to the gym in the morning. I’ll shower there, then head to work like usual.”….” Oh man, It’s good to get back to my routine. As much as I like volleyball, I’m just glad it’s over for a while.”

     Sarah was happy to be home too. “Yeah, me too. I’m glad it’s over. It’ll be nice having our weekend’s free again. Although, I wish it weren’t so slow right now at work. It seems we’re feast or famine. I love being busy. Right now, it’s a little boring.” sighing she pulled the covers up and sleepily said, “goodnight, honey.”

     Sleep overtaking Leana, she murmured back. ”nite.”

    Sitting in front of the computer, Sarah finished the last of her reports. While waiting for another assignment to pop up, she mindlessly clicked through the latest news, “Nothing new there, another slow news day,” she thought. “Well, might as well check out today’s sales. I won’t buy anything; I’ll only take a quick look.” Opening 6 pm, her favorite discount shoe website, she quickly began to get absorbed.

  “Oh, these are cute.” She excitedly put another pair of cute boots in the cart, and swearing at her lack of self-control, she continued mumbling to herself. “This is the last one, I swear. If Leana finds out I’ve been spending like this, I’ll be dead meat.” No sooner had she said that when she spotted a twenty percent off coupon for JC Pennys. Clicking the purchase button, then opening that website, she started shopping, her vow very quickly forgotten.

     Not wanting Leana to see her purchases, she quickly adopted the habit of hiding everything before she got home. It was only last year that Leana gave her a firm warning about her spending. Well, maybe warming would be a better way to explain. Not being able to sit comfortably for the entire week, she promised not to let it happen again. After promising Leana not to overspend, she was careful not to get caught; truth be told, she was also a little resentful of the restriction.

     Hearing the UPS truck as it pulled up, Sarah went out to greet the delivery man, who knew her by name by the sheer frequency of packages. As she was standing on the front porch signing for a substantial delivery, her stomach dropped when she glanced up, spotting Leana’s car pulling into the driveway. Under her breath, she mumbled. “Oh no, I’m Busted.” The delivery guy must have realized something was off. He gave her a sympathetic smile before waving goodbye and bounding off to his truck.

     As she was waving, she muttered to herself, “Boy, am I in trouble!” Then quickly bringing her packages inside and stashing them in the hall closet. Taking in a deep breath and then wiping her sweaty palms on her pants, she went back out to greet her girlfriend, trying to stay calm. With a huge smile and a hug, she ran up to Leana, “Wow, you’re home early… What a surprise!” She was attempting to present her best casual facade, while at the same time, her heart was thundering.

      Leana was motioning over to the delivery truck. She said, “I can see it’s a surprise. And, we will be talking about that delivery, don’t think I didn’t notice.”

      Trying one last-ditch effort, Sarah hurried to say, “Ahh, Leana, I can explain.”

      Leana, not placated, sternly responded while patting Sarah’s bottom. “Yes, I bet you can, little girl. As you explain, you’ll also be showing me your credit card statements.” Sarah was cringing as she knew her time was limited. Knowing there was no way out of this, she slowly began walking into the house and to her doom.

.     Once inside, Leana was motioning toward the computer. “Ok, little girl, pull up those credit card accounts. You’d better show me everything. Don’t leave anything out!” As Leana was reading through all the purchases, going line by line, she was tallying as she went along. By the end of the last statement, her blood pressure was up. To herself, she thought. ‘What on earth was Sarah thinking, spending like this?” What on earth was Sarah thinking, spending like this!’ What on earth was Sarah thinking, spending like this?’

     After adding all the balances, Leana practically shouted a half question, half accusation. “TWO THOUSAND SEVENTY-SIX DOLLARS! How on earth did you spend over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS? On WHAT? and what is our rule? Sarah? I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me. You’ve been lying to me!” willing herself to be calm. She demanded. ”Go put your nose in the corner, RIGHT NOW!”

     Seeing how angry her girlfriend was, she began to shake, unable to say anything as a lump the size of an orange lodged in her throat. She knew she screwed up, so she practically ran to the nearest corner. While in the corner, she tried to stand as still as possible; unfortunately, her body was not cooperating as it kept trembling. Trying and failing, she had no words to excuse her behavior. Nothing came to mind, and right now, she needed to have an answer, but her mind was blank.

