Tabitha ordered a drink as she was lounging poolside talking to a group of ladies. She dared sneak it while her girlfriend Joey was playing volleyball in the pool.  Thinking she got away with it, she smiled to herself but unbeknownst to her; Joey watched the entire interaction.  

      Shaking her head, Joey hit the ball as she was quietly determining how to handle her girl. Before coming to the pool a little over an hour ago, they’d once again discussed drinking since they chose this hotel because of the all-inclusive option.  Joey was adamant when booking and earlier in the room that it did not become a problem, ”Tabby, I know it’s free, but I don’t want you drunk. No drinking before lunch and I don’t want you getting carried away after either.”

     She would like to march right over and give her a swat for trying to be sneaky. Nope, she would wait, maybe give Tabby time to come clean. They first had met this group of ladies yesterday at check-in, all giggles and laughter and ready to celebrate. Continuing the party, the women all had drinks in hand, and it was clear that it wasn’t their first. When the waiter came by, they convinced Tabitha to join them in a glass. That’s when Tabitha glanced toward where Joey was playing, and when she didn’t see her looking, she quickly ordered.

     Thankfully when it was time for another round, Tabitha declined. ”No, thank you, ladies, it’s too early for me besides I can feel the effects of the one.”  That’s when Joey came back, grabbing her towel.

      The group of women left for the beach to go parasailing shortly after Joey returned. Parasailing wasn’t in Tabitha and Joey’s budget, so they wished them well and said they would be watching. Once the women were gone, and it was just the two of them, Tabitha said. ”Um, Joey, please don’t be mad, but I had a drink with them. I know we agreed to wait, but I, well, I felt weird not ordering something.”  nervously Tabby added, ”Are you mad?”

       Joey paused in, drying her wet hair,  ”I’m not mad, but I am a little disappointed. I think a bedtime spanking is in order. What do you think?”

      ”yes, ma’am, you’re right.” then adding with a pout,  ”I’m sorry, Joey.”

       Stretching the damp towel across the chair to dry, Joey reached for Tabby’s hand. ”It’s going to be ok. Let’s walk on the beach; we can look for seashells, maybe we’ll get lucky and find some sea glass.

       Tabitha grabbed hold of her partner’s outstretched hand. She hated disappointing Joey,  and Tabitha knew the consequences, although she did hope Joey would understand and not spank her. Unfortunately, Joey was a stickler when it came to rules, so whenever she broke a rule, there was always a punishment.

       On the beach, they walked side by side; Tabitha tried once again to explain. ”Joey, I’m sorry. I know I screwed up, please do you have to spank me tonight?” All hope dashed when she glanced up and saw the stern expression on her girlfriend’s face. ”Oops, I guess I messed up again,”

         ”Oops is right. What is the rule about drinking?” Joey demanded.

          Words stuck in Tabitha’s throat,  she stared down at the sand, unwilling to look up. Afraid of what she might see in Joey’s eyes. Unfortunately, that would not do for Joey, who added with a little more annoyance. ”I’m waiting for an answer, young lady.”

          ”no drinks before lunch.”  Tabitha practically whispered as her eyes were becoming blurry with unshed tears.

     Joey placed a finger under her girl’s chin and gently tilted her head up until their eyes met. ”Sweetheart, I understand what you’re saying, but just because you have friends around doesn’t negate the rules we have in place. There was no reason you should feel obligated to drink with them. If anything,  your obligation is to us and our rules. Don’t you agree?”

         Tabitha hadn’t thought of it that way; now that Joey mentioned it, she knew Joey was right. Slightly panicked, she pleaded, ”Oh my Gosh, Joey, you’re right. I wasn’t thinking. Please, Can you forgive me?”  Tears trickled down her cheeks. What was she thinking?

        Wrapping strong arms securely around Tabitha, Joey reassured. “Of course, I forgive you. I’m glad you understand why I was disappointed. Now let’s see about finding some sea glass and then we can grab some lunch. What do you say?”  While walking along the beach, they spotted the parasails up in the sky instead of sea glass. They watched for a few minutes, but the figures were too small, and they couldn’t tell who was who. “I’m getting hungry; let’s go eat.” Tabitha quickly concurred.

       Later walking back to the room, Joey noticed Tabitha’s mood becoming a bit down. This melancholy sometimes happened when Tabby had too much time to think about an impending punishment. At this point, there was no way they could wait until bedtime; her little one would be a puddle of tears by then. So right before Joey opened the door, she stood for a moment, looking at her girl and directed. ”Sweetheart, Let’s take care of your spanking right away, so we can enjoy the rest of our evening. You shower first, then place yourself in a corner until I’ve finished with mine.” receiving a nod from Tabitha, she unlocked the door.

          Tapping Tabby lightly on the shoulder, Joey took the girl’s hand and led her from the corner to the bed. She seated herself with her back up against the headboard before guiding the little girl over. She placed a pillow behind her back while adjusting the body on her lap to just the right position. With a light hand on Tabby’s derriere, Joey smoothed the material of the nightgown. Before lifting the cloth, Joey asked. ”Sweetheart, please tell me why your about to get your bottom roasted.”

