Fortune Teller Part 2

   Well, Gloria was no help, Henna thought after hanging up. She wanted a few simple answers; instead, she received giggles, and a couple of I told you so’s. Now she’d have to get through the next few hours in a state of confused anticipation. The time spent with Rita left her with an array of chaotic feelings. If she were to judge by her first impression, she’d be running in the opposite direction, but then there was a spark she couldn’t ignore.

     When the phone rang at seven, Henna’s hands began to shake. As she answered, her voice shook slightly, a quiver that Rita did not miss. On the other end, Rita smiled. She wanted to get to know this girl. She liked her independence and sassy attitude, and to have that little thing draped over her lap on the first date opened a world of possibilities. “Hello Henna, You sound surprised or maybe a bit nervous. Have you been behaving since I left?” Rita enjoyed the thought of this little girl being slightly on edge.

     Henna caught the teasing tone behind Rita’s words and decided to play along. “Hmm, What kind of trouble could I get into with a sore bottom? Nope, I’ve been an angel all afternoon.” Henna rubbing her bottom, was smiling.

     “Oh, you’re a sassy little thing, aren’t you? Rita chuckled.

     “No ma’am I’m an angel. If you were here, you would see that for yourself.” Henna teased; she was having fun, maybe goading Rita a little.

     “Well, little girl, Are you free tomorrow night? Maybe after work? Dinner?” It was unlike Rita to push for a second date so soon, but she couldn’t resist.

     Henna was thrilled by the invitation but didn’t want to seem too eager. “Hmm, That sounds nice but I’ll need to check my calendar.”

     “Little girl, check your calendar but be careful. I’m really good at playing games too.” The way Rita spoke sent a shiver of desire through Henna.

     “Yup, like I thought, I’m available.” Henna quickly spoke up. “So Rita where would you like to go for dinner? Do you have a favorite restaurant?”

     Rita wanted to cook for Henna instead of going to a noisy restaurant. Rita hoped she wasn’t moving too fast decided to throw caution to the wind and ask. “Please tell me if I’m being to forward but I’d like to cook for you. If that’s alright?”

     The line was silent, but not because Henna didn’t like the idea, she did. It was the same not wanting to appear overly eager feeling that had her stumped. Finally, she said, “I’d like that as long as it’s not to much trouble?”

     “Of course, it’s no trouble. What time should I pick you up?

     “Oh, Rita That’s okay, text me your address.” Henna used the local bus or her bicycle to go wherever she wanted. She gave up her car a year ago after realizing that local transit was cheaper, and she could get anywhere.

     “I’ll pick you up. I’m not a big fan of public transportation.” Rita once again deciding her way was better.

     Henna was now annoyed. There was nothing wrong with taking a bus. The two women just met, and Rita’s making crazy decisions. “Rita, just text me your address. The bus is fine. I take it every day, and I know how to get around. If you want you can drive me home after dinner.”

     “Okay, I’ll text it to you And you better believe I’ll be driving you home. I don’t want you riding the bus after dark.” Henna rolled her eyes as she listened to this lady. Henna assumed correctly that Rita never experienced public transportation, so of course, it made her nervous.

     “Little girl, are you rolling your eyes at me?” Rita said sharply.

     Henna looked at her phone, verifying the video wasn’t on by accident. “No ma’am, Why would I do that?”

    Rita chuckled at having busted the girl. “Why indeed?”

    After work the following day, Henna almost regretted not taking Rita up on the ride. Her bus was late, so she had barely any time at home to get ready. Thankfully, she had everything planned. So after a quick shower, a bit of makeup, she dressed and was out the door in time to catch the right bus. Luckily she didn’t have to change buses on her way to Rita’s, giving her time to catch her breath. However, she would have a half-mile walk from the bus stop.

     Rita was putting the finishing touches on the dinner table when the doorbell rang. Quickly wiping her wet hands with a dishcloth, Rita went to greet her guest. On her way, she took one final glance in the hall mirror before opening the door. The girl was adorable in a yellow sundress, standing on the stoop with flowers and a bottle of wine. Oh yes, she liked this girl, alright. “Come in, Henna you look lovely.” Once inside, Rita gave her a quick hug.