     Her eyes were burning from unshed tears as she continued to stare at the space where the two walls met. Waiting for what seemed like an eternity but was more like twenty minutes. Finally, she heard what she both longed for and dreaded, Leana calling her over. “Ok, naughty girl, come over here, please.”

   Taking a deep breath, Sarah slowly turned away from the corner, chancing a glance at Leana. Sadness overwhelmed her when she saw the stern set to Leana’s jaw; she quickly lowered her head and slowly began to walk. The closer Sarah came to Leana, the more her eyes filled with tears, and soon, tears were sliding down her cheeks. Leana’s heart ached as she watched Sarah’s approach, wanting so badly to be able to hold her and wipe away the tears. But pulling her on her lap instead of having her draped over it wouldn’t solve the problem of lying. She needed to stay healthy and not waver.

   Finally, arriving next to Leana with head lowered, she dared another glance up at Leana, and with eyes so sad, it broke Leana’s heart. “I am s-so s-sorry Leana….” Sarah sobbed as she continued, “I k-know I what I did was w-wrong. Please forgive me.” 

    Leana fighting with herself to not back down, although she’d love to hold her baby girl a tell everything was alright. It was just not possible. Sarah crossed the line with her shopping. Worse still, she lied and tried covering up the lie by hiding her purchases. Lying and being deceitful is never acceptable. Leana was going to make sure Sarah thought about her actions before she ever made that mistake again.

    “Yes, Sarah, What you did was wrong. We had an agreement, no more mindless shopping. You’ve broken our shopping rule. That upsets me, but even worse, you’ve broken my trust when you decided it was ok to lie to me. Lying is never acceptable! Let me tell you, little girl. I’m not happy with your behavior. You are getting a spanking, but you will also be handing over your credit cards.”

    Sarah was shocked and momentarily speechless, which would’ve been a good thing if she stayed that way. But unfortunately, she found her voice when her mind focused on the ‘no more credit cards’ statement. “Leana, you can’t take away my credit cards.” The part where Leana mentioned ‘trust’ hadn’t sunk in yet.

     Leana was surprised that Sarah would argue right before a punishment. “Oh yes, lying is never ok, my dear, and you will hand them over. You will not argue, or this will be the first of many spankings. Do you understand?”

   Once reality hit, Sarah realized she pushed too far and became horrified when the trust comment finally registered. Breaking down once again, she was sobbing and pleading. “Leana, please, I didn’t mean to argue. I’m sorry I lied. Please forgive me. I don’t want to lose your trust.” sniffling, she continued, “I’d rather you spank me every day, lose your trust, please, say you’ll forgive me.”

    Leana finally gave in, pulling Sarah onto her lap. She was unable to deny her love the much-needed comfort. She was wrapping Sarah into a tight embrace while at the same time, reaching for a tissue. She gave Sarah a moment to gain a little composure. Leana continued holding Sarah while rubbing her back, willing her to calm. Seeing Sarah so upset, her heart broke, but she was also relieved that she was taking this situation seriously. Sarah now realizing she messed up and was taking the first step in fixing the problem.

       Leana whispered reassurances to her. “Sarah, everything’s going to be ok. We will work it out. You know you’ve earned this spanking, right?”

       With tears sliding down her cheeks, she nodded an agreement. Then wiping the tears away with the back of her hand, she softly whispered, “yes, ma’am.”

       “Ok, let’s do it then. Up you go.” Sarah clumsily got up off Leana’s lap and stood in front of her. Leana grabbed another tissue and began wiping away the rest of the tears; at the same time, she handed one to Sarah. She said. ”Here, baby, blow your nose and dry your eyes before we start.”

     Once Sarah’s sniffles were under control, and Sarah was standing, Leana undid the snap on her jeans, then pulled them down along with her panties. She was careful as she was guiding Sarah over her lap, handing her a pillow to hold. Then without wasting any more time, she began the assault on Sarah’s backside. “Swat swat swat,” making sure to slap every last spot, ensuring Sarah’s bottom was fully warmed up. Swat, right slap left, Swat middle. Then repeating the process until Sarah’s behind was a lovely hot pink.

