You, of all people, should listen.

Sitting on the porch, Selina sighed; being cooped up in the treehouse was so dull. The first two days that it rained were fine; Tiana stayed home and did everything together; even cleaning was fun. But Selina especially enjoyed two days of playing games and making love. Unfortunately, someone rang the emergency bell, and Tiana left to care for some critical village business.

      As Selina sat looking out toward her friends’ house, she wished she could fly over, and they could hang out together. But the rain was coming down so hard her tiny wings wouldn’t hold her up. Plus, Tia told her to stay inside until she came home. Tiana wasn’t being mean. She was worried because the weather was terrible and the wind was intense. Along with the rain came lightning strikes and wind gusts strong enough to scoop up a tiny fairy.

      Tiana barely made it to her office, having to duck behind rocks and hold onto grass blades along the way. When Tia finally made it inside, she was soaked and out of breath. Closing the door behind her, Tiana fluttered her wings and shook off huge water droplets, leaving a puddle on the floor. As soon as she released enough water from her wings and she was able to move, Tiana, let her eyes search the room. It only took a moment to locate her second in command, and immediately, she knew something was very wrong.

      “Barb, What’s wrong?” Tiana asked, worry now etched on her face.

       Her friend and fellow warrior fairy pointed to the back room, “You know there was a break on the storm earlier,” Tia nodded. “Well, Sasha and Gray decided to check out the perimeter.” Tia was getting anxious as Barb relayed the information almost too slowly. “It seems the storm wasn’t finished as you can tell.”

         Frustrated, Tiana snapped, “What happened?”

         “The wind is what happened! It picked up Sasha and knocked her unconscious.” Seeing the shock on Tiana’s face, Barb continued, “well, Gray got her back here, then got the doc.” “She came around a little bit, but he’s not sure if she has any broken bones.”

        Tiana was almost to the door. “I need to go see.” Then she added, “send a message to everyone, stay inside!” Although they had no telephones, each fairy could send telepathic messages from one to the next over short distances. “I want everyone inside their homes until we send the all-clear.” Tia added, “Be sure to emphasize this message to the brat pack.”

         Barb understood precisely which of the fairies this included. Selina topped the list, but she couldn’t forget to have her very own wife on that list. “Yes, boss. I’m on it.” Stepping over to the window, Barb let her mind search the area until several people let her in. It only took a few minutes to relay Tiana’s message and request those receiving the information to pass it on. She let her mind search a few more times until she felt confident the news reached everyone.

        Tiana sat by Sasha’s bedside, holding the woman’s hand as the doctor relayed his findings. “Although I can’t be sure, I don’t believe she has any broken bones. I also can’t rule out internal bleeding. The fact that she’s semi-conscious is reassuring, but it may be hours before she’s out of the woods.”

       “Thanks Doc, I appreciate all you’re doing. I’ve requested everyone stay put until the storm blows over. Barb’s sending the message out now.” Sighing, “the wind’s just to strong for any of us.” Tia suggested, “why don’t you get some rest? If anything changes I’ll wake you.” Doc agreed but chose a chair in the corner to stay close.

       Meanwhile, back at the house, Selina paced back and forth. The only information she heard was don’t leave the house. Although she figured Tiana was busy with whatever called her away, she was surprised Tia hadn’t checked in. Selina tried reading her book in between pacing but couldn’t concentrate. Mostly she paced, and when not pacing, she stared out the window, watching the wind blow and lightning strike until finally falling asleep on the couch.

       In the wee hours of the morning, Tiana watched as Doc examined the now awake Sasha. Doc was reasonably sure her injuries weren’t life-threatening but wanted to keep the girl under observation. “Doc, I’m fine. I want to go home; you know, sleep in my bed.” Doc noticed the Whiney way Sasha spoke but chalked it up to her not feeling well.

      “Young lady, nobody is leaving until this storm blows over and even then not until we assess for damage.” Tiana spoke while pulling the blanket up and tucking Sasha in. “you might as well relax.” Although Sasha tried to fight and stay awake, the sounds of falling rain quickly soothed her to sleep.