     Blushing, Henna shyly offered the gifts she’d brought. “Um, These are for you.” Then adding, “I hope you like Chardonnay?” She felt off-balance again, just by being around this lady.

     “Oh yes, that was very thoughtful of you. Thank you.” Rita ushered Henna into the living room. “Please have a seat, dinner will be another half an hour. How about a glass of wine? I’ll open the bottle.” Rita held up the bottle Henna had given her, and receiving a nod, she headed for the kitchen. “I’ll be right back.”

     Henna couldn’t sit still, so she wandered around the room, looking at pictures. There were pictures of Rita’s travels, her playing sports, and with friends. Rita soon returned with two glasses of Chardonnay, Henna wasn’t a big drinker, and usually, when she did drink, it was a lite beer. Taking the offered glass, Henna took a sip, surprised it wasn’t too bad, and hopefully, it would calm her nerves. The light conversation eased the tension Henna felt when she first arrived.

     Over dinner, the dialogue never faded, and as Gloria said, they had many things in common. After dinner, they shared the cleanup then snuggled up together on the couch to watch a movie. Neither one knew what the movie was about between touching and kissing. At the end of the night, Henna didn’t want to leave. Rita felt the same way, but she didn’t think either of them was ready to sleep together.

     “Henna did you mention earlier that you are off tomorrow?” Receiving a nod, she continued. “If you’d like we can go hiking or something?” Another nod. “Okay, let’s get you home.”

     Henna’s lip jutted out in a pout. “Can’t I stay?”

     Rita’s reply was a tad stern, “young lady, Are you forgetting what happened the last time you decided to pout?” A raised eyebrow nor Rita’s hands on her hips stopped Henna.

     “But Rita, don’t you want me to stay?” The pout returned.

     Rita chose a sure-fire way to combat this little minx and her sexy pout. “Oh, you want to play?” Grabbing Henna’s wrist, Rita pulled her along to the couch, and before Henna realized what was happening, she was face down over Rita’s thighs. “Hmm,” flipping up her dress and with one yank down came her panties. “Little girl of course I want you to stay. But it’s too soon!” Swat, Swat. “Pouting is not going to change my mind,” Swat, Swat, Swat, “pouting is only going to make you’re bottom red!”

     Henna’s legs were wild as she tried to free herself. The heat built faster tonight as she was still tender from being in this position just yesterday. “Rita, please stop; I’ll go home. Rita! I’m so sorry.” Rita gave special attention to the girls’ sit spots. At the same time, she was wondering if this would be the ending of all their dates. The thought had her smiling, reddening these cheeks every day would be enjoyable.

     Rita looked down at two cherry red cheeks; they seemed to glow as she took a moment to admire her work. Then quickly pulled the girl’s panties up when the admiration began to turn into lust. Not taking any chances, Rita rose along with Henna then gave her a quick hug before escorting her home. Their kiss lingered as they said good night. Breaking apart, Rita sent Henna inside with a firm swat.

    The following morning Henna decided to bring an overnight bag. If Henna and Rita were going hiking, she’d need a change of clothes, but instead of just one set, she’d bring two. Spanking or not, she was not going to be sleeping alone tonight. Nope, she had plans for her new Toppy friend, and she was going to make those plans happen.

      This time when Rita was punctual, it didn’t bother Henna. She grabbed her bag and ran to the car. Trying to ignore the stern look Rita was sending her way, Henna smiled excitedly before leaning over to kiss her cheek. Rita decided whatever this little girl was up to; she’d find out soon enough. Although it surprised Rita that Henna dared risk another trip over her knee.

     “Where are we going? I’m so excited, I haven’t been hiking in a while. Do you hike often?” Henna rambling for a few minutes, asking one question after the next, not pausing long enough for Rita to answer.

     “Woe little girl, give me a chance to answer.” Rita laughed.

     Henna’s cheeks flushed a lovely shade of pink when Rita laughed. “Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.”