        Once she felt the heat starting to emanate off Sarah’s defenseless backside, she reigned down even harder swats. Sarah lay there struggling and failing to stay still. With each swat, the urge to reach back grew. Thankfully, she caught herself and grabbed hold of Leana’s leg instead. Reaching back, Sarah knew would earn devastating thigh slaps and would add to the already unbearable spanking. Squirming, Sarah cried and pleaded while her legs kicked out uncontrollably.

     “Leana, please stop. I’ll be a good pleeease. Noooo more, please.” Leana stopped the swats long enough for Sarah to let out a sigh and think the spanking was over.

     That thought only lasted a moment as shock took over, hearing Leana say the dreaded words, “Now I want you to go lean over the chair, baby, you are getting the belt next.”

     Shocked Sarah gasped, “w-what no Leana, Please you can’t! No-no-no.”

     Leana was in no mood for stalling. It was hard for her too. But lying was never allowed. “You heard me! Chair Now!”

     Crying, Sarah got up and wobbled over to the chair. Practically tripping over her pants as they became tangled around her ankles, she didn’t dare pull them up, though. Making it to the chair after fumbling, she looked back to Leana with pleading eyes. Leana was motioning with her finger to turn around and lean her body over the chair, giving no leniency. Once Sarah was in position, Leana unbuckled her belt, quickly pulling it from the pant loops, causing a sharp swish sound, which had Sarah jumping and tensing up.

      Steeling her resolve, Leana advised Sarah what was coming. “Ok, Sarah, for lying to me, you are getting twenty lashes with the belt. I thought you knew better than to try and deceive me. Since you don’t seem to realize the severity of your actions, I will make it clear. Be sure and take note. Going forward, lying will not be tolerated.” Momentarily placing a hand on Sarah’s back and rubbing small circles for reassurance. “Now you had better stay in place for each swat, or we will not count that one. Do you understand me, little girl?

      Sarah was trying to speak, her voice sounding shaky even to her ears “yes ma’am. I’m sorry, Leana. It won’t happen again.” apology came from Sarah.

      “It had better never happened again, little girl. I don’t want you lying ever.” With that, Leana proceeded to fold the belt in half, continuing to lift her arm in a full arc before bringing it down with sheer determination. Each time the belt landed, a red welt appeared. After the first five, the lashes started to overlap and crisscross, which caused Sarah to wiggle and scream, “Stop Leana, Please.” 

     Leana continued even as Sarah was pleading for her to stop. She was landing several lashes to the tops of her thighs, getting an ear-splitting screech after each one. If the neighbors had been home, they would have probably come knocking with the amount of noise Sarah was making. It was a pure coincidence they were away on vacation. Sarah was in misery as her bottom was quickly becoming a flaming hot deep red mess.

     After she doled out the last of the twenty, Leana dropped the belt on the floor. She did not want to have that thing in her hands for one more minute. She hated to give a spanking this harsh and wished never to have to use the belt again.

     Scooping Sarah up in her arms, she held her on her lap until she cried herself out. Leana rocked and cooed Sarah. She was whispering soft words of love and reassurance. Rocking and cradling her until she calmed down.

    “ok, baby, why don’t you lie down on the bed for a little while and rest. I can rub some cream on your bottom if you want?” Usually, she wouldn’t allow the luxury of cream until the next day. Tonight she wanted to be close to Sarah and nurture her.

    “Ok, L-Leana, I’m sorry I’m so sorry…..” Sarah trailed off when Leana kissed her lightly on the lips. 

     Leana smiling down at Sarah, reassured, “Sweetheart, everything’s going to be alright. We will get back on track. I love you so much, baby. You know that, right?” Too exhausted to speak, Sarah shook her head in response as Leana led her to their king-size bed. She was pulling back the comforter then helping her into the bed. Sarah was carefully crawling in, laying on her stomach, feeling relieved to have the spanking part of her punishment over. Leana crawled in next to Sarah, reaching to her side table and retrieving the cream. 

     She was squirting a generous portion of cream on Sarah’s very sore bottom. Leana smiled, feeling Sarah’s cheeks quiver at her touch. A soft hand and the cold lotion rubbing circles were soothing to her throbbing backside. It both hurt and felt nice at the same time, but having Leana next to her felt even better. The calm feeling Leana’s love brought to her was a balm to her soul. Breathing deep, finally able to relax, she fell into a deep sound sleep.

