Car wash

      Rita watched as Henna worried all week about the weather. Typically, Henna wasn’t one to complain when the weather chose to act up. This weekend was different; she would host a fundraising car wash with all proceeds going to the local food pantry. Donations at the food bank had become so low they were considering shutting the doors. Once Henna heard the news, she had enlisted friends and coworkers to help, and the ones that couldn’t help physically promised to bring their cars around for a good scrub.

        Rita tried coddling Henna, “babe, it’ll be fine. The weather shows scattered showers.” When that didn’t work, Rita took a more hands-on approach. “Young lady, come here. Let me help ease that stress you’re holding onto.” When Henna didn’t move, Rita was surprised. Henna never turned down a trip over her knee; Rita repeated her request adding a sternness to her voice. “Henna, come here, please.”

         This time, Henna was surprised, and immediately she rushed over to Rita’s side, “I’m sorry, Rita, I guess I’m more stressed than I thought.” Rita unfastened the girl’s buckle and unzipped the jeans as she listened to her apology. Once the pants were down, Rita motioned the girl over. Henna squirmed a little, getting into position, then quickly asked. “Rita, am I in trouble?”

         Rita chuckled mischievously, “no babe, we need to rid you of tension.” She squeezed the girl’s cheeks and added, “unless you were ignoring me on purpose?”

         “No ma’am, I guess I was stuck in my head.” Henna replied.

         “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Rita let loose with a barrage of swats, going from one cheek to another. At first, Henna’s body tensed, but it didn’t take long before she relaxed into each swat. The more the tension faded, the more she leaned into the Spanking, rising to meet each swat, absorbing each stinging sensation, and letting the heat build until her body spent. Rita watching the girl’s body go limp, gave a few more stinging swats before letting her hand rest on the warm bottom.

          Henna lay there draped over Rita’s lap, enjoying the afterglow of a satisfying spanking. After several minutes she rose with Rita’s help and sat her bare butt on Rita’s lap. Snuggling her girlfriend, Henna whispered, “Thank you, I needed that.”

          Holding the girl, a bit tighter, Rita smiled back. “Anytime, babe.”   “let’s try and have some fun at the carwash.” Rita looked down at her girl, giving her a mock stern warning. “Ok?”

         Henna giggled, “Yes ma’am.”

         Henna woke up to a cloudy Saturday morning. She would try keeping her word to Rita by having fun today. She only hoped the weatherman was right and the sun would shine as he forecast. There were a few sprinkles as they drove to the parking lot. Once they arrived, the sun began to peek around. Henna gave a relieved sigh as she exited the car.

          The day was turning out better than Henna could even imagine. Although the sky had a few clouds now and then, the sun was out most of the time. The cars lined up all day, and the donation jar was close to overflowing. Henna felt free to enjoy the day. Maybe a little too free because as Rita walked by, Henna decided to empty the bucket of soapy water. Rita stood eerily still as the water dripped down her body.

          It took Henna only a moment to realize her mistake as she watched the shocked expression on her girlfriend’s face. Backing up Henna tried to inch away. Recovering quicker than Henna could imagine, Rita walked her way with a look that took Henna’s breath. Still backing away, Henna raised her hands to fend off the inevitable. “Oh, no, Rita, I’m sorry. It was an accident.”

           Rita’s voice was menacing, “oh really, an accident? You accidentally dumped a bucket of water on me?” As she slowly closed in on Henna.

          “Ugh,” Henna couldn’t help the giggle that escaped. “Oops, sorry.”

          Rita whispered, “oh, you will be sorry.” Then gripped the girl’s arm and quickly spun her around. Luckily, the bucket was near, so she flipped it over to place her foot. Once she was steady, Henna found herself upended over Rita’s knee.

            “No, Rita, not here.” She begged.

            Swat, swat, “Little one, of course here.” Swat, swat. Rita quickly landed a flurry of swats before letting Henna stand again.

           Henna pouted as she tried to rub away the sting. “Rita! That was embarrassing.”

           Although Henna was only slightly embarrassed, Spanking wasn’t a problem, except now she’d have to explain what just happened to her coworkers. Henna looked around and blushed as all eyes watched the entire scene. Rita gave the girl a hug and then a swat before sending Henna back to work. “Off you go; there’s a line of cars waiting.” Henna raced back to the soapy car and scrubbed, a smile glued to her face.

           Henna and her friends were exhausted but exhilarated after finishing the last car. The day was a huge success. Not only did the car wash make money, but about everyone made an extra donation. Their money would help keep the food pantry open a little longer. At least until the next fundraiser.

2 replies on “Car wash”

Great story and I’m glad you had a great vacation. Everyone needs a break from the real world that we have to face everyday to survive. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us and God bless to you.

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You are absolutely right, we all need a break from the real world. It seems to get crazier by the day. I hope you also get that chance. Thank you for commenting, it means a lot.


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