     Rita reached over and took one of Henna’s hands in hers, easily bringing it up to her lips. “Little girl you are adorable.” Lowering their hands, Rita kept the girl’s hand in hers as she answered the list of questions, trying to remember each one. The park Rita decided on was one of her favorites; although it had been a long time since she’d been there, she wanted to share the beauty with Henna. It wasn’t a strenuous hike, only two miles, but it was beautiful with a watering hole at the top. Rita had a backpack filled with water, trail mix, granola, and once they reached the top, she set out a small blanket. They each took a bottle of water and stretched out on the cloth.

     After having a few snacks and hydrating, Henna jumped up, “Rita, Let’s go put our feet in the water.” Reaching her hand out, Henna offered to help Rita up.

     “Okay, but just feet. Remember the sign on the way up, swimming is not allowed.” The glimmer that crossed Henna’s face let Rita know the little girl was up to something. “Henna, I’m serious. No swimming.” Henna stuck her tongue out then ran toward the water, leaving Rita shaking her head. By the time Rita made it to the water’s edge, Henna was knee-deep and getting deeper. Seeing Rita on the shore with hands-on-hips, Henna unwisely decided this would be an excellent time to start splashing. In her excitement, Henna lost her balance and fell backward, landing herself in over her head.

     Sputtering water, Henna tried not to swallow as she righted herself. Once she was standing wet from head to toe, she dared a glance at Rita, who was now fuming. “Little girl, you have thirty seconds to get yourself out of that pond and back to our blanket.” In a huff, Rita grumbled all the way back to their picnic area. “Wait till I get my hands on her!”

     Rita stood by the blanket as the girl walked up, head down and soaking wet. Henna was too nervous to look up into Rita’s stern eyes. She knew she screwed up, so when Rita spoke, she almost knew what was coming. “Little girl, You messed up, you know that, right? You are lucky it’s so busy, or I’d put you over my knee right now.” Shaking her head, Rita continued. “I’m going to give you a choice. I take you home, and we end things here.” Henna’s heart practically stopped as her eyes filled with tears she tried not to shed. “Or, I take you back to my house and paddle your bottom. Now before you answer, know this. If you come to my house, it will not be a playful spanking like the last couple of days.

     Lip trembling, Henna tried apologizing, but the words got tangled as tears began rolling down her cheeks. She liked Rita, and now she messed up everything. Rita seeing the distress, stepped closer and wrapped her loving arms tightly around the girl. “Little girl, enough with the tears, you knew what you were doing when you decided to tease.”  Separating them just to an arms-length, Rita looked into the girl’s sad, watery eyes before adding. “I imagine you have at least one change of clothes in that bag you brought.”

     “I was hoping to stay over, but you probably don’t want that now.”

     “Little girl, I’ve wanted that since our first date. But, I want us to be on the same page, so neither one of us has regrets, and before we do anything, we need to talk.” Seeing the hope build in Henna’s face, Rita said, “Let’s be clear. If you come home with me, I plan to paddle your behind.” Getting a nod, Rita continued. “How about we head to my house and after we take care of business I’ll put some steaks on the grill?”

     Wiping tears away with the backs of her hands, Henna said. “Okay Rita.” Then clearing her throat, she added, “Rita I’m sorry I didn’t listen.” A shiver ran through Henna’s body as a cool breeze blew. Rita immediately freed the blanket of debris and wrapped it snugly around the girl.

     On the drive, Rita kept the heat directed toward the girl, who was still wet. Then when they arrived at her house, Rita escorted Henna to the en-suite bathroom. She opened the shower faucets to a pleasantly warm temperature while instructing Henna to strip and step in. Rita stepped away long enough to retrieve a fluffy terry cloth robe. Ten minutes passed before Rita ordered Henna to turn off the faucets and come out. On her emergence from the shower, Rita quickly had her bundled in the soft, cozy material.

     After brushing Henna’s hair, Rita led the girl to her bedroom, where she helped her dress in one of her nightshirts. If Henna was embarrassed, she didn’t let on; Henna just followed along, doing as instructed. In reality, Henna enjoyed having Rita take care of her, and Henna would be content to be Rita’s girl right now. The part she wasn’t looking forward to was rapidly approaching. Just the thought of a punishment spanking when she was still tender from Rita “playing” over the last few days had her a bit nervous.