     The following morning the rain had stopped letting the sunshine through, and the familiar sounds of the forest were back. Tiana and a group of winged warriors set out to evaluate for any damage to their village. As leader Tiana wanted to verify it was safe before giving the all-clear. From Selina’s window, the forest looked welcoming. Especially after being stuck inside all night, she opened the front door and fluttered down to the ground without another thought. The rain made puddles that Selina couldn’t help from jumping in and splashing around.

      Aside from a few downed branches, everything seemed fine so far. The last section was Tiana’s neighborhood, and once that was safe, she could go home and sleep. Turning down her lane, she was shocked, seeing her wife stomping around in puddles, soaked from wings to toes. Soon that shock grew to fury, so after dismissing her fellow warriors and declaring an all-clear, she stormed over to Selina. The girl’s childlike behavior infuriated Tiana. Selina, of all people, should follow her instructions.

      Reaching the girl, Tiana grabbed Selina’s left arm, spun the girl around, and landed several stinging swats to the girl’s bottom. Shocked, Selina fluttered her wings and broke free from the assault flying several feet away, and her hands flew back, trying to rub out the sting. She glanced to her assailant and stepped back, seeing the fury reflected in her wife’s eyes.

       Tiana didn’t trust herself to speak, so she pointed toward their home. Luckily for Selina, she didn’t argue and ran up the stairs and into the house. Once inside, Selina toweled off then made her way to the nearest corner. It was seldom for Tiana to have a look of pure fury, but when she did, it only meant Selina messed up big time.

      Staring at the spot where the two walls met, Selina thought about everything that had happened since Tiana left the morning before. She was by herself as the storm raged on. Selina remembered how boring it was and pacing back and forth, then as if only just hearing the message. She heard the alert to stay inside by telepathy but barely acknowledged it. So when the sun came out, Selina thought nothing of going outside and enjoying herself.

       As she thought back and replayed the message in her head, it became apparent. She was not to leave the house until the all-clear. Right now, she could kick herself for not paying closer attention, but there was no point in beating herself up now, especially since Tiana was going to do exactly that to her bottom soon. The thought made her cheeks clench and her palms sweat.

        Tiana watched but didn’t follow as the girl entered the house. The fury she felt right now gave her pause. As the village leader, it was her job to enforce the rules. This responsibility applied especially to the villager to whom she was married. So tonight’s lesson was twofold. Reinforce the rules of the village and teach her wife that actions have consequences, and no, she would not be lenient, not when her safety was on the line.

       It took Tiana a good twenty minutes of deep breathing to feel calm. Well, calm enough to deal with her errant wife without causing lasting harm. The first thing Tiana saw as she entered through the front door was Selina nervously fluttering her wings while standing in the corner. Tiana took a deep breath then walked over to retrieve the girl. Selina was lost in her thoughts and jumped in the corner when Tiana tapped her shoulder. “Come, little one, we need to talk.”

      Cautiously, Selina turned but kept her eyes lowered as she was not ready to make eye contact. Once they reached the sofa, Tiana sat and directed Selina to stand between her knees. Hearing Tiana clearing her throat was the only warning Selina needed, and she looked up into her wife’s eyes. Tiana began by asking obvious questions. “Please tell me, were my instructions not clear?”

       Trying to glance away, Selina said. “No, ma’am. But….” Immediately she knew she screwed up again.

       “There is no but! When I give an order, you obey! Period!” Tiana was not playing, and as Selina tried once again to avoid eye contact, she sternly added. “Little girl you had better look at me!” Selina’s eyes shot up. “Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to punish you by keeping everyone inside. There was an accident last night, and I needed to be sure everyone was safe.”

       The worry now etched Selina’s face, and she began to panic. “Oh no! What happened? Did someone get hurt?”

       Reaching for Selina’s hands, Tiana held them both before explaining. “last night during the patrol the wind knocked Sasha over.” Tiana could see tears building in Selina’s eyes; Selina loves Sasha like a big sister. “Sweetheart, she did lose consciousness but she’s going to be fine. Doc doesn’t think there’s any serious damage.” Squeezing the girl’s hands, Selina added. “Now between Sasha getting hurt and having do a post-storm scan of the village, I mandated everyone stay inside. Little girl that included you!”