      Noticing Sarah’s steady breathing, Leana got up, took a shower, then slid back into bed, cuddling up next to Sarah. She, too, fell asleep. After such a hard afternoon, Leana just wanted to hold her little girl while they slept. And when Sarah woke, she wanted to be still holding her.

    Waking up and feeling Leana’s arm around her, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. Turning in Leana’s arms and kissing her lightly, Leana opened her eyes, smiling up at her lover. Sarah’s kisses became more forceful with a need to demonstrate to Leana how sorry she was and how much she loved her. They both were so overwhelmed with love for each other. They ended up staying in bed a while longer, each giving the other what they needed.

      After they were both sated, Leana announced, “Let’s get you dressed, baby, we need to talk, then make dinner.”

      Sarah groaned but agreed. She knew what was coming, “ok, Leana.”

       As Sarah headed to take a shower, she heard Leana say, “When you finish, meet me in the kitchen and baby bring all of your credit cards.”

       Cringing, She knew it was coming but hated giving up her credit cards. She hated the lecture she was sure was coming. She also hated that she disappointed Leana by lying. She tried to behave, but sometimes everything just got away from her. As hard as it was at the time, she knew Leana would always be there to set her straight.

      Entering the kitchen, Sarah immediately walked up to Leana and handed over her credit cards. Leana put her coffee down and accepted the offering. She placed them on the table next to a pair of scissors. Not willing to drag this out any further.

     Intently watching Leana, Sarah snapped from her thoughts, when very calmly Leana directed, “Please have a seat, Sarah, we have a lot to talk about.”

     Sarah carefully eased her very sore bottom into a chair at the kitchen table across from Leana. She did not want to be here knowing she had lied to Leana. Sarah had no excuse and couldn’t explain why. She didn’t need anything; she just liked to shop. How in the world could this be explained? Well, she had better come up with something and quick.

     Leana started, “So would you care to explain?”

     “Well, um, I don’t know why. I guess I was having fun and got carried away. I didn’t start out buying a ton of stuff. It just snuck up on me. I swear Leana, I didn’t mean it.”

      Leana didn’t let up, “But you were hiding it from me, so you knew it was wrong. And by not telling me you were lying to me. And, What is our rule about lying?”

     Bowing her head, Sarah softly replied, “no lying ever.”

     Leana was not impressed with Sarah’s whispered reply. “Excuse me? Look at me, little one!”

     Louder, she repeated as she looked up at Leana. “No Lying Ever.”

     “Ok, so you have broken several rules.” Leana ticked off each rule she had broken on her fingers. “1st spending, 2nd hiding your purchases, 3rd, and most important, LYING!” Determined, Leana continued, “Now we figure out what we are going to do about it?”

     “Leana, I said I was sorry, and you’ve already spanked me. A strict spanking too.”

     “Yes, that is true but also just the beginning. These credit cards,” proceeding by picking up the cards in one hand and scissors in the other, “are gone as of now!” Snip snip, “As of now. You are not allowed to shop without me authorizing any purchase, that is until your bills have a zero balance. You are also getting another spanking in one week, as a reminder of what happens when you chose to lie.”

     Sarah was stunned. Another spanking today was unbearable. She could understand the credit cards and shopping restrictions but another spanking. Oh god, no-no-no.

   “Leana, that’s not fair. You spanked me already. I can barely sit, please no, no more, please. I’ll be good, Leana!. I’ll never lie again!!” Sarah pleaded.

   “Sarah, baby, that’s what’s going to happen. If you keep up this whining, we will add another spanking the following week!”

    Sarah burst into tears. “Please don’t, Leana, I’ll stop. Oh, please, no more!”

    “Come here, sweetheart, Come here, sit with me, let me hold you. I need you here with me.”

    Sarah wasted no time; she rushed to Leana and let her scoop her up. Leana held and rocked her. She continuously rubbed her back while whispering in her ear words of love and reassurance. Leana smiled down at Sarah thinking how much she loved this little girl of hers, even at times like this. Leana as her lover and friend

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