     “Okay little girl, It’s time to move over to the chair.” Rita motioned to the straight-back chair next to the dresser. On the dresser lay a wooden paddle which made Henna’s stomach want to revolt. Instead, she took a deep breath and followed Rita to her doom. Rita sat and positioned Henna to stand between her knees before questioning. “Before I put you over my lap, please tell me why it’s necessary?”

     It had been a long time since Henna had been in this situation with anyone. Although she wanted to speak, the words simply wouldn’t come out. She jumped when Rita snapped. “Little girl Answer me right now!”

     “Sorry. I went in the water even after you said not too.” Henna shyly glanced up, unsure if she needed to add more to her answer.

      “Okay, now let’s take care of your bottom so we can enjoy a nice dinner.” Rita pulled the girl over her lap, adjusting her forward, which left Henna slightly off balance. “Later, we are going to have a long talk about how we move forward in this relationship if that’s something you want?” Lifting Henna’s nightshirt, Rita admired the quivering cheeks across her lap. She smiled at the girls’ willingness to submit; although they’ve just met, they seemed to fit. Rita raised her hand, and in a determined swing, brought it down, leaving red prints in its wake. After a succession of swats, Rita paused. Rubbing her back, Rita soon decided it was time to introduce the paddle.

     Henna, sure her butt was on fire, sighed when the assault stopped, then panicked when she felt the smooth wood rubbing against her backside. “Rita, please no more, please, no, no, more.” Those pleas fell on deaf ears. Rita lifted the paddle and, in one smooth move, began to roast the Henna’s cheeks. The paddle repeatedly landed on one cheek then the next. Even hearing the girl cry, Rita didn’t miss a beat. Pink turned to red; pleas turned to cries as the paddle landed. “I’ll be good, Rita please!”

     Rita believed in spankings, whether play, which could be fun for all involved, or punishment, where at least one person was not happy. This spanking was not a severe punishment, but it was still warranted, so Rita wanted to make sure Henna understood the consequences of not listening. The paddle had a way of getting a little girl to understand. After landing a series of swats, Rita set the paddle down and, placing her hand on the girl’s bottom, rubbed softly. Henna’s body calmed slightly at the touch, but not knowing if the spanking was over, she couldn’t fully relax.

     Rita let the girl slowly calm before helping her stand then pulling her down to sit on her lap. Henna, happy to no longer be draped over Rita’s lap, almost cried when her bottom made contact. But being in Rita’s arms felt right; it didn’t matter that they only met recently. Henna snuggled in as Rita’s arms held her tight. Her bottom blazed, but her heart filled with each softly spoken word Rita whispered. Soon Rita announced, “I think it’s about time you got dressed. I’ll put your wet things in the washer. When you’re done, meet me in the living room. I’ll get us some iced tea and we can talk. Okay?”

     “Okay Rita.” Henna said, feeling a little overwhelmed with the array of new feelings flooding her mind and body.

     Entering the room, Henna paused in the doorway, suddenly unsure. Rita understood and rose to greet the girl. “Come in, sweetheart have a seat.” Henna took the offered hand and allowed Rita to guide her to the couch, where she sat ever so gingerly. Rita smiled at the girl’s mindful movement. “Have some tea, and let me tell you what I’m looking for in a relationship, then you tell me.” “As you can tell, I like to be in charge. Now that doesn’t mean my partner has no say on the contrary. We would both agree to a set of rules.”

     Henna looked up at Rita. “So if we agreed to a rule and you broke that rule, Does that mean I would spank you?” A smug smile crossed Henna’s face.

     “No, dear, I spank; I don’t get spanked.” Rita added, “But we could talk about consequences if that were to happen.”

      They talked for more than two hours and had so much more to discuss when Rita asked. “Little girl, I don’t think we can get to everything in a couple of hours. Do you agree we should continue dating?”

      “Oh Rita, I would like to.” Henna was hopeful, then a little worried. “But if we do, my bottom is going to have to toughen up.” Rita reached for the girl, but Henna squirmed away.

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