Just ask

     Over the past few weeks, Tabitha felt herself becoming more anxious. Nothing was going on that could explain this feeling; it just wouldn’t go away. Lately, she’d been less than tolerant with her coworkers. She tried explaining how she felt to her best friend Julie, whose response was to slyly say, “girl, SEX, that’s what you need. You’re too stressed out. You need to get you some.”

      The more Tabitha thought about it, the more she knew Julie was right. But instead of sex, well, maybe be along with it, she needed a spanking. Unfortunately, with the way Tabitha was feeling, if she tried to brat her way into a spanking, she’d get more than she bargained. Tabitha decided she needed a plan and started to concentrate, and to herself, she thought.

  ‘What kind of mischief can I get in? It must be something that won’t get me in real trouble. I want a spanking but not a punishment. Hmm, what can I do? Oh, I know I could add food coloring to her shampoo. Yeah, right; I’m sure she would laugh, but only after she whipped my butt. Maybe put salt in her sugar bowl? Ugh, she’s a bear before that first cup.’

      All the ideas that came to mind would bring on harsher consequences than she wanted. Tabitha knew all she had to do was ask, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. On the second day after their conversation, Julie began to tease and offer Tabitha unsolicited advice. “Girl, all you need to do is wear your sexiest nightie and strut around the house.” Tabitha groaned; if all she wanted was sex, she knew how to make that happen.

       Joey noticed a building tension in Tabitha’s demeanor and watched the girl as she seemed to be working out a problem. Although Joey was curious, she decided to give the girl until the weekend before intervening. If nothing changed by Friday night, Joey would inquire about the problem. Until then, she’d keep an eye on the girl.

       Tabitha knew she couldn’t wait much longer; several times lately, she’d earned a stern look from Joey. She would earn herself more than a spanking if she didn’t ask soon. Tabitha just wanted a fun, get rid of tension spanking, not you’re in trouble, little girl. Tabitha made up her mind; she would speak with Joey Friday after work.

       So, Friday on her lunch break Tabitha held her breath and sent the text, “Hey babe, I need to ask you something. Can we talk tonight?” There’s no turning back now. She thought.

       The response was immediate, “Tabitha, of course we can talk. Is everything ok?” Joey worried.

       Tabitha smiled as she read Joey’s text. “Really everything is fine. Please don’t worry, I just need a favor, but it can wait until later. Luv you.” Oh boy, getting in trouble is easier. She thought.

       Joey couldn’t imagine what Tabitha wanted that had to wait until they were home. “Ok little one. We’ll talk tonight. Love you too.” After sending the text, Joey thought about how tense Tabitha was lately, then hoped she hadn’t gotten herself in too much trouble.

       Later that evening, Joey opened the door as Tabitha arrived home. She kissed her lips and then handed her an iced tea before escorting her to the kitchen table for their talk. Tabitha was surprised by Joey’s get-down to business attitude; Tabitha fully expected to change and possibly have dinner before they spoke. At the table, Tabitha felt butterflies swarm in her belly; she wiped her sweaty palms on her pants before sputtering. “Joey, well, you see. Argh,”

        Joey watched the girl struggle and assumed she had gotten herself in some trouble. “Tabitha, if you’re in trouble, please tell me. I can’t help unless I know what’s going on.”

        Tabitha said, eyes wide, “No, Joey, I’m not in trouble.” Taking a deep breath, she began. “Ok, this is embarrassing; I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but lately I’ve been super tense. And I just thought you could help. You know by, ugh, I can’t say it.”

       Joey chuckled, “yes, I noticed that’s why I thought you were in trouble.” Joey watched the girl’s face turn a bright red when it dawned on her what she was trying to say. “Oh, Tabitha, you still can’t ask for a spanking when you need one, even after all this time together.” Tabitha raised both hands, covering her face, trying to hide from this embarrassing conversation. Joey reached over, grabbing both hands and holding them in hers asked. “Tabitha, do you need a spanking?”

       Tabitha looked up into Joey’s face, now etched with concern. “Yes, Joey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you. it’s just so hard to ask for.” Tabitha wanted to crawl into a hole.

       Joey smiled at her girl, “Sweetheart, how about we take care of this, now. Then we can have a nice dinner.”

       Tabitha’s throat went dry; now that it was about to happen, she wasn’t sure anymore. She shyly asked, “now?”

       Joey rose from the table and instructed her girl, “oh yes, now is a perfect time.”  After a quick hug, Joey directed. “Go freshen up and put your PJs on. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Then pushed the girl toward the stairs.

      “Pajama’s? But it’s not bedtime?” Tabitha pouted.

      Sternly Joey pushed. “You’ve got your instructions. Now move it!” Joey laughed to herself as the girl raced up the stairs. Joey waited twenty minutes before following. When she entered the room, she saw Tabitha sitting on the edge of the bed, head down and hands playing nervously with her nightshirt. Joey took a moment to admire the girl’s beauty.

       Tabitha knew this was what she wanted, but doubts began to creep into her thoughts sitting here. She thought maybe Julie was right and all she needed was sex. Distracted, Tabitha jumped when Joey’s feet came into view, she hadn’t heard her enter. Tabitha said, “Joey, I’m not sure about this anymore.”

       Joey sat next to Tabitha, held her hand palm up, and waited for the girl to reach over. “Ok, let’s talk. Tell me why you wanted a spanking in the first place?”

       Tabitha stared at their joined hands and spoke. “I’ve been feeling off kilter. Like anxious and kind of tense for no reason. Julie said, I needed sex but it’s more than that.”

       Joey then asked, “How long have you been feeling this way?”

       Tabitha tried to pull her hand away, only to have it held tighter. “I’ve been anxious for weeks. I’ve only thought about, you know, spanking for a few days. Well, ever since I talked to Julie.” Right then, Tabitha realized she was right and did need a spanking. “Joey, can you spank me?”

       Joey looked into Tabitha’s eyes, “yes, my love, I would be honored to spank you. I think my goal this weekend will be to get rid of all your stress.” Joey winked. “Ok, stand up for me. Once I get comfortable on the bed, you can climb over my lap. “Ok?”

        Tabitha smiled, excited to start the weekend. “Yes, ma’am.” Tabitha waited as Joey leaned up against the headboard, shoving pillows behind her back. Then rushed over once given the signal. The feel of Joey’s thighs under her belly brought calm to her heart that only intensified as the swats landed. And land they did, one right after the other, missing not even one spot on her bottom. Tabitha’s sit spots burned as the color changed from red to shades of purple, then red handprints overlapped down one thigh and up the other.

       Although not a punishment, this spanking was intense and reigned down until all the tension and anxiety left Tabitha’s body. Once Joey felt the girl relax and her body limp, she stopped and admired her work. Joey let Tabitha lay there as she rubbed away some of the soreness, knowing its brunt would last for several days. Joey cooed, massaged, and waited, enjoying the heat coming off hot cheeks. Tabitha moved first, trying to rise, but her muscles were so relaxed she needed Joey to help her up. Once kneeling on the bed, Tabitha practically fell into Joey’s open arms.

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