       Tears are now running down her cheeks. Selina tried to apologize. “T-Tia, I-I’m sorry. I should have listened.”

       Unable to resist her wife’s tears, Tiana pulled the girl onto her lap and wrapped arms securely around the girl, leaving her wings loose to flutter. “Yes, you should have. But we’re going to take care of that in just a minute. Then we’ll take a nap. Later we can go check up on Sasha.” Selina buried her face in Tia’s chest as several emotions overwhelmed her. Once Tia felt the girl relax and her wings settle, she tapped her bottom and said, “let’s go little girl, it’s time. Up and over.”

      Selina stood up and looked at her wife pleadingly; seeing no give, she tried a pout. Tiana was tired from a long stressful night and gave a stern warning. “little girl, if you don’t start listening….” Selina didn’t wait for Tia to finish her sentence and practically threw herself over Tia’s lap. She knew her time was up by Tiana’s tone alone.

       Once in position, Tiana tapped the girl’s bottom. “Do I need to pin your wings, or can you control them?”

      Pinning her wings back would be almost worse than the spanking itself, Selina thought. Before panicking, Selina calmed her fluttering wings and promised, “Tia, please don’t pin them. I’ll try real hard to hold them still.”

       “Good girl.” Tia said right before landing several stinging swats.

       The swats were hard and deliberate, and each time one landed, Selina cried out. “I’ll be good!” Swat swat swat, “I’m sorrrry.” With each plea, another swat landed, and Selina’s bottom became redder, hotter, and swollen. Through all the pain, she managed to keep her wings relatively still; unfortunately, her legs had a mind of their own and swung wildly. The wildness abruptly stopped as several sharp swats landed on the backs of her thighs before continuing to her sit spots.

     No amount of pleading or crying was enough to stop Tiana. As village leader and head of their household, Tiana took her responsibility seriously and would spank Selina black and blue if needed. Fortunately, she didn’t feel the need to go that far during this punishment, but Selina would have a week-long reminder every time she sat. Tiana paused but only long enough to pick up the long wooden paddle. The moment Selina felt the smooth wood rub her sore cheeks, her wings began to flutter as panic overwhelmed her common sense.

     “Tia, please nooo!” She cried.

     Swat! “Settle your wings, before I do.” came a fierce reprimand.

      “ow, ow Owwie,” sniffle, “I”  “need a” sucking in a breath, “minute, Tia please.”

      Stilling the paddle, Tia gave Selina the time she needed to grip the panic and for her breathing to calm. Once Selina’s wings were; still, Tia asked. “How are you doing, baby girl?”

      “Sorry, Tia, I’m ok now.” Selina looked up at Tia’s face seeking reassurance, and wasn’t disappointed when Tia smiled back.

       Tia added, “no need to be sorry, I’m proud of you. You did very a good job of communicating.” Selina glowed at the praise. “Are you ready to finish up here, so I can hold you while we nap?”

        “Yes, ma’am.” Wings now still Selina wiped away a few stray tears then turned her head back to the floor. Clenching and unclenching, she waited for the first blow, and even though she knew it was coming, it still took her breath away. Thwack, thwack, thwack, the sound of wood connecting with skin mixed with Selina’s yelps and cries echoed through the room.

       After Tiana reddened Selina’s entire bottom, she landed a few scorchers directly to the poor girls sit spots. Selina begged and pleaded, but Tiana was focused on her mission. Unfortunately for Selina, this meant sitting would be difficult for at least a week, if not longer. Once Tiana was satisfied, she set the paddle down, then took a few moments to admire her work. Unable to hold in a yawn, Tia tapped the fairies bottom, encouraging her to get up. “Selina, let’s cuddle in bed; I can’t keep my eyes open.”

      In Selina’s struggle to rise, she kicked off her leggings along with her underwear. Then holding her girlfriend’s hand, she rubbed her backside with her free hand as she followed along. Cheeks still damp, Selina was happy to follow; soon, she would be in the one place she longed to be in Tia’s embrace.

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