         A groan came out of her mouth before she could stop herself, but that didn’t stop the hand rubbing her bottom from swatting. ”ugh, Joey, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please.” The hand began to rubbing again. ”I broke my word. I put the opinions of others first instead of my vow to you.” A tear slipped out, and Tabitha added as she tried to look back at her lover. ”Joey, I won’t, I mean, I promise I won’t do it again. You’ve got to believe me.”

        ”Oh Tabby,  I do believe you.” Tabby felt the material shifting as Joey began lifting it and uncovering her bottom. Right away, the coolness from the air conditioning hitting her bare bottom gave her a shiver, and she tensed. ” Relax these cheeks, please.” light taps helped emphasize the request, then once they appeared relaxed, the light tap turned into stingy swats.

            Tabitha yelped at the change; the swats were not painful yet, but the repetition was beginning to cause heat to build. After a few minutes, the swats were coming down hard, and she knew her entire bottom must be several shades of pink. Her yelps turned into pleas and promises and then begging. ”Joey, please stop. It hurts too much, Joey. I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” As her sit spots became the target, Tabitha let out an array of sounds that would have brought security to the door if overheard. ”Shh, little girl, you are making too much noise. Now let’s finish this.”

        Although she tried to lower her volume, what felt like a swarm of Jellyfish stinging her bottom just made it impossible. Joey’s hand came down like a paddle, hard and solid, covering the entire surface over again until finally, it ended. Tabitha lay there panting and whimpering, not sure it was over. Joey took a moment to stretch out, her aching fingers trying to get the circulation flowing again.

       When the tingling in her fingers eased, Joey placed her hand on the now very hot bottom—tenderly rubbing while she cooed, trying to bring calm and soothe her little girl. Although the spanking was necessary for their relationship, the process was challenging for both of them. Slowly Tabitha’s whimpers eased, and she lay there relishing in the after spanking glow that now washed over her soul. She was forgiven and could now forgive herself.

        Along with the heat emanating off her bottom, a warm hot sensation began to build in another more sensitive area. And this heat was like an itch that needed attention; she began to wiggle and rub up against Joey’s thigh. She needed a release, and luckily Joey was going to make sure she got it. A moan escaped as she felt Joey’s hand descend lower, teasingly, “It looks like my girl is still naughty. What are we going to do?” another moan and a squirm. Not so subtly, Tabitha’s legs spread, giving the wandering fingers a clear path. Joey rubbed Tabby’s sensitive bud messaging and pinching before two fingers plunged deep into her dripping wet opening.

          Tabby grabbed hold of the sensation, urging her lover further, faster. “Oh, please, Joey.” Although now her pleading was egging her on, she wanted more, no, she needed more.  Until finally, she clenched around Joey’s fingers. Joey kept the pace until the last ripples of orgasm shuttered through Tabby.  

        Joey held steady, only stopping when Tabby’s body had its last shutter and went limp over her lap. “Oh, my naughty, naughty girl.” Exhausted and exhilarated, Tabitha lay panting, trying to catch her breath. She wanted to reciprocate, but between the spanking and the orgasm, her eyes flickered before sleep won. “Hmm, now that is a naughty, falling asleep on me.” Giggling, she added,  “Well, I guess I did wear you out.” Joey worked her way out from under her little girl before pulling the blanket up and covering her.

        It was still early for dinner, so Joey decided to grab a book and read on the balcony while Tabitha napped. She’d give her forty-five minutes to recoup, any more than that, and she would have trouble sleeping tonight. The book wasn’t holding her interest, so she just sat there smiling while thinking of Tabitha. On queue, her yawning little lover padded barefoot to the balcony and, without a word,  climbed up onto her lap.

        Cuddling in and making herself cozy, Tabitha whispered. ”I missed you.” before drifting off to sleep. Joey placed her book on the table and wrapped her strong arms securely around, merely relishing the moment. Although she loved holding Tabitha, after twenty minutes, her left arm had gone numb, and she lost all feeling. Not wanting to drop her precious girl, she lightly shook her awake, plus it was time for her to get up anyway.

        A groggy little girl stirred,  yawning; she reached back to rub her tender backside, looking into her girlfriend’s eyes and mumbled. ”I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit for dinner?”  her lips forming into a pout.

         ”Oh, little one, you’ll be sitting all right, and if you don’t get off my lap, I’ll make sure it’s on a wooden bench.” Joey teased, causing Tabitha’s pout to deepen. The pout quickly changed to giggles when Joey grabbed hold of Tabby’s sides and began to tickle.

        Tabitha struggled now trying to escape, tickling was her kryptonite, and Joey knew it. Joey kept up her attack for a good two minutes before she allowed her to wiggle away. Once out of reach, Tabitha ran for the bathroom’s safety or what Tabby thought was safe. Only moments later, while she was lathering herself, did she sense Joey enter. Picking up the soap, Joey carefully proceeded to wash and massage her every inch.

        Later, after dinner, a walk on the beach, and another passionate lovemaking session, Tabitha lay in bed thinking what a wonderful vacation so far as she slipped into a peaceful slumber, her dreams filled with future naughtiness.

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